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[#] First DM's, now Players
05:33pm EST - 10/29/2008
So, I dropped some HARDCORE ADVICING on DM's a while ago, but while they have a lot of the responsibility for whether a game works out or not, it's ultimately just as much(if not more) in the hands of the players.

Let's say you're a Player(Not a Playah, though that's entirely a viable type of Player in some games...), what can YOU do not to fuck up the fun? And what should you definitely not do? Plenty of shit. Let's get started.

(Disclaimer: Most of these issues are things I've personally encountered, I'm sure I've missed a lot and am exaggerating others simply because of how much they've pissed me off.)



I've got nothing clever to put here.

[#] DM'ing Blunders to Avoid and Miscellaneous Advice
11:07am EDT - 10/21/2008
Now, the way I see it, DM'ing advice is not a review of anything, nor is it exactly a ramble. But it does somewhat fit under game design, since you're designing a campaign world, a story and an experience. If LL disagrees, he can whomp this over. With that disclaimer aside, time to actually get started...

The focus of this article will basically be me, a pretty regular DM(and rare player), pointing out what gets on my tits and ruins my enjoyment of a game when OTHER DM's do it.


TL;DR: Use moderation, don't try to play in your own game, talk to your damn players and motivate the little fuckers.


Yes, I really AM this unoriginal.

[#] So, you want to make a game?
07:21pm EDT - 10/18/2008
Got a concept? Awesome. Written some fluff? Perfect! Decided that you want a stat called Asskicking and a skill for Anal Circumference? That's wonderful.

Now throw all that shit out. It's just going to get in your way. When you want to make a game, you should forget EVERYTHING else until you have finished the very most basic part: Resolution.


Anyway, this has turned long and incoherent. Here's the TL;DR version. Figure out how the system works and how you want it to work before you get started on anything else. And shit, don't be afraid to adjust an existing system to do what you want it to. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel.


I figured I might want an avatar that, you know, was vaguely fitting.

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