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March 2010
8515581/tg/ talks planesOP asks which aircraft to buy in a fighter pilot merc game. /tg/ delivers and finds out about an awesome game premise.aircraft, planes, mercenary2010-03-11 33 
8618962/tg/ talks planes VIIOP brings plane stats, /tg/ brings discussion. Thanks to our help he's the richest in the group and looking to buy a new plane.aircraft, planes, homebrew, mercenary, awesome2010-03-17 12 
8633908/tg/ talks planes and mercenaries VIIIWhile OP is off flying his mission /tg/ imaines how that might go, posing some important new questions. And still no homebrew system/rules...aircraft jet plane air mercenaries2010-03-18 15 
8651744/tg/ talks planes IXOP returns with the third session's results. /tg/'s fears of ambush prove unfounded as an excellent tale of JUST AS PLANNED unfolds. More writefaggotry is planned.aircraft, planes, mercenaries, mercs, Steve, F-42010-03-19 14 
8663665/tg/ Air Mercenary fanbois XThis one is slow, but OP relays Steve info. plane planes jet jets aircraft aviation mercenary sky skies F-4 Phantom2010-03-19 12 
8690201Air Mercs XIIThis thing is going south! OP reports about his war crimes...mercenary air plane aircraft jet2010-03-21 8 
8750800/tg/ talks planes / Air Mercs XIVOP reports on the mission for the arms dealer. False flags, explosions, and international incidents ensure.aircraft, planes, mercenary, homebrew, awesome2010-03-24 12 
May 2015
40238130Just Plane ScaryThe setting: a transatlantic flight. The system: Cthulu Dark. OP's request: strange and scary things that can happen aboard a large aircraft.surreal, horror, cthulu, aircraft, planes, brainstorming, one-shot,2015-05-29 2 
June 2017
53684402Old School Aircraft RPGsAfter watching "Porco Rosso," OP makes a thread suggesting the idea of an RPG set in the golden age of flight. Aircraft, Aiplanes, Flight, Retro, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming, Adventure, Exploration, Porco Rosso, Tail Spin2017-06-13 2 
May 2020
72640431Quirks of flying an old, shitty shipAn anon asks how to give character to an old shitty ship. Sailors, air crew, aircraft maintainance crew, historians, and random anons help.space, spacer, space ship, sci-fi, brainstorming, fluff, quirks, old and busted, military, airplane, ocean, ship, aircraft, repair, haunted2020-05-20 9 
July 2022
5285615Air Wing Commander QuestThe start of the Great War, the Bergen Scourge, and Lieutenant-colonel Helene Valmont command over 14e Escadre Mixte "Liberté"Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2022-07-01 12 
August 2022
5328080Air Wing Commander Quest. #2Valmont's time on leave is quite busy despite supposed to be time for her to relax. After, the initial build up for a major offensive.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2022-08-06 8 
September 2022
5371396Air Wing Commander Quest. #3The offensive to retake Daloyaume, the invasion of Lothring, and an investigation of a string of murders.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2022-09-24 7 
November 2022
5417726Air Wing Commander Quest. #4In which Helene Valmont spends the entire thread speaking to pilots of Rouge for information on a serial killer instead of giving orders.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2022-11-14 7 
January 2023
5477321Air Wing Commander Quest. #5A conversation with Calantha, the second battle of Leeuwenborg, and the introduction of the Vérany C.2Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-01-05 7 
February 2023
5519409Air Wing Commander Quest. #6The battle of Tilhof, the unveiling of the tank, and a vast amount of new aces.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-02-15 7 
April 2023
5585446Air Wing Commander Quest. #7Visiting Liliane and Ermengardis in the hospital, and uncovering l'As' secret.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-04-05 11 
May 2023
5638690Air Wing Commander Quest. #8Wrapping up a chat with Ermengardis, the winter stalemate of the war on the western front, and a special operation for a bomber.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-05-23 7 
January 2024
5855537Air Wing Commander Quest. #9The bloody Battle for Eberding, new aircraft, and the murders begin again.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2024-01-20 11 
March 2024
5907594Air Wing Commander Quest. #10The D.IV “Havik” claims it's due and a tragedy strikes Escadron Vert.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2024-03-13 6 
May 2024
5961845Air Wing Commander Quest. #11The continuation of conversations with Vert's pilots and the initial visit with escadron Violet's Commandant.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2024-05-08 3 
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