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October 2015
43312629Become the VampireIn which we build Olliver out mc and get our class schedule for our new school. That houses all the monsters from nightmares as well as vampires, werewolves and such as them. Also we killed dad and mumsies who were vamps.Collective_game, vampire, becometheqm2015-10-28 1 
43330333Become the vampire quest 3In which furfags try and succeed in waifuing it. Also nurse is a fucking reaper!Collective_Game, vampire, becometheqm, become the vampire quest2015-10-29 5 
43369396Become the Vampire Quest #4Oliver Twist and Megaman team up to face their most dangerous foe yet: Shopping.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-10-30 3 
November 2015
43756212Become The Vampire Quest 5In which we party at the Wolfe house, dodge an angry werewolf, and take a walk with Sammy.Collective Game, Become The Vampire Quest, vampire, BecomeTheQM2015-11-23 3 
43764798Become The Vampire Quest 6Our MC joins a hunt? And other stuff?Collective Game, becometheqm, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest, become the vampire quest, Vampire, vampire2015-11-23 3 
43775216Become The Vampire Quest 7A fluffy tail is touched, and Oliver plays dream poker.Collective Game, Become The Vampire Quest, vampire, BecomeTheQM2015-11-23 5 
43875194Become the VampireOliver spanks a chihuahua and spraind our ankle Collective Game, Become The Vampire Quest, vampire, BecomeTheQM2015-11-29 5 
43889933Become the Vampire Quest #9We meet Dr. Light, find out Cowan, our math professor, is up to no good and become pope. Fluffy tails are touched.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-11-30 4 
December 2015
43903045Become the Vampire Quest #10We narrowly evade decapitation, spar with Megaman, meet what very well may be the only other person who cares for Sammy's happiness and prepare to go shopping for another werewolf party with Sammy.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-03 2 
44009324Become the Vampire Quest #11Furfags forget about becoming a vampire and instead fuck around the werewolves even more.Furfags, collective_game, becometheqm, become the vampire quest2015-12-06 2 
44026702Become the Vampire Quest #12Werewolf Party, we discover a secret, resolve to help someone and become a juice wizard.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-13 1 
44061683Become The Vampire Quest #13We spend 12 hours getting *parts* of Jennifer's backstory, then piss off a were-rapist.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-13 1 
44122245Become The Vampire Quest #14We defeat a werewolf alpha by mostly luck, inform him of the fact that he turns into a rape monster, then head back to school.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-14 1 
44160054 Become The Vampire Quest 16 Dealing with Jennifer and weird dreamsCollective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-14 2 
44200372Become The Vampire Quest 17We start the bromance route,start our church base rules and we start some deals with vampiresCollective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-16 2 
44132198Become the Vampire Quest #15We bring a new woman home and get mauled by the old. Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-16 2 
44267086Become the Vampire Quest #18Just another thread forgotten by you fucksticks. Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-23 0 
44333412Become The Vampire Quest #20We eat some chinese foood, almost get robbed by a were-jew and kindle some flames with elemental magic. Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-23 2 
44416022Become The Werewolf Quest #23Muh wolfusCollective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2015-12-28 2 
44399383Become the Vampire Quest 21Three way date with the mistake and the lesbian plant quickly turns into just us and the plantBecometheQM, Become the Vampire Quest2015-12-29 1 
44453350Become the Vampire 24Three way date with Wolfu and tsundroid, MC learns the cost of top tier blood magic, decides to find a different way to become a vampire.Collective Game, BecometheQM, Become the Vampire Quest2015-12-31 1 
January 2016
44587052Become the VAmpirebullshit about the werewolves i mean fucking really? When are they going to become a fuckmothering Vampire?becometheqm, collective game, furry, waifu bullshit2016-01-05 3 
44701466Become the Vampire 28Oliver gets invited to Dracula's christmas party and accidentally makes a daughter. Anon declares he will be a better father than his fatheBecometheQM, Collective Game, Become the Vampire, Godless magic.2016-01-11 3 
44773242Become The Vampire Quest 29You appear to be in a dark, enclosed space. And have never seen a horror movie.Collective Game, Vampire, BecomeTheQM, Become The Vampire Quest2016-01-14 1 
44779813Becoming the Vampire Quest 30We argue with a mad scientist, feel worried, and study magicCollective Game, BecometheQM, Become the Vampire2016-01-15 1 
44902293Become The Vampire Quest #32The Virtues of Snails.Become the Vampire Quest, BecomeTheQM, Collective Game, Vampire, Magic, Intrigue, Oliver2016-01-21 3 
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