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August 2008
2293228Sister Sinai & VindicareSister Sinai, crippled, spends a few last moments with Vindicarefanfic voting sad2008-08-04 11 
2298030Sister Sinai & Vindicare IIVindicare is rescuing Sister Sinai, time for a killing spree.fanfic voting sad2008-08-04 8 
September 2008
2534387Tiny 40k Universe Invades EarthAll the forces of the 41st Millennium descend onto modern day Earth. Except they are only as large as their miniatures depict them to be. Ending with some pretty awesome writefagging.40k, fanfic, tiny, writefag2008-09-09 53 
2536652Tiny 40K writefaggotry continuedTiny 40K battling across a flat/mansion/dorm. Makes the way to the fridge somewhat hazardous.40k, fanfic, tiny, writefag2008-09-09 34 
2575804Our EngelsSome writefaggotry about an Engel falling in love with their human pilotfanfic writfaggotry cthulutech engel human pilot romance2008-09-14 0 
March 2009
4021443I may archive threads of questionable nature, but at least I never wrote a Drizzt fanficA thread for awful things anons did in the past: The OP sets a bar very high, however. A minor meme is created.mary sue, Drizzt, fanfic2009-03-20 10 
May 2009
4662972Epic Modempunk ThreadWe discuss modempunk.Modempunk punk Fanfiction2009-05-26 5 
June 2009
4763422Romantic encounters in Baldur's Gate 2An enlightening discussion about romantic companions in BG2BG2, fanfic, mary sue2009-06-04 5 
4775242Really bad fanfictionFanfiction so bad it rockets straight out the other side and becomes sheer awesome.bad, fanfiction, so bad it's good, awesome2009-06-05 3 
July 2009
5234728The Greater GoodThe journal of a guardsman captured by the Tau.Fanfic, Imperial Guard, Tau, 40k, writefaggotry2009-07-23 5 
December 2012
21978086Fanfictioneers GuideA short discussion of fanfics, a small guide to find best ones and some suggestions.fanfic, awesome, good fanfic2012-12-10 16 
March 2013
23719145What is a good Fanfic?discussion on fanfics from various genre and original content. what makes good fanfics and what is good writing in general. also, fanfic dumpFanfics2013-03-17 10 
July 2013
26030819Yet Another Animu Fanfiction QuestI don't think we have enough of these yet, so lets throw another turd on the barbie!Collective Game, Anime, Fanfiction, /a/, Waifus, Redundancy, Too much, Why are you doing this2013-07-15 5 
August 2014
34101223Nanoha: Innocence LostIn which we use Yuuno as a pillow, disregard breakfast to acquire punctuality and have a meeting with a friend we almost forgot.Nanoha:Innocence Lost, collective game, hexer, fanfiction, magical girls2014-08-13 1 
March 2016
46269333Leaf Ninja Quest #76QM finally confirms that our character was never really the protagonist.Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, railroading, no player agency, might as well be a fanfic2016-03-27 13 
January 2018
2200475宝石の国のOO、一話、平和と月人In a time unknown before or after the events taking place in Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Gyrolite becomes courageous.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-01-14 3 
February 2018
2259289Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 2: AntozoniteWhile Gyrolite is confined to hibernation, Antozonite handles the winter duties with his apprentice/partner Cryolite.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-02-09 8 
March 2018
2334621Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 3: Senshi ga UmaretaPart one of the two part chapter, in which the consequences of winter befall.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-03-08 4 
2370075Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 3: Senshi ga Umareta IIPart two of the two part chapter, in which Gyrolite faces isolation.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-03-19 3 
April 2018
2430704Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 4: Yellow Diaya, Heiwa wo Shitta Koto ga Nai HousekiThe first of a multiple part chapter, in which Antozonite begins his long leadership.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-04-10 2 
July 2018
2676509Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 4: Yellow Diaya, Heiwa wo Shitta Koto ga Nai Houseki IIWhile Gyrolite was trapped with Esculentus, 103 years had passed. Against many trials, Antozonite truly became a leader.Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-07-09 3 
2735172Houseki no Kuni no OO Chapter 4.5Containing the final couple updates to chapter four and the short interlude chapter titled "Nachi, Tell me a Story"Collective Game, Houseki no Kuni, Land of the Lustrous, Fanfic, Narrative Focused, Long Updates2018-07-27 2 
November 2023
5785474Wild Wild QwestCypher System Powered Quest Inspired by film & show of same name. Arc 1. Dodge City Rumble.Collective game, fanfic, western, scifi, supernatural2023-11-07 2 
February 2024
5913410Eclipsed Moon Quest 10th Anniversary & Wrap Up ThreadSummarizing the intended unplayed arcs of EMQ and its finale.Collective game, fanfic, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2024-02-03 5 
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