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January 2011
13681876Space Marine Paper Minatures Some mench from /po/ drops templates for Space Marine Terminators made out of cardstock. /tg/ goes nuts on other chapters, Angrymarines included. papercraft, minatures, 40K, Warhammer 40K, Space Marine, Awesome2011-01-28 17 
April 2013
24346225Bioshock: Nature's LadderFollowing the disaster of the Boer War and the resulting crisis in national confidence, the eminent scientist Sir Edward Dalton proscribed as the only possible solution to the moral degeneration of Britons the new science, in fact a genetic religion of hereditary genius, eugenics - the science of human advancement. He and his colleagues conspired in the construction of a haven from which to escape the Lloyd-George government, completing the underground city and going below during the "dark days" of the post-war Lloyd-George coalition ministry. The city was made possible by the sapling of the Tree of Life from the Himalayas, and the Soma flowers which bloomed from it - symbiotic organisms which made gross cellular mutation achievable; speeding up the construction and the subsequent breeding program immensely.Bioshock, Nature's Ladder, World Building, Setting2013-04-22 10 
January 2014
29788095Magical Girl Rising Quest: ResufferingIn which we are introduced to Sparkling Snake, magical girl and PMC soldier.Collective Game, Magical Girl Rising Quest, Metal Gear, Magical Girl, RULES OF NATURE2014-01-26 5 
April 2014
31386597Ecological Cardgames and Jelly SpammersWhat started out as a newfag appearing turned into an indepth discussion of the viability of different ecological combos in Metaphysical Divine Nature TCG. TGC, Ecomancy, Jelly-spammers, Nature, Garden, Warfare, Enviroments2014-04-11 9 
May 2014
32237404Earth, Population: NOPEA collection of fauna and flora that we really wish just weren't.NOPE, Nature, Fauna, Flora, Death World2014-05-21 8 
April 2015
39429646Wanzer Quest IX We go back on memory lane, a good man is dead and Nature cuts the thread short. Wanzer Quest, Good men die young, Nature is a bitch2015-04-19 3 
March 2016
45778623Earth is a Magical RealmAnon is educated in the Magical Realm of Earth, hosted by our beloved DM: Mother Nature.nature, learning, magical realm, dolphin suicide, necrophilia, traumatic insemination, CAWWWING IIIIN MY SKIIIIN, fish onaholes, hyenas2016-03-05 22 
April 2016
46417158Cosmic Horror with NatureDiscussion with sources, stories, and ideas for terror of the unknown from nature.horror, nature, druid2016-04-04 6 
August 2016
48762940Monstrous Beasts WorldbuildingThe sequel to this thread. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/4396709 Now with xenomorph dragons, giant toads and scytheducks!scytheducks, monsters, worldbuilding, nature, horror, awesome, scytheducks,2016-08-14 5 
December 2016
948302A Cold Common Quest: Chapter 1Join young Wilge in his new life as a Nature magician in a very cold world. A new beginning! drawquest, fun, Wilge, Nature, fantasy, Magic, dumb, glorious, Collective Game2016-12-20 3 
50724053Gnolls, Nurture or Nature, Furry Waifus.What starts off as a thread about gnolls goes through all kinds of weird subjects.Gnolls, Nurture Nature, /d/ickgirls2016-12-22 -3 
January 2017
1019001A Cold Common Quest: Chapter 2Join young Wilge in his new life as a Nature magician in a very cold world. Vs. Fist Magicians!drawquest, fun, Wilge, Nature, fantasy, Magic, dumb, glorious, Collective Game2017-01-10 1 
1073592A Cold Common Quest: Chapter 3?Join young Wilge in his new life as a Nature magician in a very cold world. The Non-episode.drawquest, fun, Wilge, Nature, fantasy, Magic, dumb, glorious, Collective Game2017-01-22 1 
March 2018
2375096Hunter Quest 4The young-blood Ebon-Fang returns to Yautja Secunda and receives his next mission.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, FishQM, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predators, Yautja, Collective Game, Rules of Nature2018-03-17 6 
April 2019
3456667Animal Farm Revolution QuestAn interesting premise, but The Curse(tm) strikes! We get no furry revolution on this day, my friends!animals, farm, revolution, violence, nature, fandom2019-04-30 1 
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