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September 2010
12131737Death QuestWe died but then we got better. Or got a second chance. We're not sure yet. Then we found our long lost childhood love interest, and god damn she's hot. Also, the world is going to be destroyed in 5 days by an asteroid and we need to get to NASA if we hope to survive. Worst rolls since Tau Quest, here we go!Death Quest, collective game, smoking hot farmgirl, bloodquest dice2010-09-18 11 
12144906Death Quest 2LOOTAN' TIME gives us crazy good rolls, and we roll out of Orlando with a gas guzzler, a gun, and our girl. NASA, here we come.Death Quest, collective game, looting, smoking hot farmgirl, AWESOME DICE2010-09-19 9 
October 2010
12469639Engine Heart module "On The Farm"A module for the /tg/ original game Engine Heart called "On The Farm"engine heart, original, content, engine, heart, farm2010-10-19 3 
November 2011
16802724Agriculture in GamingA surprisingly informative and friendly discussion about agriculture in games, along with ideas.agriculture,farming,horticulture,food,soil,harvest,ideas2011-11-01 22 
16817316Farming Quest IIt starts with Bill, son of John, and a murder of the lord's messenger to fertilize the soil. Who knows where it will go? Plans for wheat-baron/wheat-lich with Transmuted wheat and Necro-labor/wheat-Danish-farmer-union-slash-mafia were talked about.Collective Game, Farmer Quest, Agriculture, Bloody Murder2011-11-03 13 
16865876Farming It Quest IIWe continue with Bill making deals with fae, and then comes the elf who is part bloodhound, or spicehound, and we get to ask a second favor from the fae... It's gonna be bloody.Collective Game, farmer, Farming It Quest, bloody murder, Khorne farming, fae, elf2011-11-08 7 
16900817Farming it Quest, Pt III, to kill a godwe've been told to kill a lord, go to a festival, and somehow manage to get into a fight with a monster in the woods. Bloody farming, farming it quest, farmer2011-11-10 6 
January 2012
17444374A Study of DwarvesOP opens up with a huge multipost dissertation about dwarven biology and physiology, adolescent development, and even some cultural details like courtship. /tg/ jumps on it, and soon things like death and burial rituals, farming, homelife, and even brewing and cooking get expanded upon. Also, apparently Giant Cave Worms are basically just big writhing sausages made of Spam.dwarves, study, information, biology, puberty, death, burial, farming, brewing, cooking, spam2012-01-07 8 
February 2012
18056305Farming it reduxIn which we turn into a chrysilad. Bloody farming, farming it quest, farmer, Collective game2012-02-23 5 
April 2013
24540211Harvest Moon Quest 3.5We help Melissa get settled in and talk with Dahlia about the Harvest GoddessHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-04-30 13 
May 2013
24577690Harvest Moon Quest, Volume 4Time skips, alcohol, and what could be interpreted as a musical number are what Keith is up to todayHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-02 10 
24614310Harvest Moon Quest #5What starts off somewhat what rocky, ends in a half nude jog as Keith's manhood is in check!Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-04 10 
24631269Harvest Moon Quest 6A stunning development followed by a "rousing" romp in the "hay".Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-05 11 
24652240Harvest Moon Quest 7We try to get ore for a wedding present, hijinks ensue, minds are blown and a wedding conductedHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-06 7 
24674542Harvest Moon Quest 8We wake up from our wedding night and begin laying the foundations for our future.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-07 10 
24692996Harvest Moon Quest 9We talk to cats, save the village, promise to gather the relics, and get a new house.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-08 7 
24718918Harvest Moon Quest 10A short one, we plant some trees and decide to go relic hunting.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-09 10 
24773430Harvest Moon Quest 11We find a raw meat buddy, die for a bit and see an angel in delicious lingerie Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-12 7 
24796318Harvest Moon Quest 12We go into the mountains and have ourselves a skeleton boss fight.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-13 10 
24835995Harvest Moon Quest 13We have some important talks, celebrate Christmas, and find a box.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-15 8 
24853107Harvest Moon Quest 14We add a room for relic storage, take a trip into town with Rezna, extend the trip to a graveyard, lose at strip poker. Winter ends and farming begins.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-16 6 
24872188Harvest Moon Quest 15We go pick up our cart, order a seed drill, get punched by Hamad, Rezna's dark past is delved into, Rezna and Daliah both go full yandere.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-17 6 
24890598Harvest Moon Quest 16We get some meta out of the way first. We go out to bury the Hellcube, have a medical emergency, meet some bandits, Rezna shows how she can hate someone to death, and learn of a town under oppression.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-18 7 
24908004Harvest Moon Quest 17We go to Pirate Town, come up with a plan to clear it of pirates, and Rezna crits harder than when we demolished that mountain.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-19 8 
25003887Harvest Moon Quest 18We look through a pirate's loot, get drunk on magic booze, meet someone else like us, and dance.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-24 7 
February 2014
30540055Frank the Balor FarmerA new (potential) piece and character for awesome writefaggotry emerges from an intelligent discussion on allignment biassing and NPS moralsDnD, Balor, Farmer, Carrots2014-02-28 6 
August 2014
33815206Cursed_Apprentice_QuestYour a wizards apprentice who gets back-stabbed and turned into a shota wacky hijinks ensue on a quest to reverse the curse before we unage into an infantshota, Agro, Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, huge cocks, pumpkin farming, OP needs to sleep,2014-08-01 12 
November 2015
43718046A Farmer's Quest Part 1Follow the life of Farmer Joe, who had lost his family home to the king, and thus travels to the city of Aldres in search of a better future. Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-19 4 
43734131A Farmer's Quest Part 2Farmer Joe, after a day of harsh adventure, finds himself traveling around the woods ahead, fighting against many a foe and feeling bitter injury. Also healers to bully.Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-20 2 
43799887A Farmer's Quest Part 3Joe the farmer finally arrives in the City of Aldres with his companion, David, where he meets new friend, finds work, and even joins the adventurer's guild. Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-24 3 
October 2016
642746Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 1: Welcome to SunnyvaleA new QM, Mayor, opens a slice-of-life quest inspired by the farming life-sim Harvest Moon. We meet our protag, Jacky Richmond.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-03 17 
681893Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 2: Tara the TerrorThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. The MC, Jacky, confronts Tara, accepts a challenge, plants some crops, and explores the farm.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-11 10 
693714Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 3: Ero and PeacefulThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. Barrels, girls, monsters, and ecchi.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-18 8 
721108Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 4: Bad News BearsA bear maiden, a movie night, and a heroic rescue. The slice-of-life farming sim quest continues.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-27 9 
November 2016
784960Harvest Moon Quest Sunnyvale, Chapter 5: Ded EditionFarming, Women, and Dungeons! But not at the same time.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-11-17 6 
December 2016
843253Harvest Moon Quest Sunnyvale, Chapter 6: Dungeon ContinuedThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-12-03 2 
April 2019
3456667Animal Farm Revolution QuestAn interesting premise, but The Curse(tm) strikes! We get no furry revolution on this day, my friends!animals, farm, revolution, violence, nature, fandom2019-04-30 1 
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