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May 2012
18960430Sandbar Island evo gameA casual take on the Primordial Evo Game takes a turn toward the weird. "Bordle bor bord!"Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Bord, Sluck, Frowg, Skrimp, Glub, Ykex're, Flurr, Whip Tree, Spine2012-05-04 5 
October 2012
21209912Company civWe open a moneylendering company on the docks and proceed to expand our buisinessCollective Game, Refreck Spine Snapper, Company,2012-10-21 6 
December 2012
21965124Company Civ #1The company hits the ground running, inventing a magical watch and nearly getting eaten by their puppy.Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-10 11 
21981382Company Civ #2The company invents a wet suit and gains a few more new employees.... also averts a... "end of the world" scenario.Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper 2012-12-11 16 
22043336Company Civ #3The company travels deep into the central bureaucracy, and secures a place trying to win the contract to fix the rails. Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-15 9 
22074358Company Civ #4The group continues to work on their trains, and develops a new form of magical toys via golemancy. THe thread is a bit slow, hopefully better next time!Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-17 10 
22111596Late Night Hard Mode CivSo everyone starts out with slimes... no surprise they die horrible within the first few hours. However from the ashes rise tentacle monster... may god forgive usCollective Game, Late, Night, Hard, Mode, Slimes, Tentacles, Civ, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-19 2 
22114763Late Night Hard Mode Civ 2The tentacle monsters develop powerful magic, through the correct application of douchebaggery. Turns out if you act like jersey shore, you make a good civilization.Collective Game, Late, Night, Hard, Mode, Slimes, Tentacles, Civ, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-19 3 
22122722Company Civ #5The company secures the contract for the rails, but they still have a competitor. THe engineering guild, also they discover the problem with the bureaucracy is a lot worse than originally though. Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper 2012-12-20 10 
22156617Company Civ #6The company expands once more, buying a new factory to house their train assembly line. Also they branch out to a new sector, opening a law firm inside their walls. Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-22 12 
22234462Company Civ #7The company has to deal with the most terrifying time of the year for any business... the holiday seasons. Also some guy gets beaten up, fun times!Collective Game, Company, Civ, Civilization, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-27 9 
February 2022
5156274Spineless Quest Episode 1F-Inal Drone mk.IV, a Formicidaean-powered corporation project escapes her holding facility. Solenopsis V. Sparrasid.Spineless Quest, insectqm, arthropods, female MC, mutants, dystopia, genetic enhancements, 2022-02-21 1 
April 2022
5170799Spineless Quest Episode 2Final Drone tries to blend in. Spineless Quest, insectqm, arthropods, female MC, mutants, dystopia, genetic enhancements2022-04-16 1 
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