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June 2013
25568114Totemist Quest XXXIVGotta get them souls on them poles.Collective Game, Totemist Quest, strippers and blackjack2013-06-21 22 
February 2014
30254926Space Stripper QuestA randomly generated adventure in SPEHSSspace, quest, random, collective game, stripper, space stripper quest2014-02-16 6 
March 2017
1270941Starborn Quest 31: Together As OneWe make our way home from Murillo, Luc and Hona have a "Friendly" training session before things get heated between our girls.Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Starborn, Luc, Hona, Lex, Dealer, Tinton, Murillo, Fight, Training, LEWD, Strip, Lapdance, Music, Academy2017-03-18 2 
1283820Starborn Quest 32: Welcome BackTINTON IS OVER; The Lewd aftermath, Return of the Lex and other stuffCollective Game, Star, Wagon, Starborn, Luc, Hona, Lex, Dealer, Tinton, Murillo, Fight, Training, LEWD, Strip, Lapdance, Music, Academy2017-03-22 2 
June 2017
1573017Persona: Stars & Stripes #2Martin faces another him and the crack's threat is made clear. Ms Brown also works to supply you with weapons as you survive to the weekendCollective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-06-18 10 
1598231Persona: Stars & Stripes #3A book is read, sandwiches are had, and there is a thief in a church. Then things get hot in The Rift.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-06-25 10 
July 2017
1621287Persona: Stars & Stripes #4After a fiery fight the gang gets busted. Abigail makes an offer and a new party member faces themself.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-07-02 10 
1641128Persona: Stars & Stripes #5Nevermore spreads their wings and the group chases a mysterious figure. The next day a lead is found and the party gets burned.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-07-09 9 
1661478Persona: Stars & Stripes #6Ms. Brown goes missing, you nearly die, then play some dodgeball.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-07-16 7 
1683350Persona: Stars & Stripes #7You make a friend, Ms. Brown's reckless habits are confronted, and the southern village is found.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-07-24 6 
1709203Persona: Stars & Stripes #8You play riddles with a Shadow, bust a dam, and finally open the stone door.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-07-30 4 
August 2017
1740566Persona: Stars & Stripes #9You have dinner with Zoey, avoid some cops, then things go wrong in The Rift.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-08-09 5 
1757180Persona: Stars & Stripes #10The group gets back together, and after a high flying fight you close The Rift from the inside.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-08-14 5 
1778697Persona: Stars & Stripes #11You finally find an exit, but it means another Rift is changing people. After an evening of shooting with Trish it is time to investigate.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-08-21 4 
September 2017
1824481Persona: Stars & Stripes #12A deadline is discovered, you get a job, and a new person enters The Rift.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-09-03 3 
1845443Persona: Stars & Stripes #13The Tower is climbed and Natalie is forced to face herself.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-09-12 2 
1884264Persona: Stars & Stripes #14You learn more about Zoey, The Rift, and how to be a good cashier.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-09-24 3 
October 2017
1931299Persona: Stars & Stripes #15The Superhero Shadow is beaten, but not without a cost. Then the very next day you go back looking for more information.Collective Game, Crab, Persona, USA, Stars & Stripes2017-10-09 1 
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