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December 2014
36731503Sword Art Online: Samuel's StoryAnother SAO quest, this time without a clusterfuck of character generation. Samuel logs into SAO and does stuffSword Art Online, Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story, SAO, Collective Game2014-12-13 6 
36745985Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 2We get a pimpin' new coat, channel our inner berserker, beat overgrown bugs with our bare hands, and become big damn heroes to two scrubs.collective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2014-12-14 6 
36840855Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 3The dangers are made clear after a loss but it only steels our resolve.collective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2014-12-19 10 
36867798Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 4We finish up our quests, get some new gear, and prepare to head towards the dungeon.collective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2014-12-21 7 
36883613Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 5The dice gods spare a party member, we play truth and dare, finally reach Horunka, become blacksmith apprentices, and find out that, indeed, Kobolds a shit.collective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2014-12-22 6 
36902139Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 6We brutally slaughter a horde of kobolds and face off against a lizard dragon miniboss thing. The dice gods also fuck with OP.collective game, sword art online quest, sao, kayaba akihiko2014-12-22 6 
January 2015
37140820Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 8We butcher some tentacle worm things, timeskip, and purchase some new equipment in preparation for Illfang. (Last thread: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36935336/)collective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2015-01-04 3 
37202465Sword Art Online: Samuel's Story 9We play as the worlds best pet, then make a guildcollective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2015-01-07 1 
37245355SAO Quest; Samuel's Story 10We start Shadowruns and plan to end a guildcollective game, sword art online, sao, samuel, kayaba akihiko2015-01-09 1 
September 2016
555691Sword Art Online Quest #1The First thread, in which we name ourselves after a wine and discover a cat girl.Sword Art Online, Quest, Sauska2016-09-12 13 
563116Sword Art Online Quest #2In which we found out our cat girl is bipolar and we have the face of an eight year old. Oh and we met KiritoSword Art Online, Quest, Sauska, IncogNegro2016-09-13 7 
575760Sword Art Online Quest #3In which we are stabbed by a sociopath who also happens to be KiritoSword Art Online, Quest, Sauska, IncogNegro2016-09-16 8 
589783Sword Art Online Quest #7, Thread 4In which we explore the second floor and realize Kibaou is Uncle SamSword Art Online, Quest, Sauska, IncogNegro, Sweet Ass Coat2016-09-18 6 
598365Sword Art Online Quest #8, Thread 5In which CIA cat interrogates an elf and Wolf-man gets drugged.Sword Art Online, Quest, Sauska, IncogNegro, Bane2016-09-22 5 
618264SAO Quest Part 11.5In which we beat Sword Art Online on floor 6Sword Art Online, Sauska, IncogNegro, Argo, Kayaba2016-09-25 4 
624838Wolfgang's (SAO) Quest Part 12In which we find ourselves in the real world, and enter Gun Gale Online. Sword Art Online, Gun Gale Online, Sauska, IncogNegro, Argo, Kirito2016-09-26 3 
639142Wolfgang's (SAO) Quest Thread 8In which we look for some new weapons and fight in the Bullet of Bullets!Sword Art Online, Gun Gale Online, Sauska, Wolfgang, IncogNegro, Argo, Kirito, Sinon, FIST2016-09-30 2 
January 2021
4555200Sword Art Online: Foreign #1Wide data-miner ISN'T stuck in SAO, steals from a corpse, pretends to be an NPC, gets Shanghai'd by the government to help out. Sword Art Online Foreign, Sword Art Online, Quest, sao, SAOF, 4reign, Collective Game2021-01-03 0 
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