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January 2009
3467090BeeserkerBarbarians using Bee Beards as armor, Hive's super bugs, dolphin rape.BEEEEEEEZ; Beezerker; beeserker, dolphin penis2009-01-21 3 
February 2009
3630679PCs vs. BeethovenA Player asks for suggestions on how to take down the Epic Musician himself in his DM's Awesome campaignepic, music, beethoven, d&d,awesome2009-02-07 13 
July 2009
5237253Dorf HistoryWe all know that dorfs have many traditions, facts and customs, some maybe alien and completely ridiculous. Let's invent some.dwarves, dorfs, breasts, bears, ale, beer, alcohol, mining, hammers, axes, mountains, awful good2009-07-23 17 
October 2009
6358015Awesome Meets StupidA request for tales of your awesome DM instead uncovers the stupidest players breathing. Involves submarines, flaming paladins, interpretive dance, and fondness for explosives.story, stupidity, bees2009-10-21 5 
March 2010
8445349Besetting with BeesDM's simple question about the mechanics of bee swarms turns into an epic encounter by the hapless party with the BBEG's army of bees and bears. Hilarity and chaos ensues.Bees, Bears, Humor2010-03-07 5 
April 2010
9322919Super-Sentient Light Bee's in your Id? More likely than you think!/tg/ votes to create a new species, Light-Bees are made and they live in youbees, light, creation, light-bees, Collective Game2010-04-21 8 
October 2010
12498583Beesus Save Us Guy wants to play as an awakened bee swarmBees2010-10-19 12 
October 2011
16757356bee girl questa worker bee's quest to get laid.Collective Game, Bee Girl Quest2011-10-28 10 
December 2011
17293888Zerg Quest LXVIAnon tears Dyles' forces apart, and engages the Protoss in the political arena. Thread called "the most effective in recent history".Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Diplomacy, Pauldrons, Drunk OP, I assure you I have not been banned2011-12-22 10 
October 2012
20931788Hive-Minds and BEESThread about hive-minds quickly becomes awesome when people who actually know about bees show up.hive-minds, robots, roleplay, characters, bees ,BEES, NOT THE BEES, THEY'RE IN MY EYES, THEY'RE IN MY MOUTH, AAAAAUGH2012-10-02 18 
21225612Lich's Employee Quest pt 17Daniel helps Rebecca get ready for her own adventure, and learns to cook. Check up on the bees.skeleton quest, starting off, bees, dinner, food2012-10-22 10 
February 2013
23055894Viral Marketing and Engine Heart StorytimeViral's marketing and Bee-Bot StorytimeViral Games, Bee-Bot, Engine Heart, Storytime2013-02-12 8 
April 2013
24245900Plight of the 40k beeBee stings dude on model, /tg/ tries to create a bee dreadnoughtbee, 40k, endearing, cute2013-04-15 46 
24385578Rise of the beeThe man who was stung by a bee and tried to save it inters her within a Dreadnought. Hail the God-Queen!40k, Warhammer, dreadnought, bee, endearing, cute2013-04-22 25 
September 2013
27228304Hivemind Quest- When Termites StrikeA quest in which a termite queen gains sentience, and /tg/ directs it against our foes the bees.Hivemind, Hivemind Quest, Termite, Queen, Collective Game, Bees2013-09-15 2 
27288856Rune Magic Thread 4: Repeating Fireball EditionRune arrays, as far as the eye can seerunes, game design, homebrew, magic, we've been at this for 15 hours2013-09-18 6 
July 2014
33665998Pokemon QuestAlways sunny in Pallet TownPokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-26 30 
33693499Pokemon Quest Part 2An autist, a retard, and a bitch continue their journey to Viridian City Collective Game, Pokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-27 21 
33713244Pokemon Quest Part 3RED, the Pokemon autist, continues his journey and cockblocks his rivalCollective Game, Pokemon Quest, Red, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Beedrill2014-07-28 17 
33756905Pokemon Quest #4The Gang Goes to Pewter CityPokemon Quest, Collective Game, Red, Green, Blue, Beedrill, Professor Oak2014-07-30 13 
August 2014
33805313Pokemon Quest #5Red fights the Pewter City GymPokemon Quest, Collective Game, Beedrill, Red, Green, Blue, Professor Oak2014-08-01 17 
33998929Pokemon Quest #6Did someone say shiny?Pokemon Quest, Collective Game, Beedrill, Red, Green, Blue, Professor Oak2014-08-09 8 
March 2016
45844874Bug World II: Moth People Edition /tg/ continues building Bug WorldBug World, World Building, Moth, Beetle2016-03-14 2 
May 2016
168230Beetle Lord QuestGiant beetle is born, eats humans, gains cultist.Collective game, Beetle Lord Quest, Asteroid of Creation,2016-05-23 2 
173906Beetle Lord Quest 2We Meet a Worm Lord, Go blind, and find out that familial love is the best.Collective game, Beetle Lord Quest, Asteroid of Creation,2016-05-24 3 
June 2016
210554Genocide Quest, Part 7A strange dream? or an ill omen. The general orders the unthinkable, while Leo becomes suspicious. What could the truth be?Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore,Romance, Boo, Bee2016-06-06 4 
306461Beetle Lord Quest 3We destroy the humans, talk with lizard men, and gain Fire Powers.Collective Game, Beetle Lord Quest, Asteroid of Creation,2016-06-27 2 
November 2019
3877022Panzer Commander Quest #54Richter arrives back to his comrades. There have been several developments to say the least.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, there were battles but you don't get to have been a part of them faggot haha2019-11-05 1 
September 2021
81425934Giant Bee Society WorldbuildingAnons discuss how a society of giant bees might integrate with humans.Bees, Apiculture, Symbiosis2021-09-28 7 
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