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May 2008
1697103McSphere againMcSphere guy posts to say he isn't dead and harvest ideas. Space cows, faster-than-light handwaving, shooty things and some other stuff.Campaign Setting, Sci Fi, fast food, what the fuck2008-05-10 -4 
April 2009
4150125Our Mascot is a CookDiscussion on all the ways to make a friendly, often overlooked NPC into BBEG bait, an interesting side quest, or just plain awesome.NPCs, Plot hooks, food, cute2009-04-01 6 
4196287/ck/ recipes for fa/tg/uysA cooking anonymiss drops by /tg/ to deliver several recipes. They meet approval. This thread is archived for the purpose of holding onto these treats./ck/, Banana and Rose Petal smoothies, cookie tarts, EZ Caramel fudge, cooking, baking, food2009-04-06 15 
June 2009
4852990Meat VanA less than civil discussion about where we buy our meat slowly turns into ideas for a Meat-Peddling NPC.food, funny, meat van2009-06-12 10 
November 2009
6656019Fastfood mafia in D20Anon frames the mascots of major fast food companies as members of organized crime. Shi/tg/ets done for the most part.mcdonalds, fast food, mafia, d20, burger king2009-11-11 13 
6665757Fastfood mafia in D20 IIAnon frames the mascots of major fast food companies as members of organized crime. Shi/tg/ets done for the most part....PART IImafia, d20, fast food 2009-11-12 8 
6766926Ice Planet IFrom the man who brought us Fast Food Mafia, we now have a chilling (pun intended) new setting, where convicts and wardens struggle to survive sub-zero temperaturesIce, Planet, Geothermal, Campaign, Mafia, Food, Convict2009-11-19 1 
December 2009
7184028Doughnuts & Dumplings: AlignmentAnon delivers an epic thread of gourmet proportions, discussing alignment (Sweet/Salty, Dry/Wet) in the Doughnuts & Dumplings RPS. Hilarity and snack cravings ensue.d&d, food, snacks2009-12-18 17 
January 2010
7592671Dinners & Desserts Discussion"You got your /tg/ in my /ck/!" "You got your /ck/ in my /tg/!"food, D&D, setting, epic, funny2010-01-15 3 
7604536Dinners and DessertsAn in depth discussion of the tabletop game, Dinners and Desserts.Setting, Rules, Homebrew, Dinners and Desserts, food, snacks2010-01-16 7 
February 2010
7888910Exotic D&D CuisineEloquen/tg/entlemen discuss exotic dishes made from the finest D&D creatures.food, DnD2010-02-03 1 
8125161To Serve DragonsA while back, I started a thread about cuisine made from dragons. I decided to expand on that idea since that time, giving common properties of various types of dragons, so you can invent your own dragon-cuisine based dishes.Delicious, Food, Cusine, Dragon, D&D2010-02-17 0 
March 2010
8480915Collection of Cantakerous, Cholesterol-filled ComestiblesWhat begins with a combination of two venerated /tg/ snacks snowballs into a gauntlet of dishes promising to test even the fittest and leanest of fa/tg/uys.HNNNGG, food, suicide, meatbread, baconweave2010-03-09 0 
May 2010
10100285Foodhammer 40kOnce again, a poster makes the mistake of using a picture more interesting than his post. Anthony Bourdain as Slaanesh leads to the rest of the chaos gods being chosen, as well the emperor!Foodhammer, 40k2010-05-28 1 
March 2011
14408256Sandwich Spread Fantasy/tg/ roundtables a game that doesn't exist, and soon wishes it did.game design, OC, original content, sandwiches, food, collective design2011-03-29 10 
April 2011
14674927Fantastic FloraFantastic Flora thread, plant ideas for a fantasy setting. Not plant type monsters.setting, fantasy, plant, plants, fruit, food, homebrew, world building, wordbuilding, home brew,2011-04-22 1 
July 2011
15528042Restaraunts of the GodsA throwaway joke leads to an interesting dicussion about dining establishments themed around DnD deities. At Kord's Grill, you must defeat it before you eat it, and Lolth's Cafe is basically Hooters but more evil.DnD, food, diners, restaraunts, kitchen, meals2011-07-10 12 
November 2011
16802724Agriculture in GamingA surprisingly informative and friendly discussion about agriculture in games, along with ideas.agriculture,farming,horticulture,food,soil,harvest,ideas2011-11-01 22 
16937574Deathwatch Fast FoodPG Deathwatch for 10-12 year olds, where the battle between fast food franchises is less economical and significantly more literalfast food, deathwatch, kids, rpg2011-11-15 49 
17052425Fantasy cuisineAnon asks for fantasy foodstuffs to entice his players with. What he gets is speculation on the cuisine of common fantasy races.Food, Cooking, Culture, Fantasy2011-11-30 11 
March 2012
18370497God of Delicious FoodsOP needs help making a deity of cuisine and taste for a freeform RP. /tg/ provides ideas.food, delicious, god, tasty, ideas, awesome, Ainsley, freeform2012-03-19 6 
July 2012
19731984Tzeencth In A BoxWhat if a Tzeentch cultist opened a fast food joint?40k, fast food, sillness, /tg/ gold2012-07-04 12 
August 2012
20154353MeatbreadTwo inexperienced chefs create a horrific meatbread monstrosity.meatbread, food poisoning2012-08-03 13 
20150289/tg/ cooksA horrifying failure of a meatbread turns into gentlemanly discussion of food and foodstuffs, including recipes in the classic style.food, cooking, eating, meatbread, the horror, interesting, original content,2012-08-03 20 
October 2012
21225612Lich's Employee Quest pt 17Daniel helps Rebecca get ready for her own adventure, and learns to cook. Check up on the bees.skeleton quest, starting off, bees, dinner, food2012-10-22 10 
August 2013
26786075Best lines from playersSome great lines, and some great storytime. Oh, and pizza.storytime, food2013-08-24 8 
October 2013
27860626Gamer Fuel Guy Makes /tg/ HungryAn amazing fa/tg/uy with culinary mastery hops onto to /tg/ and shows some of his amazing dishes and gives helpful advice, and after awhile some more good chefs hop ingamer fuel, food, snacks, delicious2013-10-22 16 
November 2013
28095823Fantasy Food GeneralImpressive writefaggotry about the culinary dishes and foci of various fantasy creatures & species. You will love yourself some Minotaur made Fish Curry.Fantasy food, cooking, recipe, dwarf bread2013-11-04 21 
December 2013
28962362Dumplings & DressingsWhat if Chefs discovered magic before the scholars and professors did? /tg/ ponders, and decides that no, Pasta Chefs should NOT use spaghetti for social encounters.food, wizards, chefs2013-12-19 4 
January 2014
29408308Lights Out GamingA storytime thread wherein OP begins to tell us about tabletop gaming with an excellent if socially maladjusted group. OP then dies of food poisoning.story time, vikings, homebrew, fate, fudge, arts and crafts, that guy, food poisoning2014-01-12 10 
July 2014
33341059An RPG based around cookingOP says his players solve every problem through food. /tg/ gets inspired.food, inspiration2014-07-12 27 
33463193Cooking thread continuedA follow-up to the cooking thread. dryads and salads are discussed. it gets lewd.food, inspiration, cooking2014-07-17 7 
October 2014
35411506TG Does StrangeOP asks for stories of worst settings. Stories of Stabbings, Space Operas, Fast Food Warriors, and Phallus Themed Islands ensue. Space Opera, Thor, Armadillo God, Fast Food, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Stab2014-10-10 11 
35754680Esper Quest: Thread 20Nee-chan returns, and a decision must be made: WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Cryo-Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, The Eye of Judgment, Hospital food, THE RETURN OF THE NEE-CHAN2014-10-26 5 
August 2015
41571465The Cuisine of Fantastical RacesA thread is had in which the food and drink preferences of Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, Men, Orcs and other fantastical races is discussed at length. Some real world recipes are mulled over as well.worldbuilding, culture, food, drink, fantasy races, cooking, discussion2015-08-01 10 
January 2017
51018882Field Rations and Camp Cooking How much effort does you and your team put into RP for food when traveling?Food, camp, rations, cooking, brainstorming, world building2017-01-07 4 
April 2017
52911245FOODFa/tg/uys discuss gastronomy, interesting (and somewhat pointless) fluff ensues.food, fluff, conversation, D&D, Pathfinder, Fantasy2017-04-29 7 
January 2018
57405013Food in a Cyberpunk SettingAnons discuss cyberpunk cuisine. MREs, Food Pellets, soypaste and GRIMDARK ensues.Food, Cyberpunk2018-01-14 18 
June 2018
60132302/tg/ makes a pantheonWorldbuilding for a pantheon's worth of original deities for your fantasy games.worldbuilding, setting, pantheon, religion, deity, god, paladin, cleric, Prim Goddess of Apathy Undead and Junkfood,2018-06-08 1 
March 2021
78221475Fantasy Race Street FoodWhat do the various classic races have for street food?Lore, fantasy, food, discussion, urban, races2021-03-23 3 
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