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April 2008
1505986The Rehnian 7th "Ironstorm"Anon makes an army list that unleashes the IG's inner potential for STEEL RHEEN.40k, army list2008-04-11 5 
December 2008
3219079Hordes of undead. Defeat them.Endless hordes of the undead are advancing on your location. You must build a stronghold to defend yourself.zombies, drawfaggotry, lincoln clone army2008-12-22 6 
May 2009
4695827Neckbeard FinancesA thread about spending habits turns awesome.Money, army prices, debt, George Carlin, savings2009-05-29 2 
August 2009
5348400Imaginary Army Men/tg/ gets shit done and truly examines the popular Imaginary Army Men (IAM) System with the meticulous zeal it deserves, from the cheesy, min-maxing tactics of Red Army troop choices to the oft-overlooked fluff and possible fascist leanings of the mysterious Grey Army. Also Tan Army players are weaboos.warhamm faulty kai, plastic army men, neckbeard, wargame2009-08-05 3 
March 2010
8522358Army Men WargameA simple question about the prospect of an Army Men rpg/wargame turns into an awesome preview what the game could resemble.Army Men, Wargames, Ideas, Homebrew, Awesome2010-03-11 2 
May 2010
9823368Army Men ChroniclesThe green army unites with the pinks and legos to annihilate the tan menace. Nostalgia and fun ensue.Army men, toy soldiers, awesome, wargames2010-05-15 7 
March 2011
14399398Army Men Wargame Funny thread about the Plastic Army Men Wargame/Parody of Warhammer.Warhammer, Army Men, Sarge, Green, Plastic, Wargame2011-03-29 8 
September 2011
16218346That Guy/That Bro ThreadOP starts a rage thread, but in the end a good time is had by all as people share stories of their 'That Guy' and 'That Bro.'army, that bro, that guy, D&D, stories2011-09-08 11 
December 2011
17245560Imperium of Cat/tg/ discusses their 40kat army buildscat, cats, 40k, tabletop, army, warhammer, funny2011-12-17 10 
July 2012
19854980True traditional gamesTG discusses the finer points of jacks, hoopstick, and plastic army men.Jacks, Plastic Army Men2012-07-13 15 
November 2012
21614755Tank Witches Quest '89 1Bad news, followed by worse news, followed by recon and stealing explosives!Strike Witches, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-11-17 22 
21733324Tank Witches Quest '89 2Technical issues, followed by cityfighting! YAAAAYStrike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-11-25 22 
December 2012
21840743Tank Witches Quest '89 3Starting with amazing breakfast, ending with briefing, ROUNDED OFF WITH FUUUHHHTTBAAAWWWLLLLStrike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-12-02 25 
21952184Tank Witches Quest '89 4Fightan with Special Forces! Executan Witches! Not staran at boobs! Strike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-12-09 22 
22044002Tank Witches Quest '89 5Let's see, combat is scary, girls are worried, Wittmann is a bitch. yep, sums it up.Strike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-12-15 22 
22157399Tank Witches Quest '89 6In which we fly to France, and get some awesome and or bad news. You decide!Strike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2012-12-22 22 
February 2013
22940744Army AnswersA nice armybro answers some questionsarmy, what, artillery, amurrica2013-02-03 2 
August 2013
26532634Tank Witches Quest '89 18In which we go out shopping, pick up Sushi, and 'talk' with the Baltimore PDStrike Witches 1989, Army, Tanks, TW89, Collective Game, Tank Witches Quest, MightyM0use2013-08-10 21 
October 2013
27797261Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest Thread 19Yer a magus 'Arry. And with your latest scheme you're doomed to be a Butler too.Collective Game, Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest, Harry Potter, Nasu, Kiritsugu Emiya, Zelretch, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Jubstacheit's Maid Army2013-10-18 25 
May 2014
32437444Oversized Weapon Quest 36You finish the coup, reunite with the boys, and get a move on with the next objective.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Big Swords, Goblins, Forests, Army Management2014-05-29 16 
January 2015
37733076DBZ Human Quest #49A stranger from the future brings a warning of terrible things to comeCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Saiyan, Android, Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Nappa, Vegeta, 17, 18, Red, Ribbon, Army, Doctor, Gero2015-01-31 13 
37737479DBZ Human Quest #50Kaguya spars with a Super Saiyan, and has a serious conversation with his parentsCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Saiyan, Human, Namekian, Piccolo, Nappa, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Doctor, Gero, Red, Ribbon, Army2015-01-31 12 
October 2015
42951096Military Q&A for your Stories/GamesAn army CPT answers questions about the military, its equipment, doctrine, tactics, and etc., to help you build more convincing military campaigns and stories.Reference, Q&A, Military, Army2015-10-08 10 
April 2017
52841660Army Men NostalgiaOp wondered what a War game set in the universe would be like nostalgia ensues. Army Men, Nostalgia, Videogames, vidya2017-04-24 3 
August 2017
1769607My Father's Country 3You blow up a convoy carrying nukes, then take Salt Lake City and Denver. The Coalition strikes back by appointing a North American Viceroyfuture, america, us army2017-08-20 1 
1786959My Father's Country or 4You right to defend your cities you've captured. You find a suitable candidate for the president of the us. China and India start a landwarStrategy, America, Us Army, Villain Quest?2017-08-27 1 
September 2017
1834462My Father's Country, Pt. 5Nathan helps destroy China, gets into trouble in the windy city, captures an engineer, and the players have a debate over government.US Army, Civ, Quest2017-09-05 2 
April 2018
2483926Olbaria QuestA WW1 style army is destroyed in a foreign continent by a bunch of germanic style tribes. Surviving units gather to live another day.WW1 tech, WW1, Olbaria, Army, Collective Game, Civ, Civ-like, Typhus, Typhus QM 2018-04-25 1 
May 2018
2502934Fuck Your Isekai Quest Season 2You're Saul Beckett. Can you and your companions get out of a cartoon hellscape? Not if anime tropes have anything to say about it.isekai, anime, army of darkness2018-05-04 3 
August 2018
61556718rogue homunculus civilization/tg/ worldbuilds a faction of unintentionally sentient, alchemically-created artificial lifeforms originally intended as a disposable army.golem, homunculus, frankenstein, undead, alchemy, species, steampunk, setting, worldbuilding, army, civilization,2018-08-26 4 
December 2020
4506554Bug Army of the Locustmotive [Skirmish]Under the purview of a scorching sun lies the remnants of Dry Hive. Early one morning scouts notice a train stationed nearby. Hope perhaps?fenster, collective game, collaborative game, skirmish, drones, bug army, bugs, bug, army, locustmotive, train, bug puns2020-12-01 1 
June 2023
5654776True Neutral Conquest QuestA True Neutral Wizard embarks on a quest to conquer the entire world for the sake of learning more magic.Wizard, World Conquest, Different Army Alignments, Alignment, Ninja2023-06-22 0 
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