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December 2014
36828165Fire Emblem: TTEQWhere our amnesiac MC fights bandits while being generated. Lots of crits are rolled and we realize we have amnesia.Fire Emblem, BurningSigil, Collective Game, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-18 11 
36860671Fire Emblem: TTEQ Part 2Our hero learns about his friends and his past tears are shed.Fire Emblem, Collective Game, BurningSigil, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-20 5 
36882806Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 3We wake up to a new day. Enjoy a comfy bed. Then go and interrogate a bandit.collective game, fire emblem, BurningSigil, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-21 3 
36922043Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 4Our heros finally infiltrate the bandit stronghold and discover something dark.Collective Game; BurningSigil; Fire Emblem; The Three Empires Quest2014-12-23 1 
37027591Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 6We confront the bandit leader, Rowan has a battle of wits with Jidal, and wins. Collective Game; BurningSigil; Fire Emblem; The Three Empires Quest2014-12-29 1 
June 2015
40347604RE: Harpy Quest 02We meet our twin and explore around the nest.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-03 26 
40411954RE: Harpy Quest 03Finishing up our first day alive. Touching moments with Sis.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-06 25 
40473360RE: Harpy Quest 04Dreams and the Second Day.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-08 23 
40497567RE: Harpy Quest 05We deal with the aftermath of defeating the Snake.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-09 23 
40562372RE: Harpy Quest 06We meet more family members.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-13 23 
40623925RE: Harpy Quest 07We finish our Second Day in a manner much like it began.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-16 22 
40667691RE: Harpy Quest 08We have another dream and wake up to Twin Sister's first words. Short Session.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-18 22 
40783736RE: Harpy Quest 09We properly continue day number 3 of our young life. Many shenanigans are had.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-23 22 
40844114RE: Harpy Quest 10Flight attempts all around.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-27 23 
July 2015
40932099RE: Harpy Quest 11We leave the nest to head to town with our father. We also see some local Fauna. Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-01 24 
41080752RE: Harpy Quest 12We get to town and meet a friend of Dad'sCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-08 24 
41227772RE: Harpy Quest 13We meet dad's friends!Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-15 24 
41528606RE: Harpy Quest 14We finish the meeting with Dad's friends.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-29 24 
August 2015
41710961RE: Harpy Quest 15We make it back to the nest after our city adventure.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-08-07 24 
January 2016
44777580RE: Harpy 16Bird and Bird AccessoriesCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-15 25 
44927088RE: Harpy Quest 17We finally take flight...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-22 25 
February 2016
45501775RE: Harpy Quest 18We face some music and spend time with Mom and our SistersCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-19 25 
45643511RE: Harpy Quest 19Mother decides to take the chicks on a trip.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-26 26 
March 2016
45784748RE: Harpy Quest 20A hunting we will go.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-04 27 
45926901RE: Harpy Quest 21We fight our first real threat.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-11 26 
July 2016
364385The Factory Recordings: Log #1The first night in an abandoned factory.Collective Game, The Factory Recordings , BurningSigil, PuddOmega2016-07-22 1 
October 2016
706669Re:Harpy Quest 22After a hiatus that lasted forever, its finally back.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-10-19 21 
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