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April 2013
24485566Borderlands PNP Thread #4Ideas on Slag Harpy powers and mechanics, claptraps, and a dice system.Borderlands, Homebrew, Game Design, Slag Harpy, Claptrap, TORGUE2013-04-29 5 
August 2013
26381702Harpy demands stories/tg/ provides anecdotes, rhymes and art.Harpy demands stories, rhymes, harpies, harpy chicks, lesbians2013-08-02 3 
July 2014
33120151Harpy Species, Intelligence and MannerismsWhat starts off as a thread discussing the likelihood of Harpies becoming a world power through aerial martial strength (d)evolves into a discussion about dumb Dodo-Harpies, foul-mouthed Cockney-Harpies and, of course, Harpy mating habits.Harpy, harpies, dodo, dumb, cockney, fetish, world building, monsters, monstergirls, I'll fight u m8 I swear on me mum2014-07-02 20 
January 2015
37586083Harpy Adventurers WorldbuildingOP asks how a civilization of harpies could get anything done without hands. /tg/ responds by a massive debate on bird-people and the creation of a new setting.Worldbuilding, Harpy, Harpies, Setting, Bird, Feathers,2015-01-28 2 
June 2015
40347604RE: Harpy Quest 02We meet our twin and explore around the nest.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-03 26 
40411954RE: Harpy Quest 03Finishing up our first day alive. Touching moments with Sis.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-06 25 
40473360RE: Harpy Quest 04Dreams and the Second Day.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-08 23 
40497567RE: Harpy Quest 05We deal with the aftermath of defeating the Snake.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-09 23 
40562372RE: Harpy Quest 06We meet more family members.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-13 23 
40623925RE: Harpy Quest 07We finish our Second Day in a manner much like it began.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-16 22 
40667691RE: Harpy Quest 08We have another dream and wake up to Twin Sister's first words. Short Session.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-18 22 
40783736RE: Harpy Quest 09We properly continue day number 3 of our young life. Many shenanigans are had.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-23 22 
40844114RE: Harpy Quest 10Flight attempts all around.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-27 23 
July 2015
40932099RE: Harpy Quest 11We leave the nest to head to town with our father. We also see some local Fauna. Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-01 24 
41080752RE: Harpy Quest 12We get to town and meet a friend of Dad'sCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-08 24 
41227772RE: Harpy Quest 13We meet dad's friends!Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-15 24 
41528606RE: Harpy Quest 14We finish the meeting with Dad's friends.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-29 24 
August 2015
41710961RE: Harpy Quest 15We make it back to the nest after our city adventure.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-08-07 24 
41746367Of Harpies and other birdfolkHarpies, how are they used in different settings? From the original greek myth to modern depictions, thread also discusses about variants based from different species of birds.fluff, harpy, harpies, oc, race, setting, species2015-08-11 7 
January 2016
44777580RE: Harpy 16Bird and Bird AccessoriesCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-15 25 
44927088RE: Harpy Quest 17We finally take flight...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-22 25 
February 2016
45501775RE: Harpy Quest 18We face some music and spend time with Mom and our SistersCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-19 25 
45643511RE: Harpy Quest 19Mother decides to take the chicks on a trip.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-26 26 
March 2016
45784748RE: Harpy Quest 20A hunting we will go.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-04 27 
45926901RE: Harpy Quest 21We fight our first real threat.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-11 26 
July 2016
406043RE: Animated Quest 11We take a break from Lee's exploits to return to the gorgon family. Not all is peaceful there, but new friends and adventures are had.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, gorgon, harpy, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-07-27 1 
October 2016
706669Re:Harpy Quest 22After a hiatus that lasted forever, its finally back.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-10-19 21 
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