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August 2009
5451839Parasite Quest 2nd GenerationParasite Quest!Parasite Quest2009-08-14 2 
5453679Parasite Quest #3Yes, this shit again.Parasite Quest, Collective Game2009-08-14 2 
May 2014
31855507Parasite Quest #1You are a parasite in a freshly infected host. We grow, infect and fight. Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA2014-05-02 15 
31874782Parasite Quest #2The parasitic mass digs deeper. Rips a memory from the host and makes it way towards the spine. Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA2014-05-03 10 
31916736Parasite Quest #3The mass continues to grow and invade the host. We cautiously assume direct control of the leg, but recklessly consume ourselves. We then sleep and learn what we are.Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA2014-05-05 13 
31961984Parasite Quest #4We come back to our parasitic senses and learn we are not alone in the host. Enraged we charge off to the stomach and then into the stomach of massive larva. Some technical difficulties rise but are settled.Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2014-05-07 11 
32022860Parasite Quest #5The mass calls us to destroy our first enemy and reject another human experience. High off a win we get knocked down by a playful new enemy, in which we find a new form and plot our attack. Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2014-05-10 7 
32069939Parasite Quest #6A new phase of combat begins, option for more strategy than direct confrontation. We learn more about our host and ourselves before realizing our rival is not as harmless as we thought. Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2014-05-12 8 
32106982Parasite Quest #7After some combat we beat the fluke, torturing it in its final moments for challenging us. The true nature of it and ourselves is revealed and we meet the deep voice.Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2014-05-14 12 
January 2016
44757672Parasite Quest #8Parasite Quest #8Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2016-01-14 21 
44796970Parasite Quest #9The parasite reaches out into the world...Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA, Toxo2016-01-15 5 
44907721Parasite Quest #10The parasite is threatened with the loss of its puppet...Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA2016-01-21 5 
February 2016
45205041Parasite Quest #11The Parasite teaches the animals and the machines how to sing in perfect harmony.Parasite Quest, Collective Game, Parasite, CYOA2016-02-04 6 
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