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January 2011
13691622Commando QuestIn which our nameless hero drops into the middle of a simmering planetary rebellion, hoping simply stay alive but accomplishing so much more.Commando Quest, Battletech2011-01-29 10 
13709067Commando QuestA simple munitions dump turns out to be much, much more. Our party moves into a nearby resort town, and our protagonist is taken hostage... by Free Capella.Commando Quest, Battletech2011-01-30 5 
13720541Commando Quest Part 3We get Free Capella on our side, find out what the Capellan Military's been looking for, and our original crew is starting to suspect that we're the reason their entire town was wiped out.Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech2011-01-31 5 
February 2011
13796374Commando Quest Part 4We successfully raid a food depot, tear through the heightened security, end up killing the minimum wage nightguards who we mistook for battle-hardened soldiers, and disappear into the night with another two salvaged mechs.Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior2011-02-08 6 
13885808Commando Quest Part 5After our last mission and our many mechs in need of repairs we're taking a break from battle and planning our future strategies and possible objectives. That ever-present airbase is looking more and more like an obstacle, and a dropship that landed there might provide a means to infiltrate it successfully...Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior, planning2011-02-16 5 
January 2015
37587389Republic Commando Quest 1Commander four-five, leader of Sierra Squad completes his training begins his first mission, an attack on a hive spire on Geonosis.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskyQM2015-01-24 16 
37612537Republic Commando Quest 2After surviving jumping from the crashing gunship, Four-Five continues on with his mission, but first he must reach the spire and rendezvous with the rest of Sierra Squad. Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM2015-01-25 20 
37635752Republic Commando Quest 3Sierra Squad finally complete their mission and terminate High General Sanc Qun. Cheif and his brothers aren't finished yet however as they are sent to aid Echo Squad who have lost two squad members to the enemy.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM2015-01-26 21 
37657734Republic Commando Quest 4Sierra Squad attempt to plant the explosive charges on the Separatist ships, the plan doesn't go as planned however when an unknown hostile confronts them. Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-01-27 17 
37678930Republic Commando Quest 5Chief and Sierra Squad return to the battlefield, on a mission to locate and extract Padawan Yna Ti and her master, General Zen Malcov from a CIS core ship. Some squad banter and stealth ensues.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-01-28 15 
37723755Republic Commando Quest 6Chief explores the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Sierra Squad is posted on, and practices his social skills.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-01-30 14 
37730305Republic Commando Quest 6.5Continuing on from thread 6, Chief shows off his mad CQC skills as he bests a Padawan in a training fight and then spars with Joker.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-01-31 12 
37748040Republic Commando Quest 7Chief gets confronted by the crippled leader of Echo Squad in the mess hall, and the ship comes out of hyperspace. Sierra's gets briefed on their new mission, shutting down the enemy's AA guns.Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-01-31 13 
February 2015
37774140Republic Commando Quest 8While waiting for a team to stop a jamming signal Sierra Squad talks to a mayor and then explores town. Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-02-01 12 
37817744Republic Commando Quest 8Sierra Squad aids their fellow troopers in defending the town against the separatist attack. Blood already boiling from the acid gas attack conducted on the town's civilians the clones are are looking for vengeance Star Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-02-03 11 
37839202Republic Commando Quest 10Sierra leaders wakes up in medbayStar Wars, Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, WhiskeyQM, Remove Clanker2015-02-04 12 
April 2015
39629280Republic Commando Quest 11Chief wakes up on a Republic ship and gets to learn the situation with his squad and learns of Yna's situation.Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, Whiskey, Remove Clankers, Return2015-04-28 20 
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