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January 2017
991411Bowser Con-Quest #1We begin our impromptu royal vacation, head to Glitzville, and meet with a old enemy.QuestMM, Collective Game, Bowser, Mario2017-01-02 5 
1039757Bowser Con-Quest #2We crush our first opponent, explore and meet Bandy Andy, then find a strange machine.QuestMM, Collective Game, Bowser, Mario2017-01-16 5 
1066981Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quest #9.1Less shit version of 9. We completed all of our missions and escaped the dungeon.QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Exploration, Luka, Alice, Faye2017-01-23 4 
1095599Bowser Con-Quest #3We crush the competition, look for Jolene, repeatedly fail rolls, then steal a purse.QuestMM, Collective Game, Bowser, Mario2017-01-30 5 
February 2017
1149038Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quest #10The obligatory bath episode. QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Exploration, Luka, Alice, Faye2017-02-12 3 
April 2017
1314871Paranoia Quest #1‘There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment.’ You never imagined this meant monsters...QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal, Succubus2017-04-01 6 
1345167Paranoia Quest #2We aquire Jesus and accidentally a murderQuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-04-10 5 
1365431Paranoia Quest #3We look through the church and find a broken cross necklace. QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-04-17 3 
May 2017
1410589Paranoia QuestWe wake from a nightmare before learning more of monsters, and then begin our crusade. QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-05-01 2 
June 2017
1513558Paranoia Quest #5We go to Chinatown and go stop some monsters from terrorizing its nearby park. QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-06-01 2 
1540821Paranoia Quest #6We recover from our last fight, and get stalked for a bit. QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-06-08 2 
1590690Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quest #11We meet with Guild Master Drake and then try to bargain with Kek and Leon.QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Exploration, Luka, Alice, Faye2017-06-22 1 
July 2017
1635674Paranoia Quest #7After getting back to the church we let it slip that our apartment complex is filled with monsters and decide to do some covert operations.QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-07-05 3 
1661296Psychic QuestThe main character, Fredrick, finds he can move things with his mind.QuestMM, Collective Game, Psychic Quest, Psychic, Telekinesis2017-07-14 1 
August 2017
1806327Bowser Con-Quest #4We crash a fight, dominate, and move up in the ranks.QuestMM, Collective Game, Bowser, Mario2017-08-27 2 
September 2017
1829857Psychic Quest #2We train our powers, find a raccoon, and continue training.QuestMM, Collective Game, Psychic Quest, Psychic, Telekinesis2017-09-04 1 
1889102Paranoia Quest #8We meet our neighbors Helen and Lucille.QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-09-25 2 
December 2017
2136503Paranoia Quest #9Hellen Visits us and we make an interesting discovery.QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal2017-12-13 3 
August 2018
2822949Rocket Grunt Quest #1You are Mike, street rat extraordinaire and newly minted Rocket Grunt with your new partner Zhu the Zubat.QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Team Rocket2018-08-22 5 
2838280Rocket Grunt Quest #2Mike and Zhu begin a hunt for food, and it immediately goes wrong.QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Team Rocket2018-08-30 1 
September 2018
2856603Rocket Grunt Quest #2.5We fight the law, and the law wins before it gives us lunch. Then we catch a new partner.QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Team Rocket2018-09-06 3 
2893615Rocket Grunt Quest #3Get some info on our new Pokemon, think about a name for our new partner, and QMM breaks his hand and dies. QuestMM, Collective Game, Pokemon, Team Rocket2018-09-23 1 
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