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June 2009
4723872The Tiji SectorA planet generator thread leads to the formation of the Tiji Sector, containing so of the best, and worst, planets in the Imperium.Planet Generator, Tiji Sector2009-06-01 7 
4727976Tiji Sector Part DeuxMore discussion of /tg/ created DH worlds, from mining to shrining to floating hive city battling.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-01 3 
4735553Tiji Sector ContinuedMore horrifying worlds are added to this scary sector.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-02 2 
4811028Tiji sector returns.More Tiji Sector.Tiji sector, Dark Heresy, Planet Generator2009-06-08 1 
4857133Tiji SectorAnother Tiji Sector threadTiji Sector, Planet Generator, Dark Heresy, warhammer 40K2009-06-12 2 
4942706Tiji Sector - Back with a vengeance.Tiji Sector is still alive. Planets and summaries are made.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-21 0 
5029930Xomula campaign/tg/ helps plan the start of a campaign on XomulaXomula, Dark Heresy, Planet Generator, Tiji Sector, Campaign2009-06-28 5 
July 2009
5092027Tiji SectorThe Tiji Sector Approaches it's conclusionDark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-05 3 
5185112Tiji Sector Part 8Further refinment of the sector and it's peoples.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-18 2 
5255435Tiji Sector part 9Further fluffing of the Tiji Sector.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-26 1 
August 2009
5392240TG Makes a DaemonhostTG makes a Daemonhost. It is conjectured that it lives on Xomula. It's a schoolgirl!Daemonhost, Xomula, Tiji Sector2009-08-09 2 
September 2009
5848145/tg/ Builds A HiveMind the GlassTiji Sector, Glass, Hive, 2009-09-14 9 
6022197Xomula WritefaggotyAn excellent little pieceXomula, Tiji Sector2009-09-27 1 
May 2011
15085829Hive Fleet NidhoggrThe continued fluffing of the new tyranid Hive Fleet Nidhoggr. Some new units are discussed as well as some awesome writefags contributing.Tyranid, Tyranids, Tiji Sector, Hivefleet, Homebrew, WH40K, Nidhoggr2011-05-29 2 
January 2012
17618098Chapter Quest IV - First BloodRising Sons answer Tyr's plea to bring them food from Stygia(agri-world in Sub-Sector Tyranus). On their way back they are ambushed by Dark Eldar corsairs and Chapter Master himself loses an arm in epic battle aboard Dark Eldar flagship. Despite this, Rising Sons prevail and even manage to take over one of the ships. Tyr is saved and Rising Sons grow even stronger.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Dark Eldar, Mandrake, Chapter Master, ambush, sub-sector, STC, warhammer 40k, Space Marines2012-01-22 9 
July 2013
26308644Oestalan sector - thread 2/tg/ has a name for the place! the first system gets fluffed out a bit more. Orks, Eldar and Tau, oh my!Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 0 
26321505Oestalan Sector thread #3In which the first system is fluffed out, personalities are introduced, and the crusade begins.Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 1 
26328720Oestalan System Thread 4In which we argue about what should or shouldn't be put in the setting, flesh out the crusading force and begin work on tau and mechanicus forcesOestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 1 
26339134Oestalan Sector Thread 5New xenos, new heresies, new stuffOestalan_Sector, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-31 0 
August 2013
26369599Oestalan Sector Thread 6In which people continue to make the super-serious-homebrew-sector that's totally better than the Tiji Sector. They do this by making nothing of value and arguing about tripfags.Oestalan_Sector, homebrew, Warhammer_40k, seriously learn how to tag2013-08-01 0 
26378286Oestalan Sector thread #8Aeternus Mechanum empire fleshed out and a drawfriend contributes an awesome map of the sector.Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-08-02 0 
26403040Oestalan Sector thread #9Additional discussion on an Eldar craftworld and the Ten Kings pirate bandOestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-08-04 0 
September 2013
27109692Oestalan Sector Building Thread 10Oestalan sector generation returns, with a massive wave of fluff, and generally much more constructive than before. Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, 40k2013-09-11 1 
27181870Oestalan Sector Building Thread 11Once again, the Oestalan Sector rides forth. Much fluff is generated. More is needed, but PROGRESS!Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, 40k2013-09-13 1 
March 2014
30698382Uredius sector thread #2Moar Ideas40k, Homebrew, Setting, Fluff, Grimdark, Worldbuilding, Uredius, Uredius Sector2014-03-09 2 
October 2014
35586871Tiji Sector - Traveller 1It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-19 2 
35631395Tiji Sector, Sub-sector A, part 2It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-20 -2 
35652246Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part3It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-21 -2 
35706457Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 4A lot of bumping waiting for /tg/ to get off it's ass and stop masturbating to MtG and 40kTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-24 -2 
35740251Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 5Anon makes a Brick Joke that gets some math behind it. Four more systems completed, plans get made for the Quadrant.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-25 -2 
35801160Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 6A few more systems get detailed, polities of the Sector are Discussed. ForeverGM is old and heads to bed earlyTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-28 -2 
35822300Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 7Systems get developed, a rest is declared, polities are contemplated, and the Sub-Sector Map is posted. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-29 -2 
35864849Tiji Sector Project, Polities and Places of Sub-Sector AForeverGM makes a T5 character waiting for /tg/ anons to join the discussion.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T5, character creation2014-10-31 -2 
November 2014
35947193Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B, Imperial SpurA Long Living Thread trying to generate interest for the project. System Info generated for SSB. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-05 0 
36084553Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 2Starting the week off right with a new Tiji Sector thread. Sub-Sector B the Imperial Spur gets some polish and a new polity arises.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-11 0 
36130187Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 3Not a lot gets done at first, but not!Pirates get a new system to scope out.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-13 -2 
36234503Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 4Work Progresses and new systems are fleshed out, FGM has crappy internet. Subversion of the Feldspar Alliance.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-18 0 
December 2014
36514714Tiji Sector Project, It's ALIVEFGM is back and get's the Project back on track...or not, thanks captcha.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-12-02 1 
36536175Tiji Sector Project, A False HopeFurther development of a Traveller Sector for /tg/Traveller, Sector, Tijii2014-12-03 0 
February 2015
37961700Tiji Sector Project, A New HopeFGM is back and get's the Project back on track, rant about workTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52015-02-13 0 
April 2015
39480921Rusoya Sector I: Ice Wraiths and FremenThe first official Rusoya sector thread. mainly focused on finishing the Ice WraithsSpace Marines, Custom Chapter, Ice Wraiths, Sector Rusoya2015-04-21 -1 
April 2016
46326422Vasenica Sector main thread #3?A continuation of earlier threads in which /tg/ creates a sector for warhammer 40k role playing games.Vasenica Sector, 40k, World Building2016-04-06 1 
July 2016
48522863Voltari Sector Thread 1We just came up with a new sector and some new ideas. Let's see how far we can take this.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-07-31 1 
August 2016
48644799Voltari Sector Thread 2A week later, we get another thread, but it's a bit lonely this time around.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-08-08 0 
January 2020
4022405Penal Legion Regiment:Pacificus RenovamenYou are a member of a penal regiment, what is there more to say?40k, Warhammer40k, Penal Regiment, Thal-Gal, Segmentum Pacificius, Homebrew, Malak Subsector, Spicy Fruitcake2020-01-30 1 
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