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July 2008
2174377Rome: Caesar, Christ, Immortality, ChinaGAIUS CASSIUS LONGINUS stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum in 44 BC as well as speared Jesus Christ in the side on the cross some 75 years later. What if he was an immortal? What if Jesus was a Roman myth? What if there were Romans in China? Rome, Caesar, Christ, immortality, China, vampires2008-07-10 4 
October 2009
6467566Machina Dei 8Moar Machina Dei. Current topic: Crunch!Machina Dei2009-10-29 0 
6479801Machina Dei IXArgument about Combat Resolution vs. Rout eventually yields satisfactory results Then the primaries are statted. Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India, Machina Dei2009-10-29 3 
6489309Machina Dei/tg/ continues to get shit done, more detailed statting of primariesRome, Roman, Mech, Mechina, Dei, Table top, Game.2009-10-31 2 
November 2009
6739025Alternate Histories involving China/tg/ discusses two alternate histories: One in which China discovers and colonizes the New World, and one in which Rome and China trade more actively. Alternate history, China, Exploration, Roman Empire2009-11-17 2 
June 2010
10258147ITT: Confucian DwarfsA Dwarven Culture based on China, with Bureaucrats, ancestor worship, and buttons.Dwarf, D&D, Fluff, China, Swarves2010-06-04 7 
February 2012
17978165Wuxia CommunismOP asks for help in crafting a wuxia campaign set in an alt-Communist China.wuxia, communism, mao, china2012-02-17 12 
March 2012
18511974CONVERGENCE (Evolution Game)A Evolution Game taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, with slightly greater focus on plot and storyline. Features the insect-like Nanzi, worm-like Slygg and plankton-like Foram.Convergence, Collective Game, Evolution, Nanzi, Slygg, Foram, Deus vs Machina2012-03-30 5 
April 2012
18594569CONVERGENCE: Thread 2Lands to the east are explored, and a meteor falls in the homelands.Convergence, Collective Game, Evolution, Nanzi, Slygg, Foram, Deus vs Machina2012-04-06 3 
May 2012
18971217Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 3, the Age of IceThe Ice Age is finally here, and surprisingly, no extinctions were had. The introduction of the Snow Bugs leads to the development of a remorhaz-like colony of insects and the Asparagus Trees harbor the skull-like Tadseeds within. Namefag "Deus vs. Machina" is revealed to be a bro-tier artist and assists FortuneHost in updating the new critters.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, ice age, FortuneHost, Deus vs. Machina, Bobski, fatherofthemoons, remorhaz2012-05-05 14 
18996830Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 4, the Ice Age ContinuesReturn to planet Fortune and see the new forms its bewildering array of creatures have taken. Giant enemy crabs, spike-trap trees, schools of piranha sharks, gardens of explosive herbs, crystalline sea plants, floating pachyderms, and skull-shaped seedpod tapeworms and more await you on this beautiful (and dangerous) world. The evolution game continues.agent of evolution, Bobski, Collective Game, Deus vs. Machina, evolution game, evolution, fatherofthemoons, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, ice age2012-05-06 14 
19043505Fortune: Evolution Game - Discussion Thread 2While the first was not archived (nor is it worth archiving), this discussion thread proves to be full of brainstorming concerning the next stage of life on that wild, wild world. Previews of Part 5 as well as links to the new 1d4chan page are included. brainstorm, Deus vs Machina, discussion, ecologyfag, evo game, evolution game, evolution, Father, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, nongent, occasional silliness, preview, sneak-peek, Stooge, zeppelin sex,2012-05-14 10 
19115700Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 5, the Triumph of SpringFinally, OP got his ass off the couch and finished Part 5. The evolution game continues as the Ice Age finally ends and springtime returns to the land.agent of evolution, Collective Game, Deus, evolution game, evolution, fatherofthemoons, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, Deus vs. Machina, non gent2012-05-16 10 
19131158Chinaman Quest17 year old Chinese kid arrives in America. /tg/ doesn't want any trouble. Collective Game, Chinaman, Don't want no trouble, Jackie Chan, Martial Arts2012-05-17 27 
19143286Chinaman Quest #2Continuing adventures of Louie the ChinamanCollective Game, Chinaman, Don't want no trouble, Jackie Chan, Martial Arts, barbarians2012-05-18 22 
19228305Chinaman Quest IIIIn which rednecks are battled, a new weapon is acquired, and a new mission is begunChinaman, Quest, Weaboo, Don't Want No Trouble2012-05-26 16 
July 2013
25963009Shitty China Waifu Quest #1You are a... Damn it /tg/, stop derailing me on the first postCollective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty2013-07-12 9 
26099174Shitty China Waifu Quest #2You are Witold Urbanowicz, British Triple Ace, and you are speaking Chinese.Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-07-19 4 
August 2013
26379884Shitty China Waifu Quest #3You are Witold Urbanowicz, and you just realized how crazy Hump pilots really are.Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-08-02 3 
26646786Shitty China Waifu Quest #5Witold's biggest fangirl teaches a class. I think. Forbidden Love does not happen.Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-08-16 3 
26779762Shitty China Waifu Quest #6Oh, look, it's just Joseph Stilwell and a hurt Witch. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONGCollective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-08-23 4 
26907240Shitty China Waifu Quest #7The Martians are attacking... WITH ENOUGH FORCE TO LEVEL YOUR MOTHERCollective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-08-30 2 
October 2013
27974973Retainer Quest 1We are Meng Hongyang, a leader in a time of chaos. But for now we politick, sense strange trends and happenings, and join up for a military expedition to the south. War, Retainer Quest, Collective Game, Hongyang, China2013-10-28 11 
28004577Retainer Quest 2Hongyang and Wenxun gather their commanders, count resources, consider wooing a distant princess. Then morning comes. War, Retainer Quest, Collective Game, Hongyang, China2013-10-30 11 
November 2013
28166112Shitty China Waifu Quest #83 Months later, a bomb drops.Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2013-11-08 3 
28190907Retainer Quest 3Hongyang heads off on the expedition to Annam, and prepares his navy for war. War, Retainer Quest, Collective Game, Hongyang, China2013-11-09 10 
January 2014
29886672Shitty China Waifu Quest CNY SpecialI AM A CHINESE HAMSTER AND THIS IS HOW I CELEBRATE CHINESE NEW YEAR. Also, you're not flying a plane for once!Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2014-01-30 0 
April 2014
31191040Shitty China Waifu Quest CNY Special #2Witches and insane Martian planes do not match, damnit!Collective Game, SWQ China, HamsterlingsAreTasty, Strike Witches2014-04-01 0 
January 2017
1012240Gunsmith Quest Thread OneChi Long Qua the best GUNSMITH this world has ever seen. Also hopefully isn't dead.Gunsmith, Quest, Chi Lonq Qua, Research, Song Dynasty China, 13 Century China2017-01-14 1 
October 2018
62291323Xianxa, Wuxia and Thunderbolt Fantasy DiscussionAnons talk Chinese fantasy, including cross-cultural influences between China and Japan. Also puppets.Xianxa, Wuxia, China, Thunderbolt Fantasy2018-10-06 5 
November 2018
63247763Reforged Creation Thread #1/tg/ makes another Chapter of Marines, but this time full of Bionic Cripples with Knight Bros40k, Cripples, CRIPPLE FIGHT, Knights, China,Marines2018-11-29 1 
February 2019
3229546Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT ICaesar is reborn to the family of a wealthy Greek captain and proceeds to sack a Carthaginian colony.Carthage, Caesar, Fortuna, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-10 21 
3254353Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT IIAfter the Sack of Suerna, Caesar returns to the home port of Numante and makes the final preparations for the journey east.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-18 11 
3276141Commentarii de Bello Sinica: CAPVT IIIThe vessel Rhea begins her journey to the East. Already, issues bubble up between Caesar's underlings. A new battle plan is drafted.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-02-28 8 
March 2019
3304352Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT IVCaesar destroys the City of Ypra, though not without cost. A traitor in their midst springs their act prematurely.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-03-07 7 
3325374Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VCaesar goes a-gallivantin' throughout the Rhea, beating up traitors and finding out that he has blood lethal to mundane things (and people)Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-03-14 6 
3347264Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VICaesar cleanses the ship from any outside influence. The responsibility of captaincy is thrust upon him under unfortunate circumstances.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game 2019-03-23 6 
April 2019
3372242Commentarii de Bello Sinica - CAPVT VIICaesar makes his first landing in India to resupply. The arduous business of greeting the local chief is planned.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, China, Rome, Collective Game2019-04-01 2 
June 2019
3528832Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IAn introduction of the peoples of Sinae, and a brief summation of the Three Missing Years.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-01 2 
3546412Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IIThe Chronicle returns to the present, and Caesar subdues two of the island's three enemy tribes.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-09 3 
3566527Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IIIThe natives of the newly-christened Alexandria Eskhata are subjugated; integration commences.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-16 3 
3590902Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT IVCaesar reorganises the system of the State, and gains three Commanderies by showcasing the superiority of heavy infantry against light.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game2019-06-29 3 
July 2019
3613623Commentarii de Bello Sinica II - CAPVT VCaesar agrees to a betrothal with the powerful Sun Clan, and joins the punitive expedition against Dong Zhuo.Commentarii, Carthage, Caesar, FortunaQM, Rome, China, Collective Game, Three Kingdoms2019-07-09 3 
December 2020
4546218Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 15Maria goes on a pilgrimage towards Ca'Ren with her maids, Solomon and the morsemen. On the way she has her luckiest kill and saddest choiceOtome, Otome Gone Wrong, Otome QM, Intrigue, Real World Mockery, Academy, Dragon, God, Deus Ex Machina2020-12-06 6 
January 2022
82890060Forgeworld Hanzien/tg/ plays with creation tables and makes an Imperial Chinese-themed Forgeworld menaced by Orks and a particularly dickish Rogue Trader.creation tables, adeptus mechanicus, admech, forgeworld, techpriest, china, chinese, imperial, terracotta skitarii,2022-01-10 1 
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