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December 2007
925367BOYZ UV DA DAMNEDA cunning ork's plan to imitate the Legion of the damnedOrks, Damned, lulz2007-12-22 0 
March 2008
1312058The scariest Traitor Guardsmen everBy the Dark Gods I've never been so afraid.Traitor, lost and the damned, COMMISSAR SCARECROWS2008-03-11 21 
1316306The Eclipsion TerrorguardA continuation of >>1312058, further fleshing out of the scariest Traitor Guards ever created.Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild,2008-03-11 14 
1321750Eclipsion Terrorguard, part 3Continuation of >>1316306Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild2008-03-13 5 
March 2011
14218107Project: Traitor Guard/tg/ works on writing a modern Lost and the Damned codex.Homebrew, Warhammer 40000, 40k, Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Traitor, Heretic2011-03-13 1 
August 2013
26473817Imp QuestAn evil little imp is born in Hell and seeks out power, blackest magics, and plots most foulimp, quest, collective game, collective, game, devil, demon, daemon, abaddan, The HypnoJew, evil, souls, summoner, summoning, conjuration, damn, damned, damning2013-08-07 18 
26513155Imp Quest 2Our little Imp goes to earth, and there he finds a loving family, a loving family which he will tear apart and mold into something much more interesting.imp, quest, collective game, collective, game, devil, demon, daemon, abaddan, The HypnoJew, evil, souls, summoner, summoning, conjuration, damn, damned, damning, Wrath, Homicide, Cannibal Mother, corrupting, corruption2013-08-09 12 
November 2013
28340649Eldritch Souls questThe story of out hero begins with her death and her adoption of the name Owlman after awaking from death to find herself with the head and talon hands of an owl. She then proceeds to do fuck all besides get clothes and interact with some fellow former humansScholarofSouls, Eldritch soul quest, Owlman, The godamned Owl man, Death, Dark souls, Strange,2013-11-18 1 
November 2014
36418009Leigion of the Damned Quest #1In which we become aware, save some guardsmen, and meet another legionarie like us.Collective Game, Leigion of the Damned Quest, WH40k,2014-11-27 23 
December 2014
36705284Legion of the Damned Quest #2We check up on our newest awakened brother, explore the ship some more and then get called to battle.Collective Game, Legion of the Damned Quest, WH40k2014-12-12 8 
36744929Legion of the Damned Quest 3As the battle for the ice world continues, Arhan and company pick up a passenger.Legion of the Damned Quest, Collective Game, Quest, 40k2014-12-14 6 
January 2015
37611750Legion of the Damned Quest 4The war upon the ice world continues, and we link up with the redoubtable commissar and his group, returning to the capital city as the battle begins.Legion of the Damned Quest, Collective Game, Quest, 40k2015-01-26 6 
May 2015
40118201Game of the DamnedWe become Steve Duncan, caught in the Game of the Damned. We meet our succubus familiar and start to hunt Ang-za-haru.Game of the Damned, Quest, Collective Game, Cheesecake2015-05-23 5 
40133847Game of the Damned 2We hunt down Ang-za-Haru, and defeat him by fucking Kiki into him to bits. Kiki grows, gets a new power and we recieve a new mission.Game of the Damned, Quest, Collective Game, CheeseCake2015-05-25 5 
January 2017
1033713Damned World QuestImmortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.Damned World Quest, Collective Game2017-01-15 1 
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