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July 2009
5175040Popular Movies Made GrimdarkPost a movie, change the description to involve 40k.40k, popular movies, grimdark2009-07-17 13 
March 2010
8619572/tg/ Movie trailers/tg/ puts on its Director Cap and makes some Movie Trailers based off characters and campaigns. Lights. Camera. Action.Trailer, Awesome, Movie, oh/tg/thisiswhyIloveyouso2010-03-17 3 
October 2010
12317016What if Movies and TV were Campaigns 2A continuation of the first with some nice mind blowing actionwhat if, rfp, movie, TV, 2010-10-04 5 
12532987Hobbit the movieAfter announcement that Martin Freeman will be Bilbo in Hobbit /tg/ discuss what other actors actors should be in Hobbit. Awesomeness ensue.Hobbit, movie, actors, Tolkien2010-10-22 25 
November 2010
12752554What if Movies and TV were Campaigns 3Yet another continuation, bringing more hilarity to the table.what if, rfp, movie, TV, vidja2010-11-11 5 
12853622B-Movie RPGThe homebrewed B-Movie RPG gets a try out, session transcript is posted in the hope the original designer will deliver the full rulebook.B, Movie, horror, RPG, story, mermaid, grade2010-11-19 6 
January 2011
13488330Cartoon VoicesThe thread begins with the king of the hill cast explaining their days in the 40k universe staying remarkably true to character, it goes on to various famous cartoon videogame, tv, and movie characters doing likewise, including adaptations of many Disney songs.Cartoon in my voice quotes 40k tv videogames movies characters songs singing2011-01-12 20 
May 2011
15030699RPGs as Movies and TV seriesEvery movie could just be a retarded session of your favourite movie or show! /tg/ shows us how its donehumor, movie, rpg, tv, DM, bad session2011-05-24 5 
15079271Other settings reimagined as 40kWhat if other settings and premises were in 40k? Here are the results.40k movies books2011-05-30 0 
July 2011
15555970Movie Plotline Generator"Why is this on /tg/?" you might ask. Why? Because not only are these some really bizarre and awesome film ideas, many of them, with only minor alterations, would make some DAMN cool RP character backstories as well.movies, plotlines, random generator, summaries, stories2011-07-12 7 
September 2011
16437223/tg/ Trailers"What is the worst possible /tg/ based movie?" A few anons forget what "worse" means and decent writefaggotry is had.Movies, Writefaggotry, Trailers, Delta Green, Exalted, Battleship2011-09-27 4 
October 2011
16490563/tg/ Trailers Trailers from /tg/ greatest hits, Including Grendel, Old Man Henderson, and ZeonQuest. Coming soon!Movie, Trailers, Awesome, Grendel, Mage, Virgil2011-10-02 17 
16635807Lets play a movieHow famous movies/series would look during the openings of a campaign starting up.creative, movie, series2011-10-16 13 
April 2012
18862348The Cabin in tihe Woods/tg/ talks about the everyday workings of the organization from The cabin in the woods, the people responsible for every horror movie and then some.Horror, Movie, Roleplay, Cabin, Monsters, 2012-04-26 8 
July 2012
20031644/tg/ moviemaking An Ork Mockumentuary? A Blood Ravens Comedy? Attempts at a serious movie? It's all more likely than you think. Movie, Warhammer 40k, Space Marines, Ciaphas Cain, Orks, Blood Ravens2012-07-25 12 
June 2013
25717468You are an Asshole in the futureSome runners prefer stealth. some, seduction. others hacking. You, on the other hand prefer style which is why you just dropkicked a guy out a windowCollective Game, future asshole, you are a dick, net gain, shadowrun, corp, megacorp, 80s action movie, puns2013-06-30 51 
April 2015
39583170Movie Hook Guessing GameWrite a fantasy hook of a popular movie, guess others!game, movie, hook, guessing2015-04-27 2 
May 2015
39932921Directors as Game MastersWhat would famous directors be like if they played RPGs instead of directing movies?roleplaying, movies, creepy old men, Tarantino2015-05-13 11 
January 2016
44529738Star Wars: TFA Starts as an alternate timeline and leads to in-depth discussion about the movie.TFA, Star Wars, Movie Discussion2016-01-03 0 
August 2016
484582Movie Crashing Quest: Wrecked it RalphLed by the God tier QM, we crash a classic movie.Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-08-20 25 
September 2016
512440Movie Crashing Quest: Wrecked it Ralph Pt.2The Crashing of a Beloved Disney Film that serves as a love-letter to Video Games continues as led by a God Tier GM.Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-01 0 
531225Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion)As Requested by an Anonymous Player, we are going to crash the anime film that was The End of Evangelion as led by Ishmael.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-04 0 
542442Crashing End Of Evangelion: Thread Two (AKA, Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion) Part 2)Ishmael continues the epic crashing of The End Of Evangelion.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM 2016-09-07 0 
555791Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon aka, 42 Crashing End Of Evangelion: Thread 3"LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Ishmael pulls a full on Rocky in The final showdown of The End Of Evangelion.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-13 1 
580430 Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, ) Thread 4 The Final Showdown Continues in The End of EvangelionIshmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-16 -1 
597492To CallMeIshmael and Other Players who successfully crashed The End of EvangelionA Special Statement by God Tier GM for the Successful Crashing of The End of EvangelionCollective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM, Thank You.2016-09-19 -3 
49505343/tg/ approved moviesOP asks for /tg/'s favorite movies. Anons delivermovies, movie2016-09-28 -1 
July 2017
1656074Slasher Villain Quest/qst/ plays the role of the villain in a slasher movie and hilarity ensues.Collective Game, Villain, Slasher, Movie2017-07-12 3 
1677516Slasher Villain Quest Episode IIThe grand adventures of /qst/'s chosen slasher villain continue, now with more spooking, shouting and... waiting?Collective Game, Villain, Slasher, Movie2017-07-27 1 
August 2017
1712827Slasher Villain Quest Episode IIITorture happens, some words are exchanged between Molar and the local law enforcement, plans are made for crashing of a rich kids' party.Collective Game, Villain, Slasher, Movie2017-08-09 1 
October 2018
62479001script pitches for a 40k movie/tg/ is asked for their ideas for a hypothetical movie set in the 40k universe.40k, movie, greentext, storytime, Guillermo Del Toro, adeptus mechanicus2018-10-20 5 
August 2022
5344524Final Girl QuestA small town with a dark past. A sprawling mansion. A party gone wrong. A maniac with an axe. Help Stephanie survive the night.Final Girl Quest, Collective Game, Horror, Slasher Movie, Teen Drama, '80s, Female Protagonist, Violence, Gore, Strong Language, NC-172022-08-27 13 
October 2022
5392504Final Girl Quest - Chapter II There's a storm raging outside, and someone's at the door. Twenty bucks says it's not the pizza boy...Final Girl Quest, Collective Game, Horror, Slasher Movie, Teen Drama, '80s, Female Protagonist, Violence, Gore, Strong Language, NC-172022-10-22 8 
January 2023
5478100Final Girl Quest - Chapter IIIPower's out at Hughes Mansion, but it looks like the cavalry's on the way. Will Megan and Sarge get there in time...?Final Girl Quest, Collective Game, Horror, Slasher Movie, Teen Drama, '80s, Female Protagonist, Violence, Gore, Strong Language, NC-172023-01-04 2 
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