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July 2009
5147359Luchador CharactersA namefag requests help with developing his luchador character for a supers game. Honourable mask wearing ensues.Luchador, Supers2009-07-13 5 
April 2011
14675177AI QuestThe year is 1994. We are Prometheus, a highly advanced AI which has been named the CEO of Entek corporation, an R&D company with a heavily advanced PMC branch. In this thread, we investigate old nazi superscience tech, and make the Majestic 12 our bitches.AI, Quest, AI quest, collective game, nazi superscience, computer2011-04-22 12 
September 2012
20775313Dice superstitions/tg/ discusses how to please the dice gods.die, dice, RNG, god, gods, superstition, 2012-09-19 9 
September 2013
27082732Intoleran/tg/eneticistsA thread on human/ape hybrids goes from debunking urban myths to an interview with a awesome drunk geneticist with zero tolerance for ignorance and a unique perspective on the future of science Genetics, science, SCIENCE!, setting material, sci fi, educational, superscience 2013-09-08 32 
March 2014
30916158Immortal QuestJoshua, a hero of humanity, awakens from betrayal to a whole new world.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-03-19 39 
30957931Immortal Quest 2Joshua cleans himself up and learns more about the strange new world he's woken up to.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier, Gabriel2014-03-21 28 
31018470Immortal Quest 3A stray follows us out, and we get our hands on a sword.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-03-24 23 
31100631Immortal Quest 4Airborne Toxins.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-03-27 21 
31165658Immortal Quest 5We meet some people down in the slums.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-03-31 21 
April 2014
31243831Immortal Quest 6Catching up with sis.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-04 21 
31346456Immortal Quest 7Flashback Arc I commences, Mission Objective : Take back the Compass!Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-09 21 
31491623Immortal Quest 9We venture to the arena, and someone loses their head.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-15 21 
31544711Immortal Quest 10Save one demon, meet a worse one.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-18 20 
31687301Immortal Quest 11You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, actually that's your lung.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-25 20 
31807512Immortal Quest 12Victoria fills us in on some memories.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-04-30 14 
May 2014
32069011Immortal Quest 13Flashback Arc part 2Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-05-12 10 
32141485Immortal Quest 14Eat shapeshifters get swole.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-05-16 9 
32180954Immortal Quest 15We get Beelzebub's power back.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-05-18 9 
32317651Immortal Quest 16late night micro thread, an artifact is acquired.Collective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-05-24 7 
June 2014
32548786Immortal Quest 17We get trolled an attacked by a sea monsterCollective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-06-04 5 
32693122Immortal Quest 18we get back in the city, a little lateCollective Game, Immortal Quest, supersoldier2014-06-10 2 
July 2014
33291717Space Superstition Stories and WorldbuildingOP requests ideas for scifi urban legends and superstitions, /tg/ delivers with awesome worldbuilding and stories.space, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut,2014-07-10 38 
33330332Space Superstition: Stories and Worldbuilding 2A continuation of the first thread, where more scifi urban legends and superstitions are created, the Spacer Saints are invented, and Filking is discussed.space, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut, Spacer, Spacer Saints2014-07-13 16 
September 2014
34529670Space Superstitions 3Another thread full of sci-fi superstitions and urban legendsspace, spacer, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut,2014-09-01 14 
34551627Space Superstitions 4A fourth thread is had in which superstitions, myths and ghost stories from the space age future are shared.Space, spacer, SciFi, superstition, urban legends, astronauts, lost cosmonauts2014-09-01 16 
November 2014
36418438Space SuperstitionsExactly what it says on the tin.space, superstitions, folklore2014-11-29 12 
October 2015
43123865Supers Quest 1We pick our hero, gain our powers, and join the dark side.Supers Quest, Collective Game, super powers, villainy2015-10-17 6 
April 2016
46599132Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 1James Case goes to a job interview, doesn't make a friend, and almost gets stabbed.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-04-11 22 
46612303Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 2James Case earns some money, makes some plans, and goes full Macklemore. Also, Georges Saint Pierre.worms, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-04-12 12 
46640328Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 3James Case chances upon a lead on underground cape fights.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, James Case, collective game2016-04-13 11 
46736862Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 4James Case goes to a a club and beats people up.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, James Case, collective game2016-04-18 12 
7829Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 5James Case calls a friend, visits the tailor, and shitposts aggressively.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-04-28 14 
May 2016
33827Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 6James Case has a bizarre sexual experience, beats up a girl, and stacks paper to the ceiling.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-05-02 10 
47093356Superhero Worldbuiding #1superhero general thread rolls up a team with Mutants and Masterminds, later spirals into fleshing out a whole worldwide setting.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, capes2016-05-11 4 
47104581Superhero Worldbuiding #2M&M team gets more fleshed out and drawfagged. Anons dive into making Hollywood and Vegas heroes, plus a bit around the world.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-11 4 
47137832Superhero Worldbuiding #3Next anons make up Japan with all their different subgenres and UK with Arthurian heroes and Machiavellian villains. worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-12 4 
47063627Superhero Worldbuilding #0the Secret Origin of Cape Worldworldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-12 3 
47162883Superhero Worldbuiding #4German roboticists, Oceania full of villain lairs, some more British Irregulars, and the beginning of Statesmen, 50 heroes 1 for every stateworldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-12 2 
107056Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 7James skips classworm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-05-20 7 
156503Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 8James gets called out, calls someone, and makes a plan.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-05-20 7 
47276284Super Hero Worldbuilding #10/shg/ writes up Canada full of super-political troubles and struggles what do about Koreas. A bit of United Nations superteam and etcetera.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-23 2 
47297029Superhero Worldbuiding #11Spain&Portugal as super-suppliers; political clusterfuck of Brazil; Middle East religious variations; splatter of here and there heroes.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-24 2 
47309996Superhero Worldbuiding #12Fleshing out a couple alien species; some general non-capeworld discussion; fleshing out the original Mn M team.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-24 1 
177823Capes of Rain City Quest Episode 9We ride in a car, learn secret identities, and make preparations for being ground into sausage.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, james case, collective game2016-05-25 7 
47325510Superhero Worldbuiding #13Thread focuses on fleshing out previously started characters.worldbuilding, superheroes, supers, super heroes, capes2016-05-26 1 
June 2016
298562Capes of Rain City Quest, Episode 10James Case fights like he never has before. James Case fights like he never has before. End of Season One.worm, supers, capes of rain city quest, James Case, collective game2016-06-25 8 
July 2016
48113536Spacefaring SuperstitionsMore superstitions for you spacers out therespace, superstitions, folklore2016-07-06 13 
February 2017
1089316Fight of the Forgotten: Making it Among MonstergirlsIn which we meet our hero and augmented veteran, Wedge "Bobby" Antilles.Monstergirls, Mamono, Supersoldier2017-02-03 4 
May 2019
3487423Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest 1A villain goes undercover as a teacher to deal with a team of incompetent, destructive magical girls while working to build his dream mechaImcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-05-18 6 
June 2019
3519322Incompetent Magical Girls Quest 2 Otto schemes his way into owning a mining company, starts an RC car destruction derby, begins work on the mech,& the team shows improvement.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-06-01 4 
3550940Incompetent Magical Girls Quest 3Otto goes on a date, builds some things for Hifumi, deals with some familiar investigators, and starts up a new class project.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-06-17 4 
July 2019
3600855(Slightly) Incompetent Magical Girl Quest 4Otto heads in to the PTA meeting and finally meets Hifumi‚Äôs father. Short thread.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-07-03 1 
March 2021
78144460demobilizing veteran cyborg supersoldiersOnce the war is over, what happens to the cybernetically augmented veterans?worldbuilding, cyberpunk, supersoldier, robocop, six million dollar man, cyborg, transhuman, posthuman, storytime, writefag,2021-03-22 0 
July 2021
4872449Hobo Supervillain Quest 1 4872449 We are a homeless guy with poeersOboh, hobo, supers, powers, homeless2021-07-20 0 
March 2024
5908203"Super" "Villain" QuestThe beginning misadventures of Carrie, an aspiring supervillain with elastic body superpowers, and a general incompetence towards villainy.Collective game, quest, supers, superhero, villain, supervillain, Stretch Goals 2024-03-17 11 
April 2024
5944238"Super" "Villain" Quest 2The continuing misadventures of Carrie, a new supervillain with an elastic body. Wherein a bank is robbed, and a secret society is found.Collective game, quest, supers, superhero, villain, supervillain, Stretch Goals2024-04-22 7 
May 2024
5974637"Super" "Villain" Quest 3The continuing misadventures of Carrie, a new supervillain with an elastic body. Wherein a nice vacation results in trouble.Collective game, quest, supers, superhero, villain, supervillain, Stretch Goals2024-05-22 2 
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