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November 2008
3035413Viking threadLots of links to viking resources, pdfs, campaigns, systems, etc.Vikings, vikinger, norse, midgard, asgard, Odin, Loki2008-11-22 6 
July 2009
5128932Viking QuestMjollnir has been stolen! Our many-named hero of Valhalla sets forth to find it. Includes punching ice giants to death with iron gauntlets and mushroom-fueled fury.viking quest2009-07-11 8 
February 2010
8108324ADVENTURE NOW!Rage viking goes on a quest.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-16 10 
8144567ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 2Rage viking goes on a quest with his wench, time for some pillaging.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-18 6 
8189189VinlandWhat if the short-lived Viking colonies established in North America didn't fail?vikings alternate history 2010-02-21 1 
8194984ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 3Rage viking now lost in a crappy forest. Where the fuck is the wench?Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-21 5 
8233038ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 4IN WHICH OLAF WANTS A MACHETE AND ARMWREASTLES A BEARQuest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-23 7 
March 2010
8406328The /tg/-teamBrother Sharp is revealed to us, joining Professor Badass and Techno Viking. But is there a fourth member yet to be unveiled? And who stands against our force of unmitigated badassery?badass, technoviking, tgteam2010-03-05 12 
8281670ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 5IN WHICH OLAF FINDS A SECRET CAVE (manually restored)Quest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-23 4 
8749783ADVENTURE NOW PART 7IN WHICH OLAF BECOMES A TIME TRAVELLING GENTLEMAN PILLAGERQuest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-24 5 
April 2010
8947433Lego Quest - Viking EditionViking based interlude, in which the fearless viking Arnold seeks mighty orange transparent mjöllnirLego Quest, viking2010-04-03 13 
March 2011
14134349Lineage Quest A quest full of pseudovikings coming to conquer the Savagelands full of savagethings.Lineage Quest, vikings, ship, Kjorstav2011-03-05 9 
14298932Lineage Quest IIIn which Randevi Kjorstav and his squad of badasses plan and carry out an assault on a Savage village. Eye-loss ensues.Lineage Quest, vikings, Kjorstav, assault2011-03-20 3 
August 2011
15869516Vidya Game Name Generator/tg/ fluffs out names into games that put the game industry to shame. Can you type faster than the Nazi's in 'Stupendous Typing Over Normandy'? Enjoy quality edutainment with 'Viking Robot Phonics'! Experience the total sum of wargaming in 'Enormous Chainsaw - Total War'! Strain your brain over 'M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee'! AND MORE!vidya, game, name, generator, viking, nazi, hitler, time, travel, space, hillbilly, gokart, race, japan, werewolf, blast, mario, writefaggotry, awesome, barbie, beatdown, bible2011-08-09 9 
November 2011
16857518Tribe to Empire QuestArising from a shitty troll copy paste thread, OP creates a quest thread where we must managed a small tribal empire. tribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy2011-11-06 6 
16859102Tribe to Empire Quest Part IIAdvisor Anon continues his quest. Our settlements grow as we meet a mysterious envoy from the foresttribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, tribe to empire quest2011-11-06 7 
16869061Tribe to Empire Quest Part IIIThe quest continues, featuring smooth tribal diplomacy checkstribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, tribe to empire quest2011-11-07 6 
16882132Tribe to Empire Quest Part IIIIWar is slowly coming. We still havent got a wife. And lots plot deepens a lot. We also build new buildings train some raiders, check on our twin albino slaves and much more. Also shenanigans ensue as Bjorn mixes some stuff into Berserkers meal...tribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, tribe to empire quest2011-11-08 7 
16906033Tribe to Empire Quest Part VGlorious battle with Aville (there is another part V here as suptg was down http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/16894414)tribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, Tribe to Empire Quest2011-11-10 12 
16947528Tribe To Empire Quest Part VI First HalfAfter the battle with Aville we return to Ravenhold and begin interrogation on the POWstribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, Tribe to Empire Quest2011-11-17 5 
16970602Tribe To Empire Quest Part VI Second HalfAfter the battle with Aville we finish interrogating our prisoners... then join the great feast. Cyrillia confesses some interesting thigs.tribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, Tribe to Empire Quest2011-11-20 2 
16989597TribeToEmpireQUESTAftermath of battle... We discuss waifu... Train some soldiers and organize an offense against Aville.tribe, empire, managing, quest, troll, civilization, diplomacy, trading, barbarian, viking, barbaric, tribal, fantasy, Tribe to Empire Quest2011-11-22 2 
December 2011
17352046Tattúínárdǿla SagaIn which an Anonymous skald, in the Yuletide spirit, shares the tale of Lúkr Anakinsson and Veidr.Vikings, Skalds, Duel, Read Closely, Lúkr Anakinsson, Veidr, Hani, King Falfaðinn, 2011-12-28 14 
March 2012
18340884Viking QuestWe are Urist McHammerfist, last of the vikings! And we begin our journey to find a wife.collective game, viking quest, viking, dragon, jotun, iceland, barbarian, punch, fist, badass, awesome, boobs2012-03-16 12 
February 2013
23136657Bizarre Adventure Quest IYou wake up in a dark forest, naked and half buried in dirt. Looks like it's time for a bizarre adventure!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada2013-02-13 11 
23152392Bizarre Adventure Quest IIWhere you get hungry, punch a tree, and get a face full of crotch. This Bizarre adventure is just getting started!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada2013-02-14 7 
23166660Recreational WritingWritefag uses /tg/'s suggestions to write a story of magical cowboys, Bikini warriors, Vikings, mummies, and robots.Viking, Mummy Cop, Bikini Battalion, Los Lobos, cowboys, chainmail bikini2013-02-15 2 
23172870Bizarre Adventure Quest III: Singles Awareness Day EditionYou and Lisa Lisa manage to find the camp without further trouble. You meet a few of your fellow stand-users, get fed, and get a nickname, among other thingsbizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!2013-02-15 6 
23200334Bizarre Adventure Quest IVYou are a viking man, and a viking man never backs down from a fight! For the glory of Valhalla! WRRRRRRRRYYYYYY~!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-16 5 
23218706Bizarre Adventure Quest VWhere you get registered, get fabulous threads, meet your stand, the equally manly and Fabulous Tryggr The Warrior's Code, and get to know Lisa Lisa some more.bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-17 5 
23240088Bizarre Adventure Quest VIWhere you wake up from a vision, then have a rather revealing breakfast with the Joker. Then you meet and do honorable battle with a true man.bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-18 6 
23306075Bizarre Adventure Quest VII: ReduxWhere you grab a drink and promptly get kicked out of camp. Bizarro gets called out on not being Jojo enough. Can he rise to the challenge or will the quest die before it's realized?bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!, collective game2013-02-22 4 
January 2014
29408308Lights Out GamingA storytime thread wherein OP begins to tell us about tabletop gaming with an excellent if socially maladjusted group. OP then dies of food poisoning.story time, vikings, homebrew, fate, fudge, arts and crafts, that guy, food poisoning2014-01-12 10 
May 2014
31914636Heathen Western RPGDevelopment of a game system and setting based on a mix of the Wild West and Norse/Native American mythologies.Wild West, Western, Norse, Viking, Homebrew, RPG2014-05-05 3 
June 2014
32651349VIKING NASAJotunheim cannot into space.vikings, awesome, funny2014-06-08 13 
November 2014
35986024Makin' a GameWorking on designing an RPG about ridiculous over the top Sci Fi Bullshit.SciFi, Sci Fi, Sci-Fi, Ridiculous, Space Vikings2014-11-06 0 
June 2016
47947046 Post-Apocalyptic CanadaDiscussion of a post-apocalyptic setting in Canada. Includes Haida vikingsCanada, Vikings, post-apocalyptic, setting, apocalypse2016-06-26 6 
October 2016
669713Norseman Saga, Volume 1Four hour chargen, followed by a test of manhoodViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-10-07 26 
691281Norseman Saga, Volume 2We have an axe throwing contest, pick some equipment, and leave for a jobViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-10-13 21 
722042Norseman Saga, Volume 3We fight off a group of bandits, discover our destiny, buy some weapons, and beat up AndersViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-10-22 15 
November 2016
807641Norseman Saga, Volume 4We leave for the Baltic, kill some vampires, and get abandoned by Handler.Viking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-11-17 17 
December 2016
884140Norseman Saga, Volume 5The raid on the trading post commences. Link to 4.5 inside.Viking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-12-07 15 
910086Norseman Saga, Volume 6Anders has a moment, we pull a barrel of spice from a burning building, and we go home.Viking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2016-12-15 15 
January 2017
959593Norseman Saga, Volume 7We get back to the village, trade some spice, and get some work done on our equipmentViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2017-01-03 12 
1002973Norseman Saga, Volume 7.5You beat up a guy, make friends with him, then have some sort of dream, likely of the prophetic natureViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2017-01-11 14 
1030603Norseman Saga, Vol. 8Haskell talks to people and enters a dispute about the best fighting styleCollective Game, Viking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2017-01-18 15 
February 2017
1113929Norseman Saga, Volume 8.5We continue making the same new friends, then have a training sessionViking, Norseman, Handler, Raiding, Pillaging2017-02-08 12 
June 2017
1490921Norseman Saga, Volume 9A very social thread where we talk to a few people. Not every thread can be killing people for being different.Viking, Norseman, Handler, Pillaging, Raiding2017-06-01 6 
1587240Norseman Saga, Volume 10A tiny abortion of a thread where we talk to a skald and our friendsViking, Norseman, Handler, Pillaging, Raiding2017-06-29 6 
July 2017
1636781Norseman Saga, Volume 10.5We get to Ireland, meet a vampire that doesn't try to eat us, and agree to kill a CardinalViking, Norseman, Handler, Pillaging, Raiding2017-07-15 6 
January 2018
2210990Viking Quest Creating Alrik the Hunter, who hunts animals and tries to become a huscarl. viking, quest, viking quest, vikings, northmen2018-01-16 1 
April 2019
3410775 The Quest of the Branded Ones Pt 1A viking is named, a Princess is found, and a royal guard is confused.Ursd, Edgar, Ana, Prison, Brand, Immortal, Viking, ShogunRyuusha2019-04-11 2 
October 2019
3848843DE VITA CAESARISThe Dreamer, reborn in the North.FortunaQM, Caesar, Viking2019-10-17 6 
November 2019
3885071DE VITA CAESARIS - CAPVT IIEnd of Prologue.FortunaQM, Caesar, Viking2019-11-02 3 
December 2019
3931941DE VITA CAESARIS - CAPVT IIIIn a routine patrol, Vakur familiarises himself with the new responsibilities entrusted to him as an adult.FortunaQM, Caesar, Viking, Collective Game2019-12-02 3 
3961897DE VITA CAESARIS - CAPVT IVThe tail end of his second youth.FortunaQM, Caesar, Viking, Collective Game2019-12-26 3 
August 2020
4405461Northern Prince QuestA classic sword and sorcery quest about a viking prince slaying trolls.Northern Prince Quest, Viking, /qst/2020-08-23 0 
February 2021
4633673HuscarlA skirmish made in 24 hours for Skrimjam. Vikings cross the sea to raid England, but their return is blocked by the lord's soldiers.Huscarl, Skirmish, Vikings, Medieval2021-02-19 1 
March 2021
4676551Lute and Pillage: A Skirmjam SkirmishCognis' entry for Skirmjam. Vikings loot lutes for random loot!cognis, skirmish, skirmjam, lute, viking, gatcha, loot box2021-03-23 0 
May 2022
5265138Song Of The Oath And WildPRELUDE The pathless forest whispers and beckons.fantasy, fairy tale, elf, sword, viking, adventure, wizard, poem, legend, myth, economics2022-05-19 2 
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