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July 2008
2240617tg explains Tolkien wizardstg's Tolkien guru's explain Lord of the Rings settings wizards and demigodsLord of the Rings, Wizards2008-07-20 1 
May 2010
9804427American MagiciansA modern spin on magic.magic,wizards,modern2010-05-14 5 
October 2010
126310941001 Things to do when you're bored(If you're a cosmic level wizard)./tg/ had trouble counting sometimes.Wizards, Bored, Things to do, Cosmic Level2010-10-31 5 
May 2011
15077392Wizard JusticeIn which /tg/ discusses the many methods a high-level caster has of displaying their displeasure.wizards2011-05-28 7 
November 2012
21411713Time WizardsOP searches for rules for a game, /tg/ makes new oneshomebrew, Time, Wizards2012-11-05 10 
February 2013
23173426Harry Potter and the Roleplayers GameMillie is born, luck sucks and OP takes a break,Harry Potter Roleplaying Millicent Wands Wizards 2013-02-15 10 
June 2013
25308594The tg wizards discuss their progressWhen OP asks the wizards on /tg/ to show the prince some progress, plans and wizardly bickering ensuesFunny, Wizard, Arguement, Magic, Wizards are crazy2013-06-08 5 
July 2013
25763912Magical Power Armor/tg/ rationalizes the existence of magical power armorpower armor, magic, worldbuilding, magic, wizards, don't gotta explain shit2013-07-02 3 
September 2013
27280402Runic Magic System Thread #2/Run Fireball.GlyphHomebrew, Magic, Runes, Wizards, Game Design, Original Content, Programming 2013-09-17 14 
27284375More rune magicFurther discussion of a magic system based on runes with esoteric syntax. More runes are also created.runes, magic, homebrew, system design, wizards2013-09-18 10 
27335745Terrible Spells and the WizardpocalypseWizards have a single spell, given at birth, of no specific utility. ex: the ability to exert minimal force on flowers, or complete control over blood. But be wary, or another wizard will find you and eat your fucking brain.setting, magic system, wizards2013-09-21 14 
October 2013
27561099Mages Guild MeetingMages meet to discuss world-ending means of keeping drafts out of their studies. Bearsalisks are transmuted, beards are misplaced, skin is refurbished, and the elemental plane of pizza is ruined.Wizards, mages, pizza, beards, -omancy, genocide, dirty Druid hippies, bearsalisks2013-10-04 1 
27744747Time Wizards 1eA homebrew that was written on acid. Don't ask, just read.time wizards, slap, pdf, homebrew2013-10-15 66 
November 2013
28092145Time Wizards playtestIt actually happened. Dear god.time wizards, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-04 104 
28217272Color WizardsEach wizard can control things of his assigned color only. Also, fuck the purple.color, wizards, idea, magic2013-11-11 8 
December 2013
28962362Dumplings & DressingsWhat if Chefs discovered magic before the scholars and professors did? /tg/ ponders, and decides that no, Pasta Chefs should NOT use spaghetti for social encounters.food, wizards, chefs2013-12-19 4 
February 2014
30001078If you had a vorpal grindstone...Using a powerful artifact to turn the world into a hellish deathtrap, but there's no need to lose your head about it.Vorpal, Wizards, Dullahans, Magic Items, Artifact, Baking2014-02-04 16 
April 2014
31185680Dungeon Construction CrewsBecause some poor group of assholes has to build the Dungeon of Eternal Suffering for Baron Von Skullfuck.Dungeons, Wizards, Construction Crews, Worksite Safety Concerns, Hard Hats, Bottomless Pits, Unionising2014-04-01 12 
31296450A Clash of Class - The wizard sideWizards planning to take out the wyrms and to stop the warriors from getting there firstWyrm, Wizards, Clash of Class, meetings2014-04-06 1 
August 2014
33858723Cursed Apprentice Quest 3In this episode we meet a QT spider and make it our familiar, We cuddle it and arwen, We decide to say fuck it with the town and ditch, on a walk to the city, Shit happens.Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, Collective Game, Spiders, Cute, Shota, Fried chicken, brown elf boobage, whyaretherenopicturesofshotawizards,2014-08-03 13 
34257696Baring AllA surprisingly civil discussion on the culture of (non) clothing around the world and in fantasy games. Also featuring the bro demon husbando.worldbuilding, nudity, witch, druid, tribal culture, wizards, armor proficiency, nudism culture2014-08-20 0 
34283182Esper Quest: Thread 10We meet a pair of 'magical girls,' and IT'S AKARI'S BIRTHDAY! Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, WIZARDS AND BIRTHDAY PARTIES2014-08-21 7 
September 2014
35088907Mage's Guild: Hats EditionThe Guild discusses the need for cloth for the stars on the pointy hats.Mage's Guild, Hats, Wizards2014-09-25 3 
October 2014
35324103Sekirei Quest 5Wizards ruin everything. Kiddo's hatred is justified.Collective Game, Sekirei Quest, Sekirei, Kiddo, Wizards2014-10-06 6 
35505297Mages Guild, Towers and Taxes EditionThe mages guild discusses the new taxes on towers above 4 storiesMage's Guild, Towers, Taxes, Wizards2014-10-14 2 
November 2014
36163839Mage's Guild MeetingIn which Jheska makes a horrifying returnMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-11-15 5 
36142315Mage's Guild: TreasonWhere the Mage's Guild comes under attack by Jheska.mage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting, roleplay, -omancy, wizards2014-11-15 3 
36248266Mage's guild meetingA meeting to discuss about wizards and sport devolves into a number of small talks until a dead Jheska finally manages to possess the body of a witch and walks away with it.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-11-19 3 
36366616A LONG meeting of the mage's guildA meeting concerning meaningless issues is called, and the wizards, sorcerers and assorted members of the guild manage to squabble about trivial matters for eleven hours.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat, knight.2014-11-24 0 
December 2014
36589447Mage's Guild Meeting Overtime: A New AraNegotiations with a certain faction of drow lead to an unexpected houseguest.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-06 5 
36654006Mage's Guild Meeting: Recap EditionAntruthius gives a recap of current events, which is promptly derailed.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-10 0 
36700104Mage's guild meeting: presents and elvesThe guild assemble to talk about missing presents, and the discussion quickly devolves on the new guest and generic considerations on the drow race. However, the arrival of Jheska puts the guild in danger coming from an unexpected source...mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-12 1 
36706997Mage's Guild Overtime: the power of coffee editionSoros lost his shit! Antruthius charges into the fray! Fryia is back! Coffee all over the place! What the fuck, wizards?mage guild meeting, mage, guild, -omancy, mages, Mage, Wizardry, Wizards, Coffee2014-12-12 1 
36769858Mages Guild MeetingMembers of the Mages Guild meet to discuss important topics.wizards2014-12-15 1 
36837414Mage's Guild MeetingA drow is adopted, and then someone tempts fate. Predictable chaos ensues.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-19 2 
36855362Mage's Guild Meeting: Selling OutIn which we discover that wizardmas was not in fact stolen, but sold at a premium for a variety of nonsensical thingsMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-20 1 
36922031Mage's Guild Meeting: The End of an AraHollow victories abound, friendships are broken, and depression binge drinking.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-23 1 
36915313Mage's Guild Meeting: Holiday SpecialAn ungodly number of creepy dolls is discovered to be littering the guild hall, decorations are put up, and holiday cheer aboundsMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-23 0 
36959560Mage's Guild Meeting: WizardmasRap battles and christmas carols, as well as tracking down the Krampus to get the gifts backMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-25 0 
37005312Mage's Guild Meeting - Post WizardmasWizardmas is over, back to your regularly-scheduled chaos.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-28 2 
37082429Mage guild meeting: happy new year!Mage guild meeting- happy new year edition, with bureaumancers' shenanigans, drow learing about sexuality and people flinging evoked dresses!dress, mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-31 0 
January 2015
37087107Mage's Guild Overtime: happy new year editionThe wizards go on with their celebretions and a little overboard with drinks.mage guild meeting, mage, guild, -omancy, mages, Mage, Wizardry, Wizards, Coffee2015-01-01 0 
37289462A meeting of the Mage GuildThe mages assemble for the first meeting of the year, filled with duels, ghosts and starring the god of glam himself.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat2015-01-11 0 
37544017A Murder at the Mage GuildThe archwizard has been killed! Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Eldritch Knights assemble to find the murderer, and hilarity ensues.murder, archmage, mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat, knight.2015-01-22 0 
37682566Mages' Guild's Most Extreme Elimination ChallengeThe mages guild deals with an overabundance of apprentices by throwing them into a deadly obstacle for their own amusement with the hope that the remaining ones will be worth teaching.collective game, mage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting, roleplay, -omancy, wizards2015-01-29 3 
June 2015
40363919Fighters should give their moves namesWhere we discuss a Robbin D Laws article for Dragon Magazine which has no concept of the current balance of the game.D&D, Dragon, Fighters, Quadratic Wizards2015-06-04 2 
October 2015
42898714Meanwhile, the Time Wizards!Time Wizards storytimes are had, and the rules of Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition are sharedTime Wizards, Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition, Storytime, Rules, Time Wizard Archibald2015-10-06 50 
February 2016
45268554Weirder Wizards WorldbuildingOP asks for original ideas for wizards and systems of magic. /tg/ complies with worldbuilding and discussion.wizard, wizards, magic, worldbuilding, no sense of right and wrong,2016-02-09 1 
April 2016
46552814Mientras tanto, LOS MAGOS DEL TIEEEEMPOOOOOOIn which OP proves that Time Wizards is not dead. Pretty coolTime Wizards2016-04-10 5 
May 2016
106815Genre ShiftMoving between different genres of videogames, we search for adventure.Adventure, Quest, Platformer, Wizards2016-05-13 12 
June 2016
47582966Wizard rhymesHow would spells be cast, if they'd have to be rhymed? Fellow wizard anons don't seem to have any problem with that.rhyming, rhymes, wizards, magic, dnd2016-06-05 23 
July 2016
390600Samsara Quest 1We are Jasmine Angwaz, a young wizard at wizard school. We try to break physics, sell our friend's phone number to people, and are very tinCollective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-07-21 21 
423700Samsara Quest 2In which we are still Jasmine Angwaz, researching our new teleportation magic.Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-07-31 12 
August 2016
457843Samsara Quest 3In which we finally go out to explore other worlds.Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-08-16 12 
September 2016
544624Samsara Quest 4In which we prepare to take on a villain from the other world!Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-09-15 11 
October 2016
628731Samsara Quest 5In which we take down the Black Witch and gain the spoils.Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-10-03 8 
665936Samsara Quest 6We learn a lot about magic and pocket dimensions, and help with a prison.Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-10-14 5 
736919Samsara Quest 7In which we settle down after the events of the past few weeks.Collective Game, Modern Fantasy, Wizards, Samsara Quest2016-10-30 5 
November 2017
56231624Magic: The Gathering Investors get BTFOWho spends $20,000 on a children's trading card game?magic the gathering, wizards, investors, collectibles, reprints, card economy, bad investments, you made this bed now get fucked in it2017-11-08 3 
December 2017
56806392Wizard School ShenanigansA discussion of wizard education and prank wars.college, school, wizards, no sense of right and wrong, troll, prank wars, setting,2017-12-16 5 
57052746Weirder Wizards Worldbuilding thread #2The second thread in which /tg/ brainstorms original ideas for wizards and systems of magic.wizard, wizards, magic, worldbuilding, no sense of right and wrong, personal pocket cephalopods,2017-12-27 3 
February 2018
2253259Faded Magic QuestWhere Azriel the Obstinate slays a fairie acquires a homestead, fights in the war and befriends several wizardswizards, faded magic, quest2018-02-07 1 
2291431Faded Magic Quest 2Where Azriel escape certain death in Stiford goes back to Addcot then travel to Valorien.Faded, Magic, Quest, Wizards, faded magic quest2018-02-21 1 
September 2018
2852582999 QuestSCP 999 awakens in a room, breaks out and meets a god and ends up making a bunch of friends where he goes.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, cute, Magic2018-09-02 18 
2902427Mage Families Quest. Part 0.1In this thread we only really create our character. A Slavic light mage that specializes in evocation magic.Collective Game, Magic, Wizards, Mage, Character Creation2018-09-20 0 
62169635Dyslexic spells threadFor when your wizard can't quite get the spell right. Wizards, funny, misspells2018-09-26 27 
October 2018
2984375999 Quest 5999 and company reunite with Vuindred once again, before venturing into a mentalscape and facing Abyssal vileness. Clone shenanigans ensue.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, clones, Zelda2018-10-28 4 
May 2019
3497897O5 Council Quest 2O5-10 alongside O5-4 entertain some very strange and very dangerous lunch guests. Things get even weirder when a mage brings terrible news.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Magic, fucking wizards, Interlude, O5 Council, Nobilis2019-05-28 3 
July 2019
67202225combination monster bestiary /tg/ designs weapons for when wizards with owlbear-tier magics capable of combining animals to create new monsters fight a biotech war.monsters, worldbuilding, owlbears, chimera, body horror, umbrella corporation, wizards, no sense of right and wrong,2019-07-13 7 
August 2019
3680441999 Quest 14999 and allies continue a frantic battle against an unfathomable evil,new tactics are created, and 999 enters the belly of the beast.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, Dr Spanko, Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood 2019-08-11 1 
October 2019
3831455999 Quest 16999 and all of his friends finally put an end to the anomaly, bid farewell to new allies and journey onwards.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, Mage: The Awakening2019-10-16 1 
November 2019
3881903999 Quest 17999 and company return to the physical world, meet an old friend, and finally complete a long quest.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, Dr Spanko, Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood 2019-11-02 1 
December 2019
3916100999 Quest 18999 and company awake to a brand new day and finslly hit the city. They then encounter some desperate friends in need.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, Dr Spanko, Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood 2019-12-02 0 
January 2020
3971627999 Quest 19999 and company encounter a very upsetting Grandma, meet an old friend, and venture into places old and terrible.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, fucking wizards, Dr Spanko, Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood 2020-01-04 0 
February 2021
4661477Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 18Shinji ends up meeting a witch and a wizard that he would've rather not met at all.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Type-Moon, Wizards2021-02-28 10 
December 2021
5070761Mage Quest Tucson Thread #1The Esoteric College of Tucson, Arizona, tries to educate an influx of new magic users. We follow these students in their personal questsCollective Game, multiplayer, Magic, Urban Fantasy, magic, wizards, witches, Tucson2021-12-29 1 
January 2022
5083216Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 10It is the evening of the Mages' Tower Gala, but in their midst lurks a sexy, snakey spy with her sights set on their secrets!ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, dungeon, combat, wizards, dragons, demons, parties, romance, drama, lewd2022-01-18 5 
5100406Mage Quest Tucson Thread 2The quest dies from lack of players. Shame.Collective Game, multiplayer, Magic, Urban Fantasy, magic, wizards, witches, Tucson2022-01-23 0 
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