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August 2009
5659594Emprah ReturnsThe Emprah Returns.40k, Warhammer, writefaggotry, story, write, awesome, bump2009-08-31 -3 
November 2011
16799919Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.2/tg/ finds their fate in Trapped in Bat-Wing Hall & Night IN Werewolf Woods!GOOSEBUMPS, COLLECTIVE GAME, TROLL2011-11-01 2 
16802788Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.2.5The thilling conclusion to GYG/tg/ed.no.2!goosebumps, collective game, dream, troll2011-11-01 2 
16831866Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.3/tg/ finds their fate in The Deadly Experiments of Dr Eeeek & Deep in The Jungle of Doom!GOOSEBUMPS, goosbumps, collective game, okay.jpg, badass, monster2011-11-04 0 
16911855 Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.4/tg/ finds their fate in Bewar the Purple Peanut Butter!collective game, goosebumps, railroading2011-11-11 0 
16913080Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.5/tg/ finds their fate in Scream of the Evil Genie!collective game, goosebumps, troll, death2011-11-11 -1 
March 2012
18204910/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 14Waiting for players. Waiting for player input. Bump for input. Still waiting for players.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Editors, Waiting, No players, Dead game, Zero participation, Bump for input, OP playing with himself2012-03-05 5 
December 2012
22113416Clowns in SpaceOP attempts to start a serious sci-fi quest involving cryogenically frozen humans. Anon is one of those humans: he is a clown, taught by the Honklords of Space Station 13, and, in the interest of comedy, is attempting to pit representatives of the Crazy Clown College and Wacky Waldo's World of Wonder against each other.Clown Quest, Collective Game, Rumpety Bump2012-12-19 12 
March 2013
23737682New setting, FaechanOP whines about how his waifu is a new lesbo, but he says she was turned by vamp. /tg/ makes a setting where all monsters have rights.Faechan, pallitard, bum, setting, Boxcar joe, monstergirls2013-03-18 -2 
23742138Faechan 2we create the dark ones, the deep sewers, and several interesting characters, also discover people apparently eat halflingssetting, Faechan, Pallitards, alternate reality, dark ones, bums, monstergirls2013-03-18 -2 
January 2014
29449266souls in asseswe discuss whether souls live in asses and what that means for the orksork, bum, butt, ass, soul, slaanesh, eldar, 40k, warhammer, epic, lol, funny, fluff2014-01-12 22 
May 2014
32400513Digimon World Q #1A new quest taking part in an AU of Digimon World 1. Our protagonist, Bulk, meets his partner Gabuman and fights their first digimon.Digimon World Q, Collective Game, Ori, Gabumon, Digimon2014-05-28 5 
November 2016
776539Jedi Knight Quest 5We meet Master Gri'mdak and open our third eyesJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-01 5 
815621Jedi Knight Quest 6We are officially part of the Jedi OrderJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-12 5 
838436Jedi Knight Quest 7Paxious finds out about his dream and begins his first day of training as a Jedi Initiate.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-18 5 
December 2016
886872Jedi Knight Quest 8We fight shark people and Jac grows a pair for a minuteJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-07 5 
912827Jedi Knight Quest 9We fight for a future with less sharksJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-16 5 
944844Jedi Knight Quest 10Sharks can't cross bridges and red-headed Jedi Knights are all secret Sith LordsJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2016-12-18 5 
976627Jedi Knight Quest 11We spar with a Jedi Master and justice is served.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-28 5 
January 2017
1008415Jedi Knight Quest 12We learn about Revan, Juyo, and test some fresh meatJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2017-01-05 5 
February 2017
1133192Jedi Knight Quest 14 Pax meets his biggest fears. Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2017-02-18 6 
August 2017
1751144Jedi Knight Quest 16Pax and his friends continue on their trial to become Padawan.Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-08-08 7 
September 2017
1813846Jedi Knight Quest 17Pax and friends deal with a small army of flesh raiders.Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-03 3 
1833047Jedi Knight Quest 18Pax tracks down the masked figure and Nazz to some ancient ruinsJedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-15 2 
1867925Jedi Knight Quest 19Pax thinks with his lightsaber and OP bails early and doesn't update fuuuckJedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-29 1 
October 2017
1914251Jedi Knight Quest 20A trial completed and a journey to come.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-10-20 3 
July 2020
4338425Digimon - VR of Miracles #1Real pain in a VR and the birth of 2nd generation chosen.Digimon, VR of Miracles, Colective game, Bumon2020-07-13 0 
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