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August 2012
20190814kung fu city/tag imagines what a city would be like if everyong knew Kung fukung fu, city, martial arts, legends of the wulin2012-08-05 10 
November 2014
36333899Wulin Hero Quest 1In which we meet Tiankong (Sky) and father and attempt and fail to stay out of trouble.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia2014-11-23 23 
36353234Wulin Hero Quest 2Sky's mistakes catch up to him, we learn the basics of kungfu for the quest, and we finally begin our adventure proper.Collective Game, Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia2014-11-24 20 
36377677Wulin Hero Quest 3Sky continues on his journey to Changdu, and meets (sort of) an attractive but troublesome companion named Zhu'er, and finally arrives at Chengdu.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia2014-11-25 17 
36390547Wulin Hero Quest 4Sky bros it up with Duan Lei, the Swiftest Saber of Hunan, then QM has to go.Collective Game, Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia,2014-11-26 15 
December 2014
36522792Wulin Hero Quest 5Sky and Duan Lei face off against the Five Deadly Venoms, Sky proves to be a good planner on the fly, Zhu'er proves herself to be more dangerous then she appears, and Buddhist monks are even vaguer then they sound!Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-03 16 
36546406Wulin Hero Quest 6Sky gets a makeover, spends time with Zhu'er, meets pirates, and gets the lowdown on the who's who of the Wulin and Top Ten Young Heroes Tournament.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-04 16 
36564439Wulin Hero Quest 7Sky dreams, and once again meets the Unhelpful Monk, discovering his true identity and having his first serious duel. Finally, Zhu'er and Ao Zhuzheng meet.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-05 16 
36582855Wulin Hero Quest 7Duan Lei teaches us a new skill, Zhu'er explains the origins of the Eastern Dragon Clan, the Tournament Preliminaries begin, and Sky learns something surprising about himself.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-06 15 
36592530Wulin Hero Quest 9Tiankong visits Yuan Manor to prepare for the true tournament, re-meets with Ao Zhengzhu and Brother Genshu, and one by one meets the young hopefuls for the Top Ten Young Heroes.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-06 15 
36604108Wulin Hero Quest 10Sky meets Xiao Jian, Hong Lan, and Ai Zhu, and challenges Iron Palm Sect's Qiu Qiang to a fight, and receives a sinister visit.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-07 16 
36611634Wulin Hero Quest 11Sky starts the first round of the tournament with a bang as he battles Qiu Qiang. Too bad it gets cut short by site issues.Wulin Hero Quest, Collective Game, Wuxia2014-12-07 22 
36644783Wulin Hero Quest 12Sky finishes his duel with Qiu Qiang, unlocks a new level of skill, and finally learns his name.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-09 17 
36651181Wulin Hero Quest Questions 1Brother Genshu of the Shaolin Sect answers questions about wuxia and the quest! WARNING: Spoilers before part 12 of the quest!Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-09 13 
36663469Wulin Hero Quest 13Sky breaks out of bed rest to find his missing friends, only to discover the process is slightly more involved the he suspected.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-10 16 
36673738Wulin Hero Quest 14Sky rescues Zhu'er and Duan Lei, Steeleyes reveals how he gets his nickname, and finally matters are settled with Hong Lan.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-10 16 
36684387Wulin Hero Quest 15Sky and Hong Lan finally begin their duel, and Sky must find a way to defeat her deadly illusions and finally win her respect!Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-11 22 
36797831Wulin Hero Quest 16Sky takes a day of rest which goes disastrously wrong, and learns a lesson about how he treats his friends and allies. Collective Game, Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia2014-12-17 16 
36815798Wulin Hero Quest 16 Part 2Chapter 16 finishes up as Sky finally admits to his mistakes and learns a bit about himself in the process.Collective Game, Wuxia, Wulin Hero Quest2014-12-17 17 
36875909Wulin Hero Quest 17Sky continues his physical training for the tournament, and finally discovers the full story behind Zhu'er.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2014-12-21 17 
February 2015
37970885Wulin Hero Quest 18After a hiatus recap, WHQ starts up again. Steeleyes shows up again and Sky's true identity begins to be openly questioned among the other Young Heroes. Yang Meilin is chosen as the next contestant in the tournament to fight.Collective Game, Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia2015-02-11 22 
38016407Wulin Hero Quest 19The Young Heroes Tournament is interrupted when a shocking discovery is made by Sky and shit starts to really hit the fan.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-02-13 21 
38059800Wulin Hero Quest Valetine's Day Side StoryA brief side story featuring different characters for Valentine's Day. Has some surprises.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-02-14 16 
38129516Wulin Hero Quest 20Sky tries to negotiate then uses one of Ba's special skills.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-02-18 23 
38172179Wulin Hero Quest 21Book 2 begins, and Sky quickly finds himself in over his head and thinking on his feet.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-02-20 11 
March 2015
38465391Wulin Hero Quest 22Sky bonds with the bandits and finally faces off with the Flame Cult in a shorter then usual thread.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-03-05 12 
38605856Wulin Hero Quest 23Sky bonds with the bandits misses his friends and the thread cuts shortWulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-03-10 12 
38649479Wulin Hero Quest 24Sky has a strange nighttime visitor who gives him the gift of confusing prophecy.Collective Game, Wuxia, Wulin Hero Quest2015-03-12 11 
July 2015
41521864LotW Magical Girls StorytimeStorytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game + Rules discussionstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2015-07-31 11 
August 2015
41612411LotW Magical Girls Storytime Part 2Storytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game continuesstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2015-08-07 8 
41827644New Wulin Hero Quest Part 1After a very long hiatus Wulin Hero Quest returns! One year after the Battle of Chengdu, the jianghu is still in turmoil from the fallout of the Top Ten Young Heroes Tournament. The story continues!Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-08-13 26 
October 2015
42996273New Wulin Hero Quest Part 2Sky gets involved (peripherally) in local politics, and meets old frenemies.Wulin Hero Quest, Collective Game, Wuxia2015-10-11 16 
43142099New Wulin Hero Quest 3Sky face off with the Hungry Ghost, who proves to be a formidable foe, and meets Han Ying, called Hawk.Wulin Hero Quest, Wuxia, Collective Game2015-10-19 16 
July 2016
48179820Wuxia ExplainedFace, cultivation, why Wuxia protagonists are so bombastic and yet never partake in any romance- it's all explained here.Wuxia, cultivation, wulin, chinese skullduggery 2016-07-11 13 
48244041Wulin Hero Quest: Mystery of the Delirium Dagger #1 Sky returns in a new storyline! When Sky finds a near-dead corpse on the beach of the Yangzte who asks Sky to avenge him as he dies!Wuxia, Legends of the Wulin, Wulin Hero Quest2016-07-13 10 
48242575LotW Magical Girls Storytime Part 3After an extremely long wait, storytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game continuesstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2016-07-14 6 
January 2017
51062732Legends of Keijo!!!!!Anon homebrews rules for Keijo in the Legends of the Wulin system, is a fucking madmanHomebrew, Legends of the Wulin2017-01-09 6 
February 2017
51665650Chinese fantasy/mythologyChinese fa/tg/uy provides a detailed overview of chinese fantasy/mythology: wuxia, xianxia, chinese "face" and much more.chinese mythology, cultivator, xianxia, wuxia, jianghu, wulin2017-02-11 24 
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