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March 2008
1437925Study on the "lesser" raceA scholarly discussion on the role of humanity in fantasy.hybrids, demihumans, pixies, dragonborn2008-03-31 5 
October 2008
2709630Humans are insane.Why should they be the "average" race? The diplomats? The boring ones? Humans are violent, irrational, and quite frighteningly powerful, within their own niches.Fluff, Humans2008-10-01 40 
2710711Humans are insane. part 2Continuation of the badass humanity thread. Now with 50% more bawwwww, but some good writefaggotry emerges nonethelesshumans, fluff2008-10-01 28 
2711290Humans are Insane Part 3Part 3, more writefaggotry, thread starts to discuss more of the settinghumans, fluff, worldbuilding2008-10-01 27 
2762861Badass Humans in Fantasy LandThe humans are insane thread gets a fantasy makeover.Fluff, Humans, Fantasy2008-10-08 4 
December 2008
3098046Humans are long-livedLike 'Humans are insane' but with longevity.humans, insane, space elves, longevity, aliens, scifi, setting, what if2008-12-02 7 
May 2009
4633023Fuck Yeah HumanityWhy Humanity survives and thrives in the D&D setting. Humans Awesome D&D2009-05-23 3 
June 2009
5030027Human's as the AWESOME scifi-raceTitle says it all. Humans as a cool and badass race in the space.humans, scifi, space2009-06-29 23 
5035774Human's as the AWESOME scifi-race Part 2More Humans as a cool and badass race in the space.humans, scifi, space2009-06-29 18 
5040480Humans as the AWESOME scifi-race Part 3A little more hard-sciencey this time around. Also, apparently some people like humans always being the whipping boys of sci-fi settings.humans, space, sci-fi, crazy2009-06-30 10 
August 2009
5457940Fae PortalsAnonymous asks what would happen if the fae were come in contact with modern humanity. Writefaggotry ensues.elf, humanity, humans, writefaggotry2009-08-15 8 
November 2009
6929465D&D critters in modern settingSee the title. Also, an interesting side discussion about culture and the music it would give rise to.elves, elf, human, humans, dwarf, dwarves, modern, fantasy, music, kobolds, gnolls, halfling, gnome2009-11-30 2 
February 2010
7896144Humanity, Fuck Yeah: Electric BoogalooHumanity a weapon designed by Earth. Also, battle hymns.Humanity, Humans, Humanity fuck yeah, badass2010-02-03 33 
April 2010
9221037HUMANITY, FUCK YEAH rides againTHIS TIME, IT'S PERSONAL. And a combination of compilation of previous works and new material.humans, HUMANITY, HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, sci-fi, aliens2010-04-16 6 
June 2010
10398381Awesome Humanity threada HFY thread with that holiest of things: Original Contenthumans, humanity, fuck yeah2010-06-11 6 
July 2010
11050665Servo Skull How-To threadWhere /tg/ discusses how to manufacture a home made servo skull DIY, do-it-yourself collective game, engineering, Warhammer 40k, awesome, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, humans, grave-robbing2010-07-13 12 
September 2010
11985698Humanity trolls the galaxyThe entire galaxy thinks humans are evil monsters, but really we are playing a prank of epic proportions.Humanity fuck yeah, humans, lulz, lol, fuck yeah, writefaggotry2010-09-07 39 
November 2010
12730648Humans are...OP asks what makes Humans truly unique among potential life in the universe. A great analysis of hard science and sci-fi ensues. Mild humanity fuck-yeah as well.sci-fi, humanity, humans, aliens, life, science2010-11-09 31 
March 2011
14098093Low magic setting with Dwarves/Elves/HumansAnon asks for a low magic setting involving dwarves, elves and humans. With dwarves being greedy, metal-hungry bastards. /tg/ get shit done. Some discussion in relation to how a NEET-like race of dwarves can even survive with little-to-no trade.setting, world building, dwarf, dwarves, elf, elves, humans, trade, economics2011-03-02 0 
14372065Genesis: Ti'gee/tg/ is called on to play god and build a new universe from scratch. So they do.cutebold, kobold, collective game, elf, elves, man, humans, setting, dwarves, dwarf, world building 2011-03-26 1 
April 2011
14617677The MonumentA giant hollow planetoid was made to house the peoples of the stars to survive the heat-death and rebirth of the Universe. However, things inside were not as utopian as planned and the peoples degenerated into the warring societies they once were. This thread is for the development of such a setting.Monument, energy legos, walking squids, sentient nanites, token humans2011-04-17 2 
May 2011
14907969Humans vs ZombiesA riveting discussion about HvZ occurs, with stories of epic games, Nerf gun modification, and Commissar roleplaying abound.Humans vs Zombies, Nerf, Gun Modification, storytime2011-05-13 6 
14977000Making the Perfect Villain (tm)How do you make a villain your PCs love to hate? Make him their antithesis, and then make him a perfectly normal human being.evil, villain, mundane, space, furry, furries, human, humans, reasonable, trolling, troll, maximum, decency, PCs, psychopaths, BBEG, original content, original, advice2011-05-19 29 
September 2011
16265698Dating NonhumansA clever thread about people dating nonhumans that manages to be humorous, rather than fapfodder.dating, wizard, demi-humans2011-09-12 10 
16309898OC HFY, No-Trolling-EditionA lot of OC for you HFY guys out there. Almost no trolling at all, with a nice view on humanity as a whole.hfy, humanity fuck yeah, humanity, humans, human2011-09-16 38 
October 2011
16727562Humans are insane (rapists)Humans are unleashed upon the galaxy and it's not our weapons that aliens should fear.Humans, Galaxy, Sex, Rape2011-10-25 38 
December 2011
17130263Age of the Orc30 years ago humanity was killed by a mysterious plague, the elves abandoned the world, and the dwarves shut there doors of iron. The orcs and goblins are now sole masters of the surface world.orc, plague, no humans2011-12-07 28 
17136450Humans are Dead FantasyPart 2 of the Age of the Orc thread.age of orc, humans are dead, plague, no humans, setting2011-12-08 10 
17216945Humans are dead fantasyContinuation of old Age of Orc threads (17136450 & 17130263)age of orc, humans are dead, plague, no humans, setting2011-12-15 1 
17272040living with nonhumansLiving with nonhumansnon-humans, modern fantasy, 2011-12-20 10 
17275130further living with nonhumansLiving with nonhumans, continuednon-humans, modern fantasy2011-12-20 6 
January 2012
17469578Pimpin' is easy, Genocide is hardElves discussing the best race to ally with whilst killing the rest before the talks go downhillElves, Humans, Goblins, confusion2012-01-09 22 
17472313Sorcerous SpaceThe aliens of outer space are not the technological wonders we have envisioned, but rather long-living races of magically-adept beings.setting, homebrew, magic, technology, humans, aliens, Sorcerous Space, Laws of Physics, Ideals of Magic2012-01-09 14 
17483106Sorcerous Space discussion part 2Further discussion of setting ideas for Sorcerous Space a setting where humans live in an anti magic field and aliens are all wizardssetting, homebrew, magic, technology, humans, aliens, Sorcerous Space, Laws of Physics, Ideals of Magic2012-01-10 3 
17729084Elves discuss Human OverpopulationElves are in danger of being overrun by the rampant sprawl of human promiscuity and technological advancement. Potential solutions and superiority of elves are discussed.elves superior humans disgusting orcs barbaric overpopulation2012-01-31 2 
August 2012
20140083The only human on an alien space stationNot star trek, not mass effect. The one human on a space station full of freaky aliens looks for lovealiens, humans, lonely, sci-fi, writefaggotry2012-08-02 29 
October 2012
20963670Age O' Drakes part 4The next edition of Age of drakes. Their still fighting over the mines of Magrite.Age O' Drakes, Humans, D&D, Collective game2012-10-03 3 
20976949Age O' Drakes Part 5The war has been won...but winter is on the run.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-10-04 3 
21017799Age O' Drakes Part 6Winter closes in...while some villagers wish to strike out.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-10-07 0 
21030357Lich's Employee Quest pt 6 (7)Daniel goes into the mountains and deals with some cave horrors, then gets intoxicated.skeleton quest, caves, abhumans, drunk, training2012-10-08 14 
December 2012
21839761Age O' Drakes Part 11The people Explore a desert underground city full of Zombies. They accidently cause a child to turn into a 'werebear' who now is training to be a guard as a child. And now their dealing with Halflings in the undead city.Collective Game, Fate of Humans, D&D2012-12-02 0 
22095383Immunity to magicOP wonders what if humans are magically null when all the other races can magic.ideas, humans, magic, space2012-12-18 11 
June 2013
25652783Ultimate Faction War Quest: Humans Part 1Human-Heretic joint task force goes scavenging, blunts an Alien invasion, and accidentally gives the Machines valuable intel.Ultimate Faction War Quest, UFWQ, Strategy, Heretics, Humans, Tactics, Grimdark, The Storyweaver, Quest2013-06-26 10 
November 2013
28357904How would humans survive in a world where everything has been takenThread goes about how a human civilisation would survive/prosper if the main areas of said world already have been taken by other civilisations.Survivability, Humans, Unsurmountable odds2013-11-18 3 
January 2014
29369446Tropical Island Setting WorldbuildingA question of orcs and clams grows into worldbuilding an island setting with a slant on realistic reasons for cultural/physical adaptations.worldbuilding, island, tropical, crocs, orcs, elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, 2014-01-10 18 
29893687Can Humans Survive in a Fantasy Setting?The most successful troll in /tg/ history skews the OP's topic into a debate on whether Humans are the worst fantasy race. Humans, Conflict, Discrimination, HFY, Anti-HFY, Cro-Magnons2014-01-30 -6 
March 2014
30562987Island Orc Civ part 6Liossercal runs the 6th chapter of the Island Orc Civ which ends with a huge naval battle with a human trading convoy.Island, Orc, Civ, Civilization, Humans, Naval, War, simulation, Island Orc2014-03-02 4 
30868705Island Orc Civ part 7Not a full installment of the series. Had to end it prematurely. In this one the humans invade the Orc Island and Gra'Ghus assembles defensive forces to fight them off.civ thread, civ, island, orc, orc civ, island orc, humans and orcs,2014-03-16 0 
May 2014
31891756The Knights of FalconwoodA mysterious shower of magical energy kills off every last female human in the world. What follows are are a surprisingly civil discussion, GALLANTRY and tanks. Also conan.worldbuilding, battletanx, gender, post-apoc, apocalypse, magic, settingbuilding, setting building, world without women, SCIENCE, artificial humans, gallantry, modern knights, matriarchy, conan2014-05-05 0 
July 2014
33541575Kouga: Saint of Mars 14In which Kouga convinces Medea to send him in a horrible mission and talk to a God about the World and how horrible it is. Collective Game, Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Omega, BelkanSniper, Kouga: Saint of Mars, Black Pegasus, Gods and Humans,2014-07-21 1 
May 2015
40281029Humans vs Zombies Quest #2Beat rival, meet more people, clear mission 2 and earn a crew HvZQuestMaster, Collective Game, Nerf, Zombies, Humans vs Zombies Quest2015-05-31 1 
July 2015
41199754Age of Man: Civ Quest 1With Paint Maps, A Village of man starts on it's journey in a world of magic. It also makes friends with halflingsHumans, Civ Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Ogres, Paint Map2015-07-14 1 
41325398Racism in Fantasy settingsOP asks for derogatory terms and plausible sorts of racism in fantasy worlds, /tg/ delivers.Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, racism, specism, setting, worldbuilding2015-07-21 2 
September 2015
42216468Aroostook Humans #1Our Human friends start off with a small fishing village, and begin a logging community. A shock visit from some injured Dwarves leads to an uneasy immigration policy.quest, civ, thread, humans, aroostook, fenrir2015-09-01 2 
42238885Aroostook Humans #2Farmer Jack is pronounced Earl. Vanara at our doorstep. A mining operation opens in the North, but suddenly all communication ceases. Xena trains an army.fenrir, quest, civ, aroostook, humans2015-09-02 2 
January 2016
44496286'Lost Source' setting worldbuilding thread #2/tg/ continues worldbuilding a post-singularity setting in the spiritual tradition of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.engine heart, eclipse phase, demon's souls, dark souls, bloodborne, singularity, posthumans, transhumans, exhumans, cyborgs, robots, AI, worldbuilding, setting,2016-01-01 7 
February 2016
45472841BIO-SHIFT: MetamorphosisSetting about suited humans being the oldest aliens in the universe. All of the other aliens wonder why they have so many sub-species.suits, space suits, humans, setting, worldbuilding, world building, aliens2016-02-20 4 
March 2016
46295654Goblin civ #1Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-03-28 2 
April 2016
46380799Goblin civ #2Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-04-01 1 
June 2016
249192Hill Giant Civ Quest Part IIThe Cewri Tribe pisses off the humans, gets raided a bunch, kicks the shit out of the raiders. Praise be to Lava Mama and Stronk Dad!hill, giant, civ, quest, II, 2, hill giant civ quest, collective game, civilization, lava mama, stronk dad, swatrock, dead humans2016-06-15 4 
47856948Origin stories for humanity and general mythology worldbuilding/tg/ invents new fantasy mythologies and discusses hybrids.humans, origin, pantheon, mythology, worldbuilding, deities, elf/dwarf hybrid,2016-06-20 4 
January 2017
51248833Kulmorost Dividedfa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting.Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls2017-01-18 24 
51288620Kulmorost Divided 2fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 2Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-21 12 
51380847Kulmorost Divided 3fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 3Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-24 10 
51485832Kulmorost Divided 4fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 4Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-31 6 
February 2018
2304688Civilization Thread Sharz Avanzer #1Civilization Thread Humans in a Desert, built a city called Sharz Avanzer Civilization Thread, Sharz Avanzer, Humans2018-02-24 1 
March 2018
2337839Civilization Thread Sharz Avanzer 2The end of the tale of Sharz AvanzerCivilization Thread, Humans, Sharz Avanzer2018-03-04 1 
August 2018
2801637Ruins Human Civilization: Thread IThe beginning of our civilization in the ruins.Civilization Thread, Ruins Humans, Throgg2018-08-23 2 
September 2018
2829729Ruins Human Civilization: Thread II - Summer RainThe Wall-Tribe grow stronger, and face their first summer floods. A threat rises from the cellars.Civilization Thread, Ruins Humans, Throgg2018-09-07 2 
November 2018
3014894Civilization Thread: Nova ClanWe oversee the Nova Clan from its inception until it discovers metal and is attacked by orcs.civ thread, Nova Clan, humans, civilization thread2018-11-16 1 
63266622can a lack of humans work in a rpg setting?namefag asked some anons if such an act is possible. a lot of bug pics ensue.bugs, moths, no humans, humans, bugfolk, worldbuilding2018-11-30 2 
August 2020
74530128I'M PUTTING TOGETHER A FLEET The Admiral is gathering a fleet to combat the xenos forces. His alien opposite, The Commander, is doing the same against the humans.Roleplay, LARP, 40k, Sci Fi, Aliens, Humans2020-08-27 14 
August 2022
5360111Monsterpunk Quest #1A young man dreams of exploring the world, but is faced with the realization of living in a regime run by monsters.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, post-apocalypse, adventure2022-08-08 6 
September 2022
5366180Monsterpunk Quest #2Our hero stumbles from one felony to the next, ending up making a powerful friend and moving to the capital of Arcadia.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, mecha, post-apocalypse, adventure, shopping2022-09-17 4 
September 2023
5732698Monsterpunk Quest #4MPQ's Back! Our hero gets into legal trouble, chats with an acquaintance, and texts a friend.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, mecha, post-apocalypse, Arcadian Politics2023-09-15 3 
October 2023
5765679Monsterpunk Quest #5Our hero gets tasked to travel to a remote colony of an allied faction, and meets the most renowned pactmaker of his house.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, post-apocalypse, adventure2023-10-16 3 
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