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July 2009
5181093Ork QuestYou iz an Ork. You iz in a hut made outta metal bitz. What does ya do?Collective Game, Ork Quest2009-07-17 18 
October 2009
6419505Ork QuestDa adventure of Nuk da Cunnin' and 'iz boar ChargaOrkz, Orkz, Ork Quest, Warhammer 40K, Quest, Collective game2009-10-25 6 
6435211Ork Quest 2Nuk da Kunnin' takes control of da mob, and gears up for da WAAAAAGHH!!!Ork Quest, Orkz, Ork, Quest thread2009-10-26 5 
April 2010
8941257Ork Quest: Part 7 - Squignidz Taste GoodSome base buildan' and a trip to camp. Holy shit dakka upgrade.ork, quest, ork quest, collective game2010-04-03 9 
9163999Ork Quest: Part 8 - Taktikal Sneaky ActionAnon finds themselves in the shoes of Deffdakka, one Bakkhakker's underlings. Grotlikka has given him the mission of taking a band of kommandos to scout out for the real human base, but as with most of Ork Quest, things don't go as planned...ork, orkz, quest, ork quest, collective game2010-04-14 6 
9211020Ork Quest: Part 9 - Quit Muckin' AboutDon't trust gangers or ooze. That's all.ork, quest, ork quest, orkz, collective game, deffdakka, bakkhakker2010-04-16 6 
March 2011
14233706Kommando Quest Part 1 thread 1In which DaQuestOrk slowly starts Kommando Quest and people be Orky. First thread of Part 1Quest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-03-14 6 
14236472Kommando Quest Part 1 thread 2Our kommando manages to kill more 'umies... but DaQuestOrk got ta go. Oh well.Quest, Ork, DaQuest Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, Kommando2011-03-14 5 
14270596Kommando Quest Part 2In which we finish off da 'umies and create Da KleenaQuest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-03-17 6 
July 2011
15707265Kommando Quest Reloaded Part 1In which Kommando Quest comes back with a hungover Skruffy who has lost da keys to Da Kleena. Zog!Collective Game, Quest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-07-26 6 
June 2013
25267569Warhammer Fantasy QuestDA ORKIEST QUEST YOU EVER DUN PLAYED IN We got uz some boyz, did kunnin brutality, and brutal kunnin', gork, we got it allCollective Game Naffzod Beardsplitter Ork Quest2013-06-06 6 
November 2013
28239257Ork Quest 1We'z play Moe Gubbinz, a simple Ork Mek looking to become da new Warboss.Ork Quest, Collective Game, Orks, Ork, Moe Gubbinz2013-11-12 5 
June 2015
40900460Ork Quest 1We get born beat up some would be bosses and kill a very large snakeCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-06-29 21 
July 2015
40965693Ork Quest 2We get loot and krump a big hairy xenobeast.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-02 15 
41073020Ork Quest IIIWe make ourself new armor, find a human village and decide on our color scheme and nameCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-07 13 
41258414Ork Quest IVZognik Da Githog is close to taking over the city.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-16 13 
41562975Ork Quest VWe finish looting EVERYTHING and we decide to be a big mekCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-30 10 
August 2015
41705435Ork Quest VIWe slow down a bit to pimp our tribe and build our boss carriage/chariot.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-06 8 
41848146Ork Quest VIIZognik da Githog find new place to loot. Preparations are underway.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-13 5 
42086668Ork Quest VIII-aZognik da Githog is spreading chaos everywhere.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-26 5 
42125493Ork Quest VIII-bZognik da Githog crashes skulls and encounters lighting bolt throwing tower.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-27 5 
December 2015
43921283ORK QUESTquest by orks, for orksork quest2015-12-01 24 
43972819Ork Quest 3Card games and demons.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Card Games2015-12-04 18 
44322344Ork Quest VIII-cZognik krumps some humies, and meet a frustratingly hard to krump humie weirdboy.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-22 5 
44388938Ork Quest VIII-dMeta issues shorten thread, but Zognik makes a daemon pop upCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-26 3 
44424406Ork Quest VIII-eZognik finally takes over the city after epic battle with a DaemonhostCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-28 2 
January 2016
44556256Battle Network Quest #00We create the MC Navi and see if anyone is interested to playCollective Game, Battle Network Quest, Megaman, Battle Network2016-01-04 1 
May 2016
122328Great Beast Quest #15We get roughed up just a little bit more. But another enemy is slain. And magic is happening somewhere.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2016-05-13 5 
September 2016
537937Spork Quest 01Where we embark on a misterious and strange journey to achieve our life goal of becoming the best chef that has ever existed!spork quest, chef2016-09-15 3 
584346Spork Quest 02Spork Quest continues with a misterious mistery!spork quest, chef2016-09-28 1 
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