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March 2010
8546647The Tower in the DragonAttempt to troll with macrofur art turns into civilized discussion about the practical ways to resolve the situation within the D&D universe. Never change, /tg/.Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon, Tower, discussion2010-03-13 5 
January 2011
13371906Monster ManuelFawlty Towers ShenanigansMonster Manual, Monster Manuel, Fawlty Towers, Basil, Manuel2011-01-02 6 
November 2013
28065919Magus QuestAyaka Sajyou arrives at the Clock Tower, and takes the first steps towards being a magus.Magus Quest, Clock Tower, Ayaka Sajyou, Socially Awkward, Nasu, Self-Loathing2013-11-02 14 
July 2014
33148899Tower QuestKnight Princess is tasked to save the princesses from the evil towers strewn about the kingdom. Her plans are... unusual.Collective Game, Drawquest, Tower Quest, Towergirls, Knight Princess, regicide, Knight Queen2014-07-03 27 
September 2014
34583963Tower QuestIn which our main character decides to climb a mysterious tower in the hopes for glory. Oh and we also met a lion-bro.Collective game, Tower Quest, Tower of God2014-09-03 3 
35115208Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 36Operation: Rescue Sachiko and Yurei commences! Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Containment Unit, Towers2014-09-26 13 
October 2014
35313602Towergirls System TrialA test of a d10 success system in a FTL/Oregon Trail style game. Goes a bit off-kilter the further things progress, but had a solid idea behind it. Some NSFW near the end.collective game, tower girls, towergirls, d10, test, trial, development, game design, smut, drawfag2014-10-05 5 
35505297Mages Guild, Towers and Taxes EditionThe mages guild discusses the new taxes on towers above 4 storiesMage's Guild, Towers, Taxes, Wizards2014-10-14 2 
September 2016
555009The Deadpan Arroyo Massacre: Part 1You are outnumbered, outgunned, and have limited ammo. Two bullets for every enemy is more than you need.Collective Game, Gunslinger, Dark Tower, Blood, Guns, survival, monsters2016-09-11 8 
49546675Manning a Remote WatchtowerCozy campaign idea based around a solitary watchtower.Remote Watchtower, Watchtower, Campaign, brainstorming, original content2016-09-29 38 
November 2016
834492A Wizard and his TowerDude gets OP as fuck wizard powers, goes off to build himself a wizardly tower. Shenanigans ensue.Collective Game, Wizard, Tower, Wizard Tower, A Wizard and his Tower, Al, not AI, Bob2016-11-23 44 
December 2016
879174A Wizard and his Tower #2Bob kills some things and learns some other things. He fucks up a little and gets attacked. Also, shadowruns and Skittles.Collective Game, Wizard, Tower, Wizard Tower, A Wizard and his Tower, Al, not AI, Bob2016-12-06 20 
920036A Wizard and his Tower #3Bob visits the nearby town, then OP dies a lot.Collective Game, Wizard, Tower, Wizard Tower, A Wizard and his Tower, Al, not AI, Bob2016-12-19 11 
September 2017
1845732Lord of the Ivory Tower QuestDrykos, the demonic protector of an ancient repository of forbidden knowledge is revived and must to remove some unwanted squatters.Collective Game, Lord of the Ivory Tower Quest, Fantasy2017-09-19 1 
January 2020
3996162The Lonely TowerIts a Dungeon crawl quest.The Lonely Tower2020-01-08 3 
4008368The Lonely TowerIts a Dungeon crawl quest.The Lonely Tower2020-01-24 3 
March 2020
71579421Nechronica thread. Red Planet Storytime and Port StorytimeRed Planet Storytime begins. Port Storytime continues and things will never be the same. Discussion of Holics, parts, and attack types. Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, war, Red Planet, tower, mars, space, system, last stand, parents2020-03-30 5 
April 2020
71958657Nechronica Story Time / BuildsPort Storytime continues, haunted. What music gets you in the zone? Building characters for Support and Hinder. Unofficial classes. Tokens.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, classes, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, tower, system, token, tokens, support, builds, advice, music2020-04-18 2 
September 2020
4464270White TowerWhite Tower have manifested. Soon enough, death and pestilence will follow. It's up to you to prevent the calamity. How do you proceed?White Tower, Kid, Contender, Quest2020-09-30 31 
October 2020
4474137White Tower #2Kid learns the true meaning of friendship.white tower, drawquest, collective game, vavilonica, quest, kid, sword time, scarily existing pleistocene megafauna2020-10-08 21 
4491227White Tower #3Kid goes to jail and eats a hot dog!White Tower, Kid, Contender, Quest2020-10-24 20 
November 2020
4508642White Tower #4Kid takes part in a tournament, beats up one friend and saves another.White Tower,Kid,Contender,Quest,collective game2020-11-27 9 
April 2022
5194190Violent Masquerade: Super Thief Drawquest!A low-tier, water-themed rogue starts his supervillainous journeySuperhero, Capeshit, Villain Quest, Crime, Drawquest, White Tower QM2022-04-25 16 
June 2022
5249472Violent Masquerade: Super Thief Drawquest! (Part 2)Our brave and elegant super thief discovers a new power and escapes prisonSuperhero, Capeshit, Villain Quest, Crime, Drawquest, White Tower QM2022-06-11 8 
July 2022
5308399Violent Masquerade: Super Thief Drawquest! (Part 3)Fresh out of prison, the Dick Man builds his crew and begins plotting the heist that will finally make his reputation.Superhero, Capeshit, Villain Quest, Crime, Drawquest, White Tower QM2022-07-27 5 
September 2022
5359398Violent Masquerade: Super Thief Drawquest! (Part 4))A regrettably short episode of the drawquest, in which our heroes walk from floor 2 to floor 1, before QM disappears into the netherSuperhero, Capeshit, Villain Quest, Crime, Drawquest, White Tower QM2022-09-07 4 
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