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December 2010
13029158Skirmish Quest General Thread 3Lots more rules fleshed out this time around, along with an establishment of a command structure. Usual fluffing as well.Skirmish Quest, Collective Quest, writefaggotry, Sci-Fi2010-12-05 2 
13056440Skrimish Quest General Thread 4Squad formations, roleplaying, and some decent draw-fagging.Skirmish Quest, Collective Quest, writefaggotry, Sci-Fi2010-12-07 3 
December 2011
17191456Warhammer 40k: Heretical Love Part VIMax returns to the real world...but not for long. /tg/ pays for it's mistakes, and a vendetta is declared. A sexy, Lesbian vendetta.Collective Quest, Heretical Love quest, 40k, quest, warhammer2011-12-13 30 
April 2012
18606277Impressing the LadiesYou are a regular student in Hammer High, a one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The Principal is a highly intelligent but crippled man known only as the Emperor. You are a year one student, new to the school and not yet in experianced in it's ways. The only person here you know is your childhood friend Silvana Dominica. Hammer High, Collective quest2012-04-07 5 
18617998All My Chaos (Hammer High)Episode 2 In the last episode of All My Chaos Eliphas had the first three classes of his first day at Hammer High, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. He met his teachers, spoke with his childhood friend Silvana Dominica, and met an angry young lady named Aella. He beat the hell out of several students in gym class under Professor Russ, and he kicked his way into the ladies locker room, making some enemies among the female students. When we ended out last episode he had just begin his social studies class, under Professor Sanguinius and was talking quietly to another young lady seated next to him.Hammer High, Collective quest2012-04-08 2 
May 2012
19229176Nomad Quest Part 15 (For Real)In which we arrive and not much else. Previously posted 'Nomad Quest Part 15' is actually part 14. Sorry for the foolishness.Collective Quest, Nomad Quest2012-05-25 5 
May 2013
25030626Blacksmith Quest IThe first installment of Blacksmith Quest. We roll a nat 100 on beard quality and end up with the king of all beards. We travel to the main city and set up shop with a Dwarven smith called Urist.Collective Quest, Blacksmith, Shop, Urist, Beard2013-05-25 20 
June 2013
25512705Final Fantasy Quest 1The humble beginnings of FF Quest with trying to determine what class to be.The Sage, Collective Quest, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Quest2013-06-19 14 
25532949Final Fantasy Quest 2The continuation of FF quest with a trip to the Bandit's Wood.The Sage, Collective Quest, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Quest2013-06-20 14 
December 2013
28736096Ouroboros Quest IWe take control of Og, caveman extraordinaire, and do caveman stuff. Manly tears at the end of the thread.Collective Quest, Cavemen, Og, Ouroboros Quest2013-12-08 10 
28854521Ouroboros Quest IIWe continue Ouroboros Quest and take up the mantle of Throg, who quickly becomes a genius within his tribe.Collective Quest, Ouroboros Quest2013-12-14 9 
28876606Ouroboros Quest IIIWe continue the quest as Kobal, caveman hunter. We take down beasts , make the first armour in the world and the dice gods bless us multiple times.Collective Quest, Ouroboros Quest,2013-12-15 11 
29000038Ouroboros Quest IVPart 4 starts off with Aaki, the fire-carrier for his tribe, and soon turns into a tribe management exercise. Also, we have wolves now!Collective Quest, Ouroboros Quest,2013-12-21 10 
January 2014
29235389Wolf Quest RebootStory of a Wolf making end's meat. Collective Quest, Wolf Quest, Wolf2014-01-03 23 
29251786Ouroboros Quest VWe run a Nation Builder style quest this time, with various players taking on different personalities within Aaki's tribe. Amazon harems, gem finding and war occurs.Collective Quest, Ouroboros Quest,2014-01-03 5 
29564051Oversized Weapon Quest 6Things heat up a bit! Fight for your life!Collective Quest, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-01-17 31 
June 2014
33030103Space Marine Quest 1In which TG becomes an awesome scoutSpace Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-06-27 13 
August 2014
33874642Space Marine Quest 17: The Door Pt.2In which /TG/ save a sister.Space Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-08-04 3 
October 2014
35728636Miasma Quest 1New mercenary recruit Alena reaches her assigned post. Spends the day meeting her fellow soldiers and learning more about them.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-10-25 16 
35750261Miasma Quest 2Alena gets assigned her first mercenary mission and fights a scary boss while doing so.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-10-26 14 
35793636Miasma Quest 3The captain makes a strange request, we get new armor, and Sarah gets brand new spear.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-10-28 12 
November 2014
35873845Miasma Quest 4A new acquaintance is made and the scouting mission takes a turn for the worse.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-01 11 
35917250Miasma Quest 5A long day filled with slaps, tears and blood.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-03 10 
35941967Miasma Quest 6An emergency surgery to save Glen's life and a little bit of training.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-04 9 
36017707Miasma Quest 7Glen is on the mend and a mission to investigate the crystal shards found inside him.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-08 7 
36058308Miasma Quest 8Questioning the crossbreed, talking with Glen and Sarah, and the first night of the festival.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-10 6 
36102608Miasma Quest 9Sparring, a doctors visit, and 2nd day of the festival ends in a bang.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-12 5 
36166334Miasma Quest 10A glimpse of the past, and the fallout of the invasion hits hard.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-15 5 
36185242Miasma Quest 11The conclusion of Miasma Quest.Collective Quest, Miasma Quest2014-11-16 5 
36268341Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 1Ed wakes up in a world filled with bizarre trees and has no recollection of his past at all.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-20 6 
36307888Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 2An encounter with a bear, a boar, and some herb picking.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-22 6 
36352176Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3The conclusion of Otherworldly Arboretum Quest.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-24 2 
36428029Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3.5 (Revamp)A new addition to the group, and a tenuous bridge crossing.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-28 3 
36467861Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 4The group meets with the warden and then discusses a plan with a dissenter.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-30 3 
December 2014
36549261Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 5A day of investigating the claims of the treefolk and playing with some rocks.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-04 6 
36544145Kamen Rider Sengoku Quest, Episode 10"Peace Treaty". Makoto dorks around with Kouta, Erina finally gets some GAR under her belt.Collective Quest, Kamen Rider Sengoku Quest, Kamen Rider, Makoto Kinushima, Kamen Rider Gaim2014-12-04 10 
36681867Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 6An intense battle with a warden and a new found weapon.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-11 5 
36742087Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 7A converstation with Ryg, an encounter with a old enemy, and an encounter with a young mage. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-14 5 
36782988Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 8An unsightly harvesting of magic, an encounter with a pair of forest trolls, and finally entering the next piece.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-16 3 
36820577Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 9The group stumbles upon a strange woman in the sand, an invisible tower is climbed, and some scorpions are dealt with.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-18 4 
36896621Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 10Difficult questions were asked and answered, an oasis was reached, and the group took down some strange creatures.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-22 4 
36987734Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 11A nighttime chat, a strange dream, and meeting with a merchant. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-27 3 
37044823Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 12The group enters a maze of giant rocks and finds their way to the warden's fortress.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-30 3 
January 2015
37333429Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 13Recovery from the encounter with the warden and a new pet. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-13 2 
June 2016
47828268Taimanin Asagi Quest: Episode 0Through bloodbath, our hero is reborn. Five years later, he's a married man and still on the straight path, but thing are about to change..Taimanin Asagi Quest, Collective Quest, Taimanin, no lewd, Not What You Expected2016-06-18 10 
October 2016
721734Werewolf Reich 3In this, we corrupt our father, fuck around a little, and decide to travel to another dimension. Cut short by QM's death.Collective Quest, QuestingQM, RIP QM, Werewolf Reich2016-10-24 0 
November 2016
786407Werewolf Reich 4We go to another dimension, fuck up, and realize living underground is decent enough. Oh, and QM dies for this as well.Collective Quest, RIP QM, QuestingQM, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropy,2016-11-13 0 
802406European Dragon Quest 37: New Title Image Edition!In this episode, Ren discovers the meaning of friendship, and that tumbling isn't the answer to everything, and hear the sound of beta tearCollective Quest, Terrorism, European Dragon Quest, Tumbling, Beta Tears, QuestingQM2016-11-14 3 
827601European Dragon QuestWe tumble Elizabeth, hear about a furry Slaaneshian cult which practices both vore and bondage, and call the InquisitionCollective Quest, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest,2016-11-19 2 
March 2017
1282830European Dragon Quest 57In this episode, we find out the Drow have been behind everything, and they attack Sweden with biological weapons... And fail.European Dragon Quest, Collective Quest, QuestingQM, Terrorism2017-03-29 2 
July 2017
1644854European Dragon Quest 67This time on EDQ, Liz lost her human form, we canceled our vacation to go home and SCIENCE, Ren become white again, Liz became greenQuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Collective Quest2017-07-17 1 
August 2017
1767357The Last Stand: Wait Didn't We die? Last Stand Gets a sequel! ... until Real life means it has to be shelved for a while.Collective Quest, Star, Wagon, Superhero, Cape, Earth, Regime, Last Stand, Doomed, Naga, Sequel2017-08-19 2 
July 2020
4350425Princess/Paladin Quest Part 4You are Alice, the banished princess of a kingdom that was destroyed by the Ignian Empire.Collective Quest, Princess/Paladin Quest2020-07-20 1 
4324657New Light FlightsMelanie Dread, callsign 'Radiant', delivers packages in a cyberpunk world.Cyberpunk, Motorcycle, Radiant. Radiantqm, deliverly, collective quest2020-07-21 2 
August 2020
4381733New Lights Flights 2Radiant continues to deliver packages with upmost carecyberpunk, radiant, Radiantqm, motorcycle, collective quest, new lights flights2020-08-23 1 
April 2023
5612163One Quest Man K-City ChroniclesAfter QM abandons Quest Players take over. K-City has a Hero Exam and some intrepid souls murder a spider queen or dispense SkittlesOne Punch Man, collective Quest, Heroes, Monster, Cyborgs, Ninja, Esper, Martial Artist, Cats, Cat-a-clysm2023-04-30 1 
June 2023
5651858K-City Chronicles IIPlayers still running Quest after QM left Plenty new characters enter the fray and there are some solo adventures of different heroesOne Punch Man, collective Quest, Heroes, Monster, Cyborgs, Ninja, Esper, Martial Artist, Cats2023-06-12 1 
August 2023
5688408K-City Chronicles IIINot too much happened. The City was attacked by Zombies. An Oni was looking for some drinks while the Heroes are trying to relax a bit.One Punch Man, collective Quest, Heroes, Monster, Cyborgs, Ninja, Esper, Martial Artist, Cats2023-08-01 1 
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