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October 2011
16670062Deffwotch, Session FiveDeathwatch, as played by orks or something I don't knowDeffwotch, Deathwatch, wh40k2011-10-19 21 
November 2011
16811807Deffwotch 7Seventh session of Deffwotch. A Mega-armor Nob runs away like a pissy grot.Deffwotch, Deathwatch, wh40k, Orks2011-11-02 10 
16900834Deffwotch, Session 8Eighth session of Deffwotch. Orks develop the perfect counter to Eldar holo-fields in ship to ship combat. Deffwotch, Deathwatch, wh40k, Orks2011-11-10 10 
17041333Deffwotch, Session 10Fleet-Footed Freebooterz Face Fat Flying Fusion CascadeDeffwotch, Orks, 40k2011-11-28 8 
December 2011
1710907511 - Aura of FailureShas'o R'myr regalis /tg/ with yet another of his amazing Deffwotch threads, about a Deathwatch squad of orksOrks, Deffwotch, 11, Warhammer 40K, Epic, Campaign2011-12-06 10 
17241089Deffwotch 13?Supah Dimensional Stompa Da Looted... Orkcross?Deffwotch, 40k, Orks, Macross2011-12-17 6 
17285043Deffwotch Session 14Chaos Sentai LifeguardDeffwotch, 40k, orks2011-12-21 8 
January 2012
17689575Deffwotch once moreShas returns to expound upon the mysteries of very small men, Orkz, and one of the toughest fights our Orkstartes have yet faced.Deffwotch, orkz, deathwatch, shas'o, storytime, WAAAAAGH2012-01-27 10 
February 2012
17809038Deffwotch 19 - To All ThingsDa ladz in Deffwotch have an aerial face off against a Warboss with a kannon that dakkas worlds.Deffwotch, Orkz, Rogue Trader2012-02-05 7 
17877833Deffwotch 20: Steel In SunIn which Orks engage in single combat with a buddhist monk, fight off elfdar, and discuss the culinary properties of gemsDeffwotch2012-02-10 6 
18087612Deffwotch 21 - Me Against The WorldTupac's alive in Cuba, and the Weirdboy dies.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-02-25 7 
18113213Erfworld Quest 7OP once again leads players into Erfworld. We take the frozen barbarian city, and engage in battle with the Khan's forces for the first time.Collective Game, Erf world, Erfworld Quest, Quest, Erf2012-02-27 6 
March 2012
18193135Erfworld Quest 10we play out a turn then have an argument and op calls it a nightCollective game, Erf world, Erf, Quest, Erfworld Quest, Erworld, erf, world, quest, erworld quest2012-03-04 4 
18519535Deffwotch: Episode 26 - HeroA final, cataclysmic showdown between Necoho and Da Kill Team. The penultimate episode of Deffwotch.storytime, orks, ork, deffwotch, dark heresy, hero2012-03-31 4 
April 2012
18616487Deffwotch Epospde 27 - Da Lights In Da Sky Are BoyzDeffwotch comes to its exciting end.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-04-08 5 
August 2012
20294845Deffwotch: A Thousand Years of SilenceThe Shas'o surprises everyone with one last OVA of Deffwotch, where the Kill Team makes it to Holy Terra, and their goal? To meet the God Emperor!Deffwotch, 40k, Orkz2012-08-13 12 
September 2012
20587196Erfworld Quest TG spins a tale about Pendwagon and his city of Camel-lotCollective Game, Erfworld, Erfworld Quest2012-09-04 6 
20627024Erfworld Quest 2The story of Pendwagon continuesCollective Game, Erfworld, Erfworld Quest2012-09-07 1 
January 2024
5894665False World Online - Session 1We delve into the False World, save a manlet from a flesh silo, and build something new from its remainsFalse World, FWO, Infliction, 2024-01-26 4 
February 2024
5907607False World Online Chapter 2In which Cian meets a Misguided soul, replaces his arms with psyberware, and heads out to hunt down some bots.False World, FWO, Infliction, Collective Game, False World Online, VRMMO2024-02-28 5 
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