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February 2009
3801572Life and Death of John Fuklaw/tg/ BAAAAAAWWWWWWsJohn Fuklaw, Angry Marines2009-02-25 22 
September 2009
5731244Tau story, main body and a new memeJohn gives us his new rough draft for the main story. And a new meme is born: Slicktau and Fattautau john writefag scribe story damiris inquisition slicktau fattau2009-09-05 6 
October 2009
6271771Jaques Lailang and others tales of MANLYOR Why Cannons Are Unsporting, Unless You're Using Hand-loaded 275kg Shells.Jaques Lailang, manly tears, John Talbot, Emperor Constantine, Hasan, cannons, stab in the face, historical badassery2009-10-15 7 
March 2010
8791615Deadlands Fiction ThreadJohn Galt(not that one) reminds us just how scary Stone is. Also, infoz about the new edition coming out. All round good times.Deadlands, John Galt, Fiction, Stone.2010-03-26 1 
January 2011
13433572Con-Quest 3.5; The Tongue-en-ingYou rescue Jezebel. You think.Tongue, Jezebel, Con-Quest, Henry Spigglesworth, John, Ankles2011-01-08 1 
February 2011
13836896Johnny Bravo joins the Imperial GuardSome funny discussion and glorious latenight writefaggotry concerning that groovy motherfucker, Johnny Bravo.Johnny Bravo, Imperial Guard, Writefaggotry2011-02-10 35 
April 2011
14668953Portal-Adeva crossoverCave Johnson here. Here at Nerv we're making giant abominations wrapped in four feet of metal armor to defend the Earth from alien attack. Now the lab boys say we should be using well-trained men to pilot these, but the last budget came up a bit short, and so I said to them, "Hey, my boy loves these things! He can pilot one!"Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Science, Cave Johnson2011-04-21 36 
May 2011
14827865Portal-inspired-D&DA brainstorming thread to bring some of the Portal games to a D&D game/setting. Special guest appearances by Wheatley and Cave Johnson.D&D, game, game ideas, awesome, funny, ideas, brainstorming, Portal, Portal 2, Cave Johnson2011-05-06 15 
14922675Tears of VengeanceGentlemen seeks story and plot advice from /tg/. The elegan/tg/entlemen respond.Tears of Vengeance, Steampunk Saga, comic, supernatural, steampunk, vengeance, Steam John, writing, plot, story2011-05-14 1 
June 2011
15187045The Epic of John CockburnDrawfag unites with /tg/ to craft a battle scene between two random shmucks. Hilarity ensuesJohn Cockburn, Oswald Jones IV, Fish, Mop2011-06-07 20 
August 2011
15983050Pike To The DickAnon requests help converting his group to Riddle of Steel, and asks for info on the combat. Helpful namefag runs a tournament for hm. And so it begins.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-19 21 
15998803Riddle of Steel: Friends, Romans, countrymenJohn Galt brings us more fights.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-20 12 
16012328Croat v. Finn FightJohn Galt, Scion of the Steel God, master of the Riddle, mangler of genitalia, brings us more bloodRiddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-22 12 
16052556Riddle of Steel: Jap vs. Aztec Riddle of Steel general until John Galt takes the reins.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-25 11 
16059808Riddle of Steel: Gizka vs guardsJohn Galt continues Gizka's fights.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-26 10 
16109227Riddle of Steel: Gizka's ConclusionJohn Galt concludes the tale of Sarah Gizka.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-08-30 11 
September 2011
16173878Riddle of Steel: Proper Gaming, for Proper RomansThe time has come for Legionary Sulla Vs. The WorldRiddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-09-04 12 
16176593Riddle of Steel: Proper Gaming, for Proper Romans IISulla continues fight against well-dressed Bulgarian, then WTF BEAR vs CAMELRiddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2011-09-04 9 
16214961Riddle of Steel: Proper Gaming, for Proper Romans IIINorman Knight vs. Irishman followed by Legionary Sulla vs. Genoese MercenaryRiddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat, Legionary Sulla2011-09-08 8 
16232617Riddle of Steel: Proper Gaming, for Proper Romans V The saga of Legionary Sulla concludes. Or does it?Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat, Legionary Sulla2011-09-09 11 
October 2011
16776761Moronic player storiesStupid players, IRL rape, John Cloud RavenJohn Cloud Raven, That Guy, Rape2011-10-30 8 
December 2011
17244623Riddle of Steel 2.0Some fech/tg/uys get some shit done.Riddle of Steel, John Galt2011-12-19 0 
January 2012
17499716Riddle of SteelReturn of John Galt, Sidesword vs. Pallaschriddle of steel, John Galt2012-01-12 3 
17516250Riddle of SteelWhat begins as a discussion of maneuvers in tRoS develops into a playtest of By God's Blood.riddle of steel, john galt2012-01-14 1 
17536465Riddle of Steel: BlossfechtenA heartbreaking Bastard Sword vs Longsword match, then a brutal demonstration of mounted combatRiddle of Steel, John Galt, Combat2012-01-14 8 
April 2012
18722451Aperture Cartel's Many InventionsInvestors! Here we have a collection of Aperture Cartel's useful and inexpensive Inventions for your perusal. Now we're between banks right now so we're accepting cash in hand. get your people to meet our people. Don't mind the smell. Cave Johnston, we're done here.Aperture Cartel, Cave Johnston, Science, Tests, Portal, We're Done Here2012-04-15 21 
May 2012
19090195R&D Perpetual Treason InitiativeVulture Troopers, Intsec Troopers, Troubleshooters--you're here because we want the best, and you were the only people available. So: Who is ready to make some explosions?friend computer, paranoia, treason, multiverse, portal, cave johnson, troubleshooters2012-05-13 12 
October 2012
21330739Origins 1In which a college-age girl discovers her power as an "Original", while readers discuss how best to reconstruct humanity.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2012-10-29 14 
21343783Origins 2In which protagonist Camille tests her limitations, does some detective work, and discovers she isn't alone.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2012-10-30 11 
21364241Origins 3In which Camille encounters and faces off with another Original.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2012-10-31 10 
January 2013
22800158You Are JohnIn which everyone plays John.you are john, chairman, collective game2013-01-26 8 
February 2013
22923648You Are (Still) JohnIn which some people play John and he hits on Amelia.You are John, collective game, chairman2013-02-02 4 
April 2013
24111246The Riddle of Steel's Prophet ReturnsJimmy Roman, Prophet of Galt, comes to tell us of the imminent return of Dickstabbing. Fectc/tg/uys everwhere rejoice. Also, they possibly rename the whole game.Riddle of Steel, John Galt, Jimmy Roman, Sword2013-04-08 17 
24249484John Galt Returns, Runs Fecht ThreadJohn Galt himself returns and runs a Riddle of Steel/Song of Swords fecht thread! In it, we fight the Hef, a race of rapetastic minotaurs. Can the sea elf pirate Rade best these foul creatures?Riddle of Steel,John Galt,Jimmy Roman,Song of Swords,Sword,Hef,Rade,Rhade2013-04-15 22 
May 2013
24598986Song of Swords: The Swords Sing AgainExcellently informative discussion on Team Galt's Song of Swords, with extra info on everything from Finnish knives to Japanese swords.Song of Swords, John Galt, Jimmy Rome, Shinto Onna, Japan, Finland, History2013-05-04 9 
August 2013
26586554Origins 4In which Camille parties hard, and has a short encounter with another Original.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2013-08-13 11 
26625870Origins VIn which Camille and her newfound allies find a hideout, show off, and hone their Origins.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2013-08-15 6 
26701251Origins 6 (Part 1)In which Camille and friends receive a beating, and the author is preoccupied.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2013-08-19 5 
26753417Origins 6 (Part 2)In which Camille notes her increasing power, plans for the future, and encounters a new Original.Origin Quest, Collective Game, Origin, Origins, Johnny, Camille2013-08-22 5 
September 2013
27023320Time Warriors Thread 2The Time Warriors become more fleshed out. We get a few new characters and a better sense of the direction the setting could take.time, warriors, johnny quick, anti, star, 80's2013-09-05 5 
October 2014
35263604Origins Quest: Continued 1A reboot/continuation of Origins, in which Camille and company have a final showdown with the Original of Chance.Collective Game, Quest, Origins, Origin Quest, Camille, Johnny, Modern, Superhuman2014-10-03 1 
35324492Origins Quest: Continued 2After defeating the Original of Chance, Camille and company attempt to evade the fallout of their actions.Collective Game, Quest, Origins, Origin Quest, Camille, Johnny, Modern, Superhuman2014-10-06 1 
35478893Origins Quest: Continued 3Camille investigates the aftermath of her actions and begins planning long-term goals.Collective Game, Quest, Origins, Origin Quest, Camille, Johnny, Modern, Superhuman2014-10-13 1 
35703690A tired GM's taleSleep-deprived GM recounts his less than logical ploy to make his players move the plot via magical realm. Things do not go as planned.Storytime, magical realm, loli, john cleese, rhyming, history, psychology, derail2014-10-23 12 
July 2015
41347770JOHN CENA QUEST 1You are John Cena. We hit the gym and get in a match. And go through 3 QMs.Collective Game, BRRRRR APPLEDOUGH, CENAWINSLOL, John Cena, Cena2015-07-23 7 
41470462JOHN CENA QUEST 2You are John Cena. You hit the ring and defeat CHAOS INFUSED demonic basketball players while Donald Trump is ignored by almost everyone. Collective game, John Cena, Cena, Wrestling, Demons, CENAWINSLOL, BRRRRRAPPLEDOUGH, Basketball, wtf 2015-07-26 3 
August 2015
41873664JOHN CENA Quest #3Cena trains to beat Cena at WWE SUPER SLAM, but no one takes over as QMJohn Cena, Cena, John, Cenawinslol, BRRRRAPPLEDOUGH2015-08-16 -3 
October 2015
42828741Everyone is John StorytimeJohn the TSA Agent has to foil the dastardly terrorists.Everyone is John, EiJ, John, TSA, Terrorists, Storytime2015-10-02 35 
January 2016
44925739DCComics Struggling Student QuestOur young "hero" may partially be responsible for the destruction of Metropolis, so he decides to GTFO quick to Gotham.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-01-22 27 
44965020DCComics Struggling Student Quest #2Charlie almost gets mugged, meets a girl, controls some sharks, then meets Superboy.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-01-24 21 
44995154DCComics Struggling Student Quest #3Charlie has a bad dream, fucks up astral projection and then gets questioned by his roommates.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-01-25 21 
45037561DCComics Struggling Student Quest #4ShazamQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-01-27 22 
45079127DCComics Struggling Student Quest #5Shazam 2: Billy Batson BoogalooQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-01-29 21 
February 2016
45185683DCComics Struggling Student Quest #6A Haunting in GothamQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-03 26 
45288629DCComics Struggling Student Quest #7Charlie bests a hellhound.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-08 22 
45366357DCComics Struggling Student Quest #8I Ain't No ThuleQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-12 23 
45466564DCComics Struggling Student Quest #9Man, that cop is a dick.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-17 24 
45566500DCComics Struggling Student Quest #10It's just one email.Quest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-02-22 24 
March 2016
45748779DCComics Struggling Student Quest #11DCCT fell alseepQuest, Collective Game, Struggling Student Quest, DC, DC Comics, DCComics Struggling Student Quest, student, magic, John Constantine2016-03-02 20 
May 2016
133150WhateverYou are John Johnson and you make many friends along your fantastic adventure.Vince McMahon, Whatever, John Johnson2016-05-21 1 
September 2018
61552704what happens to the supernatural world in event of AI apocalypseWhat happens to an urban fantasy in event of killer robots derails into worldbuilding Skynet as Ravenloft's newest Darklord.worldbuilding, robots, apocalypse, terminator, urban fantasy, ravenloft, setting, infinitely respawning John Conner is Skynet's Curse2018-09-02 0 
June 2020
4286474The Worst Written QST You Have Ever PlayedJohn Smith is an average man on an extraordinary island. Can he prove to himself and everyone else that he's something more?halp, terrible, quest, qst, John, Smith, drawfriend2020-06-03 0 
August 2022
85836814Your medieval-era party does show proper deference to the nobility, right anon?/tg/ talks about divine right to rule in-game, evolves into a discussion about the divine right to rule and John Brown.Setting discussion, Divine right, John Brown, Unintentional slavery2022-08-30 1 
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