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October 2010
12526117What happens when a starship goes into a Black Hole? LETS FIND OUT.Some DH players shoot a ship straight into a black hole. Wat do.dark heresy, space, rush, lear, dm, black hole2010-10-22 0 
May 2011
14958866Alternative TTGsDiscussion of many TTGs as alternatives to GWTTG malifaux infinity warmahordes flames of war brushfire mercs battletech heavy gear2011-05-20 -1 
January 2015
37359196DBZ Human Quest #34A friendly game of Tag is cut short as a group of planet pirates plant the seeds of destructionCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, tree, Gohan, Goku, Nappa, King, Kai, Turles, Saiyan, of, might, Crusher, Corps, Earth2015-01-14 12 
July 2016
48517642Altered Human Quest 2Mike feels out his powers some more and finds that his mysterious assassin is something else.Collective Game, Altered Human, superpowers, MIND CRUSH2016-07-30 4 
February 2017
51775926American Pantheon/tg/ comes up with the mythos of a post-apocalyptic American Pantheon.worldbuilding, setting, religion, cult, apocalyptic, rushmore,2017-02-21 4 
1174034Kobold Quest #1A group of Kobolds has been ousted from their previous home, and now must make dew in new lands if they hope to survive and get revenge.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Giant Enemy Crab,2017-02-25 2 
March 2017
1200568Kobold Quest #2An encounter with some Bullywugs puts Khum and his tribe on the path to adventure. Also waifu's.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Snooter, Bullywug,2017-03-04 2 
1244320Kobold Quest #3In which Brushwood only lasted 30 posts before tapping out. VERY short thread.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Snooter, Bullywug,2017-03-15 1 
June 2017
1521915Another Dragon Ball Quest #1You're a young, red skinned child with no memory of your life past a year ago, good luck.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-06-04 5 
1548544Another Dragon Ball Quest #2After a couple month's worth of training Saff now has to deal with RaditzDragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-06-11 5 
1560339Another Dragon Ball Quest #3The battle with Raditz is handled better than expected, but now Saff and the others have to prepare for the other Saiyans.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-06-14 2 
1573112Another Dragon Ball Quest #4Everyone arrives at the lookout in time for Kami to drop some bad news, and Saff must choose someone to train under.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-06-20 2 
July 2017
1626737Another Dragon Ball Quest #5A week of training has led to Saff getting stronger, plus she gets to learn some new moves from RaijinDragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-07-05 5 
1671566Another Dragon Ball Quest #6Saff deals with the dreaded Cottontail tribe, finally gets underway with some serious training, and goes to the Otherworld market.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-07-18 4 
1689884Another Dragon Ball Quest #7The Yamcha EpisodeDragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-07-25 1 
1715693Another Dragon Ball Quest #8In which we meet the Champ himself, and make a trip to the past with some terrible results.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-07-30 3 
August 2017
1750907Another Dragon Ball Quest #9Saff finally learns about her mysterious past, and has a birthday party!Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-08-11 3 
1809804Another Dragon Ball Quest #10Saff gets into an argument with Kami, and goes off to train with Piccolo and Raditz, plus Janken happens.Dragon Ball, Brushwood, Dragon Ball Z, Saff, Quest, Collective Game, 2017-08-29 2 
October 2018
2956871Magical Girl - LovesickWe are Nawakubi Hanano, an onee-san who just loves her brother too much.Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Hairbrush,2018-10-16 10 
2972988Magical Girl - Lovesick #2Things doesn't go well for Nawakubi too fast...Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Hairbrush2018-10-18 8 
2977432Magical Girl - Lovesick #3Nawakubi escapes a month of captivity, but on the other hand, QM disappears from existence. Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Hairbrush2018-10-25 3 
January 2019
3204867Magical Girl Lovesick: Another Red StringThe being that is Hanano Nawakubi returns.Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Magical Girl Lovesick, Yandere, Hairbrush2019-01-31 2 
February 2019
3220949Magical Girl Lovesick: Episode MordredWe follow the mishmashed being that is Mordred. We gain two maids too.Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Magical Girl Lovesick,, Hairbrush2019-02-04 1 
3231768Episode Mordred #2Maids are nice!~Collective Game, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Magical Girl Lovesick,, Hairbrush2019-02-07 1 
June 2021
4846781Megaman: Zero Hour QuestZero has awoken to begin the cataclysm.Megaman, Zero, Zero Hour, Bass, Treble, Protoman, Roll, Rush, Beat, Wily, Dr. Light, Quest2021-06-02 0 
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