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April 2009
4161791Planescape Magical Faction Girls!The PCs are magical girls imbued with power by their factions, sent by Big Sis Pain-chan to fight evil throughout the planes!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-02 18 
4247421Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 2Oh Jesus, he's actually going to RUN it.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-11 12 
4255435Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 3The game ends up actually being run and... nothing is creepy about it! It's actually FUN! Oh Jesus God, what have we done. WHAT HAVE WE DONE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-12 15 
4324227Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 4If this is what happens 'That Time of the Week,' I dread knowing what 'That Time of the Month' will be like. The goddamn magical girls are back again!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-19 11 
4398034Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 5Third session of the Planescape Girls Game, and the last in the adventure! They actually get into a fight for once! There is EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-26 10 
May 2009
4465475Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 6Fourth actual game-session. This time we go to the beach and Bleaker-tan's Player crit-succeeds at sandcastle-building. ADORABLE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-05-03 7 
July 2009
5138369Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Return!They're back! (Last thread wasn't archived.) Now in session 10, the girls are dealing with the Modron March and need help stopping them from trampling a town in Celestia.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-07-12 7 
5198252Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Unswerving PathModrons are assholes.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2009-07-19 10 
January 2010
7809299Reincarnation Would SuckWhat if modern-day scientists figured out how to cheat death, via a process that replaces the mind of a 9-year-old with your own? /tg/ discusses ethics & tries to predict what'd happen to society.Dagda, World Building, Cyberpunk, Ethics, Serious Business2010-01-28 2 
April 2010
8909497Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Season 1Planescape: Magical Girls finally returns a year after it was created, on April 1. The Great Modron March has concluded. Game is still awesome. D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2010-04-01 10 
May 2010
9825103Cool story magus.Someone posts an image with no description, results in a thread full of plays on `cool story, bro`not serious, magic2010-05-15 22 
December 2010
13072673Serious discussion about slavery in your game.Specifically how it can be used constructively in campaign or character backstory, and its pitfalls in being used such a way.Serious, world building, setting, slavery, fantasy, campaign setting2010-12-08 7 
January 2012
17680847Warhammer 2012Discussion of the current WH2012 meta game40k, not serious, original content, Meta2012-01-26 13 
August 2013
26369599Oestalan Sector Thread 6In which people continue to make the super-serious-homebrew-sector that's totally better than the Tiji Sector. They do this by making nothing of value and arguing about tripfags.Oestalan_Sector, homebrew, Warhammer_40k, seriously learn how to tag2013-08-01 0 
November 2013
28520592Princess Guard Quest 68Eating contest!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, you guys are embarrassing seriously2013-11-27 27 
February 2014
29972934Digger Quest: Chapter 8Bass single-handedly fights a city-destroying Reaverbot, decides to waterproof his gun, and buys crappy gifts for his friends.Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure, No Seriously Bass Is Really Bad At Picking Out Gifts2014-02-03 12 
September 2014
34864626[QUEST] Start Over part 1First tentative session of Start Over, where the QM fucks up chargen but decides to carry on anyways.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-09-15 14 
34976789[QUEST] Start Over part 2Where our heroine visits the Chamber of Commerce, finds out there's little demand for necromancers and teases one before and after making her work at an inn.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-09-20 7 
35088274[QUEST] Start Over part 3Where our heroine convinces some commoners to not give up and gets TWO jobs at once!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-09-25 8 
35199293[QUEST] Start Over part 4Where our heroine deals with community politics, eats out, takes a bath and meets mermaids and their worries!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-09-30 6 
October 2014
35282981[QUEST] Start Over part 5Where our heroine confronts mermaid bullies, gets an advance pay, takes a bath and meets her bunnygirl cartographerCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-10-04 6 
35345884[QUEST] Start Over part 6Where our heroine goes shopping, spends 8 silver pieces in one day, gets 7 copper back and meets a were-canine architect.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-10-07 6 
35731018[QUEST] Start Over part 7Where our heroine meets a shark, pats her head, gets a headpatting addiction and rolls her destiny before going to bedCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-10-25 6 
35795650[QUEST] Start Over part 8Where our heroine starts her adventure, participate in girl talk, talks about her bedroom experiences and meets a mysterious womanCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-10-28 7 
November 2014
36032204[QUEST] Start Over part 9Where our heroine hitches a ride on a caravan, learns about agriculture and the dangers of overpopulation, and fraternizes with a bunnygirl.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-11-08 6 
36102009[QUEST] Start Over part 10Where our heroine arrives at New Royo, meets the captain of the volunteers' brigade and finally finds Astreya!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-11-12 5 
36162417[QUEST] Start Over part 11Where our heroines learns about the local monsters, their trials and tribulations, does a population census and attends an all-girls party.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-11-15 6 
36248704[QUEST] Start Over part 12Where our heroine finally starts exploring for real, gives up braving the jungle, eats some possibly edible berries and meets an aracne!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-11-19 5 
36393975[QUEST] Start Over part 13Where our heroine narrowly avoids being raped to death by harpies, travels on spiderback and deepens her relationships.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-11-26 5 
December 2014
36599228[QUEST] Start Over part 14Where our heroine talks about her school days with a giant spider, takes a bath in the lake and puts the lewdkini onCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-12-06 5 
36735863[QUEST] Start Over part 15Where our heroine meets the Fairy Roads Authority, eats watermelons and decides to have dinner with weird mushrooms...Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-12-13 5 
36858160[QUEST] Start Over part 16Where our heroine deals with the after-effects of Ether poisoning, helps an arachne with her traumas and meets another, lewder spidergirlCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2014-12-20 5 
January 2015
37182637[QUEST] Start Over part 17Where our heroine deals with massive thigh pains, tries to teach courtship to a giant spidergirl and gets into other awkward conversationsCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-01-06 5 
37563489[QUEST] Start Over part 18Where our heroine takes a walk with her cartographer to recover from leg cramps and ends up talking about sex. Again.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-01-23 5 
37704710[QUEST] Start Over part 20Where our heroine valiantly fails at hunting birds, knocks on a flower and does some small talk about an ogre.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-01-30 5 
February 2015
37861135[QUEST] Start Over part 20.5Where the QM amends fucking up last archive, and our heroines narrowly avoids a death flag while running a feverCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-02-06 5 
38020887[QUEST] Start Over part 21Where our heroine reaches Susanna's abode, is shown a sword larger than she is, and gets put on a bed large enough for everyone before bath time!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-02-13 5 
38174923[QUEST] Start Over part 22Where our heroine takes a bath, learns about harpies' flock organization, sleeps the afternoon away and then sleeps with a giantess.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-02-20 5 
38354037[QUEST] Start Over part 23Where our heroine tries to teach theology to harpies until PLOT HAPPENS!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-02-28 5 
March 2015
38469612[QUEST] Start Over part 24Where our heroines decides to abort exploration and return to civilization, preparing to brave the outbreak of undead.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-03-05 5 
38769646[QUEST] Start Over part 25Where our heroine hurries home, meets some alraune on the way back and encounters SPOOKY SCARY SKELLINGTONS!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-03-18 5 
38953941[QUEST] Start Over part 26Where our heroine buries the already dead, returns to safety and gets into undressing shenanigans as she wrestles with a wet robe!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-03-27 5 
April 2015
39071686[QUEST] Start Over lost episode 19Where we follow a mysterious protagonist, who steals stuff as she uncovers part of what is really going on in the Shadow Marches!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-04-02 5 
39262613[QUEST] Start Over part 27Where our heroine chooses not to bother Agnes because she didn't want to wake her, but wakes Astreya after a dare with her familiar...Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-04-11 5 
39417319[QUEST] Start Over part 28Where our heroine arranges for a magical trip and finds Bryld a place where she can work her maps.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-04-18 5 
May 2015
39974456[QUEST] Start Over part 29Where our heroine talks to Tahenohan about companionships, visits the caravansary again and pulls Pyorindel into a group dance!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-05-16 5 
40123349[QUEST] Start Over part 30Where our heroine dances, kisses a girl, drinks some pretty damn strong spirits and feels sick, meeting a foreign mouse girl!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-05-23 5 
June 2015
40409187[QUEST] Start Over part 31Where our heroine takes stomach medicine and her new mousegirl friend shares some ice cream with her.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-06-06 6 
40559945[QUEST] Start Over part 32Where our heroine learns about wizardly matters and strikes a deal with YomiCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-06-13 3 
40699404[QUEST] Start Over part 33Where our heroine and Astreya ride a long, hard staff together. Then they check on Susanna and the arachne.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-06-20 3 
40841156[QUEST] Start Over part 34Where our heroine partakes in nightly rituals and talks to Yomi!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-06-27 5 
July 2015
41224180[QUEST] Start Over part 35Where our heroine goes skinny dipping in the lake with Astreya, who turns out to be quite good at picking up clues.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-07-15 3 
41504318[QUEST] Start Over part 36Where our heroine makes Astreya ride a rock hard staff and then does some delayed time pillow talk over lunch.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Not Serious, Laid-back2015-07-28 5 
August 2015
41648934[QUEST] Start Over part 37Where our heroine forces a workaholic bunny to take better care of herself and stops Tahenohan from being way too silly.Collective Game, Start Over Game, Laid-back, Not serious2015-08-04 3 
41936769[QUEST] Start Over part 38Where our heroine talks about sex, finds out Bryld might be hornier than she looks, nearly gets into a bar brawl and meets a very special old man!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-08-18 5 
42109481[QUEST] Start Over part 39Where our heroine meets a lizardfolk woman travelling with her father and finally learns about her mother!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-08-27 5 
September 2015
42400465[QUEST] Start Over part 40Where our heroine has a "conversation" with Meztli, sees her father off with Tahenohan and then decides she doesn't trust them.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-09-10 5 
42581866[QUEST] Start Over part 41Where our heroine gets into a scuffle, runs away at the speed of sound and stumbles on her old friends, which she promises to escape from the city with!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-09-19 5 
42627730our shitpart 2 in our series of degenerate weeaboo shitseriously though why do these trope-ridden fanwank-tier quests2015-09-21 -9 
42704836[QUEST] Start Over part 42Where our heroine sleeps outside in a very uncomfortable street, plays a prank on her dad and is outraged as politics hit her wallet!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-09-25 3 
October 2015
42898714Meanwhile, the Time Wizards!Time Wizards storytimes are had, and the rules of Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition are sharedTime Wizards, Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition, Storytime, Rules, Time Wizard Archibald2015-10-06 48 
43032594[QUEST] Start Over part 43Where our heroine leads the large party to the caravansery and comforts an angry bunnygirl.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-10-12 5 
43161098[QUEST] Start Over part 44Where our heroine gets in the sack with Tahenohan and... No really, that's it.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-10-19 3 
43330334[QUEST] Start Over part 45Where our heroine talks to her old man about how he can't find adventurers for his party, and is faced with her part of the deal with Yomi!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-10-28 3 
November 2015
43558866[QUEST] Start Over part 46Where our heroine looks for a book that can't be found all over Astreya's house and is then sent for yet another errand!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-11-09 3 
43908306[QUEST] Start Over part 46Where our heroine watches a fightan magic demonstration, learns about cold oil and pays Luna a visit.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2015-11-30 4 
January 2016
44520725[QUEST] Start Over part 48Where our heroine finds cold oil, finds a job for her friends and goes into a pantry to work her magic on a slab of meat... Only to choose fish instead.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-01-02 4 
44708384[QUEST] Start Over part 49Where our heroine faces judgment on her cooking, interacts with a three-eyed raven and leaves on a quest for pineapple bombs.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-01-11 3 
44856695[QUEST] Start Over part 50Where our heroine gets intimate with Astreya again, is denied being taught how to summon demons and learns a bit of her backstory!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-01-18 5 
February 2016
45438723[QUEST] Start Over part 51Where our heroine discovers Yomi's weak point and the bully train has no brakes.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-02-15 3 
45615245[QUEST] Start Over part 52Where our heroine finds out Tahenohan isn't just making cheese, meets Bryld and talks about boob-related problems with her.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-02-24 2 
March 2016
45757321[QUEST] Start Over part 53Where our heroine goes on a surprise date with Bryld and talks about people of higher station.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-03-02 3 
46051988[QUEST] Start Over part 54Where our heroine discusses rumours, popularity and finds out some interesting facts about Bryld.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-03-16 2 
46199948[QUEST] Start Over part 55Where our heroine finds how deep the rabbit hole is but sinks way deeper than she expected to.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-03-23 2 
April 2016
46498232[QUEST] Start Over part 56Where our heroine sets off for adventure and then immediately takes a detour. And learns more about Tahenohan's past.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-04-06 2 
46647271[QUEST] Start Over part 57Where our heroine walks along a lake, spots a mysterious figure, then goes on a treasure hunt with Tahenohan and finds...Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-04-13 3 
46790281[QUEST] Start Over part 58Where our heroine gathers loot, plays dress-up and accidentally meets the marquise of shadows!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-04-20 2 
46939933[QUEST] Start Over part 59Where our heroine finally reaches Maner and encounters FLUFFY TAIL.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-04-27 4 
May 2016
57844[QUEST] Start Over part 60Where our heroine wanders about Maner, meets Delphine after all this time and looks for more companions!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-05-04 2 
111363[QUEST] Start Over part 61Where our heroine meets Carrera and Julio and gets to know a bit about them and about Pam the minotaur.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-05-11 2 
180996[QUEST] Start Over part 61.5Where our heroine goes through the harrowing process of talking to a minotaur and enlists a new wizard in the party!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-05-25 2 
June 2016
210576[QUEST] Start Over part 62Where our heroine finds out what Meztli's necklaces mean, bullies her father, is told of an oncoming military operation and hugs a rabbit.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-06-01 3 
236510[QUEST] Start Over part 63Where our heroine meets a draught centaur, finds out an arachne might be in a danger zone, and asks Cassilda for help.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-06-08 5 
260490[QUEST] Start Over part 64Where our heroine decides she has to save the arachne herself, is gifted a magic wand, talks about other people having sex and then... GuessCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-06-15 2 
293970[QUEST] Start Over part 65Where our heroines sets off for the North, finds an axe, finds proof of vampire activity, and the third arachne!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-06-23 3 
316654[QUEST] Start Over part 66Where our heroine officially meets Tama, talks with her and sets up camp, but then stumbles upon a vampire meeting!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-06-29 3 
July 2016
366552[QUEST] Start Over part 67Where our heroine passes a tense and restless night and spends the following day chased by vampires!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-07-13 1 
415784[QUEST] Start Over part 68Where our heroine finds a strange obelisks, suspects the vampires were actually after her, and gets back safely to Maner!Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-07-27 1 
August 2016
439894[QUEST] Start Over part 69Where Tama doesn't rape anyone, our heroine gets some sleep and meets a strange soldier...Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-08-03 3 
460318[QUEST] Start Over part 70Where our heroine meets a flirty comrade, gains two buckets, and meets a mysterious cloaked figureCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-08-10 3 
480306[QUEST] Start Over part 71Where our heroine meets a vampire oracle, slaps her face, then accidentally organizes a tournament to find a cute boy for TamaCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-08-17 2 
502839[QUEST] Start Over part 72Where our heroine gets berated by both Bryld and Stanley, then she's made a commander and told to solve Pam's problem.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-08-24 1 
521955[QUEST] Start Over part 73Where our heroine deals with minotaurs, centaurs, tournament preparations and begs Cassilda for help, which quickly escalates into sub playCollective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-08-31 4 
September 2016
542218[QUEST] Start Over part 74Where our heroine learns to stay on a PecoPeco's saddle, gets the cutest squire, a sore back treatment and a well-deserved rest.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-09-07 3 
570024[QUEST] Start Over part 75Where our heroine bravely participates in the joust, charges recklessly and gets out of it alive and proud. But with a chipped horn.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-09-14 1 
606745[QUEST] Start Over part 76Where our heroine gets medicated and decides that the priest of Jure is too cute to not be hooked up with Tama.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-09-21 1 
637717[QUEST] Start Over part 77Where Tama gets a cute boy and our heroine goes to take care of some bureaucracy and meets Terry the messenger harpy.Collective Game, Start Over Quest, Laid-back, Not Serious2016-09-29 1 
May 2020
72325114Top Gear in a very special episodeClarkson, May, and Hammond have only 20000 pounds in order to buy a vehicle and take it from Ultramar to Terra.40k, story, Top Gear, not serious, lol2020-05-03 125 
72871780"Are there any other serious sci-fi settings like Warhammer 40K?""In which the question of 40K's (non)seriousness and the Imperium's (lack of) goodness and necessity is settled. /pol/tards btfo get rektWarhammer, 40K, serious, seriousness, good, goodness, necessary, necessity, Imperium, sperg2020-05-29 -9 
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