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March 2012
18458206Blue Rose and the Balkans/tg/ talks about Blue Rose and learns about the Balkansblue rose, history, europe, yugoslavia2012-03-26 12 
January 2016
45016873'Merican CultureAnon asks about the differences between Europe and America. /tg/ responds with civil discussion of American stereotypes and related things.america, europe, stereotypes, discussion, BBQ2016-01-27 7 
May 2016
174393European Dragon Quest 1After awakening in a cliffside cavern, you, as a Noble white dragon during the Cold War, seek to learn more about the world.European, Dragon, Quest, 1, Collective Game, Dragons, Europe, Cold, War2016-05-24 12 
178119European Dragon Quest 2 A European dragon interrogates a girl, rolls a lot of ones, gets more swole, and joins a court.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2016-05-25 15 
June 2016
182416European Dragon Quest 3The dragon conquers Norway and Finland for the king of Sweden and then learns that there are people want the dragon on the throne.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-03 7 
200758European Dragon Quest 4Where the dragon eats the king, becomes emperor, meets the queen of England, courts her daughter and experiments with alchemical mutagens.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-03 5 
208981European Dragon Quest 5Where we make an alliance with Germany and England, acquire and mutate some concubines, beat a communist uprising and fight giant wolf.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-05 5 
215125European Dragon Quest 6We get the wolf on our side, plan a marriage with the pregnant princess of England, start an inquisition and gets shot by the White Death.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-05 1 
225019European Dragon Quest 7Were Renexizious isn't dead, Claw recruits the White Death by unorthodox means, Renexizious gets married and has a son who gets many 20s.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-08 2 
234871European Dragon Quest 8After liberating Oslo from snake people Renexizious goes on to meet, and relocate, a fortress of dwarves. Yes, that kind of dwarves.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-12 1 
241219European Dragon Quest 9A holy order proclaims us a saint, we eat a NATO diplomat, secure a victory for England over France, and gains France as a vassal.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-12 1 
250271European Dragon Quest 10The economy gets fixed, Iceland gets vasalized and Spain trades some worrying intel for peace that gets passed around to Britain and GermanyCollective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-17 1 
256226European Dragon Quest 11Another dragon is found and taken captive, a princess is kidnapped and a war on the Warsaw Pact is planned to satisfy the loyalists.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-17 2 
266424European Dragon Quest 12: Electric BogalooThe dwarves find drow, Claw is a crit magnet as he captures them. Then the war against the Warsaw Pact begins as winter approaches.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-20 1 
282062European Dragon Quest 13Russia is invaded and conquered during the winter, hippy elves get bombed by a patriotic Orc and Viktor turns out to be the head of the mob.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History 2016-06-24 5 
301578European Dragon Quest 14: A New PopeRenexizious becomes the pope, plans a crusade for Istanbul, and watch the US presidential debate turn into a bloody battle.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-06-30 5 
July 2016
333104European Dragon Quest 15In the longest EDQ thread to date Renexizious finds his parents and finds a portal leaving to a strange world. Also, he grows a second head.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-07-09 1 
341523European Dragon Quest 16Renexizious returns from his mother's world and goes on a tour of the empire. Then vents frustration by fucking with the elves.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-07-09 1 
348501European Dragon Quest 17Improved pheromone powers are explored, the cabinet is expanded upon and the Queen of the British Empire dies. Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-07-14 1 
367140European Dragon Quest 18Renexizious pillages Cuba with his daughters, finds out Julius is a vampire, and goes investigating the portal under Paris.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-07-18 1 
393723European Dragon Quest 19We visit the Warhammer Universe and roll over some dwarves in an attempt to get another wife.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-07-28 1 
419664European Daytime Elven Islands CivThrandir gets banished and we make a baseElves, Island, Quest, Civ, European Daytime2016-07-31 1 
August 2016
412933European Dragon Quest 20Renexizious beat a vampire, steal his treasure, and turns a tapestry maker into a halv-dragon. While Elizabeth is dealing with rebellion.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-08-02 1 
424150European Dragon Quest 21A deal is struck with Khorne before heading home. Elizabeth turns into a dragon, some elves are eaten, and Victor wins the US election.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-08-05 1 
445329European Dragon Quest 22We patch things up with our wife and Khorne, and Elizabeth lays an egg. With that done, we plan out our conquest of Greece.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-08-07 5 
459708European Dragon Quest 23In this thread we travel to Greece, Flames gets his first girlfriend, and we try to spend time with Frankizka.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM, Dragon, Dragons, Europe, Cold War, Alternate History2016-08-19 5 
September 2016
624945EDQ:30We deal with student cultists. Talk in a Scottish accent. And call Chrysoula horny.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Quest, QuestingQM2016-09-29 1 
October 2016
652349European Dragon Quest 31: Sieg Heil EditionWe mutate Richard and Chrysoula a little (but not as much), meet our Senpai, Adolf Hitler and turn him also into a dragon, and help Richard.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game, Cold War, Alternate History2016-10-07 1 
685264European Dragon Quest 32In this thread, we tumble our wife mid-air with kids watching, enslave people, build a refinery town, and tumble a Khornate shield-maiden.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game, Dragon, Dragons, Khornates2016-10-16 1 
700210European Dragon Quest 33We fuck up Bretonnia a little, become a bro to a Reikguard, get a doggo, and decide to visit 2016 to make it great again.European Dragon Quest, Collective Game, QuestingQM, Dragons, Dimensional Fuckery2016-10-19 1 
724720European Dragon Quest 34: 2016Ren travels to a dimension where there is only war... No, not 40k you neckbeard cis-shitlord scum. And Ren gets accused of RAPE.European Dragon Quest, 2016, Collective Game, QuestingQM2016-10-24 1 
746516European Dragon Quest 35In this episode, Ren has more sex then usual, we find our daughter, and Elizabeth gets KHORNATE RAGE and scares anons. That's pretty hotQuestingQM, Collective Game, Dragon, Tumbling, Alternative History, European Dragon Quest2016-10-31 1 
November 2016
764555European Dragon Quest 36In this episode, we escape to another dimension to avoid getting raped for all eternity by tentacles, and head back to our empire, finally.Collective Game, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Dragons,2016-11-05 1 
802406European Dragon Quest 37: New Title Image Edition!In this episode, Ren discovers the meaning of friendship, and that tumbling isn't the answer to everything, and hear the sound of beta tearCollective Quest, Terrorism, European Dragon Quest, Tumbling, Beta Tears, QuestingQM2016-11-14 3 
827601European Dragon QuestWe tumble Elizabeth, hear about a furry Slaaneshian cult which practices both vore and bondage, and call the InquisitionCollective Quest, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest,2016-11-19 2 
846519European Dragon Quest 39: Remov FurfagIn this episode, we get a lot of nat twenties, bump our research up, tumble a lot, and realize the apocalypse is coming... Soon though.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Cold War, Collective Game2016-11-24 1 
December 2016
865605European Dragon Quest 40In this episode we do serious things, lots of science, mature, and otherwise nearly finish the Internet. Oh, and we get Liz to eat peopleCollective Game, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Alternative History2016-12-01 3 
889782European Dragon Quest 41: Fortunate Sons EditionIn this episode we do lots of SCIENCE!!!, invade Korea, intervene in Vietnam, and ditch our kid at his birthday. Fuck yeah.TriggeredQM, QuestingQM, Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Vietnam,2016-12-10 2 
914442European Draogn Quest 42: Return of ClawIn this episode, Claw returns, we tumble a few women like usual, follow the family tradition of being Neutral Evil, and go to Vietnam.Collective Game, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Claw, Autism2016-12-14 3 
939471European Dragon Quest 43In this episode we give the QM some feedback, tumble a mage, and we all realize Ren should really stop fucking around. Liz's boobs get big.QuestingQM, Irony, Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Dragons BTFO Shit, MUTATIONS!2016-12-21 1 
965171European Dragon Quest 44In this episode, QM dies a bit, we don't really do too much, talk to Revenaris, yeah. Not much happens due to QM death.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Collective Game,2016-12-29 1 
January 2017
986833European Dragon Quest 45In this episode, Ren discovers the fun of harems, takes over a kobold village, and gets asked a very important question.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Dragons, Cold War, SCIENCE!!!2017-01-03 1 
1004606European Dragon Quest 46In this episode we meet the kobold legate's daughter, Viktorious takes direct control of the UN and NATO and gets nukes. Which is bad.WORRY, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Cold War,2017-01-10 1 
1034120European Dragon Quest 47In this episode we lose Valkia, get shit done as Elizabeth and become less insecure, and find out how upgrades get assigned.European Dragon Quest, Collective Game, Cold War, QuestingQM2017-01-17 1 
1057973European Dragon Quest 48In this episode, a couple breaks up that we've known for a while, we do SCIENCE and begin to develop lasers, and get Khorne as a headmate.European Dragon Quest, What Is My Life, Cold War, QuestingQM,2017-01-25 1 
1088225European Dragon Quest 49In this installment of EDQ, we start a rebellion against Vlad Tepes and get our new behemoth to help us.European Dragon Quest, Does Anybody Read the Tags, Why Don't I have More Players?, Is there a god?, Collective Game, QuestingQM,2017-01-31 1 
February 2017
1112843European Dragon Quest 50In this Episode, the QM dies again after going to work, we play as Claw and be sociallly awkward as fuck, and go as Pragius to fight a boss.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Vlad Tepes2017-02-06 2 
1139904European Dragon Quest 51In this episode, Elizabeth gets even more motherly, we make giant trees to sell for a shitload of money to the kobolds, who we learn about.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, CapitalismDragonEdition, LongLiveBritannia,2017-02-15 1 
1164279European Dragon Quest 52In this episode we go into Civ Mode, deal with our dad Jorund, and talk to the American embassy with Patrick the Minotaur.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Cold War, Civilization, Sweden2017-02-21 1 
1188695European Dragon Quest 53In this episode, we earn the eternal love of Chrysoula, get slightly insulted by a dwarf, and consolidate the realm further.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Cold War2017-02-27 2 
March 2017
1209596European Dragon Quest 54In this episode, we peacefully take over Luxembourg, get some religious followers among the college, and we nearly get into a Khornate rage.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Cold War,2017-03-06 1 
1236445European Dragon Quest 56In this episode, we take our son to school, try to be romantic, and find out Elizabeth can't drink worth a damn. And become loving, no lustBlatant Lies, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Cold War, Collective Game2017-03-13 2 
1257127European Dragon Quest 56In this episode, Charlemagne comes back, shoots Claw, and anons avoid a Columbine shooting due to QM's bad rolling. Oh, and we nom sugar.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game,2017-03-19 1 
1282830European Dragon Quest 57In this episode, we find out the Drow have been behind everything, and they attack Sweden with biological weapons... And fail.European Dragon Quest, Collective Quest, QuestingQM, Terrorism2017-03-29 2 
April 2017
1313378European Dragon Quest 58: Doctor Gerbil and Mr. Squeakers.In this episode, Liz discovers the GNOMES, and of course, goes to kick their ass. What happens? Well, probably a lot of gnome-ass gets rekt.Gnome Genocide, Elizabeth Did Nothing Wrong, The Gnome Holocaust, European Dragon Quest, Snek Scots™, Collective Game2017-04-06 1 
1341539European Dragon Quest: Double the TroublwIn this episode, Charlemagne decides to MAN THE HELL UP and takes care of some of the nation's degeneracy, meet Not Alex Jones, and gnomes.European Dragon Quest, Kill All Gnomes2017-04-13 1 
1362778European Dragon Quest 60 Portal ShenanignsIn this episode, QM gets busy with work and leaves a lot, but stuff gets done, and we give Charlemagne the option of becoming a dragon.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest2017-04-23 1 
May 2017
1393257European Dragon Quest 61In this episode, Liz stops being autistic once and for all, and shit gets done kind of. QM is a bit late archiving.European Dragon Quest, Collective Game,2017-05-08 1 
1459705European Dragon Quest 63: Misadventures of RevenarisIn this episode, Revenaris drunkingly signs on with the kobold army, we deal with the final "communist surge" and we meet the snek chineesCollective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-05-22 1 
June 2017
1489962European Dragon Quest 64In this episode, Liz gets SALTY as hell from finding out we had a bit of a harem which we forgot to tell her. She's very, very salty.Salt, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-06-01 1 
1551711European Dragon Quest 65In this episode, we try to talk to a depressed elf who's the mother of one of our kids, and get Liz to be happy for a little while...European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-06-18 1 
July 2017
1616851European Dragon Quest 66.5In this episode, QuestingQM actually is alive, and we patch relations with Liz up.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Collective Game2017-07-07 1 
1644854European Dragon Quest 67This time on EDQ, Liz lost her human form, we canceled our vacation to go home and SCIENCE, Ren become white again, Liz became greenQuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Collective Quest2017-07-17 1 
August 2017
1683376European Dragon Quest 68In this episode, the Russians begin to become nazis, the Balkans are on fire... But we get tech shit done.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-08-01 1 
1730859European Dragon Quest 69Deus Vult. Also, magic bullshit and we get shit done.Collective Game, QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest2017-08-12 1 
1769302European Dragon Quest 70In this episode, we manage to fail exerting complete control over Finland, appoint Mannerheim to be it's ruler, and deal with the kobolds.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game, When will this fucking quest die?, 2017-08-23 1 
September 2017
1799716European Dragon Quest 71In this episode we change the timeline and remove waifus. It works out great.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-09-04 1 
1839232European Dragon Quest 72In this episode, QM is overworked and struggles to post, and dies a lot.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-09-14 1 
1866730Swole European Dragon Quest 73In this episode, Claw gets SWOLE AS FUCK, and fails to be a Chad, all while we make a new meme, that of BBM.Big Black Minotaur Meme is Best Meme, Stop Ancaps Now, European Dragon Quest, Collective Game, SWOLE, Chad, Spamming Tags, KHORNATES!2017-09-23 1 
October 2017
1893651European Dragon Quest 74: Dead QM EditionDM dies due to work, but hopefully will be resolved in time.Collective Game, European Dragon Quest,2017-10-03 1 
1927228European Dragon Quest 75: Iberian BogalooWe goof up in Portugal, Liz governs Russia and we move to London because of reasons. Also we’re an awful father because fuck you dice godsCollective Game, European Dragon Quest, OP is a fag2017-10-13 1 
1962635European Dragon Quest 76In this episode, we do some politics and shit, DM dies, and yeah, not much happens.Skippable tbh, Collective Game, European Dragon Quest2017-10-26 1 
November 2017
2012020European Dragon Quest 77In this episode, strange things happen, and winter is coming... Or something like that.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-11-08 1 
2050826European Dragon Quest 78In this episode, Liz turns into a Chad and fucks some people over, and we go on a journey during the fall of Rome.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Lack of Ideas, Historical2017-11-22 1 
December 2017
2135978European Dragon Quest 79In this episode, we conquer Britain for Liz, and Ren gets a bit tired of her and goes off on a vacation for a while. Also, Claw gets kibble.European Dragon Quest, Questing QM, Historical, Kibble2017-12-19 1 
2160157European Dragon Quest 80In this episode, the quest gets flooded with new one-post IDs, and Liz turns into a chad, kind of. And Ren fucks off again.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM2017-12-29 1 
January 2018
2184534European Dragon Quest 81In this episode, we go back home, ride the degeneracy train for a little while, and end up with regrets.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game,2018-01-07 1 
February 2018
2274574European Dragon Quest 82In this episode, we fuck a giant minotaur, kill 7.5 million people, and go home only to find Liz also liking the minotaur.Degeneracy, European Dragon Quest, Collective Game, Cold War,2018-02-13 0 
2307224European Dragon Quest 83In this episode, Annabelle sets out to conquer the USA, and we hear about a secret organization called the Drachenshatten.European Dragon Quest, QuestingQM, Collective Game,2018-02-23 2 
September 2023
5720288Europe 1000 A.D.The nations of Medieval Europe contest each other between long wait times and rolls. Alliances are forged and two power blocs emerge.Collective Game, Skirmish, Nations, Europe, Medieval, Middle Ages, 1000ADMapGameHost, Christianity, Paganism, Multiplayer, Crusade2023-09-05 0 
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