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March 2008
1423495The Necron LordA heartbreaking tale of a Necron Lord's regretsnecron, lord, manly tears, writefaggery2008-03-29 12 
September 2008
2642353Anon and his little sisterAnon asks for advice about what army he should make for his little sister for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. At some point during the thread, Nurse-kun makes a rare appearance.dawwwwww, Nurse-kun, manly tears, beautiful, Damaged Goods2008-09-23 24 
October 2008
2744283Left Behind: Familars' TalesAnon posts excerpts from an unheard of 3rd party book about what happens to familiars whose masters die. More stories are posted. Manly tears are shed.Familiars, Dead, Manly Tears2008-10-06 7 
2882944D&D Manly TearsDM desires for his PCs to shed manly tears at the end of the campaign. After a slow start the ideas start flowing in, and manly tears are indeed shed.Manly Tears2008-10-27 6 
March 2009
4014241Spacebat!Anon posts a manly tears story about a dying bat who goes out in style.Manly Tears, Unrelated2009-03-18 30 
April 2009
4185088Isn't it Sad? /tg/ editionThe saddest stories you'll hear, both on the gaming table and around it. MANLY TEARS are shed in copious quantities.MANLY TEARS2009-04-05 25 
June 2009
4964901Real Lives - Vishwanand and othersA Real Lives thread delivers awesome as the tragic (and depressed) hero Vishwanand battles the forces of oppression. Real Lives, manly tears2009-06-23 6 
August 2009
5593714Guardsman EliGuardsman Eli tells why he is no longer a good man. A manly tear inducing story.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Manly Tears2009-08-26 27 
September 2009
6045231An SG named BreakDM asks for advice on handling his group's beloved sidekick, a Metabot-like construct. Anon instantly loves the little chap and offers several creative and awesome ways to maim or murder him.Awesome, D&D, Manly_Tears, NPCs2009-09-28 13 
October 2009
6271771Jaques Lailang and others tales of MANLYOR Why Cannons Are Unsporting, Unless You're Using Hand-loaded 275kg Shells.Jaques Lailang, manly tears, John Talbot, Emperor Constantine, Hasan, cannons, stab in the face, historical badassery2009-10-15 7 
November 2009
6791825Tales of Manly TearsStories of manly-tear-causing events up in this here thread.stories, manly tears2009-11-21 4 
6858495Compassion, in my Berserker?Pretty typical chance for a Berserker to kill the shit out of a little girl. Goes in the exact opposite direction. Manly tears are shed.Khorne, Manly Tears, 40k, Writefaggotry2009-11-25 5 
March 2010
8382189Gav and BobA Tale of two Ogryns.Ogryn, 10k, Manly tears, grimdark2010-03-03 79 
8428449Gav and Bob and TarlaFollow up to 8382189. Gav meets Sister Repentia Tarla. Gav gets her Emperor's Day gift. Chaos arrives, to fuck shit up.Ogryn, Manly Tears2010-03-06 20 
8500900Gav and TraelaGav meets Traela. Traela needs to find a new home for Gav. Gav can't go back to the Guard. Epic ending.Ogryn, Warhammer 40,000, manly tears2010-03-10 15 
8633133True Tales of the Great CrusadeAwesome writefaggotry set during the Great Crusade about a wounded Imperial Army vet from Terra trying to retreat back to friendly lines on an icy death-world and the straggler who follows him.40k, writefag, manly tears, Great Crusade, Emprah2010-03-17 31 
June 2010
10588204a Baaaaw thread.someone brings one of the few good things from /b/ to /tg/ many tears are shed.tear, cry, sad, story, fiction2010-06-19 13 
August 2010
11633267I Love You, NPCNPC's are in every game. They give you missions, die at your hands, and, sometimes, you love them hell out of them. /tg/ shares about times when their players got really attached to a NPC.NPC, DM, GM, D&d, Dark Heresey, manly tears2010-08-13 10 
11826926"I just want to save the day."Anon wants to be the hero. /tg/ shows us all how to be the big goddamned hero.Paladins, Manly Tears, Hero2010-08-27 17 
October 2010
12421234Gav storytimeSomeone started a manly tears thread about Gav and Bob. Epic writefaggotry ensues.Gav, Warhammer 40K, Manly Tears2010-10-13 2 
12591647RIP KromgolA fa/tg/uy finds his dead father's old D&D character sheet for Kromgol, an unabashedly smash-happy barbarian. Manly tears are shed and many exhortations offered in his memory.Manly Tears, Kromgol2010-10-28 465 
December 2010
13040306The Tale of JakobAn anon tells the story of young Jakob, who, for just a few weeks, found a spark of hope in games, when elsewhere he found none.storytime, baww, manly tears2010-12-06 34 
January 2011
13380336Awesome Parents60 year old dad sits in on a D&D game...and turns out to be an awesome player. Mom buys an Ork army and plays WH40K with her son. Beautiful things.gaming is good, awesome folks, manly tears2011-01-03 16 
13731949The Sheets of KromgolThe son of Kromgol returns with the fabled character sheets.Kromgol, Manly Tears D&D2011-01-31 127 
February 2011
14029016Most memorable PCsStories of favorite PCs devolves into tales of triumph and glory, where paladins shine, simple clerics teach us how to be a simple man, and luchadorres show us how to be awesome.lucha, PC, story, cleric, paladin, manly tears2011-02-25 5 
May 2011
14922675Tears of VengeanceGentlemen seeks story and plot advice from /tg/. The elegan/tg/entlemen respond.Tears of Vengeance, Steampunk Saga, comic, supernatural, steampunk, vengeance, Steam John, writing, plot, story2011-05-14 1 
14953507Moving MomentsFa/tg/uys share stories of gaming sessions that drove them to tears, manly or otherwise.stories, manly tears, sadness2011-05-17 1 
15009660Time Travel CampaignsA thread for stories about time travel in people's games takes a turn for the epic when a stranger tells a heart-wrenching story about Asmodeus the Paladin. /tg/ weeps, and then someone who may or may not be the writer reveals a terrible secret, leaving /tg/ feeling confused and slightly inspired.time, time travel, story time, storytime, story, paladin, asmodeus, writefaggotry, manly tears2011-05-22 8 
June 2011
15215099Why /TG/ is awesomeIt's sort of a "greatest hits" collection of /tg/'s Crowning Moments of Awesome. Reccommended for Newbies to show them what /tg/ looks like at its best.Awesome, Win, FUCK YEAH, Manly tears, Epic Stories, Old Man Henderson2011-06-13 34 
July 2011
15762579Mourning for Monkey-BroAnon recounts the story of how he - a human in a world of human-hating furries - was saved by the dude whose Monkey PC sacrificed himself. /tg/ helps to plan a way to avenge the fallen hero - by building a resistance: an Empire of Simians.furry GURPS manlytears revenge 2011-07-31 17 
August 2011
15875747Epic Moments ThreadExactly what it says on the tind&d, rpg, epic win, storytime, manly tears2011-08-10 14 
September 2011
16173551Innocence: Lost FutureMagnificent homebrewing of original vidya. A childlike android, living its life, learning, until tragedy befalls his vault-esque home and everything goes Terminator. Fantastic concept. Fa/tg/uys are pleased.innocence, robot, monkey, vidya, children, terminator, skynet, original content, yahtzee, manly tears2011-09-04 61 
16219172Innocence: Lost Future 2More brainstorming on Inn0cence, concept art, and the foe is named something other than Skynet. Finally.Terminator, Innocence, vidya, original content, children, many tears2011-09-10 21 
January 2012
17646053Chapter Quest V - SacrificeRising Sons receive report from Onyx about Chaos warband in the Cryptus Sub-Sector. They track it down and engage it in a bloody battle with unforseen conclusion.Collective Game, Quest. Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Defiler, Chaos, cultist, sacrifice, manly tears, chaplain, Space Marines2012-01-24 13 
April 2012
18532801Toonami April Fools NightA night to remember, /tg/ gathers around for nostalgia as it watches the April Fools Toonami line up of old shows on Adult Swim, nostalgia ensures.Toonami, fuck yea, nostalgia, manly tears, /tg/2012-04-01 31 
July 2012
19748429Chapter Quest XIXChapter prepares for the enemy invasion of their homeworld. Manly tears are had in the end when Chapter Master tells about the doom that awaits them and brothers promise to die for him.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Manly Tears, Speech, Exploration, Invasion, Preparation2012-07-06 5 
19764338Chapter Master Quest XX - Mormark CampaignChapter Master deliver epic speech, tons of reinforcement from Admech and Guardsman equivalent come to our aid. We show Faceless who's bossCollective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Manly Tears, Speech, Exploration, Invasion, Battle, Mormark2012-07-07 5 
19780964Chapter Master Quest Deatwatch Ed IAs a filler, we are playing Eleigon serving his time in Deathwatch. Operators operating in the jungle, fun times aheadCollective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Manly Tears, Deathwatch, Eleigon2012-07-08 5 
19899641Tea & GateauThe Moderators are resting. May I humbly propose that we place our monocles, don our finest top hats, trim our moustaches and have a fancy tea party with gateau?Classy, Relaxing, Cake, Tear, Monocle, Top Hat2012-07-16 20 
September 2012
20890424The Golem's GardenThis is the story of Golem 3b and his garden.writefaggotry, golem, garden, manly tears, awesome, story2012-09-27 92 
January 2014
29814791New Faggot Quest (Waifu Summoning v.II)WE FIGHT, WE LEARN, WE LOVE.Fara, icetear...really?, futaamazon, crazy, niggers, fucking, christ, another, collective game, parafaggot quest2014-01-27 7 
March 2014
30546343Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 1Our Heroine receives assistance from a loan shark.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-01 25 
30653886Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 2Our brave Heroine decides to force someone else to go on an adventure.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-06 14 
30718552Primarchs return due to Malal, Manly Tears.Pre-Heresy Primarchs with fixes and their Legions returns due Malal screwing Chaos, Manly Tears and Glorious tag-teams against some of Deamon Primarchs occur. Glorious. Possibly Space Pirate and Chief Thunder as Lost Primarchs.40K, Pre-Heresy Primarchs, Manly Tears, Setting2014-03-10 5 
30795112Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 3Our Heroine solves her problems with a shiv.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-12 15 
30851860Primarchs Return #3 - Writefaggotry followsA continuation of the second thread, writefaggots pursue the angles of retaking Cassini Array, the lost Primarch and Battle for Terra40k, /tg/, Writefaggotry, original content, manly tears, space marines, worldbuilding, warhammer 40k, Primarchs Return, Awesome, Alternative setting2014-03-16 2 
30936028Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 4Our Heroine is introduced to Terme's newest rivals.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-19 12 
31076607Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 5Our Heroine enjoys a dinner date.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-26 13 
April 2014
31366326Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 6Dawn is far too early for our Heroine to get up.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-09 11 
31513212Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 7Large sums of money succeed in blowing our Heroine's adorable little mind.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-17 12 
31663845Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 8Our Heroine becomes the Dungeon Queen. Our army seems dissatisfied with our rule.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-24 10 
31818868Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 9A reminder of earlier economic lessons scores our Heroine a large bag of cash.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-30 7 
May 2014
31976716Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 10Our Heroine enjoys shopping for clothes with the girls.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-08 7 
32125019Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 11Our Heroine explores the abilities of taiyaki as an improvised weapon.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-15 8 
32257295Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 12An Inquisitor's visit has our Heroine spooked.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-21 7 
32418216Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 13Our Heroine turns the mob on the Inquisitor.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-29 7 
June 2014
32565911Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 14Our Heroine enjoys a lazy Sunday.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-06-04 8 
32708892Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 15Our Heroine watches a play, and Kaleun gets banned.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-06-11 8 
32854965Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 16Euria proves her housewife skills to our Heroine.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-06-18 6 
33001063Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 17Our Heroine meets the local blacksmith.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-06-26 6 
July 2014
33141840Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 18Charme goes for a swim and a stranger saves our Heroine's live.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-02 6 
33448853Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 19Our Heroine bears witness as best girl finally makes her debut.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-16 6 
33601497Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 20Our Heroine completes a most profitable order.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-23 4 
33768453Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale 21The newest Adventurer joins our Heroine's team.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-30 5 
August 2014
34104430Racketeer Quest 22In which Recette explores a dungeon, search for mushrooms, get lost, trade with criminals and meet an elfCollective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun2014-08-14 2 
34270409Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale #23Short update due to author deciding on hiatus.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-08-20 5 
October 2014
35603282The Tale of X: A Hedonist's Quest Part 7Xi's first time begins with questions...but those don't last long!Collective Game, The Tale of X, The Story of O, BDSM, fetish, tears2014-10-18 2 
December 2014
36975008Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale Christmas SpecialIt's already Saints' Feast Day, and our Heroine is caught unprepared!Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun,2014-12-26 3 
36986833Racketeer Quest: An Item Shop's Tale Christmas Special pt. 2The search for gifts continues! Part 2 of the Christmas Special.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun2014-12-27 5 
June 2015
40628895Racketeer Quest Recap: An Item Shop's TaleA recap turns into a tearful goodbye.Collective Game, Racketeer Quest, Recettear, Herr Kaleun2015-06-16 8 
November 2015
43659078Tears of the Gods: To/TG/An Anon reveals a story about RPing as a god in a simple RP system. Mary Sue ensues.Tears,Tears of the Gods, Story, Forum, Soardlo2015-11-16 3 
November 2016
802406European Dragon Quest 37: New Title Image Edition!In this episode, Ren discovers the meaning of friendship, and that tumbling isn't the answer to everything, and hear the sound of beta tearCollective Quest, Terrorism, European Dragon Quest, Tumbling, Beta Tears, QuestingQM2016-11-14 3 
December 2016
979075Joker Quest 150In a holiday miracle, OP returns to us for the final confrontation. Only Pazuz and Phantom Edge remain. Can the Red Joker win? Joker, Joker Quest, Collective Game, No More Waifus, Only Blood and Tears2016-12-31 11 
January 2019
3158218Neet Weapon Quest 2We find Niph's father, get a new teammate, lose a new teammate, get placed on probation and survive an assassination attemptNeet Weapon Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Collective Game, Goblin Slayer, Niph, LeFay, Chaostear2019-01-13 2 
September 2019
68281491Games with deathDeath offers /tg/ to play one last game of their choice before moving on.Death, roleplay, writefaggotry, awesome, manly tears2019-09-13 22 
March 2020
71338305Argent Strix Anons come together and roll up a chapter of Roman vampires that look like the bastard child of the Black Templars and Flesh Tearers.Custom Chapter, Chapter Creation, Astartes, Space Marines, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Argent Strix, Rip and Tear.2020-03-08 7 
71354500Argent Strix #2Anons delve into autistically rolling up some gangs, Orks, and a relic for their chapter and its home system. Also Deathwatch.Custom Chapter, Chapter Creation, Astartes, Space Marines, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Argent Strix, Rip and Tear.2020-03-09 3 
71371020Argent Strix #3Anons once again continues to work on fleshing out the world and Strix, along with some relics.Custom Chapter, Chapter Creation, Astartes, Space Marines, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Argent Strix, Rip and Tear.2020-03-11 1 
71414934Argent Strix #4We mistakenly decide to try and draw things out, and then it turns into a clusterfuck.Custom Chapter, Chapter Creation, Astartes, Space Marines, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Argent Strix, Rip and Tear.2020-03-15 1 
July 2021
80265688Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 6, A WAR ON TWO FRONTSWanting to claim an abandoned brewery for a greek god and the Commune, Shortfuse and his team never expected how quickly a run can turn sourShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Brewery, WYLD DAWGS, Firesnakes, RipNTear, Ares, Homie2021-07-13 0 
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