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October 2008
2883764UA Rumors: Wiki StyleList of Unknown Armies rumours spawned by Random Wikipedia searches. Some of which wrote themselvesUnknown Armies, wiki, wtf2008-10-27 6 
April 2009
4160755April Fool's Ruby?A baffling continuation of Ruby Quest?Ruby, Collective Game, WTF?2009-04-02 39 
June 2009
4732463Sailor moon suddenly invades /tg/Disturbingly, some of our fa/tg/guys know sailor moon in intimate detail.Sailor moon, magical girls, want to be the little girl, wtf2009-06-01 2 
January 2010
7704336Magic : the MusclingThe Newish Llanowar elves art gets everyone into a beefcake mood. Beefcake, in Magic: the Gathering. An amazing, manly portrayal of Magic: the Gathering rule mechanics Also, has some drawfaggotry drawthread, writefag, Mtg, Magic, drawfag, writethread2010-01-22 15 
7717423Knights of Bloodsteel/tg/ has fun with names.fantasy, humor, satire, wtf2010-01-22 12 
7858281Horrible, horrible plot hooks threadOP asks /tg/ to do sick and twisted. /tg/ does sick and twisted well.horrifying, squick, WTF?, Ohdeargod2010-01-31 0 
March 2010
8423734The /tg/ character armyTemplate-based character drawing leads to a compilation of most extraordinary folk.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8434764The /tg/ character army/tg/ are very creative. So creative that we need a second thread for our template-based character drawing. This time with correct tags!drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8436945The /tg/ character army, Part 3/tg/ are very, very creative. A third thread of template-based character drawing, and a compilation which has turned into Where's Wally.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 5 
April 2010
9047295What is this I don't even...brother/sister incest opens a portal to the nether realms and summons nameless horrorswtf, I can see forever, insanity2010-04-08 24 
9047990Doppleganger Damacy QuestYou wake up in a dank alleyway with no skills and no abilities. Solution? Eat local fauna and citizens. Acquire their abilities. ??? Profit.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealh, Quest, Growth2010-04-08 65 
9277671Doppleganger Damacy Quest IITerminator Quest's GM takes over until the main GM can return. We om, we nom, we grow.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealh, Quest, Growth2010-04-19 47 
9493983Doppleganger Damacy Quest VIWe eat what we've beat, then upgrade and repeat. A visit to the stables proves highly productive. Hungry enough to eat a horse? Try three.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-04-29 45 
May 2010
9839479Doppleganger Damacy Quest VIIIn which we fish for crocodiles and fall into an adventurer group's trap.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-16 47 
9843086Doppleganger Damacy Quest VIIIIn which Weasel Jesus briefly entered our lives like a sparrow through an open window. Also, Pygmy Death Wolves.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-16 46 
9924792Doppleganger Damacy Quest IXIn which we try to heal our con damage and start to tell Claire what we are.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-20 50 
10072987Doppleganger Damacy Quest XWe get our Con damage fully healed, and learn about the city and the politics. Then our carefree nomming comes to a halt...Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-27 42 
10138220Doppleganger Damacy Quest XIWe track down the adventurers to their safe house, get ready to attack, and deal with the most annoying old man ever in the process.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-29 44 
10141231Doppleganger Damacy Quest XIITempDM disappears half-way through thread, argument ensues on what to do next while waiting for his return.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-30 45 
10150655Doppleganger Damacy Quest XIIITempDM's return last thread carries over into a thread of win as we gain an ally and launch our attack.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-05-30 70 
June 2010
10212117Doppleganger Damacy Quest XIVIn which we heal up then enter the sewers once more.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-06-02 45 
10369165Doppleganger Damacy XVWherein we descend into a cave filled with shocking lizards, and their detritus.Doppleganger Damacy, OMNOMNOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-06-09 44 
10413733Doppleganger Damacy Quest XVIWherein we prepare to skip town, learn of current events, and see some giant flying hornet mounts.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-06-11 41 
10417479Doppleganger Damacy XVII Doppleganger Damacy continues. We find some clues to who we are. Also, food. :)Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Doppleganger, Quest, Growth, No stealth any more good job with the lizards guys2010-06-11 43 
10541389Doppleganger Damacy XVIIIWe found a cult last thread who believes we're their god. Now, they pave the way for us to scour the underworld for skills and feats.DoDoppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth, cult2010-06-17 44 
July 2010
11084593Bard Quest part 11?Numbering might not be the best for this quest. Standard Bard Quest stuffDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2010-07-12 4 
11193292Doppleganger Damacy XIXBack from month-long hiatus! We get information about our latest threat, boost our Intelligence, and take care of a few loose ends. Then we prepare an ambush for the only paladin of Heironeous.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth, Cult2010-07-18 33 
August 2010
11823862Doppleganger Damacy XXIn which we debate whether or not to devour the Right Arm of Heironeous.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth, Cult2010-08-26 32 
September 2010
12231166The faces of /tg/OP asks inflammatory question, invoking a glorious chain reaction of many of the faces of /tg/. The devil's advocate, the voice of reason, the troll, the zerg, the bro.epic, mindfuck, troll, wtfamireading2010-09-26 -10 
October 2010
12374819Trashy £3 romance novels based in Edwardian England...The RP...The result of a lost bet, an anon brings forth his system for playing a Harlequin romance novel. Lulz and horrific disbelief ensue.Game systems, WTF2010-10-08 30 
12549831Doppleganger Damacy XXIIIDD is back and kicked into high gear as we tie up loose ends, grow, continue to develop our allies, and more. Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth2010-10-24 41 
November 2010
12749386/tg/ Helps Anon Find a Picture Without the Text/tg/ wants a picture of a warlord fighting a dragon without the text "COME AT ME, BRO". /tg/ rushes to "help", and the picture becomes progressively more bizarre. The warrior maiden is actually breastfeeding a baby, and the dragon just showed up to warn the warrior not to stand too close to the edge.drawthread2010-11-11 94 
12776666Doppleganger Damacy XXIVThe much awaited meeting with Gaul ends with a surprise. Also some rage.Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Cult, Doppelganger Quest, Growth2010-11-13 28 
December 2010
13126445The AdAngelic VersesBlack Mesa Janitor requests draw and writefags to flesh out Angel concepts for a new expansion of AdEva. Dozens of submissions of "forgotten" Dead Sea Scrolls for SEELE ensure.Adeptus Evangelion, AdEva, Drawthreadd, Writethread, BMJ, Original Content, Game Design2010-12-13 6 
May 2011
14790589Angry drawthreaddoesn't last at least the angry doesn'tdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-03 -4 
14796751muju drawfags some moreaddresses some herp durp from the last drawthread and then powers ondrawfag, drawthread2011-05-03 0 
14806008OP MAD DRAWTHREADokay, it's only the OP post that he MR. RAGES at us.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-04 -3 
14837024Testing out new photoshop drawthreadum... yeah that's what OP doesdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-07 -2 
14843785drawrobot drawfagsit's a decent drawthreaddrawfag, drawthread2011-05-07 0 
14865493Technomance drawthreadI totally didn't include the r on purpose.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-09 -1 
14871842misc stuff drawthreadalso, rule 34 creeper girl art .... okay.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-10 1 
1488108840kun is a robot.... mode activate and all that. and he draws.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-11 -2 
14897108awesome graft drawthreadbecause stitching ideas together is win.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-12 0 
14903944trolldar drawthreadokay, so it's only one image in that. but dark eldar be trawllingdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-12 0 
14929829Doctor M drawthreadbecause last names are for square last intestinal are where it's at. also, LL is here (lapland)drawfag, drawthread2011-05-15 0 
14952887Techno, I mean dokter rotwang drawthreadold namefag name is old, technodrawfag, drawthread2011-05-17 -2 
14961201other drawfag threadbecause titles are heard to developdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 -1 
14960719porait drawthreadbecause that is what happens when B&hamkun has a tough life.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 -2 
14966871monster drawthreadum... yeah. Indonesia gives us such pleasuresdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 0 
14977303Indonesia Gentleman drawthread 3arandom numbering schemes are randomdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-19 0 
14980483other thread op drawsfunny drawfag names are .... okayish. i kid.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-19 0 
14994966Daruis drawfagsand stuff. kinda not active right now but whateverdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-21 -2 
15030628anon drawfaggotryincludes cute lady pics drawndrawfag, drawthread2011-05-24 -3 
15036913I can draw anything drawthreadincluding cute emprah on his thronedrawfag, drawthread2011-05-24 -2 
15048000one eyed drawthread timesbecause sketchy decent art is what it is..drawfag, drawthread2011-05-25 0 
15051254angry anon drawthreadat least. I think he is kindadrawfag, drawthread2011-05-26 0 
15072468Haiku drawthreadfuckit. I cannot count symabulls. or spell. also, b&hams.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-27 1 
15073710Dan drawfagshe's a tripfag or something. funny shit he does, IMHO.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-28 -1 
15082061Summer DrawthreadDrawfag taking non-meme requests. drawfag, drawthread, summer2011-05-28 -1 
15083702Duke doodlefag does thathis name. um... yeah.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry2011-05-29 -5 
15092820slightly pissed drawthreadThat's what it is.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-05-29 -2 
15099325badly drawn request hour part 32not actually part 32Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-05-30 -3 
15105821ANGRY ANON DRAWTHREAD .68BECAUSE ALL CAPS IS ANGRY.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-31 1 
15108864Greg mustache does some returningit's been awhiledrawfag, drawthread2011-05-31 -1 
July 2011
15630559The Game of Evolution 1/tg/ decides the fate of a population of animals as it traverses the eons, mutating, moving, and adapting to selective pressures in an attempt to continue its own unique branch of the tree of life.game, drawthread, collective game2011-07-19 9 
15672479General drawfaggotry in a threadbecause drawthread needs to be in a descript not a title. Greenmarine and some new people represent.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-23 -2 
15726890angry anon drawthread timesbecause anger does many things, including summoning other drawfagsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-28 -1 
15757732/co/ drawfag or something visitsstarts a drawthread, at least, I think the OP is from /co/, also greenmarineDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-31 -2 
August 2011
15983765So angry drawthreadbecause anger leads to arts. and drawing.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-19 -5 
15981897Flaming stuff drawthreadokay, just the op image, but general drawfaggotry happensdrawfag, drawthread, draw2011-08-19 -5 
1598993040k drawthreadbecause that's what the OP leads with.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-19 -8 
15995789B&Hammer40kun drawthreadalso has some livestreamin' stuff and maybe other drawfags.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-20 -2 
15999879Sir Briggs and slants drawthreadAs title.Drawthread2011-08-20 -1 
16011920Theme drawthreadFaerie and Demons says Muju, and other drawfags pitch in.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-21 -4 
16029474Angry anon drawfagsand such, a nudist lich happens. .... in a drawthreadDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-23 -7 
16037079sir scribe drawfagsin this drawthread, with some random other supportDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-24 -4 
16049314Greenmarine drawfagsincludes titsquig and Dizzit of the Necron, inna drawthreadDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-25 -7 
16064711slants and tohers drawfaggotryit's a drawthread, also involves some corrections of some kind.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-26 -4 
16084047Angry DRAWTHREADbecause they don't happen every day, so that's why this one happened. also, boobies :3.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-28 -3 
16087312Blue Drawthreadbecause that's the OP's "pen" color.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-28 -1 
16102789Greenmarine designs bitchy tauin a drawthread, and actually, that happens more then muscle tau.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-29 -10 
16116424Girlfriend drawthreadbecause an anon has a GF who drawsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-31 -9 
16128489protoculture drawthreadbecause taht shit is cute.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-31 0 
September 2011
16220250protoculture starts YA drawthreadbecause he does that kinda thingDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-08 -2 
16374298Happy MarinesHey, what if we turn the permanently scowling marine helmet into OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!Happy Marines, nightmare fuel, wtf, space marine, 40k, clown, creepy2011-09-21 22 
16433967Dan drawfags for the peepswhich includes gm and other silliness.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-27 -1 
16452109semi random drawthreadas must are, I guess, gm and others do stuffDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -1 
16457103MSpaint drawthreadbecause MSpaint stoles my soles. I'll never walk againDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -3 
16459457random drawthreadsfeaturing new and old.... drawfagsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -3 
December 2011
17175541Narutards shit up /tg/ for the 9th timeSeriously, they're like a plague. Why are they here again?shit, drawthreads, stuff that doesn't belong on /tg/2011-12-11 -11 
January 2012
17560757Stages of A.I. Growth Anon presents and explains the 7 stages of growth an A.I. undertakes to reach sentience. A.I. Growth, Artificial Intelligence, Theory, Robots2012-01-16 6 
February 2012
17764918MAQuest 1A young Newtype pilot is rescued by the Federation, along with her experimental Mobile Armor.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-02 21 
17778417MAQuest 2Shannon gets another taste of combat and makes a new friend.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-03 20 
17791313MAQuest 3Shannon explores the ship and finds something entirely unexpected.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-04 15 
17804566MAQuest 4Another Mobile Armor shows up for a beating and is not disappointed. Now with 50% more Luna II.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-05 13 
17820194Shwig Draws Monsters!Broquest's lead Drawfriend and renowned /tg/ artist Shwigity improves on your shitty MSPaint designs while writefags fluff your creatures! Shwig, Shwigity, Draw, Drawthread, Monsters, MSPaint, fluff, bestiary, kepoo2012-02-06 12 
17819391MAQuest 5Team Ex-Zeon gets a new member, and Shannon's luck remains incredible.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-06 13 
17833809MAQuest 6We investigate the ruins of Side 2, meet a Ball that has no pilot, and recover a necklace and a binder. Then we wake up back on the Trafalgar, and are told we were never anywhere near Side 2. MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-07 13 
17888142MAQuest Part 7We beat up a Zaku, and find the most expensive blueprint we're probably ever going to get.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-12 10 
17914370Devil-In-TrainingA demon comes to /tg/ for help in landing his first "sell your soul to the devil" Faustian bargain. The neckbeards flex their BBEG muscles and offer what help they can.deal with the devil, demon, devil, evil, Faustian bargain, Punisher’s daughter, Screwtape, sell your soul, Wormwood2012-02-13 10 
18123969MAQuest 8After the ship faceplants, our Newtype has another encounter with the dead, and meets Garma, somewhat less pretty than expected.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-29 6 
March 2012
18163355MAQuest 9Despite technical difficulties, we get this session off the ground. We convince Garma to a prisoner exchange, and have him lead us to his men. David Lister gets the drop on us, however.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-03-03 11 
18266408MAQuest 10We get back to the Trafalgar, and as its crew performs repairs with the help of Garma's guerrillas, we take Lister back to the abandoned Zeon base for a second look. As we snoop around, the Blue Zaku that tore apart the Nachtmaren shows up, tears through our Gundam's armor, and is only barely stopped by words.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-03-12 8 
18338330Shwig Draws Monsters 2!Renowned /tg/ artist Shwigity returns to once again improve on your shitty MSPaint designs!Shwig, Shwigity, Draw, Drawthread, Monsters, MSPaint2012-03-15 5 
April 2012
18590061MAQuest 11We wake up well rested, and begin our mobile suit training with David and Zolomon. Technical difficulties make the going slow.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-04-07 5 
18611341Doppelganger Damacy XXVAfter a long hiatus, TempDM returns and so does DD! Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Stealth, Doppleganger Quest, Growth, Cult2012-04-07 26 
May 2012
18951007MAQuest 12We arrive at Jaburo, and try to make Zeon reconsider their attack by trying to scare them off with an entire MS team of Gundams. Then we unexpectedly meet with Char.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-05-09 1 
19164148Dorftales/tg/ invades Drowtales three years after everyone stopped giving a fuck.drowtales, dwarf, dorf, dwarfs, dwarves, derpadoo, fuck you for reading this faggot, goddamn get a life2012-05-20 11 
June 2012
19485578Shwig draws your monstersdrawfriend Shwig takes people's shitscribbles and turns them into awesome monster drawingsdrawthread, Shwig, monsters2012-06-15 10 
August 2012
20183136Gerald's Epic Goomba-StompA Space Wolf falls from space to goomba-stomp a Daemon Prince.deathwatch, wtf, epic, goomba-stomp, daemon, 40k2012-08-05 5 
20317317SS13 - The Cluwne FactorySS13 thread grinds to a halt after one Anon posts the story of the Cluwne Factory - the most epic derail of a SS13 game ever seen.SS13, cluwne, butts, butt factory, wtf2012-08-15 48 
September 2012
20701207MAQuest 13Char had best start believing in ghost stories; he's in one.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-09-15 1 
December 2012
22124080Animal Raise 1: Or...Fish overlordsOP gives /tg/ animals that gain magic and intelligence from a wizard dumping magical waste in a spring. They...pick fish. All hail the fish overlords?Magic, Fish, Collective Game, WTF, Opbeingdrivencrazy2012-12-20 5 
22216188Neon Skull 2: undead boogaloo (discolitch)the work on Neon Skull (previously archived wrongly as discolitch) continues. Plot, neon, and bubblegum chewing succubi.discolitch. vidya. IDKhowtodotags.2012-12-26 12 
January 2013
22477288MAQuest: The ReturnWe're back, ladies and gentlemen.MAQuest, Newtype, Armor, Mobile, Gundam, Quest, Collective Game2013-01-09 3 
22560741The Commissar and Marcia :Training beginsa small session of training for the eldar convert, then some side pics by OPdrawthread, drawfag, eldar, IG, quest, imperial, guard, Marcia, Commissar2013-01-13 34 
22617928The Commissar and Marcia: Obstacle CourseThe Commissar's eldar conscript is put through the paces.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread2013-01-16 23 
22693544The Commissar and Marcia 6 : Devil huntMarcia starts training with someone from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, while the Commissar goes out to hunt, and is met with a nasty surpriseCollective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-20 21 
22766946The Commissar and Marcia 7Marcia finds herself in a blank, white space and gets harassed by some voices inside her head.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-24 20 
May 2013
24790756Slash Gordon!fa/tg/uy discovers a giant inflatable Ultramarine selling mobile homes by his houseUltrasmurfs, Slash Gordon, WTF, Best Value, lawsuit, heresy2013-05-13 68 
July 2013
25928879The Commissar And Marcia: SIDE EDITIONWhile the commissar is out, Marcia engages in some personal training. She sets off into the surrounding wilderness to scout out the land for the glory of the IG. Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-07-10 14 
August 2013
26667057Strike Witches '89 Quest: Deadliest CatchYou are Cyril Raskova, a proud witch of the Soviet Air Force who ends up stranded in the perilous Bering Sea.Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, Strike Wtiches Deadliest Catch2013-08-17 21 
26684929Strike Witches '89 Quest: Deadliest Catch part 2Still reeling from the loss of her leg, Cyril now has to deal with being "captured" by a crew of Alaskan crab fishermen.Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, Strike Wtiches Deadliest Catch2013-08-18 21 
January 2014
29785368The Commissar and Marcia 9: Revival EditionJoin us as the Commissar, together with is aide, finally found the tau encampment and investigation ensues.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2014-01-26 12 
March 2014
30772223The 3.5 Words DrawthrDrawthread whereupon we post three and a half words, and the OP would draw the result. Leave your hat near the door and enjoy the ride.funny, drawthread2014-03-11 7 
May 2014
32195887The Commissar and Marcia-Sidequest: Da PodAn unidentified "Space Pod" lands in the thick jungle of Feral World "Loss". The Commissar calls the guardsmen and Marcia to investigate and find a rather unexpected lifeform.Collective Game, The Commissar and Marcia, Marcia, Commissar, Imperial Guard, Eldar, drawthread, Squat, Grotling, heresy2014-05-18 7 
July 2014
33196649Vyrii Growth GameIn a strange cave-like world, mineral based beings evolve into strange and frightening forms. (Spinoff of the Primordial Evolution games)collective game, vyrii growth game, rocks, crystals, primordial evo, evolution game2014-07-07 1 
33408083That Guy does art of his hijinksDM shares art of his group's That Guy that he was making as he playedthat guy, drawthread, drawfag2014-07-15 12 
33679043Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #13Dominic meets an old friend and takes turns with the Sisters to thoroughly trounce Monsha and Kou. Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU, Naked Newtype Rainbow Dream Space2014-07-27 20 
August 2014
33833352Cursed_Apprentice_Quest 2We get some nice threads, hit on a bar maid, trick a pickpocket into touching our dick, ruin our threads after we get shot,befriend pickpocket,and figure this cult shit outshota, Cursed_Apprentice_Quest, 360noscopearrowthrow, wenches, magic, Collective game, quest, brainexplosion, hugs, brown elves, nopumpkins,2014-08-02 10 
34476717Protoculture drawthreadArchiving for those that missed it.Protoculture, Drawthread, drawfag2014-08-29 4 
34493855Mobile Suit Gundam: Shadows of Zeon Quest #21We resume with a double date that ends in a Newtype threesome, and a mafia capo gives us hints of Principality remnants repairing something under Von Braun.Shadows of Zeon, Collective Game, Mecha, Gundam, AU, Naked Newtype Rainbow Dream Space2014-08-30 14 
34476934Marines are Really Girls in Mech SuitsInkeranon drew some thingsInkeranon, Drawthread, 40K, Space Marines2014-08-30 12 
October 2014
35777719/tg/ Gerbil adventuresThe continuing adventures of /tg/ Gerbilgerbil, avatar, teegee, drawthread, drawfag2014-10-27 0 
35821782Jackles and the Blind Seer Loli/tg/ at its finest, going from FLGS That Guys to the Blind Seer Sharpshooter Loli to french gaming to the Jackless to legal ages to fuck to meta-talk./tg/, jackless, cult, blind, seer, loli, sharpshooter, That Guy, FLGS, legal, fuck, sex, meta, 4chan, wtf2014-10-29 6 
November 2014
36385215Dreamers vs Succubi Setting WorldbuildingAnon starts a thread involving Succubus Catfights. /tg/ proceeds to turn it into a setting vaguely inspired by Psychonauts and Inception and a discussion on the nature of true love, also, historic fiction. Not bad from a thread that started as Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors meets bikini wrestling.succubi, lucid dreaming, setting, worldbuilding, historic fiction, WTF, catfight2014-11-26 5 
July 2015
41327325Showtime Quest Part 4A clash between you and a Russian mercenary gets awesome.Collective Game, Showtime Quest, Drawquest2015-07-20 5 
41355688Pokemon Quest #101We venture into the jungle and stumble on a wild Pokemon fight. We meet a mysterious Tangrowth too!Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, Seviper, Tangrowth, Jungle2015-07-21 20 
41470462JOHN CENA QUEST 2You are John Cena. You hit the ring and defeat CHAOS INFUSED demonic basketball players while Donald Trump is ignored by almost everyone. Collective game, John Cena, Cena, Wrestling, Demons, CENAWINSLOL, BRRRRRAPPLEDOUGH, Basketball, wtf 2015-07-26 3 
41483230Showtime Quest Part 5A gladiatorial game ends in defeat for the noble lawyer, and members of the Orphan Patrol find themselves in trouble.Collective Game, Showtime Quest, Drawquest2015-07-27 5 
August 2015
41750281Showtime Quest Part 6We infiltrate the Bronx estate with Slick in a thrilling, unprofessional night.Collective Game, Showtime Quest, Drawquest, McLinskey2015-08-09 4 
42032505Showtime Quest Part 7Post-apocalyptic gang wars have never been more exciting! Or filled with so much sexual tension!Collective Game, Showtime Quest, Drawquest, McLinskey2015-08-23 4 
December 2016
915134Mewtwo Awakens questWe wake up and are subjected to a variety of tests. In between tests we begin plotting our escape.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2016-12-11 4 
929517Mewtwo Awakens quest 2We make our escape and fight Giovanni.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2016-12-15 2 
944277Mewtwo Awakens quest 3We rescue a Vulpix and set off to prove our strength.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2016-12-22 2 
976060Mewtwo Awakens quest 4We defeat a horde of sandslash, two pokemon rangers and then head to the nearby town of Silverock to seek greater challenges.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2016-12-27 1 
January 2017
1034930Mewtwo awakens quest 5Mewtwo finishes battling the ex-leader and something lets out a psychic screech.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2017-01-20 1 
February 2017
1085596Mewtwo Awakens quest #6We sneak into the building in the middle of town and locate the source of the psychic screeching.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2017-02-05 2 
1103461Mewtwo Awakens quest #7We cut the power and battle a mega Alakazam.Awake, Pokemon, Mewtwo, Mewtwo Awakens quest.2017-02-05 1 
May 2017
53129838Warmasters TriumvirateWhat starts as an Astartes Legion Creation Thread starts being developed into another AUspace_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-12 3 
53181029Warmasters Triumvirate IIThe AU continues to be developed, the name is settled on, the seperatist start getting some developmentspace_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-13 3 
53211711Warmasters Triumvirate IIIThe legion list is almost filled up and the reasons for the Brotherwar start getting fleshed space_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-15 3 
53238307Warmasters Triumvirate IVThe 21 legion slots are filled up, the SepMech makes it's first appearance and the Council of Nikaea gets discussed space_marines, warhammer 40k, 40k, AU, WT, W3, Warmasters Triumvirate2017-05-17 5 
53271527Warmasters Triumvirate V!Flushed out more of the Legions, ponder on the finer points of Inter-Legionary Politics and Closed out the current Legions at XXIWarmasters Triumvirate, 40k, AU, WT, W3, space_marines2017-05-18 3 
53298379Warmaster's Triumvirate VI: Horrific Casualty Rate EditionIn which no casualties are had, legions exchange hands and the debate on technology within the Sepratists begins.Warmaster's Triumvirate, 40k, AU, WT, W3, space_marines2017-05-20 3 
53371919Warmasters' Triumvirate VIIIThe Thread Where We Talked RelationshipsAU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate, WT2017-05-25 5 
September 2017
55048815Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVIIWe get to see more faces, we make terrible movie references and we pick up the slack on the Soaring Host and Emperor's DragoonsAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-09-03 2 
55195803Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVIIITwo anons come two blows, and Frederic and the Dragoons are brought up to snuff after a new anon picks them up. Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-09-10 3 
October 2017
55623873Warmasters Triumvirate XXXIThe last regular thread.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-10-02 1 
1926685Pokemon Tribe Civ #0The Draak tribe begin their ascent from survival to living. Vad catches beasts and leads his tribe to new heights.Pokemon Tribe Civ, Collective Game, Civ, Hawthorne2017-10-18 3 
1954117Pokemon Tribe Civ #1The Draak begin to capture more beasts, deal with a Durant Infestation, and receive news about an aggressively expanding tribe.Pokemon Tribe Civ, Collective Game, Civ, Hawthorne2017-10-28 2 
April 2018
58886736Paint CreaturesAnons post shitty MS Paint creatures, drawfags make them cool. A setting is created - a dumping ground for unfinished creations of gods.paint creatures, drawthread, cosmic horror2018-04-06 8 
June 2018
60197409Let These Mermaids Touch Your Dick MaybeAnon discovers a game made of wtf, mermaids, and dick touchingwtf, Indy Games, ERP, Mermaids2018-06-08 2 
February 2019
64668774Manticore/tg/ has to draw a picture of a manticore and post it in this thread or else the manticore will eat it.drawthread, manticore, art2019-02-19 6 
August 2019
3678088Fate/OvergrowthEdgar Rood, son of the Holy Grail War's overseer, enters the War on principle and exhibits his many flaws.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-08-03 6 
3756906Fate/Overgrowth - Thread IIEdgar nearly scores his first kill, discovers a predator's existence, learns more about his enemies, and has a heart-to-heart with Saber.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-08-18 4 
3719063Fate/Overgrowth - Thread II.2Actual archive of thread 2 because QM is a dunce and improperly archived thread 3 as thread 2.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-08-21 2 
September 2019
3793027Fate/Overgrowth - Thread IVEdgar narrowly escapes an attempt on his life, defeats his first enemy Servant, shows mercy to a Master, and suffers his worst wounds yet.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-09-21 2 
October 2019
3829858Fate/Overgrowth - Thread VIAngela, Ursula, Ilonasviel, three unknowns, and a gap in memory. Later, Edgar and his mother have a strange - and harsh - conversation.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-10-10 1 
3865009Fate/Overgrowth - Thread VI ActualActual archive of thread 6 because QM is terrible at archiving. Edgar spends an evening with Saber, gets scolded, and meets some new faces.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-10-25 2 
November 2019
3888764Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 7A ferocious battle, an altered state, a deception revealed, a hiatus, and a taste of things to come.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2019-11-06 2 
January 2020
3991146Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 8: Waking NightmareHiatus ends, Edgar loses consciousness a lot, chaos ensues, and secrets come to light.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-01-13 0 
4022337Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 9: Bleeding HeartA pivotal encounter begins and QM has to go on hiatus again.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-01-22 0 
February 2020
4077618What The Fuck Quest #1Gary's a 4chan anon isekai'd to a world with random weirdness, crazy girls, and dangerous flora and fauna. He finds a crystal & an ally.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-02-16 14 
March 2020
4128279What The Fuck Quest #2Gary's journey in a world with random weirdness, crazy fairies, and the odd skeleton sets out again with greater understanding.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-03-09 9 
4166313What The Fuck Quest #3Gary braves the random weirdness, crazy fairies, and sharp-toothed elven waitresses as he tackles the continued threat of orcs pursuing him.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-03-31 8 
April 2020
4201527What The Fuck Quest #4Gary continues north, facing random weirdness, crazy fairies, and eyeless golems as he strives to make something of himself in this world.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-04-18 7 
May 2020
4245808What The Fuck Quest #5In Arbor, Gary juggles random weirdness, a witch's coven, and a demon loli guardian as he tries to make something of himself in this world.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-05-10 8 
4249974Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of ClubsAce and Lorelei summon a demonMystery Investigation, Lorelei, drawthread, Peekay2020-05-14 6 
June 2020
4283646Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of MembershipAce and Lorelei recruit their succ, Jubilee, and then Peekay loses motivation to continue the thread. It will return.Mystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-06-27 6 
August 2020
4364344Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 10: Back in BlackHiatus ends again, and the final night spirals further out of control.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-08-10 0 
4383696WTF Isekai Zero Quest (Mythic RPG) #1The classical WTF Quest revisited with Mythic RPG and two new MC's. This is the first regular quest using Mythic.Collective, Mythic, Random, RPG, ShortTrip, What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ2020-08-12 -4 
4398571Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 11: Self-Propelled ServantEdgar's journey comes to an unexpected end.Integer, Fate/Overgrowth, Collective Game, Type-Moon, Fate Quest, Urban Fantasy2020-08-23 1 
September 2020
4415487WTF Isekai Zero Quest #2 (Mythic RPG)An interlude. The 2 MCs returned and a new one joined. Collective, Mythic, RPG, What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ2020-09-01 -3 
4418935Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of Membership Part DeuxThe mystery continues as Ace, Lorelei, and Jubilee investigate rumors about the old principalMystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-07 6 
4450252Meat QuestA butcher knight seeks the daughter of meat and finds koboldsMeat Quest, Chuck, Rosemary, Kammy, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-19 6 
December 2020
4535086Yunan's QuestA quest from the point of General Yunan! Scourge of the Sand Wars, Defeater of Ragnar the Wretched... after her encounter with Grimmes.Amphibia, Yunan, Newtopia, Crivora, Bard, Betrayal, Monster, Robot, Duel, The Music Box, The Music Box QM2020-12-17 20 
April 2021
4722935Wings Over Atlesia5th Thread. Stanislaw continues his night defense of Baldir Base. Later, Chimera joins Werewolf Flight in a daring rescue mission...Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron, 2021-04-25 4 
May 2021
4764605Wings Over AtlesiaThread #6. A vicious encounter with the Phantom ends in an ace going down. After, Stanislaw and buds head to town. And a new mission beckonsPilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron,2021-05-14 6 
June 2021
4810271Wings over Atlesia#7Stanislaw deals with death. We learn our enemy moniker, and the clock ticks down. The attack on the enemy airbase begins! For Konerland!Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron.2021-06-05 2 
4853581Wings over Atlesia#8Stanislaw comes inches within death. We fight a war of the past. A very fat man invites us on his ego trip, and we uncover a traitorous talkPilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron.2021-06-25 2 
July 2021
4890459Wings over Atlesia#9Chimera Flight takes matters into their own hands. Stanislaw and the others track down an alleged traitor, as tension builds...Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron.2021-07-16 1 
August 2021
4919985Wings over Atlesia #10The time has come. Stanislaw and Chimera engage Foudre Flight. Exams get in the way. Short thread. Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron2021-08-05 1 
4946638Wings over Atlesia#11The Bloody Red Angel vs the Black Lightning. A battle to the death. The end of Part 1. Forwards, pilot!Pilot Quest, WW1, Newtype, Esoteric Memes, Totally Not A Gundam/Ace Combat Ripoff, Red Baron.2021-08-26 1 
November 2022
5414507Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #1It is the year 0068 of the Universal Century, and the journey of Felix Zos Deikun begins.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, PTSD, BIG ZAM, DOZLE PILL2022-11-03 30 
January 2023
5492260Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #2It is the year 0075 the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun finds himself living among the Zabi family, biding time for revenge.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, DOZLE PILL, Kycilia's hai2023-01-11 20 
5533615Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #3It is the year 0075 the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun visits Von Braun to fulfill a promise to his childhood friend Elena.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, surprise gift, Elena2023-01-26 14 
March 2023
5575952Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #4It is the year 0075 of the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun attends the academy... and becomes a Zabi?!Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, BIG ZAM, DADZLE PILL2023-03-21 17 
April 2023
5616811Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #5It is the year 0076 of the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun slowly settles into life as a public figure and becomes a dad!Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, unplanned pregnancy, oh no2023-04-30 12 
June 2023
5670248Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #6It is the year 0076 of the Universal Century. Felix Deikun hones his newtype powers, recruits a new ally, and gets engaged to Elena!Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Ensared by Earthnoid Bazookas2023-06-28 7 
August 2023
5707978Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Vol. 13Chickens (uh, dragons) come home to roost. The Antipaladin's nemeses move, alliances are shaken, and an empire & marriage are in the balancReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, court intrigue, betrayal, grief, love, lies, character growth, climax2023-08-18 6 
September 2023
5733886Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #7t is the year 0076 of the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun spreads the good word and finds potential allies in Riah.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit2023-09-22 9 
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