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April 2009
4393640Post-Cyberpunk SettingFriend computer is dead! ...Now what? /tg/ comes up with some decent fluff.post-cyberpunk, setting, fluff2009-04-26 7 
4419141Post-Cyberpunk the Third/tg/ continues to develop the setting, Unincorporated States and Savages receive some needed flesh.post-cyberpunk, fluff2009-04-28 3 
May 2009
4535896Goopunk redeuxA continuation of the previous Goopunk thread, with a timeline and more backgroundGoo, Goopunk, Cyberpunk, Design2009-05-13 2 
July 2009
5165430Post-Cyberpunk the FourthA writefag appears and talks to himself for a while, more materialize and a plan of action is worked out.post-cyberpunk, fluff, Nutopia2009-07-16 4 
5179055Post-Cyberpunk the FifthWritefags again congregate and add more settlements and nations to the setting, some in-world stories are written.post-cyberpunk, fluff, Nutopia2009-07-17 2 
August 2009
5459874Even more Nutopiasome misconceptions about the setting are brought out and cleared up, trolls attack, original art and interpretative dancepost-cyberpunk, fluff, Nutopia2009-08-16 3 
5642930Eclipse Phase Part 3A continuation of the Eclipse Phase threadsTranshumanism, Eclipse Phase, Cyberpunk, PNP, Discussion2009-08-30 1 
December 2009
70789298-Bit Dystopia, Part IIIEven more writefaggotry for /tg/'s videogame themed dystopia. Featuring full summaries, Vectorman, and the Warriors of Light.Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, TMNT, Metroid, corporations, cyberpunk, writefaggotry2009-12-10 14 
January 2010
7516185Marvel 2099Ideas for 2099 versions of superheroes It's the EXTREME future of 1993 Marvel comics!Superhero, cyberpunk, the 90s2010-01-10 1 
7809299Reincarnation Would SuckWhat if modern-day scientists figured out how to cheat death, via a process that replaces the mind of a 9-year-old with your own? /tg/ discusses ethics & tries to predict what'd happen to society.Dagda, World Building, Cyberpunk, Ethics, Serious Business2010-01-28 2 
March 2010
8442664Nutopia Quest: Hiver Part 1The first installment of a (hopefully) ongoing series of quests in the Nutopia universe.Post-Cyberpunk, Nutopia, Quest2010-03-07 3 
8859387Cyberpunk Ain't DeadSelf-explanatory.cyberpunk, fluff, rather off-topic2010-03-29 0 
April 2010
9031381Final Stand BGMOp requests "Fuck you, I'm not going gentle into that good night" music " /TG/ delivers in spades.awesome, cyberpunk, sci-fi, roleplay2010-04-07 3 
9411794Utilitarian CyberpunkOP posits a clunky tape-drive-heavy noir setting, posts some writefaggotry, and hears about Modempunk.cyberpunk, modempunk, retrotech2010-04-25 5 
September 2011
16436924Deus Ex: MagickaA new spin to the Deus Ex series- magipunk. The main character, one mean satyr with a meaner kick named Ann O'Bedlam, awakes to find that her limbs have been replaced magically augmented metallic limbs. Deus Ex, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Goat, Satyr2011-09-27 2 
October 2011
16667544An anon asks for help creating a setting with realistic AIs.Intelligent discussion ensues.Request, AI, Cyberpunk, setting, roleplaying2011-10-19 5 
March 2012
18166379Cyberpunk character generatorEasy way to roll up a character concept for a Cyberpunk themed game.Character generator, cyberpunk, d202012-03-03 7 
18291189Shadowrun Storytime 4The Ares runs begin, Tank gets a SIN, and an interrogation gets...weird.Shadowrun, Storytime, 2D, Geppetto, Dervish, Tank, Teacup Ride, Cyberpunk, Knight Errant2012-03-12 44 
18511269Limits for modified humansOP asks how for help on how to balance modified humans when compared with normal ones. Some good cyberpunk brainstorming.cyberpunk, bionics, game balance2012-03-31 5 
October 2012
2113921703 analysis A thread about a dickish DM moment gets derailed as /tg/ dissects an image of a cyborg slicing apart a skyline. Remember: don't post images more interesting than your topic.Cyberpunk, Dearail, Picture, Cyborg, Sci-Fi2012-10-16 13 
December 2012
21994717How would'ya run a game in Gensokyo, /tg/?A discussion of what system to run a Touhou RPG eventually gets around to Cyberpunk Gensokyo.touhou, cyberpunk, power level arguing, AU2012-12-12 11 
January 2013
22368625Cyberpunk Magical Girl QuestMission Starts. Joanna Constantine, agent 029 of the Bureau, is given a mission on her day off. She isn't pleased one bit.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, Cyberpunk, Magical Girl, Platonic Forms, Joanna Constantine2013-01-03 12 
22478164Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest 02Homeland security proves to be a minor nuisance as we attempt to gather the team together.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, Cyberpunk, Magical Girl, Platonic Forms, Joanna Constantine2013-01-09 10 
22588239Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest 03You retrieve Gertrude from the cell, discover that the Lonesome Rose protocol is in effect, and abandon Victor Charlie Alpha on the chance that its been compromised.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, Cyberpunk, Magical Girl, Platonic Forms, Joanna Constantine2013-01-15 10 
22723262Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest 04You invade the Department of Homeland Security's dairy farm, unlock a new power, and search for your kidnapped comrades.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, Cyberpunk, Magical Girl, Platonic Forms, Joanna Constantine2013-01-22 12 
February 2013
23317681Racer Queens In the extreme glamour of the future-90s, mechanized idols racing comps are the shock! nineties, 90s, race queens, motorball, cyberpunk, modempunk, worldbuilding, racing2013-02-22 13 
March 2013
23461390Racer Queens 2The game about sexy cyborg racer girls shall be a card game.nineties, 90s, race queens, motorball, cyberpunk, modempunk, worldbuilding, racing, card game 2013-03-04 1 
April 2013
24088358Prodigal Boxer Quest: A Cyberpunk OneshotA quest about a cyberpunk boxer with brain problems, that tkaes place in an ambiguous cyberpunk setting.Prodigal Boxer Quest, Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Net Gain2013-04-07 10 
July 2013
26316219Tales of the lone voter/tg/ paints a horrifying vision of the future and those that fight and die in itquest, parody, grimdark, cyberpunk, lone voter, waifu, worldbuilding2013-07-30 11 
September 2013
27084779Death Of A Company Man: A Cyberpunk QuestWe play a man who gets himself into big trouble after finding hints of a traitor in his corporation and deciding to investigate. Death Of A Company Man Quest, Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Net Gain2013-09-08 7 
27219942Asshole in the Future QuestWe play Adam Rand, a jerkass with a bit of Action Hero in him, and run rampant through the futuristic city of Beijing, letting our ex tag along.Asshole in the Future Quest, Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Net Gain2013-09-15 16 
October 2013
27950997Asshole Operative QuestWhere we play man who saves a girl from her suicide, getting into deep trouble with mega corporations, and ruining our entire mission and any plans we had. just another day in the Net gain world.Asshole Operative Quest, Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Net Gain2013-10-27 8 
December 2013
29174836EDEN Quest A New Earth XVIName change, short fight progressionCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk, EDEN Quest2013-12-31 0 
February 2014
30108682Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 0You wake up in a pile of trash near a helicopter crash.Yandere, cyberpunk, quest2014-02-09 7 
30133368Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 1You get an easy kill and find out just where you are. Turns out it's somewhere not very nice.Yandere, cyberpunk, quest2014-02-10 8 
30152478Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 2You meet a possibly dirty cop, find out your love has secrets and crappy security habits, and meet the mother.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-11 25 
30179395Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 3You take a shadowy job for the dirty cop, get a new gun, grab a bag of dirty money, and get trapped with the target and his friend when mafia suddenly arrive.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-12 17 
30239417Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 4You stun some people, kill some people, get another new gun, get clocked on the head by a hobo and make breakfast to finish off a long night.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-15 12 
30266764Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 5You find some clues to how you got into The City, get a new gun and a pair of very nice blades, then you head shopping only to discover a ghost from your past is still alive.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-16 11 
30289585Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 6.1You follow a ghost of your past into a gunfight, but them OP has to cut the session short.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-17 10 
30308340Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 7You find out your Papa is evil, your Mom tried to save your life, and that the mystery surrounding you is deeper than you imagined.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-18 15 
30375396Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 8You get roped into doing a jailbreak, and find out that others have the same idea.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-21 11 
30394430Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 9You break out a pilot, slice a robot into pieces, find out you were going to be framed, broke a man's spirit and body, and found out a place that your mother may be hiding in before another troubled mother makes a request.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-22 10 
30416132Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 10You stalk your love for his mother, meet with the pilot you rescued and get some gear and ammo, and return home to be reminded that a mother is one of the scariest people in the world.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-23 15 
30438513Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 11You fake a man's death, and decide to investigate your Mom's safehouse. Inside, you meet a long-lost sister and nearly get killed by her.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-24 16 
30528547Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 12You find out that there is another sister who trolled you, share a tender moment and get some questions answered by the sister you saved, and make preparations when mercs spoil the party.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-28 9 
March 2014
30550403Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 13You get into a heated battle with a Mini-Tank and get wrecked before wrecking the tank back, you then dream before your insane sister hacks your brain to deliver a message.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-01 8 
30614669Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 14You fall off a roof and on top of your beloved, you reaffirm your wish to do whatever it takes to help, see the Moord Nag for the first time, and after Mom purges harmful code from your systems you discover that your past is far, far more complicated than you really know.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-04 14 
30714372Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 15You go deep cover, troll the Red Queen with a handshake, meet a strange man in a Junkyard, get trolled by Hacker Sis again, sneak through a ruined industrial area, and after a paranoid moment with a family having suspicious car trouble, you get ready to begin planting spy cameras.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-09 8 
30733684Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 16You steal a woman's clothes, plant cameras, have a disgusting encounter with another man, finish planting cameras, save a girl from trouble and get her number, give some data and get a gift from Troll-sis in return, have a bad emotional experience when you can't laugh, get comforted by Troll-sis, comfort Ian, and find out that you need to see Troll-sis to finally crack that neural core. It's been a busy day.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-10 9 
30835975Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 17You go meet with hacker-sis, discover that she both has no shame and is an incredible multi-tasker, find out that there is a fifth sister in That Man's grip, find out that Neural Core was a bust except for the possibility of a Cool Bike, and choose to get Optical Camouflage only to meet someone we never expected.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-15 9 
30855622Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 18You have an incredibly disturbing nightmare while getting optical camouflage installed, see points in the future because of it, and snap from the mental and emotional stress it caused. Then Ian Carter comforts you in your time of need.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-16 9 
30872378Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 19You get confronted by the mother and finally, after long last, reveal the truth about yourself. And Ian accepts you. Meanwhile, Rebecca knows something you don't, a favourite aunt is going to see her nephew, and your Mom prepares to get inked while hiding from That Man.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-16 14 
30898920Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 20: Arc 1 EndgameYou go to the Moord Nag to secure weapons for the job, and get challenged on your skills. After sneaking into her office, you find out that the Battlefield Generation all have links, Ian's Mom was damn hot for a supersoldier, and that the Moord Nag is damn sneaky as the First Arc enters into it's endgame.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-18 8 
30959360Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 21: Arc 1 EndgameYou get confronted with Rebecca's suspicions about Cassandra, which only confirm your own. You find out that Rat is someone with connections much higher than the street and a plan to infiltrate the local military base gets a little complicated.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-21 8 
30979741Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 22: Arc 1 EndgameYou deal with a very bothersome situation as you bring the air defence networks under Hacker-sis' control.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-22 9 
31022149Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 23: Arc 1 EndgameYou infiltrate the facility with your team and pull it off smoothly, quickly, quietly and cleanly, before Victoria observes the results of an important choice.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-24 8 
31041829Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 24 PausedYou start the mission to kill the Red Queen, but OP suddenly has to leave for the day.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-24 7 
31104083Cyberpunk Chef Quest #1/tg/ decides on a cute brown girl protagonist, has a lucky first day at work.Cyberpunk, Cyberpuk Chef Quest, Brown Girl, Collective Game2014-03-28 7 
31121900Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 24: Arc 1 EndgameAfter a strange moment of discontinuity, you fight off pursuing helicopters to reach the Old City, now a warzone. You get a glimpse of Rebecca's casual brutality, before helping some cops, get knocked on your ass by a Railgun, and then witness the true terror of a Battlefield Generation in action. Finally, the true enemy reveals herself for the fight that will decide the fate of The City!Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-29 8 
31142179Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 25: Arc 1 CompletedIt's over. The Queen is dead. You've save The City, and for now, you have the man of your dreams. Congratulations.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-30 14 
April 2014
31300908Convict Cyborg Quest: Iteration OneYou are Clark Weston. You're a prisoner. And you're very, very bored. You also suspect that the two facts might be relatedconvict cyborg quest, Herbert, sci-fi, cyberpunk, collective game2014-04-07 9 
31389872Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 26You are enrolled in school in order to make friends, and you make friends with some interesting girls, before one of them saves you from a bully, sharing an important secret with you. Meanwhile, a stalker decides that you must belong to her.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-11 7 
31412455Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 27Things slow down a little as you go on a shopping trip and find out that another of your new friends is not as normal as she appears. And then you meet someone who may be a future threat.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-12 7 
31454023Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 28Your temper flares when a childhood friend of Ian returns, and after making a foolish move, you discover that there maybe someone very dangerous in the school.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-14 7 
31539315Convict Cyborg Quest: Iteration ThreePart 2: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/31387395/convict cyborg quest, Herbert, sci-fi, cyberpunk, collective game2014-04-18 1 
31583480Convict Cyborg Quest: Iteration FourYou are Clark Weston. Incarnation of genius, rifle maestro and the happiest husband in the world. WHY IS OUR WIFE SO CRAZY.convict cyborg quest, collective game, Herbert, cyberpunk, sci-fi, AI, power armour, military2014-04-20 3 
31604462Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 29Early archive as OP has to head out, but you find that everyone knows something but you, and it scares them.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-21 7 
31711980Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 30You hatch a plan to expose more of the mystery surrounding Hana Kanzaki, only for a mysterious Kitsune to attack your captors for an unknown purpose.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-26 7 
31761090Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 31You find a few clues in the ruins, and then suffer a bad vehicle crash before getting a cool bike. After finding that Seattle is important to Mom for some reason, you find her last gift to you, and a last message.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-28 5 
May 2014
31870185Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 32You find an important link between the mysterious killer and Kitsune. Midori Kanzaki gives you a filthy feeling. And you discover a ghost outside your safehouse.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-05-03 6 
June 2014
32509785Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 33OP finally gets his shit in order, and in this short episode Alice learns some disturbing truths about Midori and Hana before witnessing an enraging sight.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-06-02 5 
32592832Cyberpunk Yandere Quest 34You watch a suspicious news report and have a brief war council with Rebecca. Then Ian comes home, and...Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-06-06 10 
July 2014
33321964Batman Beyond: Ace Quest Episode 1Aceria "Ace" Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman, arrives in Gotham to reconnect with her estranged father.Batman Beyond Ace Quest, Batman, Cyberpunk, Collective Game2014-07-11 8 
August 2014
34281452Timesplicer QuestA necromancer from medieval times gets thrown into a cyberpunk future with nothing but the (odd) clothes on his back, and his trusty catalyst. Timetravel, Magic, Cyberpunk, Quest2014-08-21 5 
December 2014
36623693Cyberpunk Civilian LifeAnon asks what citizen life in a cyberpunk world would be like. A discussion on freedoms vs effectivity, multiple already existing works of cyberpunk and feels-inducing stories takes place. Also a bit of on-topic discussion, cyborg lawyer hiveminds, recommendations for how to make insects edible and a discussion on christ figures in fiction.cyberpunk, worldbuilding, writefag, feels, insects,2014-12-08 5 
March 2015
38660820ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 1Bit interviews for his new partner, answers messages, and hits the second round of qualifiers!Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, 2015-03-13 1 
38775234ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 2Bit faces the aftermath of his second qualifier, his sister spends the night and Ms Shank makes a deal.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-18 3 
38856800ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 3Bit explains what sleep is to an AI, and fights a banana split.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-22 3 
April 2015
39096605ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 4Bit arranges an upgrade with an Avatar designer, Beatie practices her music career, and Ms Shank tells Bit about a startling reality of someone close to him.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-03 7 
39078551What would be a Vaporwave Setting for an RPG?/tg/ discusses the prospect of a Vaporwave RPGcyberpunk, vaporwave, cyber punk, vapor wave2015-04-04 2 
39244894ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 5Bit has anxiety about the first qualifier as he chooses a publisher to give him an edge against Iron Angel.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-10 3 
39389521ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 6Night Lancer faces off against Iron Angel in the Sequoia wood. Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-17 2 
April 2016
46700945Script Kitten Quest #1First Episode of Script Kitten Questscript_kitten_quest, skq, cyberpunk, collective_game, catgirl, waifu2016-04-16 3 
May 2016
87864Cyberpunk Detective QuestWhen a man falls to his death from the spaceport above Quito, Detective Jeremy Bash and his robot partner Lyle investigate.Cyberpunk, Detective, Quest, Sci-fi, noir2016-05-08 7 
163544Cyberpunk Detective Quest 2As the body count rises and time grows short Detective Bash and his robot partner Lyle race to find the source of a killer computer program.Cyberpunk, Detective, Quest, Sci-fi, noir2016-05-22 3 
195710Cyberpunk Detective Quest 3In the wake of a devastating virus, Detective Jeremy Bash and his partner confront the killers while trying to stay alive themselves.Cyberpunk, Detective, Quest, Sci-fi, noir2016-05-28 2 
June 2016
309752Cyborg Mercenary Quest: Thread IWe're introduced to our go-getter cyborg heroine, cause chaos in a night club and are stylish as hell. At least five people die.cyborg mercenary quest, cyberpunk, masheenQM2016-06-30 2 
July 2016
321081Cyborg Mercenary Quest: Thread IIWe meet some of our associates, get a new contract and buy some upgrades. The QM also wrestles with their Internet connection a lot.cyberpunk, Cyborg Mercenary Quest, masheenQM2016-07-03 1 
48185231Cyberpunk 2077/AsiawaveAnons get together and create a cyberpunk setting where the Japanese economic bubble never burst. Fun times are had.Cyberpunk, Homebrew, Setting, Worldbuilding2016-07-13 2 
48261041Cyberpunk 2077/Asiawave #2Shitposting and Cyberpunk continues with more discussion and worldbuildingCyberpunk, Homebrew, Setting, Worldbuilding2016-07-17 1 
48485064Jazz Age CampaignAn opening about Art Deco leads to a plethora of ideas about a setting of bubbling ideologies and the optimism of a better futurejazz age, cyberpunk, art deco, art nouveau, futurism, history, twentieth century2016-07-29 14 
August 2016
48935703Great Powers in the 2060'sWorldbuilding a Transhuman Space style return to the Great Powers era (the collapse of the Superpower era, basically) as a setting.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, military, future, setting, great powers, politics,2016-08-25 -13 
September 2016
579217Cyber Demon Quest #1Your name used to be John Smith, mild mannered cracker in the city of Neo York. Now you're the Steelshape called Saurian, and you're hungrCyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Shin Megami Tensei, Deus Ex, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists2016-09-19 12 
613821Cyber Demon Quest Episode 2Steelshape Saurian kills and eats the Steelshape Berserker, fights Puma, has a girl fall in love with him, and gets shot at repeatedly.Cyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists, violence2016-09-26 17 
October 2016
641510Cyber Demon Quest Episode 3We are Steelshape Saurian, and we find out that someone's been distributing guns, before encountering Squid and Aries.Cyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists, violence, waifu2016-10-03 10 
November 2016
49998254Cyberpunk Plot Hooks/tg/ creates plot hooks for cyberpunk games.worldbuilding, plot hooks, cyberpunk, AI, megacorps,2016-11-01 5 
April 2017
52736110Ancient Egyptian Cyberpunk Setting/tg/ makes a setting based off a mixture of ancient egyptian mythology, culture and magitech cyberpunk.worldbuilding, setting, cyberpunk, magitech, 2017-04-25 4 
July 2017
1620344I'll draw you stuff IVA new character is chosen: A cyberpunk security guard who promptly gets involved in mysterious mysterydrawquest, drawing, drawfag, Cyberpunk, eraquest, scifi2017-07-02 1 
53944400An Ancient Evil Awakens!Activities for recently unsealed ancient evils besides world conquest and potential tactics for the conquest of the modern world.sauron, ancient evil, BBEG, worldbuilding, conquest, cyberpunk,2017-07-02 5 
53916206Communism in CyberpunkWorldbuilding for a cyberpunk setting where rather than megacorporations, communism has taken over society. kafkaesque, dystopia, cyberpunk, communism, soviet, eastern bloc, setting, worldbuilding, 2017-07-05 1 
1635403I'll draw you stuff VCharley encounters a weird thingdrawquest, drawing, drawfag, Cyberpunk, eraquest, scifi2017-07-07 1 
April 2018
2442415Cyberpunk Parahuman Quest Thread OneZander B. Krupp, loyal friend turned superpowered vigilante, fights crime in a dome city a hundred years into the future.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Parahuman, Superpower, Cape, Chitter2018-04-05 1 
2450509Cyberpunk Parahuman Quest Thread TwoZander sees his neighbor's newborn kittens, thoroughly interrogates a gangster, bargain hunts at a thrift store, and goes grocery shopping.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Parahuman, Superpower, Cape, Chitter2018-04-11 0 
May 2018
59436349Putting the Punk in CyberpunkDiscussion of new cyberpunk setting creation and keeping the "punk" element.cyberpunk, setting, worldbuilding2018-05-04 3 
June 2018
2643985Umbra City QuestQM has rocky start but tries his best to maintain. Thread died due to lack of interest before the action could pick up, sadly.cyberpunk, biopunk, action, henshin, henshin heroes, tranformation, original setting, original quest, 1/1, Taleteller, Bio-Armor2018-06-21 1 
August 2018
2803747Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 2Grimm hunts endangered enemies at the zoo.Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Zoo2018-08-18 4 
November 2018
3031049Cyberpunk Operative Quest: Department 7Main character Deltorian Tessan deals with a terror attack at the English Canal Mag Rail tunnel.Cyberpunk Operative Quest, Department 7, Sci-fi, cyberpunk, action,2018-11-10 1 
December 2018
3062367Cyberpunk Operative Quest: Department 7, Part 2Del shows some rookies around Department 7.Cyberpunk Operative Quest, Department 7, Sci-fi, cyberpunk, action,2018-12-19 1 
February 2019
64368872Can Orthodox Jews get Cybernetics?The question gets derailed by Jews, and if uplifted dolphins can convert Cyberpunk, Jews, discussion2019-02-01 23 
March 2019
3357848Audas City Stories: Race 1A ghost hunter in a futuristic skatepunk city comes across an unusual visitor from the world below. Audas, ACS, Diarca, Quest, cyberpunk, geist2019-03-26 6 
May 2019
3507592Strike Mech '90The elite, international mercenary company, Edgeline, engages in operations in Cameroon using their combat mechs.Mecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-05-17 8 
3526616Strike Mech '98 #1Eight years after the slaughter at Barnake, we join Sparks and Reznick at the start of a new chapter in Edgeline's history.Mecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-05-31 2 
June 2019
3558983Strike Mech '98 #2Sparks makes a date with Sheila, Reznick gets to know his team, and the mission at El Gancho gets underwayMecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-06-14 2 
3588776Strike Mech '98 #3Scythe Team is dispatched for the fighting in MexicoMecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-06-28 2 
July 2019
3622314Strike Mech '98 #4The mission at El Gancho is concluded, tempers flare and crew let their guard down. A colelctive 'letting off of steam'Mecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-07-06 1 
August 2019
3745255My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GFIn the cybernetic future, you sign up for a government issue big titty goth girlfriendGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2019-08-21 27 
September 2019
3785625My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Vol. 2You take your Goth GF to DennysGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2019-09-09 14 
October 2019
3824506My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Vol. 3Trash a cat, face gets sat, girlfriend spatGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2019-10-01 7 
3857237My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Vol. 4Sleepy Time, Tower Climb, Meet the boss, Is this loss?Goth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2019-10-17 7 
December 2019
3951227Late Night: Sequence 1An amnesiac awakens in a bathroom at a club and begins their quest.Late Night, cyberpunk, fantasy, magic 2019-12-16 0 
70071839Which genre of setting has the best girls?Anon's discuss which genre has best girls, devolves into Arthurian Lady Kight and Squire Boy lewdsLady Knight, Girls, Lewd, Writefags, Fetish, Cyberpunk, Arthurian2019-12-30 0 
February 2020
4099115Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #1Kentaro gets a promotionCollective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-02-29 7 
March 2020
4117291Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #2Kentaro hires a netrunner guideCollective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-03-17 1 
71536695Anon makes cyberpunk E-girl cultsAnon floats the idea of modern e-girl culture being taken to a violent extreme in the gritty cyberpunk future.cyberpunk, e-girl2020-03-21 13 
4143080Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #3Kentaro gets told by Kyune to join her rival's camp.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-03-30 0 
April 2020
4167114Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #4Kentaro commits to helping Akira with her addictionCollective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-04-13 0 
4185830My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Sidestory Oneshot Super Deluxe Edition A sidestory in the My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF about a hacker and his GF. Goth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2020-04-14 8 
4206590My Government Issued Big Titty Goth GF Vol. 5Trailer Life, Future Strife, Emotion Rife, Get a WifeGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Combat, Sisters, Wilson2020-04-27 8 
4193893Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #5Kentaro discovers an experimental enforcer training program while Yoji raids an Ishii stockpile.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-04-28 0 
May 2020
4224373Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #6Kentaro gets infected with a virus again. This time he isn't so lucky.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-05-18 0 
June 2020
4266087Cyberpunk Princess Quest #1We get to know our new POV character, KaguyaCollective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-06-14 3 
July 2020
4307743Cyberpunk Princess Quest #2Kaguya takes an excursion into cyberspace before learning about Hosoda-san's addiction.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-07-11 0 
4324657New Light FlightsMelanie Dread, callsign 'Radiant', delivers packages in a cyberpunk world.Cyberpunk, Motorcycle, Radiant. Radiantqm, deliverly, collective quest2020-07-21 2 
August 2020
74206746original scifi gangs and post-apoc raider factions/tg/ worldbuilds ideas for original scifi gangs and post-apoc raider factions.worldbuilding, scifi, cyberpunk, post-apoc, street samurai,2020-08-09 0 
4357445Cyberpunk Princess Quest #3Kaguya takes an excursion into the upper-middle class part of Noir.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-08-12 0 
74410233o/nWoDg gets crashed by The OmnissiahThe God-Emperor's waifu/Sasha Vykos's childer invades WoDg with SASS and VULGAR MAGIC ADVICE FOR /tg/ CUCKS!oWoD, nWoD, AdMech, Sasha Vykos, MtG, deeplore, 40k, Warhammer 40k, Vampire, Vampire 2020, cyberpunk, CCGs, lolcows2020-08-19 -4 
74404212Dystopian Cyberpunk Setting/tg/ attempts to worldbuild a cyberpunk dystopia, only to discover everything they propose has actually happened.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, dystopia, metafictional, depressing2020-08-23 -4 
4381733New Lights Flights 2Radiant continues to deliver packages with upmost carecyberpunk, radiant, Radiantqm, motorcycle, collective quest, new lights flights2020-08-23 1 
4406708Cyberpunk Princess Quest #4Kyune fights her duel with her Father and Kaguya answers for the crime of going outside.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-08-27 0 
September 2020
74802194solarpunk vs cyberpunk discussion threadA thread about solarpunk is derailed into worldbuilding an all-new twist on cyberpunk dystopias.solarpunk, cyberpunk, worldbuilding, setting,2020-09-12 -2 
October 2020
4443474Cyberpunk Princess Quest #5Kaguya meets her mother, meets her other mother, then maybe gets a Handmaid killed.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-10-09 1 
75306716non-corporate cyberpunkWhat are some alternatives for cyberpunk dystopias where the power of the megacorps has been broken?worldbuilding, cyberpunk, dystopia,80s Czechoslovakia, fall of the soviet union,2020-10-10 -1 
75433221Cyberpunk Faith Worldbuilding/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds religions for cyberpunk settings. Somehow this ends up involving prosthetic hearts for giant lobsters.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, religion, cults, leviathan lobster god,2020-10-19 1 
November 2020
4501672Cyberpunk Princess Quest #6Kaguya hires a nightrunnerCollective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-11-19 0 
December 2020
76482649Original Cyberpunk Gangs/tg/ invents some original factions for cyberpunk and burgerpunk settings.cyberpunk, burgerpunk, worldbuilding, blackpowder muskets,2020-12-18 4 
76520719Original Cyberpunk Gangs Thread #2In which Hereditary CEO X Æ A-12 Musk the fifth is overthrown by commies and the Society for Creative Anachronism is infiltrated by the FBI.cyberpunk, burgerpunk, worldbuilding, Society for Creative Anachronism, martians, communism, cyberpunks in space,2020-12-21 -1 
76561000Original Cyberpunk Gangs Thread #3In which genetically engineered catgirls for domestic companionship have a civil rights movement and everyone misunderstands Blade Runner.cyberpunk, burgerpunk, worldbuilding, blade runner, blade runner 2049,2020-12-22 -6 
4548553Cyberpunk Princess Quest #7Kaguya switches from archery to firearms, and finally gets her gothloli dress.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2020-12-26 0 
January 2021
76699814you've been charged with making the next great cyberpunk setting/tg/ discusses cyberpunk.worldbuilding, setting, dystopia, cyberpunk,2021-01-02 -1 
76720490Boring FutureMundane uses for cyberpunk technology.cyberpunk, cyborg, cybernetics, transhuman, posthuman, DRM, planned obsolescence, spyware, dystopia,2021-01-02 1 
76585688Draw your party thread: Christmas 2020 and New YearsDrawings of parties, GMing advice, people talk about games, storytime, a drawfag starts on a new template.Draw, party, storytime, noir, Black Crusade, Nechronica, Genesys, d&d, WFRP, Only War, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds2021-01-03 1 
4585545Cyberpunk Princess Quest #7Kaguya learns of an upcoming social visit and Judas hacks into the Muramoto Corporation system.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2021-01-31 0 
February 2021
4658498My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GFIn the cybernetic future +45 years, you sign up for a government issued small titty tomboy girlfriendGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-02-28 11 
March 2021
4640730Cyberpunk Princess Quest #8Kaguya meets a charming Ishii prince and spoiled princess.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2021-03-12 0 
4673774My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 2Double corpo schemes, deluxe hacker dreams, catastrovania peensGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-03-16 7 
78105088contemporary cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based upon modernity's fears of the future rather than those of the eighties be like?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia,2021-03-18 -12 
78144460demobilizing veteran cyborg supersoldiersOnce the war is over, what happens to the cybernetically augmented veterans?worldbuilding, cyberpunk, supersoldier, robocop, six million dollar man, cyborg, transhuman, posthuman, storytime, writefag,2021-03-22 0 
4711824Inner District Blues [01]A visionary street kid in a neon city harnesses exotic technology in an uphill battle to protect his block from the corporate machine.Inner District Blues, IDB, Tech Noir, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Chairman, Action, Collective Game2021-03-31 1 
April 2021
78328758solarpunk made punkHow to make a dystopian solarpunk setting?worldbuilding, solarpunk, cyberpunk, dystopia, setting,2021-04-03 0 
4697498My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 3Brainworm appear, Desert cat rear, Tomboy rendezvous, and Catastrovania tooGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-04-11 6 
4721293 Cyberpunk Princess Quest #10Kaguya plays the part of a good hostess, spills tea on her guest, then the QM gets infected with the flake virus.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2021-04-28 0 
June 2021
4844864 Cyberpunk Princess Quest #11Kaguya witnesses a duel between Kuro-kun and Kyune Onee-chan before lying to Winslet-san.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2021-06-20 0 
July 2021
80049491modern cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based off the modern zeitgeist rather than that of the eighties consist of?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia, feudalism,2021-07-02 -4 
4852141Cyber Moon #1Cyber Moon is a gritty cyberpunk cross-over between RoboCop and Sailor Moon.Cyber Moon, Sailor Moon, Robocop, Cyberpunk, Collective Game2021-07-08 0 
4892835Inner District Blues [02]New players are entering the Freeland game. We explore sites of importance and learn the word on the streets.Inner District Blues, IDB, Tech Noir, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Chairman, Action, Collective Game2021-07-16 1 
4913374Cyberpunk Princess Quest #12QM loses motivation and flakes.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest2021-07-25 0 
4927439Immortal Meatbag Part 0A not-so-super hero fights lots of lizards, meets an old friend. Collective Game, Superheroes, Cyberpunk, Body Horror2021-07-27 2 
August 2021
80736338Draw your party thread: Bug, Glug, and ChugDrawings of parties and people people talk about games. A Lasgun happens.Draw, party, storytime, d&d, 5e, Only War, dark heresy, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, shadowrun, Lasgun, Black Crusade, Nechronica, template2021-08-17 0 
4924330New Light Flights 3Radiant wins her 2nd race, gets locked up with a killing machine, and has a very important dinner!New Light Flights, Radiant, Radiantqm, cyberpunk, motorcycle, collective game2021-08-29 1 
September 2021
4945851My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 4Cyborg and ghosts, Goth Joy promotes. Crazy bot and Jabberwock, Vanessa hungry for the cock. Martin with cats to frankenstein big fat tats. Goth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-09-04 2 
October 2021
4982127New Light Flights 4Radiant finishes up her date, meets her new techhead RR, shit hits the fan, and OP gets a life.New Light Flights, Radiant, Radiantqm, cyberpunk, motorcycle, collective game 2021-10-22 0 
May 2022
5266294Choose Your Own Faction, The Second Superweapon ( /civ/?)Experimental Format, 2031 Alt-His Setting, Turns into Wargaming as Democratic RussiansCYOF, Cyberpunk, Civ, TZAR Setting, Alternate History, Alt His, Alt-His, Near Future, Wargaming, Kill or Be Killed2022-05-24 1 
June 2022
5274458CYOF, The Second Superweapon, The Struggle for Europe ( /civ/?)Major Wargame Battle is waged, thread turns into overly long character drama with too much lore. Wargame, Civ, CYOF, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, Russia, Slavic, Modern Warfare, TZAR Setting, Alternate History, Near Future, KoBK2022-06-01 1 
5232674 Grimdark Cyberpunk Capeshit Vigilante QuestSimon P. Campbell awakens to the power of superdurabilty, and begins his one man war on all the scum strangling the life out of the megacityCollective Game, Grimdark Cyberpunk Capeshit Vigilante Quest, Grimdark, Capeshit, Cyberpunk, Vigilante, Quest, Slumlord2022-06-02 5 
84877180Why doesn't the modern surveillance state immediately unmask the secret identities of all superheroes?The modern equivalent of Local Lordposting turns into a serious discussion on vigilantism and the state monopoly of force.superheroes, cyberpunk, local lord2022-06-18 -1 
August 2022
5336778The ARASI War (WW3, CYOF, TZAR, CivPlayers vote to be a NAU Analyst in West Africa. Battles are fought, hundreds die, and the MC searches for answers.Elections in West Africa?Wargame, Civ, CYOF, TZAR, LoN, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, American, Canadian, Modern Warfare, Korova Analyst, NAU2022-08-16 2 
September 2022
5391397The LIGHTNING SEAPRELUDE: Life is the stag pierced by arrows Made into wounded wings.collective game, quest, cyberpunk, gilgamesh, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, horror, spaceship, sword, sorcery, guns, poem, poetry, dystopia2022-09-02 0 
5358546My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 4Pinky promise broke, left the boob folk, plantation brain stroke, I really need a smokeGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2022-09-11 2 
December 2022
5462082Future Blades - A Cyberpunk StoryA blackpilled incel in 22nd century Thailand joins a gang and tries to rebuild his life after being disowned by his family and friendsCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Swordfighting, Action2022-12-26 2 
January 2023
5508809Future Blades Epilogue Nhon leaves the life of crime and reconnects with his sister. Also background notes and Omake of him and a vtuber he watchesCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Epilogue, Background notes, Omake2023-01-06 1 
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