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May 2012
19275428Sorceress Quest 1The daughter of Arcturus ends up in a new world, and quickly befriends a bear, two rangers, and then burns a few trolls to death.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-29 40 
19288653Sorceress Quest 2Where Ishelda hobnobs with nobles, ousts a conspirator, meets some orcs, and nat 100s, nat 100s everywhere.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-30 28 
19302286Sorceress Quest 3Ishelda out-magics some birdbrains, meets some orcs, and ORCISH HISTORY LESSONSCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-31 24 
June 2012
19315502Sorceress Quest 4Ishelda meets some trolls, Lewin burns some trolls, and then the group meets some royalty.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-01 20 
19326811Sorceress Quest 5Where Ishelda gets some new gear, talks to royalty, goes back to Sirius city, and plans a scenic route to elven lands.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-02 20 
19336888Sorceress Quest 6Where Ishelda inadvertently kills Uriel, travels to the elven lands, and meets some elves.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-03 17 
19348622Sorceress Quest 7In which we learn a bit about Elven culture, Kiyara, and start construction of an airship.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-04 18 
19360912Sorceress Quest 8In which the airship starts working, we learn more about Kiyara, and torture the rangers by teaching them to Waltz. Also, we meet Ser Bubbles.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-05 20 
19385231Sorceress Quest 9In which Ishelda starts rallying up elves and orcs to fight demons, and we find out more about Ser Bubbles.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-07 20 
19397395Sorceress Quest 10We have a talk with Azariel, learn a few things, learn that dragons can end the world, and Ezekiel joins the party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-08 18 
19409673Sorceress Quest 11We take a break in lizardman land, meet more coven, and invent a signature spell. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-09 20 
19421066Sorceress Quest 12Wherein we get to the Wall, create a new troll, learn more of the demons and Kyvann, and have some girltalk with Raziel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-10 16 
19433610Sorceress Quest 13Wherein we fight demons, shove PURE ANGER into a dragon's nostrils, and free Kyvann. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-11 16 
19446344Sorceress Quest 14wherein we introduce Ezekiel and Raziel to the queen without issue, and Grubwort turns out to be leaving the party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-12 16 
19457368Sorceress Quest 15Wherein Ishelda plans for the future, learns more of demons and her own magic, and we return to sandbox mode.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-13 16 
19469338Sorceress Quest 16Wherein we meet a dead wizard and give them a body, and then steal the seeds for elven flowers. Lewin gets injured.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-14 18 
19481855Sorceress Quest 17In which we upgrade the Jormungandr, learn more of ogres and dragons, and Ell's lineage is discoveredCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-15 16 
19492272Sorceress Quest 18Wherein we have cryptic talk with Impulse, political talk with Vithriel, and then an angry talk with Fellwind.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-16 16 
19505182Sorceress Quest 19Wherin we have some GIRL TALK with raziel, take a dive into memory lane, and Impulse gets tricksy.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabytes2012-06-17 20 
19517458Sorceress Quest 20Wherin we have Bubbles stolen, acquire the Heart, Fellwind and Lewin leave, but we meet Kristoph, and prepare for the ball.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-18 18 
19531150Sorceress Quest 21Wherein Ishelda goes to the ball, gets antagonized by the High Lady Cerulean, and then has a talk with High Lord Sirius. the idea of the coalition is brought up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-19 16 
19544303Sorceress Quest 22Wherin we retrieve some artifacts, do a physical training montage, do the BEARDROP DEEPSTRIKE, and brain someone with a brick.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-20 16 
19556387Sorceress Quest 23Wherin we speak with Marigold, learn more about artifacts, and meet High Lord Ursae.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-21 15 
19569309Sorceress Quest 24Wherin we talk with Raziel, Marigold, and learn a bit more about kalak physiology. Also, girltalk. lots of girltalk.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-22 17 
19582485Sorceress Quest 25Wherin we meet the High Lord and Lady Neptune, fight some mutants, a small bit of girl talk, and we enter the Warped Lands.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-23 20 
19594895Sorceress Quest 26Wherin we meet time-travelling kalak, cute hatchling kalak, an old kalak, and then a shitstorm ensues.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-24 16 
19608787Sorceress Quest 27Wherin we have a questions and answers session with Azariel, settle things with the Evil Twins, and find out that there's something lurking inside of the ankh.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-25 20 
19622655Sorceress Quest 28Wherein we speak with a very rude dragon, learn about sorcery, go to the crypt, learn about shapeshifting, and learn about necromancy.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-26 22 
19637214Sorceress Quest 29Wherein we toy with shapeshifting, talk with everyone, find out that Kaliel is really creepy, and then so much girltalkCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-27 20 
19650366Sorceress Quest 30Wherein we travel to hobgoblin lands, confirm the closure of the demon portal, meet the elves there, and UNLEASH VENGEANCE.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-28 20 
19659775Sorceress Quest 31Wherein The Wanderer gives us a cryptic warning, we meet Redglare, and meet one of Kaliel's creepy creations.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-29 20 
19673804Sorceress Quest 32Wherin we stop Eidolon's resurrection, hit Ragnarok multiple times, become Boss of a kobold clan, and close a stable time loop.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-30 17 
July 2012
19697457Sorceress Quest 33Wherin we have no clue what is going on anymore. We learn about the mask, the Wanderer, Eidolon, and Ragnarok.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-02 16 
19711602Sorceress Quest 34Wherin we drop off the kobolds, Marigold has some fun with knives, and then we talk to Venus. More mindfuck, and a certain word is spoken aloud.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-03 14 
19725034Sorceress Quest 35Wherin we meet some human ex-slaves, design a zergattata, and watch a duel. Also, necromancy time with raziel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-04 14 
19737156Sorceress Quest 36In which we find out that Arcuturs may not be dead after all, talk to High Lord Venus some more, and oversee negotiations. Finally, a talk with Azariel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-05 14 
19751184Sorceress Quest 37In which we learn about Cerulean's murder, hear Raziel and Kristoph shack up, and turn Grayson into a human.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-06 15 
19792662Sorceress Quest 39In which we finally get to orcish lands. Hopefully.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-08 14 
19806745Sorceress Quest 40Wherin we talk with the orcs and learn exactly what has been going on with The Wanderer. Hopefully.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-09 16 
August 2012
20373396Sorceress Quest 41Wherein Ishelda isn't a little girl anymore.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-18 15 
20387551Sorceress Quest 42Mind-controlling cults are bad news.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-19 13 
20402632Sorceress Quest 43Wherein Kristoph is rather upset.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-20 14 
20412148Sorceress Quest 44Wherein we learn more about Feegul and his clan of kobolds.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-21 12 
20426588Sorceress Quest 45Wherein we travel around the known world to collect our party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-22 14 
20441209Sorceress Quest 46Where Jormungandr finally leaves the continent.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-23 13 
20456202Sorceress Quest 47In which we meet the royal family of Sosaria and show off a little *too* much.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-24 13 
20469225Sorceress Quest 48In which a creepy woman comes to speak with us.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-25 14 
20482951Sorceress Quest 49In which we have a talk with Kaliel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-26 14 
20495814Sorceress Quest 50In which we speak with Jeanne, something is wrong with Raziel, and Fellwind becomes the fluffiest thing on the planet.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-27 14 
20508766Sorceress Quest 51In which we speak with Ezekiel, and Grayson is having too much fun being human.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-28 17 
20519692Sorceress Quest 52In which we finally meet the fuzzy sgragol.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-29 17 
20531566Sorceress Quest 53In which the fuzzy sgragol dies, and you end up stranded in the jungle with Kal and some minotaurs.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-30 14 
September 2012
20555403Sorceress Quest 54In which we arrive at Ghuzhradesh, and Kaliel finishes her living armor.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-01 14 
20581976Sorceress Quest 55In which Ishelda examines her new, strangely magic arms, and figures out what to do next.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-03 14 
20596051Sorceress Quest 56In which we have a talk with Kaliel, and finally reach Sosaria.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-04 13 
20608908Sorceress Quest 57In which Belethor makes a daring escape.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-05 13 
20622290Sorceress Quest 58We end up drunk on swamp brew, talk with Belethor a bit, and speak with Raziel about her gift.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-06 14 
20634993Sorceress Quest 59In which there is a reunion between Ishelda and her kingdom.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-07 13 
20660076Sorceress Quest 60In which we meet someone new.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-09 12 
20673687Sorceress Quest 61In which we get interrogated by Marigold.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-10 11 
20685357Sorceress Quest 62In which Zeke is very embarrassed, and we speak more with Cassiel Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-11 13 
20698275Sorceress Quest 63The further adventures of Cain, King of New Arcturus.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-12 13 
20709969Sorceress Quest 64The ogres arrive at Triune's Gift, and they bring gifts of fuzzy!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-13 11 
20722510Sorceress Quest 65Belethor gets drunk, Raziel shows us her past, and we have a serious talk with Kaliel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-15 11 
20733784Sorceress Quest 66In which we ride Kaliel. And it's awesome.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-15 11 
20746305Sorceress Quest 67In which Artifacts, artifacts everywhere doing things.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-16 12 
20759211Sorceress Quest 68In which we learn wizardry, and we finally get to see Kaliel naked.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-18 12 
20773166Sorceress Quest 69In which The Wanderer laughs at us, and we have a strange talk with Dras'Lea.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-18 12 
20786632Sorceress Quest 70Sorceress Quest 70Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-19 21 
20811002Sorceress Quest 71Sorceress Quest 71Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-21 12 
20823656Sorceress Quest 72In which Leon has a talk with us.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-22 12 
20838237Sorceress Quest 73In which Leon leaves New Arcturus, and the kingdom starts making preparations.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-23 12 
20852997Sorceress Quest 74In which we have some tea with our father, and catch up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-24 11 
20865274Sorceress Quest 75In which we have some cryptic dreams.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-25 11 
20878922Sorceress Quest 76In which spiders are dicks, as usual.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-26 12 
20892582Sorceress Quest 77Wherein we follow Kaliel for the last leg of her journey.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-27 11 
20906259Sorceress Quest 78In which we meet... something. Or someone. And they're not very clean.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-28 12 
20918937Sorceress Quest 79In which Ishelda's father and lover meet.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-29 11 
20932095Sorceress Quest 80In which Jeanne is panicking, and we finally learn exactly what Grayson is. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-30 11 
October 2012
20947052Sorceress Quest 81In which Belethor leaves, and we have a farewell tea party for him.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-01 12 
20960551Sorceress Quest 82Sorceress Quest 82Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-02 12 
20974853Sorceress Quest 83In which we prepare to go east.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-03 12 
21001879Sorceress Quest 84Sorceress Quest 84Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-05 12 
21014394Sorceress Quest 85Our armor is complete, and we try it on.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-06 12 
21028731Sorceress Quest 86In which it's finally time to head east.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-07 11 
21042012Sorceress Quest 87Sorceress Quest 87Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-08 2 
21056277Sorceress Quest 88In which we're finally at the Palace of the Great Wyrm, and we meet Quaz's mom.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-09 13 
21069814Sorceress Quest 89In which we speak with the gearworks.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-10 14 
21081785Sorceress Quest 90Sorceress Quest 90Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-11 11 
21095568Sorceress Quest 91In which we speak with Tyr.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-12 11 
21108540Sorceress Quest 92In which we have the worst hangover we've ever had.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-13 13 
21122369Sorceress Quest 93In which a bad day gets worse. Much, much worse.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-14 12 
21137130Sorceress Quest 94In which we speak with the restored Dras'lea.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-15 16 
21151531Sorceress Quest 95In which the reunion is still ongoing, and we enjoy a little down time.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-16 13 
21165573Sorceress Quest 96In which Shenanigans!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-17 13 
21180092Sorceress Quest 97In which we have a bit more leisure time, and Kaliel wakes up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-18 21 
21207869Sorceress Quest 98We have a nice dinner with Kaliel, and then someone important arrives.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-20 14 
21223815Sorceress Quest 99In which Lil' Bubbles is rather glitchy, and we get some more visitors.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-21 14 
21238995Sorceress Quest 100In which Lea calls off the spar due to heartwarming, and everybody works on their own pet projects. The hundredth thread!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-22 23 
21254652Sorceress Quest 101In which Grandpappy comes to Sanctuary.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-23 12 
21270865Sorceress Quest 102In which we speak with Grayson about the past.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-24 13 
21297631Sorceress Quest 103In which Mala and Kaliel have a lengthy discussion about fleshcrafting.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-26 11 
21311224Sorceress Quest 104We travel across the face of the arakoatoan world and finally speak with the Library.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-27 11 
21326519Sorceress Quest 105In which we wake up with nothing much to do.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-28 22 
December 2016
909059Evil Sorceress QuestYou are an, now evil, aspiring court wizard. Betrayd by your master you are now cast into the wilderness. How will you get your revenge?Veejay, magic, evil magician, necromancy, Collective Game, Evil Sorceress Quest, 2016-12-08 33 
916014Evil Sorceress Quest #2Magic, barbarians, strange necromancers and more! Our busty hero (but actually a terrible villain) continues her quest for REVENGE!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2016-12-10 16 
933080Evil Sorceress Quest #3Starting a goblin uprising, meeting Vincent, taking Merriam and Ben into confidence and getting the mayor convicted. Sirena is never idle.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2016-12-20 14 
January 2017
1035811Evil Sorceress Quest #4Sirena continues on her journey with a new elven friend joining the party. Things are all fun and games until genocide happens.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-01-15 11 
1050486Evil Sorceress Quest #5Sirena meets the person who could be her greatest ally or perhaps her most deadly enemy: herself!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-01-20 11 
1091746Evil Sorceress Quest #6The siren Sirena secretly seduces shotas, simple sorcery stupid!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-01-30 10 
February 2017
1137584Evil Sorceress Quest #7Sirena continues her work on improving Bridge Town by investing in a brothel and helping a pair of siblings grow very, very, VERY close.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-02-10 10 
1193098Evil Sorceress Quest #8.1Sirena confronts the hags and enters the Black Gauntlet, the challenge to become the new Witch Queen!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-02-27 8 
March 2017
1212782Evil Sorceress Quest #8.2Sirena's greatest challenge yet continues as she struggles for the title of the Witch Queen!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-03-01 10 
April 2017
1378158Evil Sorceress Quest #9Sirena returns to the mortal plane after ruling for about a month in her new realm, ready to continue expanding her influence!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-04-24 6 
May 2017
1398395Evil Sorceress Quest #10Sirena and her allies delve deeply into an unlucky mine and end up unleashing an ancient evil!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-05-04 6 
June 2017
1566627Evil Sorceress Quest #11Sirena, having confronted her ancient ancestor, now begins to put plans in motion to expand her influence to other regions.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-06-18 6 
August 2017
1713808Evil Sorceress Quest #12Sirena continues her escapades by fighting several orcs and foiling the heist of a master thief!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-08-05 6 
September 2017
1868296Evil Sorceress Quest #13Having foiled a master thief's heist, Sirena now begins to manipulate her would-be victim, Lady Silverwind, into a loyal servant.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-09-22 6 
October 2017
1913685Evil Sorceress Quest #14Sirena faces off against the spawn of a dragon, reunites with a barbarian and gets her hands on a shiny rock.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2017-10-11 6 
April 2018
2508212Evil Sorceress Quest #15Sirena gets a big surprise from her twin and makes a few deals with a devil.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-04-30 5 
June 2018
2631250Evil Sorceress Quest #16We return home to celebrate our birthday, and reunite with our family. But that's not all we end up reuniting with...Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-06-12 5 
2667451Evil Sorceress Quest #17Sirena manages various things in Aran, tricks a clan of ogres and reunites with her ancient ancestor on the moon.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-06-27 5 
October 2018
2961487Evil Sorceress Quest #18Sirena travels into a dream, fights a demon army, goes to the moon and saves a princess, and that's just the beginning!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-10-22 6 
November 2018
3038597Evil Sorceress Sidequest: Mage Apprentice QuestIn which we take control of Merriam Cutter, aspiring mage, as she deals with the fantasy equivalent of Mean Girls with zombies.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-11-17 1 
December 2018
3051046Evil Sorceress Quest #19Sirena learns a valuable lesson about life, love, friendship and dedication when her father brutally kills her.Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-12-02 1 
3094152Evil Sorceress Quest #20: The FinaleSirena, after having planned and prepared for so long, finally confronted her hated nemesis Mordrax in a battle for the fate of the world!Evil Sorceress Quest, Collective Game2018-12-21 8 
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