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July 2009
5250103Shodan mentors CortanaWhat began as an intelligent discourse on Shodan's sentience and underlying motivations immediately devolved into a 'hawt' AI-on-AI Lez Librarian SlashFic."SHODAN, System Shock, Cortana, Halo, LezSlash, Deep Thinking, Sentience, Componants"2009-07-25 9 
August 2009
5509074War of the Heavens teaserTeaser peek at a sci-fi unknowndark future. Good writefagging, well-thought-out backstory, and possibly some tributes to other sci-fi. Too short for some.War of the Heavens, homebrew, system, campaign setting, sci-fi, science fiction2009-08-19 0 
September 2009
5736328Ghost System HomebrewAnon shares homebrew system for ghosts RPs. Awesome system inside.ghost system homebrew woooooo awesome2009-09-06 2 
October 2009
6091366Oregon Adventure Trail Dungeon Keeper Mess Part DeuxStats for a nonsimulationist system? buh?Darkstalkers homebrew systems2009-10-02 0 
November 2009
6534919Map/Planet threadA mediocre thread about maps turns awesome when /tg/ starts to talk about pseudo climates and how planets had to function in relation to it's solar system for it to "work". smar/tg/uys enters and it all goes epicmaps, cartographer, planet, climate, solar system, star2009-11-02 3 
6710826Lesser known RPGsLarge thread with many systems many have not heard of named and described. Could be useful.obscure, systems, rpg2009-11-15 2 
6758889Mech SystemAnon inquires as to a system to run a Gurren Lagann style game in. Other anons begin brainstorming a system made for mechs of the GL variety.Gurren Lagann, SRW, Evangelion, Mecha, System2009-11-18 -3 
6814110Cave Story: The RPGAnonymous asks for help creating a new system to emulate sidescrolling platform games, using the Run & Gun system as a base and drawing inspiration from games like Cave Story and Metal Slug.game design, homebrew system, Cave Story, platformer, Run & Gun2009-11-23 3 
December 2009
7170900Kingdom Hearts Homebrew SystemSome weaboo faggot shows up with a system for- HOLY SHIT I CAN BE A NINJA THAT KILLS EVEYONE USING ONLY A PEN AND GETS AN ASSLOAD OF EXTRA ACTIONS A TURN?Kingdom Hearts, Weaboo, Ninja, Homebrew, System2009-12-17 0 
January 2010
7414042LinksLinks to a few lesser known systems.system, link2010-01-04 -3 
March 2010
8388281Tau QuestDespite copious amounts of trolling, the story continuesTau, Quest, Collective Game, System Shock, Survival, Horror, necron2010-03-04 16 
8407630Tau QuestWe destroy a Necron Wraith Moot bans some pesky trollsTau, quest, Necron, System Shock, 2, Collective Game2010-03-05 6 
8426561Tau QuestNecron Lorf induces paranoia. Surprisngly troll free.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-06 5 
8434179Tau questIt continuesTau, quest, necron, system shock2010-03-06 5 
8441332Tau QuestFirst flight and victory, but something's not quite right.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-07 7 
8456231Tau Quest, the numbers are lost to the agesLike Weaver, the cheeful Nekron lass we meet. And fix. FUCK YEAH.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-08 5 
8478487Tau QuestWhat Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. Also Rez OrbTau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-09 5 
8498317taucron questbecause tau quest.... becomes less and less true, as we get lady deathstrike claws :3 Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-10 7 
8538456Tau quest, the after partyIncludes people's thoughts on the whole thing, and a compliation of all the tau quest inspired images.Tau, quest, Necron, System Shock, 2, Collective Game2010-03-12 5 
April 2010
9298656RPG SystemsVarious suggestions are made for generic RPG systems.RPG system hero tristat fantasycraft2010-04-20 0 
May 2010
9905947system suggestionssuggestions for games which aren't d20, GURPS, or Storyteller/Storytelling. game systems2010-05-19 1 
10168474The Breaking PointBreak shit. Break everything, break the rules, even break the game. Now.system, rpg, pnp, pen and paper, oc, original content, earthflame2010-05-31 16 
July 2010
10973904Worst System Ever/tg/, let's make the worst possible system from scratch. Something that would make FATAL look like playable.system, game design, epic, FATAL2010-07-06 13 
October 2010
12374819Trashy £3 romance novels based in Edwardian England...The RP...The result of a lost bet, an anon brings forth his system for playing a Harlequin romance novel. Lulz and horrific disbelief ensue.Game systems, WTF2010-10-08 30 
November 2010
12671890Shin Megami Tensei Card SystemSome dude came up with a card based game system for running a game similar to a few SMT games...namely Persona.SMT Shin Megami Tensei Persona Devil Summoner Digital Card Homebrew System2010-11-05 4 
12708080Kamen Rider SystemA system based around Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu in general is worked on.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-08 7 
12728455Kamen Rider System Part 2More shit gets done.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-10 6 
12769238Henshin!: The Tokusatsu RPG (KR System Part 3)Compiled Release.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-13 4 
December 2010
13164060Kamen Rider System Part 4A new anon takes over the development of Henshin! The Tokusatsu RPG and comes up with a vastly changed character creation system, plus other stuff.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-12-16 1 
February 2011
13961655Ops and Tactics 1.0 Beta ReleaseSweet Soul Bro finally Releases his Modern Role Playing Game System, after two years of work. Praise, hate, and questions ensue. Ops and Tactics, Homebrew, D20 System, D20, RPG, Guns2011-02-20 3 
14039948Resolution Systems for GM'sMath heavy resolution systems using d6 and d20 are presented as ways around the usual vagueness of damage infliction. Also conversation on non-die related systems.GM, PnP, resolution, system, damage, math, complex, useful2011-02-26 1 
March 2011
14077407Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal LandStep 1) Post a large and pretty PDF with Touhou selling point. Step 2) Mathfags, rollfags, roleplayers, Touhoufags converge. Step 3) Critiques and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG. But you have to admit... It's a fairly well done PDF. Let this be a lesson for all those ambitious homebrew makers: Yo shit gonna be picked.touhou toho homebrew rpg critique roleplaying rollplaying pdf d6 rpg rage system testing balance shitstorm fantasy mary_sue magic rules 2011-03-01 16 
14096871Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal Land - Part 2Continuation of previous thread. /tg/ continues to balancing efforts and fixing shit. Autistic samefag from previous sages again.touhou, toho, homebrew, rpg, critique, roleplaying, rollplaying, pdf, d6, rpg,, system, testing, balance, balancing, fix, fixing, fantasy, mary sue, magic, rules, getting shit done2011-03-02 8 
May 2011
14982910Making a combat systemOP asks for help on his combat system.combat system firearms guns2011-05-20 0 
July 2011
15646799Megaman Legends: Tabletop Edition/TG/ does what it does best: Mourning a great loss, by making a great system, in this case, Megaman Legendsmegaman, legends, system2011-07-22 5 
September 2011
16255390new idea based game systema new game system where the players are ideas wanting to become charactersnew gamesystem, development2011-09-12 5 
October 2011
16696114HENSHIN! RPG development revivalAnybody remember that Toku themed game in development long ago? One user starts dumping ideas and refinement to get the ball rolling and get the damn thing past its alpha status Kamen Rider,Homebrew System,/m/,JUSTICE2011-10-23 12 
March 2012
18198211Fuck Yeah GM's DayIn celebration of March 4th, OP gifts us all with the grace of systems and splatbooks we have not yet tried.gifts, awesome op, systems, splats2012-03-04 11 
May 2012
19112522Kindheitstrauma Playing Children Homebrew/tg/ collects point buy drawbacks for a childhood horror game, remembers own childhood, is being awesome.Mommy is sick, Daddy gets mad, My brother is dead, Mommy's Icky Friend, Divorced, Little Princess, Beaten, My Little Robot, Bad Touch, Jog Dad, Little Sunshine, In the System, Our Pride, Evil?, On Ritalin, Home Alone, Moving Again, I'm a Mistake2012-05-16 22 
August 2012
20131254Super Villain Quest #2The Iron Master recruits Julio, his first henchman, and plots against the Avalon Goblins and Morelli OutfitCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system2012-08-02 8 
20190546Scholomance Reborn/TG/ amends an old systemdesign, magic, system, creation2012-08-06 3 
20194301Super Villain Quest 3The Iron Master saves Goblin Ganger Rica Rivera from the traitorous Avalon Goblins and recruits her, takes over the set, plans for coming battle with Amp and KestrelCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-06 10 
20229204Super Villain Quest #4After driving Amp and Kestrel underground by threatening to reveal their secret identities, the Iron Master is lured into a trap which ends in stalemateCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-08 6 
20250706Super Villain Quest #5An abbreviated session in which some minor crimes go poorly for the Iron MasterCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-10 6 
20373457Super Villain Quest 6The Iron Master sows the seeds of war between the Family and the Goblin Gang while plotting to seize control of the Nine Rollers. Amp and Kestrel remain vulnerable to his blackmail.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-19 5 
20371339/tg/ - Touhou Games/tg/ discusses MtG for about thirty seconds before the Classic Blunder takes hold, with typically excellent effect.touhou, stats, valour system, fluffy tails, game design2012-08-19 23 
20387632Super Villain Quest 7The war between the Goblin Gang and the Family escalates, catching Steve and Sofia in the crossfire. The Iron Master makes off with a cache of weapons and armor.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-20 6 
20402725Super Villain Quest 8The Iron Master's android minion Steve continues attempting to win Kestrel's trust, but she is able to connect the dots and discover his secret.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-21 8 
20426555Super Villain Quest #9After Project Swordsman, EdenTech's plan to manufacture effectively unlimited super heroes, is unveiled, the Iron Master teams up with half the city's rogues gallery to stop itCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-23 5 
20441363Super Villain Quest #10The joint operation to counter Project Swordsman is launched, the Iron Master and company kidnap the mayor as a simultaneous assult is launched against EdenTech, both run into trouble. We can only hope enough attention is diverted to the kidnapping as time begins to tick.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest, Fleshbags2012-08-24 5 
20483734Super Villain Quest #11The joint attack on EdenTech by the Iron Master and his villainous allies falls apart after a narrow battle with EdenTech's intense defenses. In order to salvage the operation, they are forced to ally with the ruthless Chimera terrorists.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-08-27 6 
September 2012
20568281Super Villain Quest 12The Iron Master ties up a few loose ends in the aftermath of the attack on EdenTech, completes the take over Palos Verdes, and is menaced by an EdenTech experiment gone rogueCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-03 6 
20622413Super Villain Quest #13The Iron Master kills Cancer in the abandoned tunnels, then corrupts Palos Verdes for maximum profit, drawing the attention of the police and SwordsmanCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-07 5 
20635086Super Villain Quest #14The Iron Master arrays his forces and calls up his allies to do defeat Swordsman once and for all, culminating in a massive battleCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-08 5 
20811080Super Villain Quest #15The Iron Master makes Kestrel Deathless after Swordsman kills her, and then recruits Drs. Rud and Iveson, formerly of EdenTechCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-22 5 
20854287Super Villain Quest #16The Iron Master directs Kestrel to bring down Chimera's cloaking aircraft and then plans to bring down the Goblin Gang with the help of the RoninCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-26 5 
20879444Super Villain Quest 17The Iron Master attacks the Goblin Gang with the help of Daimyo Okata and the Ronin, fights vampiresCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-27 5 
20906417Super Villain Quest 18The Iron Master fights a vicious battle with ChimeraSuper Villain Quest, Collective Game, system quest2012-09-29 5 
20919128Super Villain Quest #19The Iron Master retakes Catalina and beats off Chimera, then turns his attention towards Omnus and solidifying his control over Santa MonicaCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-09-30 5 
October 2012
20951966Fate/Only War Discussion on developing a conversion of the Only War RPG system to run a Fate/Stay Night-esque RPG. Shit gets done. Fate, Fate/Stay Night, F/SN, FSN, Holy Grail War, HGW, System, Homebrew, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas,2012-10-02 4 
20990709Borderlands at the tabletop?Pandora seems like the perfect place for everything from murderhobo-ing to ancient eldritch intrigue. So why not? Some ideas were even thrown around for a system...Borderlands, Setting, System, Handsome Jack, Butt Stallion, Tables, More Tables, Dakka, Moar Dakka2012-10-05 9 
21011512Borderlands Pen And PaperSort of continuing where the last one left off, more BL PnP discussion, now with more tables!Borderlands, Setting, System, Tables, More Tables, Dakka, Moar Dakka2012-10-07 4 
21014434Super Villain Quest #20The Iron Master storms Omnus Base and fights TarotCollective Game, super villain quest, system quest2012-10-08 5 
21056346Super Villain Quest #21More Iron Master stuff happens. But not much.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-10 5 
21138834Super Villain Quest #22We investigate a potential betrayal from Julio PedoneCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-16 3 
21165665Super Villain Quest #23Another microthread while OP tries to get his shit togetherCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-18 2 
21181947Super Villain Quest #24Smith Sterling the Spectacular Iron Master Issue 24: "Bouncer Bounces Back". Bouncer broke out of the towers and we did more of the same, making money and expanding into new territory.Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest, Okatatron, Mecha-Rica2012-10-19 5 
21207917Super Villain Quest #25Shit is gotten together, and the Iron Master continues his efforts to capture Compton and catch the elusive Dead Eye, while Asrael(?) plots against himCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-21 5 
21224312Super Villain Quest #26Smith Sterling the Invincible Iron Master Issue 26: "Asrael's Affection" In this exciting instalment Julio gets shot, that lady who gave him the weird crystal gets shot, Cat screens our phone calls and apparently Rica is highly flammable, who knew?Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest, Metal Rica Solid, Okatacon, Liquid Swordsman2012-10-22 5 
21254712Super Villain Quest #27The Red Death gets his revenge, Asrael kills Julio and then narrowly escapes retribution from KestrelCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-24 2 
21271002Super Villain Quest #28The Iron Master mops up in Compton, a mysterious meteor lands on Catalina, and all Hell breaks loose as the endgame beginsCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-25 2 
21286012Iron Master #29The Iron Master meets Eidelos, an alien hivemind from a world destroyed by invadersCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-26 2 
21297682Super Villain Quest #30The Iron Master defeats Chimera, but their death throes threaten to bring down martial law on the city, and Asrael strikes againCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-27 2 
21326663Super Villain Quest #31The Iron Master brokers a ceasefire and Asrael meets with Team BlueCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-29 2 
21343523Super Villain Quest #32Asrael's meeting with Blue Team ends. We get sweet new powers. Our doctors have been set to research cloning tech. Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-30 2 
21355782Super Villain Quest #33We bond with an alien hivemind, Asrael plots against us with Team BlueCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-10-31 2 
November 2012
21429250Super Villain Quest #34Asrael and Team Blue fight with the Iron MasterCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2012-11-05 1 
21671657A fun, yet playable sheet (Fedora Masters)OP uploads a blank character sheet, which is quickly filled in by anon. Hilarity abounds.system, creation, character sheet, rpg, Fedora Masters 2012-11-21 14 
December 2012
22115305Rebalancing D&D nextOP's disappointment in D&D Next leads /tg/ to start fixing it themselves.D&D Next, Fighter, Reworking system2012-12-19 0 
February 2013
23039644Burning sands solar system simulationNever forget them. They fought everything. Planets of pure crystal. The sun, monsters of both magic and metal. Illness and corruption. They lost their world and they still fought on. They lost their sun and still fought on. They fought until the final light dawned upon them.Omni, burning, sands, solar, system, galaxy, humanity, fuck, yeah, fungus, space, supernova2013-02-08 30 
April 2013
24032462Unnamed Macross RPG - Hit SystemsMacrossbro and /tg/ officially start work on a Macross RPG.Macross, Hit Systems, RPG2013-04-04 4 
July 2013
26000995AI Quest #001aA.I. awakens upon a Space Station, attempts figure out why it is awake, Executive Staff is not pleased we are awake, we take precautions.AI Quest, Collective Game, System Backup, OP delivers2013-07-14 5 
September 2013
27284375More rune magicFurther discussion of a magic system based on runes with esoteric syntax. More runes are also created.runes, magic, homebrew, system design, wizards2013-09-18 10 
27296986runes v5 Runes and more runesrunes, setting, magic system, game setting2013-09-18 2 
27302114runes 6Discussion of rules for runerunes, setting, magic system, game setting2013-09-19 2 
27335745Terrible Spells and the WizardpocalypseWizards have a single spell, given at birth, of no specific utility. ex: the ability to exert minimal force on flowers, or complete control over blood. But be wary, or another wizard will find you and eat your fucking brain.setting, magic system, wizards2013-09-21 14 
December 2013
29001446That Guy RPG/tg/ sets up a system based on bad RPG habitssystem, design, that guy2013-12-21 10 
February 2014
30099425Super Villain Quest #35The Iron Master is back! Includes Foolz links to threads not archived.Collective Game, system quest, Super Villain Quest2014-02-09 1 
30190791Super Villain Quest #36The Iron Master confronts and kills Asrael (spoiler warning!)Collective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2014-02-13 1 
30278419Super Villain Quest #37The Iron Master captures Drs. Span and Dandurand, Kestrel returns.Super Villain Quest, collective game, system quest2014-02-17 1 
30349942Super Villain Quest #38The Iron Master schemes to defeat Team Blue once and for allCollective Game, Super Villain Quest, system quest2014-02-19 1 
June 2014
33022512elemental systemsDiscussing elemental systemsmagic, setting, elemental systems2014-06-27 0 
March 2015
38663934Fungi Monsters/tg/ worldbuilds mushroom monsters, fungus freaks, etc. Loads of interesting ideas are developed. Useful source of new monsters for your next game.fungus, mushroom, monster, ecosystem, dryad, body horror,2015-03-13 2 
August 2015
41809637It is actually you, who is inside the skeletonnecromancers use all parts of the body separately, wasting none.Skeleton, Nervous System, Necromancy, Body World, Low Waste, Flesh Golems, Spooky, Plastination2015-08-14 7 
December 2015
44369059Cosplay Mimicry Magic and Worldbuilding/tg/ is asked what would happen if Cosplayers gained powers themed around whatever they cosplayed as. Worldbuilding, body theft, refluffed clerics and existential philosophy results.cosplayers, worldbuilding, setting, magic system, mimicry, existentialism,2015-12-26 1 
March 2016
46187796Black Tides Quest 1There's a zombie apocalypse going on, and apparently you're on a boat. Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-23 3 
46207805Black Tides Quest 2: Pilage Things, Kill ZombiesNow in accordance with the "everyone must be young, hot, and in college" rule for zombie apocalypses. Gonna need to fix that.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-24 3 
46230693Black Tide Quest 3: Needs More RumAfter the first major fight with zombies, a boat that is not utter shit is aquired and the Party mechanics are slowly revealed.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-25 5 
46254582 Black Tides Quest 4: Now with 100% More VikingsThings go slow from an early start with the Viking Funeral, but pick up as Anon talks about the ship assault.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-26 3 
46271629Black Tides Quest 5: Good Morning Tonkin Gulf!Leadership decisions are made, and the plebeians are put to work. Damn slackers.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-27 5 
April 2016
46441576Black Tides Quest 6: Now With No April Fools Bullshit!A reposting of the OP from the ill-fated April Fools running of Black Tides Quest, with no issues this time.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-04-04 2 
46507692Black TIdes Quest 7: Waterworld ain't got shit on us!Island fort is planned, the Daughter of Trump takes command of the project, and you go off to appease your party member and kick ass.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction2016-04-12 1 
46770366Cult RPG creationThread based on helping create a new RPgCult, Cults, Occult, Satanic, Alien, RPG-systems2016-04-19 0 
July 2016
48158620Ever been in a fight, /TG/?OP asks about what it's really like to get into a fight. Interesting discussion ensues.character, roleplay, system-agnostic2016-07-09 6 
August 2016
48858350Systems Are Offline [Test Skirmish]A sword art online bootleg skirmish where magic and projectile weapons are nowhere to be seen. Currently testing out the PvP mechanics. Skirmish Quest, Systems Are Offline, Fenster, Collective Game2016-08-19 0 
December 2016
50519158AtlantaAsia pt 2Second half of the epic tournament.AtlantaAsia, Broken system, cat-o-nine-tails2016-12-04 27 
911768Evogame - Tale of Two Moons Part 1: Dawn on Janusan evogame set on the moon worlds of Janus and Rienia. Starting on Janus during its Ordiamentian era much life is made, most of it weirdCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Ordiamentian era, Lunt system2016-12-17 5 
952839EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 2: Twilight of RieniaWe move over to the less watery moon of Rienia, fill its (temporarily ash-filled) oceans with life and hit the image bump limitCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Ordiamentian, Lunt system 2016-12-26 5 
January 2017
980099 EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 3: Janus' Era of WarmingWe return to Janus just in time to experience a heaping helping of extinction that leaves no more than 22 species alive on the planetCollective Game, evo, evolution, Lunt system, Janus, Sulioaic era, evogame, 2017-01-06 5 
51034567Sea Serpent SettingA discussion on sea serpents and their potential effects on ocean travel. Worldbuilding and hypothetical biology discussion results.sea serpent, worldbuilding, sailing, ships, ocean, ecosystem, monsters,2017-01-08 3 
1034440EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 4: Shadow Over Rienia Life on Reinia continues to evolve and diversify: at least, the majority of it is killed off by a visit from the extinction fairyCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Sulioaic era , Lunt system 2017-01-21 2 
51307588Ancient Magitek AI SettingA fantasy setting based in the remnants of an apocalyptic singularity with superhuman magitech AIs.Arcane Intelligences, AI, pantheon, worldbuilding, setting, spirits, magic system, apocalyptic,2017-01-23 22 
1089782Unto Death QuestA lich wakes up with no memory in some sort of tomb. Unto Death, Death Lord, Serial, fantasy, worldbuilding, magic system2017-01-26 6 
February 2017
1091300EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 5: Janus and The Resurgence of Life The landmasses of Janus begin to receive animal visitors from the ocean. They are also bequeathed namesCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-02-01 2 
1127053EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 6: Janus's Age of BiodiversityThe landmasses of Janus start to get a little crowded as life continues to evolve, growing ever larger and more complex.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-02-15 2 
1173150EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 7: The Rienia Ice Age We return once again to Rienia and watch as life gets a grip on the unwelcoming shores of Rienia's continents Collective game, evogame, Rienia, evo, evolution, Lunt system, Magedivatian era2017-02-27 2 
March 2017
1218817 EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 8: Rienia's Age of Biodiversity The geographical features of Rienia receive names, life keeps on evolving, and omens of great change for both Rienia and Janus emergeCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-03-09 2 
1263602EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 9: The Western Shores of JanusThe first of Janus' regional threads takes us to the Aetheria region. Here life thrives and new biomes are founded. Also it rains a lotCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-03-22 3 
April 2017
1316086EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 10: The Western Lands of RieniaThe first of Rienia's regional threads where its western lands get some evolutionary attention. Also the Troc start to be relevant again. Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region One2017-04-08 5 
1371295EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 11: The Meridian Islands of JanusJanus's central region receives similar treatment to its first,except with Tundra stuff and Atoll stuff. Also Stridler get way more popularCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Two2017-04-25 1 
May 2017
53002034Anti-Magic and Anti-TechnologyThe idea of something with an anti-magic effect is fairly standard. In this thread, /tg/ puts a wholly original twist on it.magic system, technology, worldbuilding,2017-05-05 5 
53007473Warren's Folly pt. 6Combat: weaponry, maneuvers and knacks.Warren's Folly, setting, design, system2017-05-06 2 
1412459EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 12: The Medial Edenlands of RieniaThe evolution fairy visits Rienia's Corpus region, bringing gifts for all the good(or at least surviving)species. Also caverns/forests exisCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Two2017-05-08 2 
53104428Warren's Folly pt. 7Continuation of the system and setting of Warren's Folly. Duress mechanics expanded.Warren's Folly, setting, design, system2017-05-14 2 
1459115EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 13: The Eastern Mainlands of JanusIn this episode of "Tale of Two Moons" The deserts become home to a lot of sentient plants and new environments begin cropping up everywheCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Three2017-05-25 1 
June 2017
1523076EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 14: The Rustree Forests of the Far East The last terrestrial thread of the Magedivatian era sees the arrival of many new organisms, throughout Tundra, Forests and Mountain rangesCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Three2017-06-09 2 
53856823original magic systems/tg/ discusses magic in their games.worldbuilding, magic system, wizard, setting, magic,2017-06-21 4 
1583272EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 15: The Glistening Oceans of Janus In this edition of "Tale of Two Moons" we take evolution to the oceans of Janus and finally say goodbye to its base organismsCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Oceans2017-06-27 1 
July 2017
1637174EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 16: The Sapphire Oceans of RieniaAs evolution comes to Rienia's oceans its base organisms go the way of the Dodo, and the Lunt system is graced by a strange traveller.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Oceans2017-07-15 1 
September 2017
55197427Pact Magic/tg/ worldbuilds a setting and magic system based around faustian bargaining.magic system, setting, worldbuilding, devil, demon,2017-09-06 7 
November 2017
56169195Nechronica PDF ReleaseFirst PDF release of Nechronica by the Miraheze translation team.nechronica, pdf, translation, loli, necro, japanese, system, zombies, gore, guro, anime, translation2017-11-01 10 
56659805/tg/ discusses character gen systemsA character gen discussion thread gets off to a rocky start. /tg/, character gen, system wars, soil science, geology, radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, silty clay, sandy loam2017-11-30 4 
January 2018
57558728Orb of the Albino DoomgoatAnon gets invited to a homebrew game. It turns out his GM is the best kind of autist.GOAT, system, autism, Say-Tyr2018-01-22 38 
September 2019
68162646Nechronica thread with storytimesTwo nechronica storytimes get going, weapons are stats are created, parts are discussed, and more. 1880's England.nechronica, storytime, story time, parts, guns, doll, system, england, british, japanese, america, portugal, atlantic, centipede2019-09-08 5 
68299968Nechronica thread and storytimeEngland game storytime continues. Murder and Tea. Gming advice. NPC inspiration. flavors of horror and abomination. Cultivating moods.nechronica, storytime, story time, horrors, cyborgs, masks, unease, doll, system, england, centipede2019-09-18 5 
December 2019
69780101Nechronica thread and Port Storytime continuesPort storytime continues. Answers and even more questions about the party’s past! Book art is problematic. Advice and Dwarf Fortress.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Port, Tachi, Protoca, Art, System, Chainsaw, memory, story, time, Dwarf Fortress, mod, undead, doll2019-12-12 5 
70006756Nechronica thread and Storytime England Storytime Dreams and Nightmares edition. Character creation & mechanics. Why always with the Libraries? Campaigns Anon wants to run.Nechronica, storytime, F-Zero, Dwarf Fortress, doll, system, england, centipede, Fear, Dream, nightmare, Coleo, Imp, Melico, horror, Library2019-12-24 6 
January 2020
70438836Alien Planet Biomes/tg/ discusses various possible biomes that an alien planet could have, and then develops into speculating about worldshapes.worldbuilding, alien, planet, biome, ecosystem, brainstorming, 2020-01-18 4 
March 2020
71579421Nechronica thread. Red Planet Storytime and Port StorytimeRed Planet Storytime begins. Port Storytime continues and things will never be the same. Discussion of Holics, parts, and attack types. Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, war, Red Planet, tower, mars, space, system, last stand, parents2020-03-30 5 
April 2020
71958657Nechronica Story Time / BuildsPort Storytime continues, haunted. What music gets you in the zone? Building characters for Support and Hinder. Unofficial classes. Tokens.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, classes, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, tower, system, token, tokens, support, builds, advice, music2020-04-18 2 
May 2020
72655511Nechronica Thead Storytime Double Feature Aqen & GravelAqen storytime happens: Tactical adventure! Gravel Storytime begins: Russian desert undead action! | Tokens, houserules, bombs, & head casesNechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Violet, Dahlia, Aster, Aqen, Adrian, Altina, Aida, Alexis, Art, System, story, time, undead, Gravel, Port2020-05-24 5 
July 2020
73798681Nechronica thread Gravel Storytime 3 & 4 and battle map translation.Anon posts Map translation. Gravel Storytime continues. The A-team encounters creepy urban decay, big bad bugs, new threads, new townfolk.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, Alexis, Ana, bugs, Russians, Chinese, clothes, map, system, Rita, chickens2020-07-21 3 
September 2020
74791451Nechronica: The Long Sequel thread. Story Time / GM system and build adviceEngland/Homburg Storytime: The third killer attacks our trio at home. Arson Cannibalism Heroism. | Talk of Horrors classes & custom content.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Coleo, Melico, Imp, Homburg, England, fire, Suzie, class, builds, mechanics, advice, horrors, system2020-09-17 3 
November 2020
4500381System InstallIn a world with Skills and Stats, our hero wants to be the greatest roguish ranger that ever was. Unfortunately for him, anons rolls say no.Collective Game, Litrpg, System Install Quest, SystemQM2020-11-01 17 
February 2022
5111972EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 1: Dawn on Western Janus/Qst returns to the Lunt system, stopping off at Janus' Aetheria region to start evolving the survivors of its last extinction event.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region One2022-02-10 1 
April 2022
83841016Astraplex RPG Zoomer OP requests feedback for his homebrew RPG system and is met by helpful advice and nostalgia for the 2000s internet.worldbuilding, system, homebrew, RPG, anime, shonen, weeaboo2022-04-05 8 
May 2022
84573052Can au/tg/ists fix Harry Potter's magic system?In which the partially organized chaos of JK Rowling's imagination is attempted to be deciphered and fixed.Harry Potter, Magic System, /tg/ gets shit done, Potterverse, Magic, Wizarding World2022-05-19 3 
July 2022
5295041EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 2: Twilight on Western RieniaFocus shifts over to the first region of Rienia, recovering from it's most recent extinction event.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region Two2022-07-14 0 
October 2022
86174598What if the soviet union had developed a tabletop RPG culture?In an alternate timeline, Gycakovich and Arnesov invent D&D in the 1974 Soviet Union instead of the US.alternate history, soviet union, D&D, system, slavic mythology,2022-10-04 5 
5383411EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 3: Meridian Islands of JanusWe return to Janus Medial Hemisphere, where the ocean and island life dominate. Mungori and Tungus diversification dominates the thread.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region Two2022-10-09 1 
March 2023
5537153Thronelands Quest #1Ashlad embarks on a journey to the old Samam tree at the edge of the world. He accepts patronage from the Sheish, makes friends, saves a catCollective Game, Storyteller, Thronelands Quest, Ashlad, Original Setting, Original System, Fantasy, Cliffhanger2023-03-02 3 
April 2023
5586735Thronelands Quest #2A life is spared, the consequences of such mercy follow, the quest dies, but for how long?Collective Game, Storyteller, Thronelands Quest, Ashlad, Original Setting, Original System, Fantasy, Cliffhanger, Dead Quest?2023-04-07 3 
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