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November 2007
842350oregon trailORKY BREAD leads to fucking epic text adventures.oregon trail, bread2007-11-27 10 
March 2008
1293827This is your /tg/ face.And this is the weapon you wield.imagethread2008-03-07Editor's Choice
May 2008
1775987RapeguardA moronic DM shoehorns a celibate paladin into a magically-dominated fall because "all men want to have sex with women, no matter what they say." /tg/ plots revenge.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins2008-05-20 26 
June 2008
1927081Rapeguard, continuedUpdate on Anonymous' plan for vengeance on his group's DM.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins 2008-06-07 25 
2026574tl;dr Repressed Gay Hardcore Christian Vampire DuoAn attempt to start a shitstorm turns into... creative collaboration? Starring Train-Lovin' Harry and Father Reinholdt. No fanfics here, thank god.wod, thread hijack, vtm, character concepts2008-06-19 4 
August 2008
2389379Senile DreadSome senile dread starts ranting, and epic lulz ensues wh40k dread writefaggotry2008-08-21 1 
2446399Grandpa DreadnoughtGrandpa Dreadnought complains about kids these days. Also Eversor and Tankred.dreadnoughts, eversor2008-08-28 6 
September 2008
2505520Ovens and ordersAn IRC Discussion turns into Minmaxing Sandwiches, Weeaboo Cookan magics, and delicous MeatbreadWeeaboo Cookan Magics, O&O, Meatbread2008-09-05 10 
December 2008
3230017Scriptarius Custom Christmas ModelsScriptarius creates a Warhammer 40k model version of Santa and creates a gingerbreadnought with delicious results.Scriptarius, Santa Model, Christmas, 40k Custom Models, Gingerbreadnought, Santa2008-12-23 20 
March 2009
4070785Slovenian LessonOR: HOW TO SPEAK LIKE A DWARF In a midday rush of nonsense language threads, one manages to be /tg/ related. Slovenian is shown off and is quickly decided to be very dorfy. Common fatguy dorf names are translated with satisfying results. language thread2009-03-24 8 
May 2009
4655339Neckbeard marriage!A fellow eloquen/tg/entleman asks /tg/ on ways for him to propose to his beloved lady. The neckbeards respond in their usual way, alongside some good ideas.dick-in-a-box, love, /tg/, metathread, neckbeard, help, advice2009-05-25 5 
July 2009
5189800Troll restaurantA polite troll announces his intentions. /tg/ asks about the specials. This thread rated very highly by Zagat.troll thread2009-07-18 36 
5222041Yet another Wasteland Warrior storyWasteland Warrior delivers another story, this one about a Dark Heresy campaignWasteland Warrior, story thread, Dark Heresy2009-07-22 24 
5227957Jawfish QuestThe epic tale of one fish trying to make a difference in the Siluric period. Bring it on Pterygotus buffaloensis.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 10 
5229995Jawfish Quest 2The Jawfish seperateJawfish, Quest Thread2009-07-23 8 
5231263Jawfish Quest IIITeam Land and Team Deep Ones continue their quest. Team Land eats giant worms, and Team Deep Ones build a society.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 6 
5232388Jaawfish Quest IVLand Team grows in large numbers and gets allys and sexfriends while starts to plan their flying evolution. Meanwhile the deep ones kills a Colossal squid and began developing a Religion.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 6 
5242358Jawfish Quest VTeam Land continues to struggle to adapt, and learns why not to mate with any dragonfly that comes along. Team Deep encounters a mysterious force at the very bottom of the ocean, and must figure out how to deal with new cults among their shark slaves.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-24 5 
5243753Jewish Quest 5.5PART FIVE POINT FIVEQuest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-24 5 
August 2009
5314820Dread MariachiMexican musician 3.5 homebrew class. Would make a fantastic all-mariachi party campaign.Dread Mariachi, Bard, homebrew, 3.52009-08-02 5 
5354632IRON QUEST 7.1Human issue talked to death in previous thread. Progress made. Motto acquired: IRON QUEST: A pursuit of expansion, minerals, and ever-more outlandishly powerful versions of laser.Iron Quest, robots, collective game, thread2009-08-06 7 
5483708Experiment, Pt 1You wake up in a dumpster, jump out and cause some chaos!Thread game2009-08-17 0 
September 2009
5851469Astartes Quest 5Even the most mighty can fall.40k, space marine, dreadnought, quest2009-09-14 11 
October 2009
6126535ZEONQUEST/tg/ attempts to conquer the Federation in flash. After a slow start, things pick up as anonymous get's flung out of a transorbital lifter a kilometer up, strapped into a battle robot armed to the teeth with no parachute.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2009-10-04 40 
6136779Evil QuestBraining old priests with their own holy symbol and other pleasantries.Quest thread, evil2009-10-05 33 
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-07 -1 
6165188Evil Quest #2Teegee the Corruptor and his Evil deeds. Part 2.Quest thread, evil2009-10-07 22 
6172431ZEONQUEST Pt 2Later than advertised, ZEONQUEST continues. We blow up some tanks, blow the bloody doors off, and nearly die to the weakest cannon fodder unit the Federation fields in the history of gundam.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2009-10-08 39 
6196590Evil Quest Part IIIOur anti hero duels with the forces of good. Gets the girl, many die. Good times by all.Quest Thread, Evil,2009-10-09 20 
6198252Evil Quest Part IV/tg/ seizes a warship to sow fear and terror over the world.Quest Thread, Evil2009-10-09 20 
6203113ZEONQUEST Pt 3Part three makes a shaky start after a collosally slow start leads the OP to believe that the thread has died. It then picks up and the awesome finally kicks in. The largest thread yet, and remarkably on topic.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-10-10 35 
6235500Evil Quest Part VThe Elves are pissed off at you already, but that isn't unexpected.Quest Thread, Evil2009-10-12 16 
6297819ZEONQUEST Pt 4A quick jaunt to San Jose and we discover David Listers capacity for destruction also extends outside of a giant 18 meter tall robot. We also meet Mr Incognito, the most casually violent man I've ever created.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-10-17 32 
6312476ZEONQUEST Pt 5Continuing where part 4 left off, our merry band of spaceborn misanthropes fly straight into a warzone with no communications, in stolen enemy units, and somehow manage to not only survive but totally save the day. Finally we get recognition for our amazing skills (read, plot armour) and the medals start to roll in.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-10-18 31 
6318285Evil Quest Part VIStarting working class rebellions are harder then you think. Quest Thread, Evil2009-10-18 16 
6400122ZEONQUEST pt5Mastodon Battalion goes on a short boating excursion by night. We set fire to a ghost town and the hosts computer dies mid-thread, forcing an early end.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-10-24 29 
6435211Ork Quest 2Nuk da Kunnin' takes control of da mob, and gears up for da WAAAAAGHH!!!Ork Quest, Orkz, Ork, Quest thread2009-10-26 5 
6445877Deity Quest, part 9EXPOSITION, And what notDeity, Quest, Diety Quest, Quest thread2009-10-27 1 
6497682ZEONQUEST Pt5.2Finishing up last weeks ZEONQUEST thread, as well as the first story arc... thermonuclear explosions, massive kill scores, crazy antics with heat hawks and the discovery that the pilot of our Land Cruiser/Hovership is from Fast and the Furious follow in the epic conclusion.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-10-31 30 
November 2009
6510065ZEONQUEST Pt6The start of the second story arc for Zeonquest. We discover hidden depths to David Lister which comes in handy when we have to defuse a bomb. Then we take a boat ride back to Mexico, and blow up a whole load of stuff. zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-01 30 
6520884The Mansion, Part 3/tg/ plays a rich mansion owner with a live-in maid, quest runner keeps this thing goingMaid,maid,Maids,maids,Quest,quest,Thread2009-11-01 5 
6522791ZEONQUEST Pt7The first Zeonquest thread to autosage. Right at the end admittedly but still impressive. Watch our plucky young Giant Robot Pilots completely humiliate the Mexican army so hard that they run away crying - to a gigantic land fortress that wouldn't be out of place in AC4A.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-02 28 
6593180ZEONQUEST Pt8Our intrepid band of Giant Robot Pilots get a new Land Battleship to call home, learns to fly and then invades the US. Further fun and games ensue.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-06 28 
6606312ZEONQUEST Pt9The obligatory "Seaside Resort" Filler episode. Our heroes get drunk and try to score in the town of Truth and Consequences. Whilst they fail to get laid, They do however get some action, and then have to leave in a hurry because said action was a bar room brawl. We also help our new arch-rival load up his van with beer and then throw giant axes at him the next day.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-08 27 
6639269My First Quest Thread Greed !!u95zbWX8j7r Greed takes /tg/ On a riveting tale involving Kings/skeletons/ And a scepter of powerQuestthread, Quest, Thread, Questhread, King2009-11-10 -1 
6651866Forgotten King Quest Part 2 Greed !!u95zbWX8j7rThe King explores some more, And meets his BROTHER DUN DUN DUNQuest, Thread, Questhread, King 2009-11-11 -2 
66792676 Forgotten King Quest Part 3 Greed !!u95zbWX8j7rThe king finally gets out of the crypt, and with Gorewarp discovers a new town, and the king's riveting tale continues.Quest, Thread, Questhread, King, Greed2009-11-13 -1 
6687938ZEONQUEST Pt10In this action packed tenth episode, giant explosions! Tank Punching! Trick Shots! And our first encounter with an enemy Mobile Suit.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-14 30 
6693534Evil Quest Part XThe forces of evil encounter its first adventuring party and promptly deals with it.Quest thread, Evil2009-11-14 16 
6697198Evil Quest Part X (2)To the victor goes the gloating.Quest Thread, Evil2009-11-14 18 
6702817ZEONQUEST Pt11We storm Roswell, nearly die, score the first Mobile Suit kill in history, and beat a one armed man to death in manly duel. Oh, and yet more nuclear explosions.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-15 30 
6751380verythings-A-Check-Quest The Worst DM Ever /tg/ Makes a check, FOR EVERYTHING watch the zany adventures unroll/tg/, Quest, Questthread, Roll, Dice, Check2009-11-18 8 
6789341ZEONQUEST Pt12No explosions, no kills, no property damage, and yet it's arguably the best episode yet. Lot's of manly tears, walking off into the sunset meeting new people and FINALLY getting new robots. It's the end of Mastodon Battalion, it's the end of an era (sort of).zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-21 29 
6819545ZEONQUEST Pt13Unlucky for some, in this case a whole slew of feddie airpower. A short episode where we take our new Gouf Prototype out for a spin. zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-23 28 
6822200END OF THE GOD DAMNED WORLD QUEST part 1Its the end of the world. Your a cop in L.A. Get to Cape Cod. Shoot thugs and dont give miranda rights. Be a loose cannon.Collective Game, quest thread, racial slurs, "It's not even a boat"2009-11-23 5 
6838286END OF THE GOD DAMNED WORLD QUEST part 2We find out about mobs of mormons and steal an SUV. After driving around some, we get hit with a frying pan. Jessica sounds like a muscle girl.Collective Game, quest thread, frying pan, "I'm just a defense attorney" 2009-11-24 2 
6868629The Adventures of Bruce Killfist pt1You are a goblin, and you clan is dead. What will you do? Why you'll don the latest in cat fashion, catch a bat, pay a farmer to sleep in a shed, and go on a quest for revenge! That's what!quest thread, goblin, bruce, batman, revenge2009-11-26 3 
6879343Dungeon Keeper Greed QuestA quest thread combining Overlord, Dungeon Keeper, and Greed !!u95zbWX8j7r's previous Forgotten King quests.Quest, Thread, Questhread, King, Greed2009-11-26 0 
6885062Evil Quest Part XIOne of evil's obstacles in the capital is obliterated at last.Quest Thread, Evil2009-11-27 17 
6893700Dungeon Keeper Greed Quest Part 2A quest thread combining Overlord, Dungeon Keeper, and Greed !!u95zbWX8j7r's previous Forgotten King quests. Part 2.Quest, Thread, Questhread, King, Greed2009-11-27 0 
6893177ZEONQUEST Pt14 aThe first part of episode 14, which could have been avoided if I'd timed things better. I railroad the players and we investigate a hidden rebel bas - sorry, federation base in Arizona.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-28 28 
6898115ZEONQUEST Pt14 bThe end of Part 14 of ZEONQUEST. Ambushes galore, and we blood our new Gouf. TUNE IN TOMMOROW FOR OUR 'THRILLING' CONCLUSION!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-28 27 
6899791Dungeon Keeper Greed Quest Part 2 (Part 2 of Part 2)A continuation of part 2 of the Dungeon Keeper Quest line, which was mislabeled Part 3 in OP's subject line.Quest, Thread, Questhread, King, Greed2009-11-28 0 
6907127Dungeon Keeper Greed Quest Part 3A quest continuing Greed's adventure into the world of the underdark, A quest taking influences from Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, and Greed's previous Forgotten King quest line.Quest, Thread, Questhread, King, Greed2009-11-28 0 
6908664ZEONQUEST Pt15David and Zolomon spend a DELIGHTFUL evenings repast hunting down the Federation. The final fight takes place in a giant hall of mirrors, and I cannot begin to calculate the amount of bad luck that results.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-11-29 30 
6912207END OF THE GOD DAMNED WORLD QUEST part 3We drive to the airport and Brian gets shoot. Whoops. Alebak admits he's not good at this.Collective Game, quest thread, bullet wounds, "Imma find some SOLVENT"2009-11-29 0 
6913800Anna Quest, part two/tg/ continues its railroad quest, and THE PLOT THICKENS.Quest, Questthread, monstergirl2009-11-29 0 
December 2009
7000263ZEONQUEST Pt16Not much happens, other than the return of EL MEURTO GRANDE, as we abuse our position as a peer of the realm. The characters wonder what a newtype is, whilst we all go: YOU ARE, DID YOU NOT SEE THE THING WITH AXES AND THE FIGHTER PLANES JEEBUS.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-12-05 27 
7004888Evil Quest Part XIIThe war in town is coming to a conclusion, looting the mage academy and battling skilled royal blood.Quest Thread, Evil2009-12-05 18 
7013842ZEONQUEST Pt17War is hell. That's all I have to say about this episode. It's all I really CAN say about this episode.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-12-06 28 
7027390ZEONQUEST Pt18 aWe recuit a new member for our team of badasses. The interviews are hilarious. We then try to plan out an assault on the mine.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-12-07 28 
7032180ZEONQUEST Pt18 bThe concluding part 18. We visit boatmurdered... as the elephants. NO ONE SURVIVES. The end of the current adventure arc.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-12-07 33 
7073593Lord QuestYou are a lord. Get shit done.Collective game, Lord Quest, /tg/, quest thread2009-12-10 68 
7096169Evil Quest Part XIIIEvil is back upon the high seas.Quest Thread, Evil2009-12-12 14 
7164514HILL GIANT QUEST PART 2Theodore Roosevelt's quest continues!Hill Giant Quest, Quest Thread, Theodore Roosevelt2009-12-17 2 
7176789HILL GIANT QUEST PART 3Teddy Roosevelt's quest continues! Now with baseball, druid powers, and mad dorfs!Hill Giant Quest, Quest Thread, Theodore Roosevelt2009-12-18 2 
7242781The Game, Part OneLarro leads a new Quest, where numbered characters struggle to survive each other in a deadly complex created by a sinister organisation.quest, quest thread2009-12-22 0 
7245438The Game, Part TwoThe game continues as Anonymous shows varying levels of clevernessQuest, Quest Thread2009-12-22 0 
7246798The Game, Part ThreeDepartures and Reunions as things begin to reach their climaxQuest, Quest Thread2009-12-23 0 
7248690Game Quest Final?Things build towards a close as we encounter the final hazard as well as an old friend.Quest, Quest Thread2009-12-23 0 
7253620The Game, True EndingThe adventure finally ends, and despite Anonymous losing their patience, we achieve a pretty good end.Quest, Quest Thread2009-12-23 0 
7272561Evil Quest Part XIVI am Kelgris. I hunger. Run coward! Run run run! I live.Quest Thread, Evil2009-12-25 15 
7293065ZEONQUEST Special Christmas EpisodeA delightful short 1 thread sidestory, where our old friend Wolfgang Strauss drops a colony on Australia. Nukes fly think and fast and I have fun with three dimensional combat and battleship duels.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2009-12-27 30 
January 2010
7375935ZEONQUEST Pt19The Hildolfr is finally added to our roster, along with a new pilot to go with it. We then take a train ride back, and have to deal with trainjackers. We do so with 300mm shells.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-02 30 
7392022ZEONQUEST Pt20 aEVERYONE IS GAY FOR GARMA ZABI. Also, we visit Canada, and UPGRADES FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-02 28 
7395908ZEONQUEST Pt20 bThe conclusion to part A (obviously). Morale of the day? Doms are faaaaaast.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-03 28 
7407935ZEONQUEST Pt21Everyone is still gay for garma. But that's all moot now since he scores himself a girlfriend. We try to train him up into some kind of respectable soldier. Training montages abound.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-04 29 
7448714MageQuest/tg/ is a mage at an amoral academy. Their dream? Become the best Cooking Mage the kingdom has ever seem. Sandwiches ensue.Sandwich, Quest Thread, Magic2010-01-06 1 
7468480Guard QuestKyle is the worst guard in the whole freaking world.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread2010-01-07 5 
7470201Guard Quest Part 2Kyle still sucks at being a guard...so he's trying to become a wizard! Now with more gay sex!Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay2010-01-07 3 
7480046Guard Quest Part 3Kyle becomes more evil, more gay, and more powerful!Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay 2010-01-08 2 
7485175Guard Quest Part 4Kyle's wizardly prowess grows. He plans to travel by ship to the East, to study magic. Until the ship sets sail, he spends his time blowing cocks up and practicing telekinesis.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay 2010-01-08 1 
7487084Guard Quest Part 5Kyle sets sail on the might ship the K.S. Oroblarm, and makes it to the eastern lands of Sha'azar, to further his magical studies. More magic and dickings, of course.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay2010-01-08 2 
7489694Zeonquest pt 22 aWorking through the lurg makes for slow posts. On a more related note: just once I wish we could have a nice quiet trip to somewhere and back, without the need to shoot people...zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-09 27 
7495394Zeonquest Pt22 bThe conclusion to tonights pyrotechnics. zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-09 27 
7502020Colony 13The 13th colony ship awakens 500 years late at the bottom of the ocean. Quest thread for computer stored minds trying to work out how to fix everything.Quest, Questthread, Collective Game2010-01-09 5 
7506532ZEONQUEST pt23More plot twists that everybody saw coming, though I have to admit, I didn't think you COULD go potholing in a 16 meter tall giant robot.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-10 27 
7522614ZEONQUEST pt23The field is captured and exploration of the Giant Drill Battleship begins. The spy isn't among the POWs.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-11 27 
7601871ZEONQUEST Pt 25The start of a new story arc, our band is officially turned into an independant unit and were sent of to Hawaii. Just in time to deal with a major sea attack. TO BE CONTINUED TOMMOROW.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-16 26 
7617624ZEONQUEST Pt26 aThe Battle of Midway commences, we get our feet wet, and end up deep inside enemy lines taking out Battleships and Carriers left right and center. SUDDENLY: BALLS.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-17 28 
7635146ZEONQUEST Pt27Day two of the battle of midway. We conduct a highly effective night raid, our reward? BOOZE! The next day doesn't go quite as well as our merry band end up jumping at shadows.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha,2010-01-18 31 
7704336Magic : the MusclingThe Newish Llanowar elves art gets everyone into a beefcake mood. Beefcake, in Magic: the Gathering. An amazing, manly portrayal of Magic: the Gathering rule mechanics Also, has some drawfaggotry drawthread, writefag, Mtg, Magic, drawfag, writethread2010-01-22 15 
7718619ZEONQUEST pt28We see what Hovis Goddard has been doing since he lost his leg. He claims it's been quiet. HE LIES.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha,2010-01-22 26 
7723163ZEONQUEST Pt28 bThe second part to today's thread. Stuff actually get's done, including new team members and Mobile Suit to play with.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-23 27 
7734512ZEONQUEST Pt29Day 3 of the Battle of Midway. For real this time, with 100% more IGLOO shenannigans!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-23 28 
7754371ZEONQUEST Pt 30We finish off some fighter jets, giving our new Mobile Armour a spin. We then all go to Honolulu, get drunk, eat meat, smoke cigars and tell war stories. Good times.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-25 28 
7825665ZEONQUEST Pt31We journey out into space, and get to test out some nice new prototype mobile suits, meet Dozle Zabi, reunite with our old CO and a good time is had by all.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-30 28 
7840792ZEONQUEST Pt32Our short period in Pezun continues... with a Basketball match? Zolomon get's a dogging for gambling with Jolyne's chastity and we get a handle on newtypes.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-01-31 28 
February 2010
7856806ZEONQUEST pt33aWe do yet more mobile suit testing, have a mock battle with Dozle Zabi and get naked Newtype vision space.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-01 30 
7936040ZEONQUEST Pt34We return to the earth after a weekend in space to find, as usual, the federation fronting with our shit. After causing yet another mushroom cloud with a badly made prototype, we start planning how to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-05 30 
7949613Zeonquest Pt 35 aWe plan our invasion of Jaburo.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-06 29 
7953263ZEONQUEST Pt35 bWith the plans finalised, we journey back to Costa Rica for the final stages of the attack. We meet back up with our friends from Hawaii. zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-07 28 
7966002Zeonquest Discussion threadThe elegan/tg/entlemen of Zeonquest sit back and discuss the Assault on Jaburo. Hilarity ensues. Zeonquest, mecha, quest thread2010-02-07 22 
7967454ZEONQUEST Pt36 AThe first part of today's assault on Jaburo.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-08 33 
7970671ZEONQUEST Pt36 bThe second half of the attack on JaburOH FUCK IT'S A GUNDAM!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-08 39 
8048850ZEONQUEST Pt 37The Escape from Jaburo - Footsloggers edition.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-12 28 
8064912ZEONQUEST pt38 aEscape from Jaburo - Airborne edition.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-13 25 
8069347ZEONQUEST Pt38 bWhat? Salina Cruz AGAIN? zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-14 25 
8085772AVP quest pt 1Anon attempts to survive as a colonial marine in a three way clusterfuck. Lot's of running, shooting, betrayal and pissing our pants in abject terror ensues. So, business as usual in the Corps then?quest thread, collective game, aliens, predator, game over man, game over2010-02-15 5 
8108324ADVENTURE NOW!Rage viking goes on a quest.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-16 10 
8144567ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 2Rage viking goes on a quest with his wench, time for some pillaging.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-18 6 
8135162RiderquestA journey of one hero and his pursuit of Justice, and his adventures for today.Kamen, Rider, Kamen Rider, Justice, Lawful Good, Good, Friend, /m/, quest, thread, quest thread,2010-02-18 2 
8194984ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 3Rage viking now lost in a crappy forest. Where the fuck is the wench?Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-21 5 
8205753ZEONQUEST Pt 39Suprise sunday session. The end of the Jaburo Arc.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-02-22 25 
8233038ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 4IN WHICH OLAF WANTS A MACHETE AND ARMWREASTLES A BEARQuest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-23 7 
March 2010
8418245Zeonquest Pt 42Parts 40 and 41 were done during the outage, but we'll se if we get something done. In today's ZEONQUEST, arguments over repair orders, Cameos! Enemy Mobile Suits! Fire!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-06 24 
8423734The /tg/ character armyTemplate-based character drawing leads to a compilation of most extraordinary folk.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8434764The /tg/ character army/tg/ are very creative. So creative that we need a second thread for our template-based character drawing. This time with correct tags!drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8436945The /tg/ character army, Part 3/tg/ are very, very creative. A third thread of template-based character drawing, and a compilation which has turned into Where's Wally.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 5 
8434737ZEONQUEST Pt43Elaine's scenario: Her first command mission, fighting enemy Mobile Suits in woodland hills. Fire, death and guerilla warfare ensue.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-07 25 
8451656ZEONQUEST pt44We finally leave the burning wreck of Don Martin, sadly we don't get to break dam.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-08 24 
8480915Collection of Cantakerous, Cholesterol-filled ComestiblesWhat begins with a combination of two venerated /tg/ snacks snowballs into a gauntlet of dishes promising to test even the fittest and leanest of fa/tg/uys.HNNNGG, food, suicide, meatbread, baconweave2010-03-09 0 
8545524ZEONQUEST Pt45The siege of Nuevo Laredo begins. We take out a Big Tray in the opening moves. We then go for the double. Can we make the treble? Is there even a third battleship TO treble?zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-13 24 
8563414ZEONQUEST pt46The concluding part of the battle along the Rio Grande (hopefully). We bushwack enemy raiders, conduct a night raid an OH SHIT IT'S ANOTHER ENEMY DRILL TANK!zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-14 26 
8570043Apocalypse Quest Post Apocalypse in New Anchorage. Currently messing with shop owner (with delicious weapons/supplies) and hostage.Quest Thread, Post Apocalyptic, Apocalypse Quest2010-03-14 5 
8664066ZEONQUEST pt47Promotions for everybody, some new suits, oh, and we go up against The Gundam. Yes, THE Gundam. zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-19 26 
8683311ZEONQUEST pt48The other half of the Nachtmaren squad take on the Gundam... well, nobodies luck can last forever... On the plus side we get some critical salvage and pick up some cutting edge mobile suits from Pezun.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-20 28 
8703556Zeonquest MiscellaneousThe elegan/tg/entlemen of Zeonquest discus various things Zeon and quest related.Zeonquest , mecha, quest thread2010-03-21 23 
8281670ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 5IN WHICH OLAF FINDS A SECRET CAVE (manually restored)Quest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-23 4 
8749783ADVENTURE NOW PART 7IN WHICH OLAF BECOMES A TIME TRAVELLING GENTLEMAN PILLAGERQuest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-24 5 
8798987Zeonquest Pt49After getting into an utterly terrifying battle against the Gundam in freefall, we get sent off to OH CANAAAADAAA. Also we get a new pilot to replace the dearly departed Ramirez.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-26 23 
8817408Zeonquest Part 50For our 50th episode we take on the Crazy 8 in Canada. First up, their night combat specialist.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-27 25 
8836542ZEONQUEST Pt51After dealing with one member of the Crazy Eight, the other 2 come looking for him. The Gigan proves it's worth, and we chalk up another victory in our ongoing rivalry with Prototype Gundam Pilot: Wyatt Bandit.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-03-28 25 
8882753Frontier Quest 2Wherein Prince Faraldan encounters master blacksmith and de facto leader of Last Chance, Vulcan Lor. Frontier Quest, quest thread, minimal progress2010-03-31 1 
April 2010
8934687Zeonquest Pt52What's that? Enemy forces coming to attack us? ANOTHER siege battle? Nachtmaren says "fuck that noise" and goes out and kicks all kinds of ass.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-04-03 23 
8954825Zeonquest Pt53We save the town of Smokey Lakes, oh, and it transpires that Elaine is apparently the SWORD THAT SMITES AND CLEAVES ALL EVIL. Which is nice.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-04-04 24 
8973823Zeonquest Epic Part 2Another discussion about Zeonquest in general and converting it to Epic.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-04-04 20 
9085173ZeonquestIt's time to put this day in Canada to an end.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-04-10 23 
9105014Zeonquest Pt55, what could have beenAfter a rocking start Zeonquest falls and almost dies. Let this be a reminder of what can happen in any quest thread and the mark of a fresh start for Zeonquestzeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-04-10 22 
9133164SD Gundam Quest>IN WHICH A ROBOT KID GETS A NEW BODY, BEATS UP A BULLY, EATS PIZZA, AND BECOMES KAISER.Quest Thread, Collective Game, SD Quest2010-04-12 -3 
9221750RPG: The DramtizingWhat begins as a promising gag thread turns into an apparent psychological episode for From Hell's Heart, and writefaggotry ensues.writefaggotry, metafaggotry, whatthefuckamireading2010-04-16 0 
9229512Zeonquest Pt55 (again)We attempt to hash out a plan to take down the Trojan Horse. Again.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-04-16 23 
9377939Zeonquest Pt56I return from the dead, and we mount our assault on the White Base, explosions, crash landings, return of old friends, plot armour, and WERE JUMPING ONTO A GAW DIRECTLY ABOVE THE WHITE BASE follow.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-04-24 23 
9431051Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: BuildsPeople post a few builds and character ideas, stark shows up to answer some questions, the tread lasts for 2 more days, and stark answers even more questions. Pokemon, long thread, Stark, PTA, character builds2010-04-27 5 
9514729Crab Quest 11Wherein we defeat a false god.Crab Quest, Quest Thread2010-04-30 5 
May 2010
9534697Wizard/Memory loss Epic Quest ThreadFantastic thread that starts out looking pretty boring and normal-- but the OP's use of "There is nothing strange about this." makes the thread paranoid and ends up with some epic foreshadowing; either way. Damn. Nice thread and a do want to read again.9534697 wizard memory loss thread2010-05-01 6 
9636188Evil Quest: Part XVGuess who's back, back again Evil's back, tell a friend.Quest thread, Evil2010-05-06 15 
9668913Zeonquest Pt57Where we take a trip to NY, and train some new recruits, and we school them in a totally different manner.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-05-08 25 
9689326Zeonquest Pt58We save Garma Zabi. Fuck yes we do. 8 months in the making we save Lord Captain Garma Zabi, how? BY MAKING HIM AWESOME.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-05-09 25 
9699385Bloodquest?In a drug-fueled creative haze, /tg/ becomes an escaped research subject with sentient, violently hungry blood.Quest thread, Collective Story2010-05-09 23 
9718987Bloodquest 2Subject 82 holes up in the Miami sewers, jumping at shadows and gathering supplies.Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-10 20 
9740662Bloodquest 3Subject 82 encounters a few other Arkham escapees, with fucking disastrous resultsBlood quest, Collaborative Storytelling, Quest Thread.2010-05-11 23 
9746933Bloodquest 4Subject 82 isn't in Kansas anymore, or rather, she is in Kansas now.Blood quest, Collaborative Storytelling, Quest Thread.2010-05-11 20 
9760642Bloodquest 5Subject 82 comes into contact with a cosmic horror, then plays along with her former captors for a while. Things are looking grim.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-12 30 
9765681Bloodquest 6Subject 82 ditches the feds and begins tracking down other Arkham escapees. 54 re-establishes contact in a GRIPPING CLIFFHANGER!Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-12 28 
9781242Bloodquest 7Subject 82 has yet another close call with Arkham, this time to steal supernatural artifacts. There is an encounter with more unstable escapees. 82 makes efforts to get past the military blockade and rendezvous with 54. Not all is at it seems...Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-13 55 
9802302Blood Quest 8Old friends, and new enemies.Blood Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-05-14 22 
9816575Gritty magical girlsIdeas for gritty magical!girls settings. magical girls, gritty, grimdark, idea thread2010-05-14 1 
9813897Zeonquest Pt59We team up with Ramba Ral, return to space, get yet MORE sweet tech from Pezun and play shadow games with an enemy taskforce.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-05-14 23 
9841752Bloodquest 9Subject 82 finds herself shoulder to shoulder with Arkham employees for like the tenth time this week. Plot happens; guest-DM Spider-LebronBloodquest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-05-16 29 
9846191Bloodquest 10A shorter thread, consisting almost entirely of the interrogation of Dr. Okuniewicz. A rich expository mine.Bloodquest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-05-16 27 
9861922Bloodquest 11Subject 82 gets suited up, now subsidized by Arkham Research. Devon Brody becomes an ally of dubious effectivenessBloodquest, Collective Game, quest thread2010-05-17 27 
9883636Blood Quest 12: What Rough Beasts In which A hamtastic Spider named 93 and Helen exchange quips, and Helen sets a town on fire.Bloodquest, Collective Game, quest thread2010-05-18 29 
9910690Bloodquest 14A Short Session; in which Helen makes plan in Atlanta, and a new teammate is introduced.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-19 26 
9947734Bloodquest 15Subject 82 does some cleaning in Atlanta, then tries to retrieve 33 from Tampa. She finds much more than that.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-21 26 
9962388Zeonquest Pt60We finally reach Side 3 in our mission to deliver grapes to Garma's father in hospital. SUDDENLY INTRIGUE! MURDER! AWESOME PARENTS!quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-05-22 23 
9970784Bloodquest 16Exposition. Exposition everywhere. Includes the Depressing Backstory of Devon BrodyBloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-22 28 
9991055Bloodquest 17Helen and crew go to the heart of Cleveland to do battle with insidious beasts. Anon rages at poor planning, StonerDM denies responsibility.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-23 25 
10033598Bloodquest 18Helen gets in touch with her emotions, then sits down with Arkham to get some answers. Computer problems promptly derail the shit out of everythingBloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-25 22 
10056322Bloodquest 19Eurotrip! Much exposition is had en-route.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-26 23 
10113672Zeonquest Pt61We arrive on the moon, we get into a low G gunfight, and at one point the leader of our entire nation is shoved in a fridge.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-05-29 24 
10122105Bloodquest 21Helen finds herself in the Dreamlands, and makes the best of it. Warning: BAD ROLLSBloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-29 23 
10144162Bloodquest 22Helen finds herself fighting her way out of the Dreamlands.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-05-30 24 
June 2010
10210462Bloodquest 23Helen defeats 18 and makes it back to Chicago, where plans are set in place and emotions boil over.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-02 28 
10233744Bloodquest 24Helen reunites with the now expanded team, and hunkers down to plan a FINARU BATTARUBloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-03 23 
10241332Bloodquest 0Helen...um...does some stuff.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-03 21 
10256293Bloodquest 00StonerDM is too high to manage a quest, and just writes a bunch of filth again. Other questees pick up the slack while he spaces out, seemingly idefinitely.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-04 20 
10270891Zeonquest Pt62We arrive at Grenada, introduce Garma's girlfriend to daddy, and help start a civil war that will probably doom our nation to defeat in the One Year War. Fucking Delaz.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-06-05 23 
10279070Bloodquest 25Helen travels to space looking for answers. Cliffhanger ending.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-05 23 
10347458Bloodquest 26The conclusion to Helen's journey. A suitably epic finish? you decide.Bloodquest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-06-08 38 
10426912Zeonquest Pt 63The moral for this episode: Civil Wars suck. Even ones which don;t butcher long standing characters personalities and kill Captain America.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-06-11 23 
10735787Zeonquest Part 65Invasion of Jaburo 2: Jab Harderquest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-06-25 24 
July 2010
10886330Zeonquest Pt66Our attack on Jaburo commences. Again.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-07-02 23 
11084593Bard Quest part 11?Numbering might not be the best for this quest. Standard Bard Quest stuffDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2010-07-12 4 
11170245Zeonquest Pt68Final part of the Second Attack on Jaburo. We add another Gundam to our kill tally. Although this one is piloted by an utter idiot. Plus, Midnight Fenrir are bros.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-07-17 23 
11385446Archived He madshit thread2010-07-27 -12 
11443152Zeonquest Pt69We depart for the battle of Odessa.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-07-31 24 
11451316AlchemyQuest 1We begin the tale of Court Alchemist Gillivers, setting foot on an uncharted island in the name of arcane science and imperialism. Things immediately go horribly wrong. There are also a great deal of ship-related images.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-07-31 20 
August 2010
11482169AlchemyQuest 2Gillivers and crew do significant tinkering and discover a source of fresh water, but- oh no! what's this?AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-08-02 12 
11495938Sword n' Board's Anniversary Rap threadOne year after the initial craze, Sword n' Board's back to put you in a lyrical daze. (yeah im not him, but he's in the thread)Sword n' Board, Rap thread, Awesome2010-08-03 14 
11553738Zeonquest Pt70We avoid the statement "It's a Gundam!" and thus survive last weeks cliffhanger ending. This week the Red Comet returns, we test the mettle of the European Federal Forces, and pick and choose some new toys.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-08-07 24 
11651638ZeonQuest Pt71We clarify some orders, initiate the first phase of our plan and beat off a Federation attack. In the process, Bernie proves he has balls bigger than A Baoa Qu.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-08-14 24 
11753430Zeonquest pt 72In the thread, I mislable it pt 71, but no there's no time travel involved. Just incompetance. Lot's of running and gunning here as we try to pin down General Revil. His response? He sic's named characters from 0083 on us. Oh, and GIANT ROBOT NINJAS.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-08-21 23 
11844550Zeonquest Pt73We take on the Midnight Pixy Death Squad and come out on top. Revil then goes on to remind us that he's some kind of tactical genius. Or at least just not as retarded as some other Federation commanders we've met in the past.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-08-27 24 
11848994Doppleganger Damacy XXIour beloved doppleganger gets slightly drunker, and TempDM passes out! MAGIK!Doppleganger Damacy XXI doppelganger damacy quest thread2010-08-28 31 
11855121Obliterator Quest part 2Brother Acherus encounters hostile brother marines of a rival Warsmith, possessed astartes, fights daemons, and kicks arse with brother Solonis, all while trying to capture a scheming chaos sorcerer.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-08-28 5 
11865591Obliterator Quest part 3After finding Deimos on the verge of dying, brother Acherus wanders around, and breaks into the Generatorum in attempt to OMNOMNOM a plasma generator.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-08-29 7 
September 2010
11922862Obliterator Quest part 4Acherus tries to escape the Generatorum, killing a bunch of Scitarii, and probably pissing off the Dark Mechanicum.Obliterator Quest, quest thread, collective game, 40k, chaos, iron warriors2010-09-02 2 
11929156Evil Quest: Part XVIEvil Quest is back. Again. Hopefully to stay this time. We fuck with some elves and nobles.Quest thread, Evil2010-09-03 12 
11929303AlchemyQuest 3StonerDM finally gets AlchemyQuest off the ground again. Gillivers awakens after sustaining serious injury, and finally meets the locals, with confusing and perhaps ominous results.Collective Game, Quest Thread, AlchemyQuest2010-09-03 11 
11934328Obliterator Quest part 5Brother Acherus gets elected to Lord Skraal's Chosen, gets some new wargear, and his first assignment to get back on the rival Warsmith.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-09-03 3 
11935344Zeonquest Pt 74Months of Siege? (Advice Revil) How about we just fly over them?quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-09-04 23 
11948892Obliterator Quest part 6Acherus wanders into the Serf Quarters to hunt down the cannibalistic mutants lurking there. He tries out his new chainfist in action, and TACKLES THE BEAST WITH CARNAGE!Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-09-04 3 
12009336Bloodquest- Blessed PeaceA short Bloodquest sidestory rife with sentimentalism and a small pinch of action somewhere in the middle.Quest Thread, Bloodquest2010-09-09 14 
12021439Evil Quest: Part XVIIThe Beast? The Tyrant? Or the Coward?Quest Thread, Evil2010-09-10 13 
12078401Evil Quest: Part XVIIIChildren are set on the path to corruption. Delicious.Quest Thread, Evil2010-09-14 14 
12116883AlchemyQuest 4AlchemyQuest somehow manages to keep on living. Plot threads begin to unravel before Gillivers, and intrigue takes place in both past and present.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-09-17 11 
12123540Zeonquest Pt 75Cometh the man, cometh the hour. Feat. Blue Destiny Gyan, David reminding people that he PAINTS HIS ROBOT LIKE A SKELETON FOR A FUCKING REASON, vague hint's at newtype powers and Girhen managing to completely ruin Davids birthday.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-09-18 24 
12129190AlchemyQuest 5The space elves invade. That is all.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-09-18 10 
12161510Evil Quest: Part XIXBesieged in a smuggler's cavern. Can evil hold out long enough?Quest Thread, Evil2010-09-21 11 
12200874AlchemyQuest 6Gillivers learns about the true face of court politics...in the past. In the present, relatively little progress is made.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-09-24 11 
12207372Zeonquest PT 76We pick up our stranded team-mate, and then help with the evacuation of Odessa. Things get hectic, then as usual, blow up.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-09-25 24 
12231166The faces of /tg/OP asks inflammatory question, invoking a glorious chain reaction of many of the faces of /tg/. The devil's advocate, the voice of reason, the troll, the zerg, the bro.epic, mindfuck, troll, wtfamireading2010-09-26 -10 
12236415Commander QuestA young cadet takes his final test to determine his command and placement amongst the Degnarian Legion. Legionnaires, Dorfs and archers brawl armoured dorfs and giant lizardmen.Commander Quest, Quest Thread2010-09-27 35 
12257873Commander Quest IIJustinian Trentz gets the first member of his retinue and gets assigned to put down a potential rebellion. /tg/ spends years deciding on what troops to bring and then we get bear cavalry.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-09-29 24 
October 2010
12282945Commander Quest IIICommander Justinian meets with almost all of his Captains for a small feast. Ends with them all getting smashed.Commander Quest, Quest Thread2010-10-01 21 
12282927AlchemyQuest 7Gillivers gets the hell off the island with a handful of survivors. Exposition exposition exposition. Also an adorable little goblinAlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-10-01 11 
12289125Zeonquest PT 77We fly back into space and start chucking chunks of starships at feddies. Zolomon also shows he still has his touch with heat hawks.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-10-02 23 
12298920Death Quest 3We go all Road Warrior and serious ass is kicked. Backstory revelations with our lady friend show that we were a total dick. Then we get to Canaveral, and meet Klep. Klep is... a little hard to describe.Death Quest, collective game, awesome thread2010-10-02 3 
12304881AlchemyQuest 8A flashback to our origins. We learn of our motivations, endure a heart wrenching parting, and arrive at the door of the Academy, the door of our fate. AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-10-03 13 
12317162Commander Quest IVMore shenanigans from our captains after we brief them on our mission. We march out and deal with some raiders, recruiting a Scottish Dorf and crucify a raider. Our next battle sits on the horizon.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-04 21 
12318885AlchemyQuest 9Fierna seems stuck with us for the time being. We journey to the manor of Lord Blackheed, the elven seditionist emplanted within the nobility.AlchemyQuest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-04 10 
12354642Commander Quest VCommander Justinian comes across a band of raiders and sees that bear cavalry wins battles. Almost alone. The dice roller also hates us and we take heavy losses and learn scouts are not meant to hold the line.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-07 21 
12366166Commander Quest VICommander Justinian finds this little rebellion he's dealing with is not so little. We attract the attention of gods and realize we're not being paid enough for what we have to deal with.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-08 20 
12367395Rogue Trader Quest Part 7Busy day. Meetings and mourning. Rogue Trader Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-08 11 
12373425Zeonquest Pt 78Pezun, againzeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-10-09 21 
12385200Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming StormYou are Delessa Kravos, cigar smoking, daemon insulting, badass Inquisitor in service of the God-Emperor. Investigation concerning The Exalted Martyr has begun.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest thread2010-10-10 16 
12388813Commander Quest VIIWe learn more about the old gods and get an idea on who we're facing. Commander Justinian hesitantly communicates with the old gods and we hire mercenaries to make a battle relatively simple.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-10 20 
12400901Commander Quest VIII-IWe stage an ambush on a supply caravan and find out it's being protected by an elven spell caster. /tg/ dice hate us once again.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-11 20 
12404003Commander Quest VIII-IIWe tend to our wounded and our own wounds after our last battle. We interrogate the captured mercenaries and the /tg/ dice finally let us succeed, with us breaking the elven sorcerer's faith in her husband and her god.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-11 22 
12413226Commander Quest IXWe interrogate one of the wives of our foes and then /tg/ bickers for an extended time on how to assault the enemy. Eventually we move on, forge some weapons and prepare our captains for a bloody battle.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-12 21 
12435456Commander Quest XWe finish up last minute preparations and then begin our march towards the enemy ruins. On the way, we discover a band of broken orcs, receive important intel and attract the favor of a god for leaving on good terms with the orcs. We then run into barricades.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-14 20 
12464395Zeonquest pt79More medals, more explosions, more tactical essays, more Zolomon and more CRAZY NEWTYPES.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-10-16 24 
12501374Running the Show - Camarilla QuestMeet Oglivi: The Camarilla Prince of Toronto. With his vast wealth and cadre of elite henchmen, he must retain his power while growing outside forces threaten it.Collective Game, World of Darkness, quest thread, awesome2010-10-20 3 
12516585Commander Quest XIWe begin our assault against the main enemy encampment. Things start good with complete surprise on our side, then bad rolls hit us in the head at the end.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-21 20 
12528522Mechwarrior Quest (1)The first episode of Mechwarrior questBattletech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest2010-10-22 15 
12528432AlchemyQuest 10StonerDM is back after yet another leave of absence. He proceeds to grab a fistful of heartstrings and swing around like a toddler on a sugar rush. Also feature the fantastic drawfag stylings of some kind of fantastic drawfag.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-10-22 10 
12527946Commander Quest XIIThe assault continues. not to many snags but the casualties are starting to pile up. Khalles proves to be a formidable combatant, the orks get wiped out save for blackbird; and we find out just how useful an elementalist can be.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-22 20 
12539103AlchemyQuest 11Gillivers is framed for murder and shipped off to exotic islands, completing the temporal loop. In the present, EXPOSITION EXPOSITION EXPOSITION EXPOSITION.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-10-23 10 
12544429Zeonquest pt80We travel to the Moon. In a mail ship. There's no expenses spared in THIS operation. We also are formally introduced to Nell Dyland, newtype guinea pig.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-10-23 20 
12546242Mechwarrior Quest 2We meet with some of the other merc outfits, load up, and make our way to Hellhole. Arrive to find the mines invaded, and Corvatti trying to alter the deal. We alter it first.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-10-24 11 
12545927Jaguar Quest Part 1A drop pod falls to a harsh jungle planet, carrying an amnesiac superhuman who first beats a monster Jaguar and leads a band of Orkz.Jaguar Quest, Quest Thread, Warhammer 40k, Orkz2010-10-24 6 
12548246ODST Quest 1You are Gunnery Sergeant Roland M. Lowell, ODST of the 22nd Tactical, and a Communications and Electronic Warfare Specialist.Halo, ODST, ODST Quest, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-24 4 
12549593Commander Quest XIIIWe beat the Dwarf rebel leader into unconsciousness, and put him in a small damp box. Later, we hold a party with his ale and don't give him any.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-24 20 
12556902Alternative ConsumablesOP looks for ideas to spice up his consumables and /tg/ delivers.consumable, potions, wands, oils, scrolls, homebrew, idea, ideas, Idea Thread2010-10-24 2 
12559513ODST Quest2We meet our AI and learn that our mission is to be a "routine surveillance op"Halo, ODST, ODST Quest, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-25 6 
12571430CommanderQuest XIVWe recover from a night of celebrations, find out our Aide's past and fail at interrogating. We then save someone from Ferengi gnomes and recruit him to our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-26 20 
12571656Zombie Quest XIIA bond is formed between two unlikely heroines, hope is rekindled for one, and one last job for the other.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-10-26 15 
12582004ODST Quest 3Session cut short due to lack of participation. We are left on a literal cliffhanger.Halo, ODST, ODST Quest, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-27 1 
12602264Mechwarrior Quest 3Part 3, where we learn that things may not be all that they appear to be on Hellhole.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-10-29 13 
12604840Commander Quest XVWe continue back to the capital and tame a large, wild bear for our mount. We have more exposition with our elf and then make it back to the capital for our debriefing.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-29 22 
12605238Zombie Quest XIIIOur forces engage the zombie hordes in the Stadium. After fighting through hundreds of zombies, we face the UWF.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-10-29 15 
12605538AchemyQuest 12Gillivers moves to the big city and gets comfortable in his borrowed quarters. We go to a party, and party it up.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-10-29 12 
12612753Adventure Time Quest!30 years after Jake and Finn left their legacy, Brock the Rock Candy Musclewizard sets out to make his mark on the world.Adventure Time, Collective Game, Quest thread2010-10-30 1 
12617050AlchemyQuest13Gillivers spins a fantastic yarn. Reconnections are made with figures from our past. StonerDM has a chance encounter...with DRUGS.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest thread2010-10-30 10 
12616777Monster Hunter QuestThe slow beginning to what hopes to be an epic quest. You are Faolan Orobus, an amnesia ridden Hunter who was found half dead near the village of Lammite. Only a few moments out of your rest bed are you and a fellow hunter assaulted by the villages problem.Monster Hunter Quest, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Monster Hunter2010-10-30 1 
12627604CommanderQuest XVIWe mess around in the capital city by spending time in the library researching. We then re-hire our bear cavalry for another campaign and endlessly debate on hiring mercenaries.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-31 20 
November 2010
12634050Mechwarrior Quest 4We troll the pirates before starting negotiations to let them live while still getting paid. Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-11-01 11 
12647596CommanderQuest XVIIJustinian gets a bunch of arcane loot, delegates party planning to his protege and then goes to the races with Sansa. We then return for our celebration with our men.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-02 21 
12651509Mechwarrior Quest 4.5Jussi and his team finds up he's up against assault mech Wobbies armed with nukes, loses good men. Goes on to win anyway and bargains to get the pirates offworld. Yes, we mad but then we shot the Blakist in the face. Then took his 100 tonner as salvage.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-11-02 11 
12670831Commander Quest XVIIIWe have a night out and introduce our retinue's introverts to the rest of the group. Later on we armor our bear, cash in our gold, and scare the hell out of Jayne with some magical hocus pocus while also learning a new ability. (And maybe start on some magic)Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-04 20 
12661681Zombie Quest XIVThings get hairy in the gym, and a boss zombie is confronted. Se7en does her stuff.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-11-04 15 
12681296Commander Quest XIXWe proceed to trial and have to demonstrate Khalless's power to incredulous judges, and Laelith gets sweet fiery vengeance. Later on we attend to army duties and teach Jayne the beginnings of life elementalism. Then we round it out with a briefing on our next mission and some discussion on romantic prospects.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-05 20 
12694861AlchemyQuest 14Gillivers meets with Elegy again, before team-building with the hired help. Alchemical developments ensue, and we stand poised to meet with Stelton.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-11-06 11 
12701257Zeonquest Pt81Antarctica Treaty? [advice Gihren] Sorry, I don't listen to HipHop.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-11-07 20 
12718284Commander Quest XXWe hire some more mercs, have a nice dinner with Jayne and her sister, begin planning our campaign, and argue. Oh, the arguing.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-08 17 
12715731Lego character requestsWhat seems to be a normal character draw thread is turned upside down when the namefag uses only legos! A must seelego, character, build thread2010-11-08 2 
12730557CommanderQuest XXIWe finish up in the capital and finally head out to our next campaign. After selecting out base camp, our scouts quickly determine the location of the enemy base camp and spot an enemy scouting party.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Collective game, Quest2010-11-09 17 
12749386/tg/ Helps Anon Find a Picture Without the Text/tg/ wants a picture of a warlord fighting a dragon without the text "COME AT ME, BRO". /tg/ rushes to "help", and the picture becomes progressively more bizarre. The warrior maiden is actually breastfeeding a baby, and the dragon just showed up to warn the warrior not to stand too close to the edge.drawthread2010-11-11 94 
12753274CommanderQuest XXIIWe spring our attack on the enemy scouting party and /tg/ dice hate us for awhile. The force is eventually scattered and then we fail at interrogation. We then begin trap laying.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-11 17 
12765548AlchemyQuest 15Gillivers meets with Stelton and convinces her of the dire situation (somewhat), then it's off to the Academy to try and find out who wants to kill us.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-11-12 14 
12771329Zeonquest Pt82Zolomon shoots some guys, blows some more up, and generally helps save Von Braun.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-11-13 20 
12776381CommanderQuest XXIIIOur opponent sends a force to burn out our fort and we meet him on the field. An initially promising battle turns into a disaster and results in a Pyrrhic victory.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-13 17 
12801043CommanderQuest XXIVWe go over received intel, send out raiders, improve our captured siege engine and have a nice breakfast with the captured son of the enemy. That and learn he's in love with one of his bodyguards captured during the last battle. Sweet, honeyed words are whispered to wear away at his loyalty.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-15 15 
12812389CommanderQuest XXVWe debate on how to best assist another commander likely fighting an elementalist. We convince more people to learn to control the elements and then continue interrogating captured prisoners and wearing away at their loyalties.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-16 15 
12824097Zombie Quest XV EndgameOperation High Noon commences as the first book comes to a close.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-11-17 15 
12837061CommanderQuest XXVIProfessor Justinian teaches the class how to manipulate the elements. We learn a bit more about Kyria and talk to our experienced veterans about our situation.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-18 16 
12844530Dark Heresy Statting - Iron Warriors Dreadnought/tg/ helps to stat a Dreadnought for use in a DH game against the acolytes, a near unstoppable killing machine is created, needless to say Heresymaker's players will soon encounter this TPK clad in armour and bristling with Chaotic energy.Dark Heresy, Dreadnought, TPK, Stat, Iron Warriors, Acolytes, GM dickery,2010-11-19 3 
12848784AlchemyQuest 16Gillivers tries to get to the bottom of Elegy's disappearance. Questees are sparse.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-11-19 10 
12847946CommanderQuest XVIIA caravan is sent out as bait for a trap. We let our captured noble have a few hours of happiness with his love and see what the gods think of us. We also find out Khalless had a boat load of interesting things for us to translate.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective game2010-11-19 25 
12854719Zeonquest Pt83We talk to some more newtypes, tell the same story GOD KNOWS HOW MANY TIMES, travel to the Flanagan Institute in time to see a psychic prostitute kick Char Aznable's ass and get back just in time to get our marching orders.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-11-20 21 
12860634AlchemyQuest 17Gillivers gets to the bottom of Elegy's disappearance. Dice rolls are called for; no one is up to the task. Gillivers gets his shit handed to him before the magic of explosives finally wins out.AlchemyQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2010-11-20 11 
12874636Skirmish Quest Part 7Episode 7: Armor at Blacksad. Clones duke it out in our first mainly-armored engagement.Skirmish Quest, Collective Thread, Sci-Fi2010-11-21 5 
12886312CommanderQuest XXVIIIThe opponents Creed-like son arrives with a boatload of slaves to take out our fort. We parley and debate for an hour on how to defend. Then we fight and cause a slave revolt.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-22 20 
12910543Commander Quest XXIXWe clean up after the battle, break some bad news to our captured noble, and talk with a possible arcanist.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-24 21 
12938288Zeonquest Pt84After weeks of build-up, we take on the Jupiter Ghost. Zolomon saves the day, Ramba Ral saves US, and Jolyne nearly kills Char Aznable. Oh well, two out of three aint bad.zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-11-27 20 
12951673CommanderQuest XXXWe are reminded of our old for Khalless, get introduced to Lord Stant's elven archers and have breakfast with our captured noble. We fail to sway him to the dark side and our troops sent on the caravan trap return.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-11-28 15 
December 2010
12992914Weeaboo QuestQuest where all weeaboo desires are unleashed.Quest, Quest Thread, Weeaboo Quest2010-12-02 6 
12996357Zerg Quest XXIBack from the holiday, Cerebrate Anon hosts his Quest once more. A new species is planned, a bit of subterfuge is had, and the Brood stumbles into an invasion in the making! It's suspenseful, damnit!Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Quest Thread, Collective Game, KINGSTOOOON!!!, double trips2010-12-02 12 
12996202CommanderQuest XXXISansa returns with news of the other commanders, we spar with Laelith and find out that she gets cranky when she loses, and call a meeting to discuss our attack plans. Our captains are shocked by nightvision paste and we reach a deployment decision shockingly quickly. Oh, and Lena's sister is pissed, but we quickly talk her down and probably secure them for our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-02 17 
13009863Skirmish Quest Part 11Bravo moves to the offensive at Homestead, finding themselves deployed underground to attack a newly forming bug hive.Skirmish Quest, Collective Thread, Sci-Fi2010-12-03 5 
13015221Zeonquest pt86Oh god what is this I am not good at dates.Zeonquest, quest thread, mecha2010-12-04 20 
13019797Commander Quest XXXIIWe finish planning our night attack on the enemy camp, find out more about our good friend Khalless, and are confronted by a sashless Kyria. We begin preparations for our plan but see a vision from the gods and find out others have seen visions as well.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-04 16 
13044752Commander Quest XXIIIOperation: Nightrape goes off pretty well, ending with a whole lot of mauled enemy units after some well-times critical elementalism rolls. But at what cost?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-06 25 
13056167Evil Quest: Part XXThe battle begins for the city of Angelfalls.Quest Thread, Evil2010-12-07 13 
13057328Commander Quest XXXIVWe have a chat with Jayne about our future, receive a boon from a god, send Finian out to scout and re-negotiate with our mercenaries to stick around longer.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-07 17 
13082700Zerg Quest XXIIThe landworms bear fruit, the freighter's crew is delicious, and plans begin for an interesting sort of Zerg version of Amazing Race, or something. Also, Zerg therapy, and Zerg Quest finally snags a drawfag! We're moving up in the world...or down. Whatever.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Quest Thread, Collective Game, Drawfag detected, Gorn control, Meat puppets2010-12-09 11 
13083135Commander Quest XXXVWe talk strategy with our veterans over breakfast, find out our mage apprentice has decided to join our retinue and convince our captive noble to abandon his family and join us.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-09 15 
13101184Zeonquest Pt86Man flu slows me down. But the Federation return to the scene in explosive fashion, and EVERYBODY rides Hovis into battle.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-12-11 20 
13105425Commander Quest XXXVIWe receive our dispatches, are informed we're being selected for the counterattack, inform our men of Janos' defection and begin planning our next move.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-11 15 
13126445The AdAngelic VersesBlack Mesa Janitor requests draw and writefags to flesh out Angel concepts for a new expansion of AdEva. Dozens of submissions of "forgotten" Dead Sea Scrolls for SEELE ensure.Adeptus Evangelion, AdEva, Drawthreadd, Writethread, BMJ, Original Content, Game Design2010-12-13 6 
13130768Commander Quest XXXVIIJayne has problems with our new recruit and we launch our assault on the Stant boys, avoiding a trap and making Morwayne rage. On average we rolled badly even with the botch. After battle, things get a little interesting and we lose our ransom.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-13 16 
13142413Commander Quest XXXVIIIWe get Sansa to plan our upcoming victory celebration, inform Janos about his siblings death, find out how messed his family is and fail at interrogation due to /tg/ dice not being low for once. Then we kiss the girl.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-14 16 
13165814Zerg Quest XXIIIAfter squandering some resources, the Swarm finds that Kingston's assault is Blitzkrieging through the third-wave colonies. Gorn and Warbrate work together to fight it back, and Anon turns to Bernie for an offensive.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, KINGSTOOOON!!!, Quest Thread, Bernie, May our children forgive us2010-12-16 11 
13166139Commander Quest XXXIXWe have a nice chat with Aurelius (What a tweest), practice our elementalism, almost get killed by our mage in training and spar with our super swordsman. We then begin planning the next part of our campaign after reading some letters and stall with the debate.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-16 15 
13189772Zeonquest Pt87We attempt to make a dent in the forces sent from Luna II. Dents are made. Significant ones? Well...quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2010-12-18 20 
13195086CommanderQuest XLJayne gives us great news about her house. set up a picnic with Laelith. Order all our wagons converted to auto-wagons. Have breakfast with Aurelius and discuss upgrading his Hunters to Deadeyes. Also Blackbird comes back and now has a clan of his own.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective game2010-12-18 20 
13221671Commander Quest XLIRomancing our womenfolk, making plans, and shooting the shit with Wulf. All in all, a good day.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-20 20 
13233184Commander Quest XLIICelebrations go off with out a hitch; Justinian beds Laelith and promises to make it up to Kyria and Sansa. Wulf goes of with the detachment to reinforce Commander Nomz. Also, our resident mage got drunk. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-21 22 
13257958Zerg Quest XXIVAnon meets a strange Protoss colony, and decides to try its hand at diplomacy. Meanwhile, Bernie's brood wreaks horrible atrocity upon a Confederate Core World. Hilarity ensues.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Bernie, Diplomacy, TossTalk2010-12-23 12 
13257844Commander Quest XLIIIPlaying with the womenfolk, and making plans to turn Fort Skywatch into the Honeycomb Hideout.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-23 17 
13301394Commander Quest XLIVWe question Janos about the enemy fort we must bypass, check up on our engineer with his new wagons, check in with the gods real quick and go looking for bears with Jayne. /tg/ dice ruins our day big time and stops us from getting our first loot of the campaign.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-27 15 
13321395Commander Quest XLVWe recover after our disastrous battle thanks to Jayne, find hidden loot relevant to the cult, and pick up two more cubs on the way back to camp. Our die rolls don't hate us all session.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-29 15 
13330984Zerg Quest XXVAnon learns what the strange Protoss are about, discovers that Kingston has developed Valkyries, watches Bernie get beaten up, and fights off a pretty bad Terran infestation one of its colonies.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Quest Thread, Collective Game, KINGSTOOOON!!!, TossTalk, Bernie, Conspiracy Theories2010-12-30 11 
13333185/tg/ island: we get shit done editionwe get shit done in describing what we would do in the classic "4chan archipelago" situation. We work out damn near everything to near-plausabilityisland thread, archipelago, survival, discussion, collective effort2010-12-30 3 
13331794Commander Quest XLVIWe chat up Laelith a little, give her some gifts, muse on the cult and spend the night with Sansa. Janos gives us more intel on the terrain, we talk to our mage in training and work on our elementalism. Then Wulf returns victorious from the north with a nice scar and Kyria gets her reward.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-30 17 
13313223Zombie Quest XVI EndgameBeatrix is in a life-or-undeath struggle as Dom and Rainy DYNAMIC ENTRY into a bossfight.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-12-31 11 
January 2011
13390544Commander Quest XLVIIWe patch things up with Jayne, find more elementalists amongst our troops, and our reinforcements arrive.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-04 17 
13412786Commander Quest XLVIIIWe're finally back on the move. We cross the Greyrun and invade Uurlanth. We destroy a scout patrol, prepare to siege a fort, and learn that swamps are fucking dangerous.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-06 15 
13421848Con-Quest 3, THE RETURNENINGCon-Quest returns and Bricks are shat, mainly by the OP.Henry, Spigglesworth, Conquest, Con-Quest, Quest-Thread, Ankles2011-01-07 2 
13430731Zeonquest Pt88We hatch a desperate plan to save Garma, rescue Char, save Zeon, kill the Gundam and defeat the federation in a flash. Presumably our mess cook is also told to smoke us a kipper, as we'll be back by morning.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-01-08 20 
13437138Bard questThe adventures of Wobberjack, the triangle virtuoso.Bard, Quest thread, Bard Quest2011-01-08 4 
13435935Commander Quest XLIXWe spend a lot of time debating how we'll assault Lost Conflux, deciding on drawing out their forces with some fire. Turns out, storms give Wulf the powers of a fucking thunder god with a penchant for maniacal laughter, and we completely rape the fort with a long string of godly rolls. But what lies in the bowels of our newly taken fort?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-08 15 
13460566Commander Quest LWe troll Sansa with a little help from Jayne, turn one of the mercenary companies against us to our cause, smash Lord whashisface's defenses, anALL HAIL LORD HELMET.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-10 15 
13474076Commander Quest LILootan' and plunderan'. We come up with a plan to ambush the garrisons of the river defense towers. Then we interrogate the lord and find out this Imperial counter-offensive is going Just As Planned by the Uurlanthi King.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-11 21 
13499509Zerg Quest XXVICerebrate Anon brings the Brood to Dagobah, where it is given the broad and mysterious choice of what other sci-fi plotline will enter into the ZQverse. The result is less catastrophic than it could have been, but still has game-breaker potential. What the hell is going on? Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Quest Thread, Fallout?, Terminator, Crossover, CA has obviously jumped the shark2011-01-13 11 
13501065Commander Quest LIIWe get a better idea of what our second vision actually means, and set Laelith to work on finding a way to beat necromancy. We also find a way to potentially beat mysticism and some ways to improve the strength of our elementalism. We get the names of both of our noble captives that are getting ransomed and set up for taking down the towers Lord Blentus garrisons.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-13 15 
13518587Zeonques Pt89We end up playing a game of cat and mouse with federal Marine MS in an underground dock. Buildings are destroyed, EXAM equipped units give us the heebie jeebies and we discover that Aqua GM rush is almost as annoying as the vanillia kind.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-01-15 20 
13524887The Warehouse InterrogationAn interesting experimental story. The main character is being interrogated, and does not know all the information at the start.quest thread, collective game, adventure, quest, mystery, game, roleplay2011-01-15 11 
13531243Commander Quest LIIIThe guard towers have fallen and we take a side trip to the nearest small city for some good old-fashioned unadulterated looting. Damn it feels good to be a commander.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-16 15 
13536551The Murder of Jessica MonroeYou are being interrogated for your part in the death of a young woman.quest thread, collective game, adventure, quest, mystery, game, roleplay, detective2011-01-16 12 
13546939Commander Quest LIVWe review our current position and prepare to bring down more tower in lieu of being caught slacking. We work out an assault plan and hire an assassin to do our dirt work. Lord Helmet is not pleased.Commander_Quest, Quest_thread, Quest, Collective_Game2011-01-17 11 
13558903Commander Quest LVWe come across the late Lord Stant's remains, and then take 3 towers in a single day. We have the men rest, for the next day will be filled with raiding and pilla..I mean, the destruction of enemy war material.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-18 15 
13585573Zerg Quest XXVIIThe Zerg actually sit down and talk with VoidGate, the not-quite-Skynet-but-basically-Skynet. In the end, Anon blows the shit out of some Terrans, like strategic superiority is an afterthought, or something.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, Skynet, Are we actually talking with people now?2011-01-20 11 
13604653Zeonquest Pt90We set a thermonuclear device to explode on a seismic charge, and then blow up stuff REALLY close by to it, and then say our farewells to earth. We wont be back for a whilequest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-01-22 17 
13610047Commander Quest LVIIWe check up on our new loot, find out how screwed we are at the moment when dealing with necromancers, deal with our retinue members, check up on our runeforging dorf and have a chat with a god.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-22 16 
13646885Commander Quest LVIIIWe hide our stash, knock out another tower, and link up with the main Imperial force. Then we find out that the Uurlanth King is coming at us with over 80,000 troops, and he has undead hordes with him.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-25 15 
13668381Whom The Telling ChangedYour people have always gathered in times of trouble to hear the stories, since the time of their ancestors' ancestors. Tonight, as you listen to The Epic of Gilgamesh, your people must make a crucial decision. Depending on what questions you ask and what you point out during the story, the outcome will be vastly different.Gilgamesh, writefaggotry, quest thread, quest, collective game, game, history, storytime, storytelling2011-01-27 9 
13672056Zerg Quest XXVIIIWith VoidGate pacified and Kingston's invasion safely resolved (well, anyway, not immediately violent), Anon turns to what really matters: ultralisks with missile turrets jutting out of their asses. No, really. Also, Kerrigan is back. Hey, sis!Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Kerrigan, Cerebrate Trollface, Michael Cerabrate2011-01-27 17 
13672077Commander Quest LIXWe meet with the commander of the Legion we have been preparing crossings for and cant seem to make up our minds about him. Information on arcane shit and the cult is traded, and we officially get our next assignment.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-27 15 
13690798Zeonquest Pt91Did somebody order a manly duel with our rival? BECAUSE I THINK SOMEBODY HERE ORDERED A MANLY DUEL WITH THEIR ONE ARMED RIVAL. Also, it transpires that Pegasus class carriers are suseptable to the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-01-29 20 
13722526Commander Quest LXOutnumbered two to one? Size matters not when you have a forest and Blackbird's men pulling random soldiers to their doom.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-31 14 
February 2011
13747094Commander Quest LXIWe face an opposing force more than twice our size, and that has air superiority. Any Degnar commander would retreat in the face of this foe. But we are Justinian Trentz, and we will prevail. Next time, on Commander Quest!Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-02 16 
13759933Zerg Quest XXIXAnon meets with Little Sister, and her irritability is lessened substantially when Anon comes up with a tactical plan that surprises even Cerebrate Anon. A battle of pretty epic proportions ensues, and the political climate of the Koprulu Sector changes. A LOT.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Kerrigan, Planet Glassing, Out-Kingstoning2011-02-03 11 
13774551Evil Quest: Part XXISoon, the tower shall be ours!Quest Thread, Evil2011-02-04 11 
13772155Commander Quest LXIIThe Uurlanthi lord manages to pull out a surprise combat mage, but we are able to take him out and the remaining pegasus knights. The battle is hard-fought, but victory is ultimately achieved.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-04 17 
13779640Zeonquest Pt92The beginning of the end has come.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-02-05 21 
13831100Commander Quest LXIIIOur current tour of duty in Uurlanth is finished, and with our combat strength down by half, we begin the march back to the capital.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-09 16 
13843993Zerg Quest XXXAnon's Brood takes the initiative after watching Kingston destroy a pivotal part of the anti-Zerg equation to wreak havoc on his unguarded flanks. A dangerous element from like, 20 threads ago reappears, and two unidentified forces appear at the cliffhanger.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Planet Glassing, Out-Kingstoning, Fuck Your Ban Nigga!2011-02-10 15 
13856509Commander Quest LXIVWe introduce our pet assassin to our command staff, make sure everyone's got the same story to give when we get questioned at the capital, and then we get absolutely plastered as we say goodbye to our nomad bros.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-11 15 
13864246Zeonquest Pt93Funerals and rebuilding. Also Dozle.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-02-12 17 
13893757CommanderQuest LXVOur triumphant return home, we learn of our reputation as "The Midnight Dragon" among the people of DragonsReach, and have a very enlightening conversation with the 2nd Praetorian, where we are given our next marching orders.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-14 20 
13916904Commander Quest LXVIWe recruit some mercenaries, begin assembling a psych profile of the enemy commander, get invited to a party, and try to work out the emotional problems of our younger retinue members.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-16 23 
13929039Zerg Quest XXXISimultaneous plotlines show VoidGate getting all nukey, Kingston's fleet getting its ass handed to it, and some mighty peculiar stuff going on in Protoss space. Mighty peculiar.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Planet Glassing, Rampant AI, What's going on over there?2011-02-17 12 
13947243Zeonquest Pt94We travel to Solomon, and then spend most of the session picking new pilots to fill our sadly absent slots.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-02-19 17 
13975999Commander Quest LXVIIWe find a mystic, a skilled life elementalist to heal Laelith's tatoos and scars, and royally mess up a local slumlord who thought he could mess with Justinian Trentz.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-21 21 
14002710Commander Quest LXVIIIWe recruit a mystic, prove that magic is returning to the world (just barely), have our business manager begin investing money, and Jayne agrees to be our companion for a fancy dinner.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-23 20 
14017473Clockwork Man QuestAfter losing his commanding officer, a clockwork warmachine tries to follow orders he barely understands.Collective game, Quest Thread, Clockwork2011-02-24 5 
14036710Zeonquest Pt95The battle for Side 4 starts. I try something new, it's not a resounding success, but it's not quite a horrific failure either. A learning experience all round.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-02-26 16 
14064910Shattered Sun Writefaggotry IVA return to the Shattered Sun setting in an attempt to make it more cohesive. Thus far, racial descriptions, magic types, a revisit to the more Aztec-like pygmy race, a possible aquatic race thanks to another thread, and more ideas than you can shake a stick at!Shattered Sun, homebrew, writefaggotry, phoenix, sun, Anchordread2011-02-27 0 
14069864Commander Quest LXIXWe give the go-ahead to the list Blackbird Collin and Gaius had for filling up Blackbirds unit. Then we take Laelith to get her scars and tattoos healed... Then posting goes down and it becomes a clifhanger in the middle of a big post.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-28 20 
March 2011
14093512CommanderQuest LXIX reduxLaelith's scarring and tattoos have vanished, and we make allies and unfortunately enemies at the dinner in honor of the governor's son.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-02 18 
14118252Commander Quest LXXWe negotiate a long-term contract with the Lacertan who healed Laeliths face, and build our relationship with House Morlan. Then we somehow end up deciding that it would be a good idea to take the governors son with us on campaign. Next session, we're on the march again!!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-04 17 
14125656Zeonquest pt96We face off with the cast of Encounters In Space again. The Omakes at the end of this are distilled OHGODWHAT in purest form. As is the plan that people come up with around the same time, which very well could steal the title of "Best Plan Ever" from G Gundam.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-03-05 20 
14130194Skynet Quest IVThe move to Africa is surprisingly smooth. Much hacking and power consolidation ensues. Anon immediately decides to participate in an African genocide. Because what could be more like Skynet than dying humans, and more like Anon than dying black people?Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread, dead black people2011-03-05 8 
14144000Skynet Quest pt 6: A Brief History of RhymeLast one was cut short by Resistance, but now Skynet is back with revenge.Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread2011-03-06 7 
14146924Skynet Quest pt 7: Terminate With a VengeanceKim-Jong II replaced by T-1000 who then proceeds to troll the entire world, Resistance sends us a dead Skynet... ...but he shall be avenged hundredfold.Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread2011-03-06 10 
14153489Skynet Quest pt 8: Metal RevolutionSkynet part 8Skynet, collective game, quest thread2011-03-07 10 
14157409Skynet Quest pt 9: Party Like Its 2029Part 9. Previously, we were dealing with the Serbian base and now we have an enemy AI in another timestream to deal with called Skyshark.Collective game, skynet, quest thread2011-03-07 11 
14154637Commander Quest LXXIWe finally set out from the capital, young noble in tow. Going is slow, and we're a few days behind when we reach our operational theater. We pick up two more merc companies, then set a trap in a small logging village close to the forest where the enemy is hiding.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-07 16 
14176607Commander Quest LXXIIWe successfully spring a trap on an unsuspecting enemy raiding force, but they are better prepared than we expected. Ultimately successful, but victory costs higher than we expected.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-09 15 
14201461Commander Quest LXXIIIWe deal with Rufus and the aftermath of the battle, spend time with our ladies, and talk to the observers about the new face of war. Plans for the future are made and a life-changing decision is reached.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax, Commander2011-03-11 15 
14207246Zeonquest pt97We kick some balls, and prepare for the oncoming storm. A 4chan outage doesn't help the thread to move along, but c'est la vie.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-03-11 20 
14224018Plot Armor QuestIn which we become the immortal Tigre Elephanta, Lucha prophet of Bibbles the Elephant.lucha, quest, quest thread2011-03-13 13 
14232900Commander Quest LXXIVWe come up with a cunning plan to test some innovative tactics when we learn that the Second Wife of Khalless is going to attack us. Phase One of the plan works, but Wulf is taken out of the fight by Moon Pantheon dickery. Arguing about whether it was a trap or just the bitch goddess going "Oh no you don't!" ensues.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-14 20 
14242301Horrible Anon's Evil ideas.Ideas for a Soviet Ad Eva game get creepy when a gifted anon starts posting ideas.ADEVA, game idea thread2011-03-15 16 
14255604Commander Quest LXXVWe enact the Second Phase of our plan. While our maniple mops up the cultist mobs, our command group takes on the enemy commander and her bodyguards. Bad rolls see us falter a little, but in the end we are victorious.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-16 17 
14279361Commander Quest LXXVIWe reveal the return of the gods to our command staff for dissemination amongst our maniple. We then begin communing with the gods, seeing what's up with them. Eago is still interested in Wulf, we play hard to get with Karythria, and find that Garagush can be a bro, when he's not consumed by bloodlust and insanity.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-18 14 
14286204Zeonquest Pt 98The gang regroups and moves out to try and shore up the gains they made last episode.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-03-19 16 
14309662Commander Quest LXXVIIWe finish talking with the gods, and find the Goddess of Love more than a match for Justinian's charms. We find that 2 assassins came for us during our divine mind-conference, and that the enemy is on the move.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-21 16 
14332182Commander Quest LXXVIIIWe move out to defend the strategically important iron mine, only to find that an Uurlanthi mystic was maintaining the illusion of a force headed towards the iron mine, when they were really going after a town and a gold mine. We quickly turn around our maniple, and cause a landslide that allows us to catch up with their force, but are ambushed by hidden Uurlanthi valkyrie knights. We fight them off, only to be again be surprised by hidden Uurlanthi archers. We tear into the enemy and show them our RAGEFACE, and wipe them out.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-23 15 
14355050Commander Quest LXXIXThe enemy commander has split his forces, one headed to a gold mine, the other retreating to the forests. We split our maniple and pursue. The battle is hard-fought, but we emerge victorious in spite of the enemy's usage of a divine boon. We then receive word that the rest of the enemy has fallen, we've been promoted, and are to move to a city to temporarily become its military governor.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-25 15 
14373047Zeonquest Pt99We investigate what the large explosion at the end of the last episode was about. Could if have anything to do with the 8472nd Company who were also in the area?quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-03-27 16 
14410420Commander Quest LXXXWe arrive at the city, and start investigating the governor. Turns out he's getting boons from the God of Trickery, and the evidence against him is legit. Looks like we'll be carrying out our orders. Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-30 16 
April 2011
14433818Commander Quest LXXXIWe storm the governor's villa in a night-time commando raid, and successfully apprehend the traitor in spite of Uurlanthi assassins sent to help him. We extract the names of people complicit in his plans, and begin the work of rounding them up while preparing the city for a possible siege.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-01 15 
14440533Zeonquest April 1st special April Fools! Anons run a made up Zeonquest episode. April, Fools, quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha, unofficial2011-04-02 3 
14449312Zeonquest Pt100GODDAMN IT PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT IMMORTAL. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU ARE KILLED. JESUS.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-04-03 13 
14464808Commander Quest LXXXIIWe put into motion plans to bolster the defenses of Northmont. A mangled force from the Northern Front is sent back to us to help reinforce the city. Turns out it's commanded by Commander McRape.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-04 16 
14520918Zeonquest pt101Elaine returns home... and then blows as much of it up as she physically can. Problematic childhood much? We encounter the White Base team again, and much "fun" is had from that.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-04-09 22 
14550369Commander Quest LXXXIVThe Siege of Northmont begins. We exchange terms of surrender and insults with the sieging Uurlanthi commander, and are slightly annoyed by his usage of air elementalists and archers on platforms.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-11 15 
14569751TimeQuestWe're sent back in time with a mission: commit murder in the Miskatonic River Valley. Lovecraftian intrigue in the 1950s. Bonus: It's secretly a Bloodquest spinoff.TimeQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Bloodquest2011-04-13 20 
14573034Commander Quest LXXXVWe weather a week of the siege, then we find out that along with magic and the gods, were-minotaurs are making a comeback as well. We deploy our forces to the walls as the Uurlanthi begin their assault.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-13 15 
14604048TimeQuest 2Gil Cathaway gets sent back in time again, this time to kill a man in the middle of the Soviet-Afghan invasion. It works, but then shit gets weird. Debriefings in the future ensue.TimeQuest, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Bloodquest2011-04-16 15 
14622581Zeonquest pt102 Aone half of a Zeonequest thread, stopped early due to OP feeling ill. Hopefully continued later on friday.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-04-17 15 
14625711TimeQuest 3Very little time-traveling actually gets done, but Gil gets assigned to bring a car thief into Arkham's fold. Drug deals are scheduled, and technically completed.Quest Thread, Collective Game, TimeQuest, Bloodquest2011-04-18 15 
14651155EntombedWritefaggotry of a Dreadnought, including internal dialogue between the pilot and a Machine Spirit40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-20 7 
14650207Commander Quest LXXXVIUnbelievably bad rolls shake the confidence of our men in our abilities, even though we still successfully fend off the probing attack by the Uurlanthi. The next day we put together several plans to destroy the Uurlanthi siege engines and let loose some were-minotaurs in their camp. Then Sansa comes and we know have Seventus confessing to all of this crimes on magic cassette tape.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-20 15 
14680388Zeonquest pt102 Bthe concluding part of sunday's episodequest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-04-23 14 
14694276Entombed Part IIIPart III of the thread that began on 4/19/11.40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-24 3 
14697839Disarmed Policeman ReduxReturning with stories of the current situation of his game, Disarmed Policeman also goes into detailing a past event: the often talked about Formal BallDisarmed Policeman, Disarmed, Policeman, Roleplay, game, thread, plot, story, That Girl2011-04-24 7 
14729642Commander Quest LXXXVIIOur multi-pronged plan for a night-time were-beast raid is put into motion. It is marginally successful, and out of 38 volunteers, 5 make it back. Unfortunately, it seems that we might a few serial killers amongst the survivors. Our talk with Seventus is interrupted by an Uurlanthi attack on the West Wall, under cover of invisibility magic. We successfully repulse the attack, but now know that the enemy has more resources than we anticipated.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-27 15 
14746347Commander Quest LXXXVIIIThe Uurlanthi attempt another attack against us in the wake of storm. They roll out living siege towers while we unleash our fully-automatic heavy repeaters. It is a bloody fight, but we emerge wounded but victorious.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-29 18 
14757621Entombed 4Next installment of Entombed40k, Warhammer 40k, writedaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-30 3 
May 2011
14775832Zeonquest Pt103We save some guys and hedge the enemy in in the aftermath of the nuclear explosion, destroying Elaines childhood home. Much to her delight. Not a good childhood. Apparently.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-05-02 16 
14782661Commander Quest LXXXIXWe storm our way into one of the weakened living siege towers, and despite losses, cut out its heart and kill it. Unfortunately, as we emerged from the rapidly dying tower, we found that the other towers had matured, and they weren't siege towers; Uurlanthi magical bio-warforms are going to make this siege, and the rest of the war, a real bitch to fight.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-02 14 
14790589Angry drawthreaddoesn't last at least the angry doesn'tdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-03 -4 
14796751muju drawfags some moreaddresses some herp durp from the last drawthread and then powers ondrawfag, drawthread2011-05-03 0 
14806008OP MAD DRAWTHREADokay, it's only the OP post that he MR. RAGES at us.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-04 -3 
14803510Commander Quest LXXXXWe fight the Uurlanthi war-forms tooth and nail. We are injured, but suddenly the war-forms exit the field. We're then given a boon by Raynha, and we break the siege. However, we find out that the Uurlanthi have lost control over their bio-magical constructs, and they threaten to bring back a threat that took the avatars of the gods 500 years to stop the last time.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-04 20 
14825764Tsundere in tabletop gaming.An old Anime cliche is discussed in tabletop gaming situations by /tg/anime, tsundere, baka, /tg/, i-its not like I wanted to archive this thread or anything!2011-05-06 5 
14828540Tuskan Quest/tg/ takes on the role of an amnesiac Tusken Raider. A Sandstorm is seen. Podracers are shot at. A kill is scored.Tusken Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Tusken Raider, Star Wars2011-05-06 16 
14834420Zeonquest pt104The Trojan Horse and the Gumdam get lucky AGAIN, as we have to go and save Ramba Ral. We kind of owe him.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-05-07 16 
14837024Testing out new photoshop drawthreadum... yeah that's what OP doesdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-07 -2 
14843785drawrobot drawfagsit's a decent drawthreaddrawfag, drawthread2011-05-07 0 
14865493Technomance drawthreadI totally didn't include the r on purpose.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-09 -1 
14855274Binder Quest IIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk, continues. Having accidentally called forth a being from an ancient book and made a pact with the strange being of the abyss, Tenebrotep, he has now been thrust into an assignment by the King himself to discover the secrets behind these strange powers. Secrecy is paramount as he tries to unfold the origins of the legends surrounding these magics and guards himself from another monk, named Arnold, who has shown himself to also be a binder through the summoning of the bestial spirit Gourmander. However, he does not seem to know our secret, though he knows of our assignment, after having his memory doctored by ourself in the night. Having gained privacy and security in a locked tower, we are set to investigate the strange book again and call forth another creature under cover of night. A lot of plot development and suspense building. Parts 1 and 2, which were not archived, are posted as screen caps.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-09 39 
14871842misc stuff drawthreadalso, rule 34 creeper girl art .... okay.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-10 1 
14867881Binder Quest IVThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We attempt to strike another bargain with Tenebrotep and find we have been used. Our body is taken from us by the shadowy spirit and we awaken to find the groundskeeper's daughter bleeding to death in the forest by our hand. We form a pact with a new spirit, Seno and Eno, and use their power to heal her from her wounds, gaining ourselves a nasty scar in the process.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-10 33 
1488108840kun is a robot.... mode activate and all that. and he draws.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-11 -2 
14881826Binder Quest VThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. Having healed the young maiden we inadvertently kidnapped with the power of Seno and Eno, we learn a bit about her, including that she possesses some elven blood that she has kept secret from the inquisition. After some careful talking we learn about what the treacherous Tenebrotep did and possible find a mutual friend in the beautiful Rosemary. However, we have a nasty scar that we now have to worry about hiding. We sneak back into the castle under cover of night and find everything as we left it. We summon the serpent sisters again but find they cannot help us in our quest to understand the language of the void. We do, however, learn a bit about their past in exchange for a small errand to complete. We leave off collapsing into bed after an exhausting night.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-11 27 
14883492Commander Quest XCIWe successfully rescue the human souls from one of the hive towers, but getting the resulting human to remember she's human is another matter. We speak with Seventus, who agrees to write a full confession for his crimes, and talk a little with Gaius. Then we offer the Skywings captain a chance to be on retainer with us, backed by a full supply of repeaters.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-11 16 
14882299Dragon Quest XLVIII"I..."dragon quest, quest thread, collective game2011-05-11 23 
14886123Entombed VMore Entombed. 40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-05-11 5 
14897108awesome graft drawthreadbecause stitching ideas together is win.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-12 0 
14903944trolldar drawthreadokay, so it's only one image in that. but dark eldar be trawllingdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-12 0 
14907492Commander Quest XCIIWe work to integrate Vi back into society, and check up on our were-minotaur combat team. We replenish our forces and receive our marching orders. We meet up with two other elite maniples and are ordered to destroy an Uurlanthi supply convoy.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-13 14 
14901515Binder Quest VIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. After sleeping in late, we repay our debt to Seno and Eno during the day. We meet a strange and secretive man that claims to know have known our father. We finally talk to Arnold and learn that he is actually a member of a secret order and that they are devoted to protecting the secret of the power of binding. We also get to see some of Gourmander's power. We return to the tower and experiment with the book more and discover a bit about the power of two more of our vestiges: the crazy time-traveler Xepoc and the silent and enigmatic Kuzo.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-13 26 
14914514Binder Quest VIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We turn in for the night after gaining more understanding of Xepoc's gauntlet and sleep with time frozen. Upon awaking we learn more through Arnold about the mysterious artifact from his sources within the Order. The inquisitor has arrived in town and we do our best to avoid him. We get our bandages fixed up proper before finally meeting up with the chaplain to have and overdue chat.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-13 25 
14914747Zeonquest pt105An outage cuts this chapter short. On the hand: BERNARD WISEMAN: GOOD END ACHIEVED.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-05-13 22 
14923850Binder Quest VIIIhe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. After our conversation with the chaplain we meet the inquisitor and receive an invitation to join him in returning to the capital city. While we consider the offer we seek out Arnold and stumble upon the strange old man Leonard in town again. He shows us what looks to be another artifact but we turn down his offer and finally find Arnold. We tell Arnold everything and learn Leonard is actually a Duke and not a member of the Order. We end by making our way to the tower and calling upon Asam'Ano Mora, the last of our vestiges.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-14 23 
14929829Doctor M drawthreadbecause last names are for square last intestinal are where it's at. also, LL is here (lapland)drawfag, drawthread2011-05-15 0 
14934742Binder Quest IXThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We learn of Asam'Ano Mora's power to carve things instantly from stone and create elaborate mechanisms to meet our every need. Later, we call Xepoc again and are introduced to his A.I. Rem that inhabits the gauntlet. We also form another pact with Asam'Ano Mora and try to use both powers together, but find that stopping time also stops our other vestige. Not dissuaded, we dig an elaborate network of carefully hidden tunnels beneath the castle to allow us more subtle access around the monastery. Sleeping in most of the day, Arnold wakes us to inform us that the Order has a new mission for the both of us. We finish our sleep, have dinner and head off to meet him that night, forming a dangerous pact with the morbid Acheron. Having become a pale skeleton with icy powers, accompanied by Arnold in the shape of a dog, we make our way to investigate the Baron. We end gaining entry to second floor of his manor only to make a startling discovery.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-16 26 
14952887Techno, I mean dokter rotwang drawthreadold namefag name is old, technodrawfag, drawthread2011-05-17 -2 
14961201other drawfag threadbecause titles are heard to developdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 -1 
14960719porait drawthreadbecause that is what happens when B&hamkun has a tough life.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 -2 
14957154Binder Quest XThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We eaves drop on the Baron and learn he is Rosemary's uncle. Then we do a little breaking and entering and end up leaving Rosemary unconscious. A search of the manor with Arnold turns up a hidden passage into a secret laboratory where another binder is chained up. After disabling the Baron we end up in a fight with the fiery minotaur of a binder when he mistakes us for our father. We learn from the Baron what the order's true purpose is and what our father's involvement in all this was. We return to the monastery after a night of meditation with Acheron and examine our newly acquired seals and learn how to add the vestiges to the Veritalignicon. We plan a meeting with Rosemary to get the Baron to examine the artifact for us.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-18 25 
14966871monster drawthreadum... yeah. Indonesia gives us such pleasuresdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-18 0 
14969510RL admech encounters and adventuresThe omnissiah approves of this thread. /tg/ tells of RL invokations of various machine gods to fix things. also interns will do anything.admech IRL RL story storythread storytime2011-05-18 2 
14975165Legend of Zelda: the RPG System Planning Thread 1Sir Scribe wants to attempt to create an LoZ RPG system. Anons mention of the d20 LoZ RPG. Sir Scribe replies, 'Well, we'll just have to make this one BETTER, won't we?' /tg tries to answer the challenge. So far, bare-bones of three proposed attributes system, based of the Triforce.Legend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce2011-05-19 6 
14977303Indonesia Gentleman drawthread 3arandom numbering schemes are randomdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-19 0 
14980483other thread op drawsfunny drawfag names are .... okayish. i kid.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-19 0 
14979799Binder Quest XIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We make arrangements to meet with Rosemary and Leonard for the night and give her the imitation artifact. We try out all three of our new Vestiges, the lawful Quorim, the pyromaniac Narcosis, and the gambling Red Jack while learning a bit about each of them. While supernaturally lucky, we talk to Arnold about what to do in relation to the order before heading off with Rosemary and making amends with her for the attack the previous night. We talk to Leonard a bit about binding and magic over dinner before the Inquisitor shows up. We hide, but use the power of Xepoc to stop time and scour the house for any heretical things needing hiding.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-20 24 
14994966Daruis drawfagsand stuff. kinda not active right now but whateverdrawfag, drawthread2011-05-21 -2 
14991891Zeonquest pt106We finish of the enemy black ops team, and after Mauser gives his "best" Colonel Sanders impression to try and prevent an international incident (for a change) we head back to give our report.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-05-21 17 
15007189Legend of Zelda: the RPG System Planning Thread 2Continuation of creating a homebrew ZRPG.Legend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce2011-05-22 6 
15002071Binder Quest XIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We finish our discussion with Leonard and display some of our powers to him and head off with Rose. She tells us about her family and asks to come with us on any adventure we may set out on, to which we agree. We spend the evening digging a tunnel under the city to Leonard's secret lab from our tunnel network. We then receive a letter from our elusive brother revealing that the inquisitor is preparing to lead a force to wipe out the nearest elf settlement. We begin to plan how best to stop the inquisitor's genocidal march.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-22 23 
15012249Binder Quest XIIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. After much indecision on how to handle the imminent attack by the inquisitor upon the elf village we give Leonard a visit to hear his opinion. He is mostly of the opinion that there's no point in trying to save the elves but we want to try anyways. We infiltrate the military encampment with the aid of Tenebrotep and remove all traces of their plan of assault before picking away the inquisitor's memories. But upon picking through Ranta's memories we find he was the one who killed our father. We chase down the bird carrying a message to bring reinforcements from Surdrime and return to the castle where we make another clock to pay our debt to Xepoc.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-23 24 
15015368 Legend of Zelda: the RPG System Planning Thread 3Further continuation of creating a homebrew ZRPGLegend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce2011-05-23 8 
15030628anon drawfaggotryincludes cute lady pics drawndrawfag, drawthread2011-05-24 -3 
15036913I can draw anything drawthreadincluding cute emprah on his thronedrawfag, drawthread2011-05-24 -2 
15041267Commander Quest XCIIIwe have a chat with High Commander Quintus about the arcane, and lay the plans for our attack on the enemy supply train. Blackbird is his usual, blunt, socially inept, logical self, but his plan works.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-25 14 
15048000one eyed drawthread timesbecause sketchy decent art is what it is..drawfag, drawthread2011-05-25 0 
15051254angry anon drawthreadat least. I think he is kindadrawfag, drawthread2011-05-26 0 
15064376Commander Quest XCIVWe spring the ambush on the Uurlanthi supply caravan. What was supposed to be a simple mission turns extremely bloody extremely quickly, as the Uurlanthi had brought along merc units from the elven Guilds, as well as many, many elementalists and mages.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-27 21 
15072468Haiku drawthreadfuckit. I cannot count symabulls. or spell. also, b&hams.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-27 1 
15071401Zeonquest pt107Onward, to the battle of Solomon.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-05-27 15 
15073710Dan drawfagshe's a tripfag or something. funny shit he does, IMHO.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-28 -1 
15082061Summer DrawthreadDrawfag taking non-meme requests. drawfag, drawthread, summer2011-05-28 -1 
15083702Duke doodlefag does thathis name. um... yeah.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry2011-05-29 -5 
15070728Binder Quest XIVThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We wake to find the inquisitor has been quite busy. While he seems to have turned his ambitions away from invasion he now seeks conspiracy from within. We talk to him and he tells us his suspicions and sets new precautions for us, including a personal guard and a house in town. We leave and go to contact Arnold but find him missing and his room pulled apart. We go about our day in paranoia before retreating to the woods to call upon Acheron.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread2011-05-29 25 
15092820slightly pissed drawthreadThat's what it is.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-05-29 -2 
15099325badly drawn request hour part 32not actually part 32Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-05-30 -3 
15091730Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #76th thread was mislabeled as 5. Shit continues to get done, particularly in the combat section.Legend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-31 5 
15105821ANGRY ANON DRAWTHREAD .68BECAUSE ALL CAPS IS ANGRY.drawfag, drawthread2011-05-31 1 
15108864Greg mustache does some returningit's been awhiledrawfag, drawthread2011-05-31 -1 
June 2011
15116311Dragon Quest LI why are quest thread descriptions so huge. you dont need a god damn summary of the whole thingdragon quest, quest thread, collective game2011-06-01 23 
15145907Zeonquest pt108And death came to Zeonquest, and david saw death, stared it clean in the face, and spat in it's eye.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-06-04 28 
15169758Commander Quest XCVIBack in Dragonsreach after a long campaign, we enjoy seeing our money grow and decide to rebuild same temples.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-06 13 
15190287Commander QuestWe check on our holdings in the city and have our meeting with the first praetorianCommander Quest, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2011-06-08 15 
15214746Commander Quest XCVIIIWe have a nice chat with the Emperors son, and find out that we have friends in high places. However, we also find that we have enemies in low places, and find that the annoying slum lord from a while back got busted out of prison and is after us. Short thread due to a late start.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-10 16 
15219833Zeonquest pt109We start to deal with the loss of Zolomon and David's awakened newtype powers. Plans are hashed out for the Battle of Solomon.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-06-11 21 
15246700Commander Quest XCIXA day in the life of Justinian Trentz: visiting Rufus, scanning troops for arcanists, the library for historical records, and we manage to make all four of our women cry at once.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-13 16 
15269739Commander Quest CWe finish up our research on the Loukys, and make our plans for the unit that will deal with them. Then we screen the last unit left of the Praetorian Militants fists, but the Temple to the Ten, and finally begin training to resist mystics. Not terribly productive for the 100th thread, but at least some things that needed doing got done.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-15 20 
15290778Commander Quest CIMore financial work and training in Justinians last bit of downtime. We get ambushed by our favorite slumlord at the Temple to the Ten while meeting with Rufus. And finally, we get to hear the plan the Emperor and Praetorian Militant worked out to make sure the Duchy allies itself with Degnar. Risky is putting it lightly.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-17 20 
15318552Zeonquest pt110We go commerce raiding, things get complicated due to neutral parties getting involved, and David notices a giant superweapon in the nights sky.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-06-20 14 
15322781Commander Quest CIIWe come up with a (slightly) better alternate plan to get the Duchy on our side, and get the Praetorian Militant's approval. Then we give our command staff the bad news: Two members of our retinue are going on a suicide mission.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-20 16 
15344683Commander Quest CIIIWe commune with the gods, seeking divine boons to aid in "the suicide mission" at reasonable prices. Some cryptic promises of aid were obtained, but the mission still promises to be a very unpleasant experience for the participants... And how many rounds of sparring can Justinian last against the god of war this time?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-22 18 
15365396Commander Quest CIVWe square away a few more things with our maniple, then go to see the Praetorian. We find out that we wont be collecting Wulf, but its a Commander we trust that will be, and the mission we got sent on instead makes sense that we got sent that it was that over collecting our man. Next thread should be dwployment, and back to the action.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-24 14 
15372338Zeonquest pt111We commence our attack on the Solar System as we turn a Salamis cruiser space hulk into a giant wrecking ball.Zeonquest, mecha, quest thread2011-06-25 20 
15397060Commander Quest CVWe try to deal with the slumlord and his sponsor, but end up finding out just how bad things are in the Imperius Excolo instead. We end up befreinging a high ranking officer, and getting a bunch of Excolo agents that retered to get away from the corruption to come to us for jobs. We then spill the beans about Nyetinin to Sansa, and break Degrians mind.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-27 18 
15417353Commander Quest CVIIn this thread we buy Janos a house, the First Praetorian is given our new information on the cult, we finally go out on our march, and we discover lacertans like mariachi music and speek like dis, mang.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, mang2011-06-29 13 
15427458Zerg Quest XLVIIThe big, glowy crystal spits out a scary Protoss? Diplomacy check!Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, TossTalk, /tg/ dice, Back from the dead motherfucker!2011-06-30 16 
July 2011
15437373Commander Quest CVIIWe arrive at our camp, and set our defenses. We spend the rest of the time waiting for the battle to fall into place training. At the end Blackbird shows up, having done what he does best, and we now have some 15000 very angry Uurlanthi headed our way.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 14 
15444138Zeonquest pt112We finish things off vis-a-vis the Solar System. Eventually.Zeonquest, mecha, quest thread2011-07-02 17 
15464771Commander Quest CVIIIA short one, what with everyone getting ready for the 4th of July. We cement our plan and prepare for battle against an enemy probing attack. We find time on the side to chat with Vi and she makes us a poisoned dagger.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-04 17 
15486471Commander Quest CIXBattle is joined, and we weather a shitstorm of bad dice. We manage to turn back the enemy, but victory is made decidedly phyrric by mystic shenanigans. As the curtain closes Bellatrix is down and we have lost many men, including Vohzd Lennis's cavalry.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-06 15 
15496936Zerg Quest XLVIIIAnon brokers peace, like a civilized...swarm of bug monsters...Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, TossTalk, Everybody lives2011-07-07 11 
15508281Commander Quest CXWe make plans to counter the enemy's mystic with our own, and check up on the badly wounded Bellatrix. The next morning, we meet with the other maniple commanders and plan for the day's battle. Also, long spears get!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-08 17 
15536369Warriors of the North Quest 10Our champion finds another village, and one poster has perhaps doomed our hero.Collective Game, Norsca Quest, Warriors of the North Quest, Warrior of the North Quest, Slayer of Threads, Wargol Umhang2011-07-11 22 
15560558Commander Quest CXIWhile most of our maniple rests, we reinforce the other commanders with our elementalist cadre and heavy weapons. The Uurlanthi makes another push under the cover of elementalism-boosted tall grass, more slaves, and heavy infantry mercenaries, but are once again pushed back, after heavy losses on both sides. Kyria field-tests her anti-mage arrows, and manage to wound two enemy mages during the battle. The night after the battle, we find a bunch of Uurlanthi deserters in our camp, asking for asylum. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-13 16 
15571951Zerg Quest XLIXOh, this looks like another war. Let me just hop on in.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Pick a side, Blind Fight2011-07-14 11 
15583405Commander Quest CXIIWe have a chat with Lena, and fight off some infiltrators. then we get word that another Uurlanthi force is moving out. the battle would have been this thread, but it was moving to slowly to get there.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-15 18 
15590479Zeonquest pt113We return to Pezun, and lose our psychic loli in the process.Zeonquest, mecha, quest thread2011-07-15 22 
15630559The Game of Evolution 1/tg/ decides the fate of a population of animals as it traverses the eons, mutating, moving, and adapting to selective pressures in an attempt to continue its own unique branch of the tree of life.game, drawthread, collective game2011-07-19 9 
15640125Commander Quest CXIIIWe ride out to intercept the enemy raiding party, and almost get taken out by some random mook assassin. Thanks /tg/ dice.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-20 16 
156352452006 AK-47 Republic released!Anon teases us with a pic of the aforementioned rules on a scanner: shortly, he delivers. Accompanied by glorious Osprey and silly flags.Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, mercenaries2011-07-21 6 
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
15650845Zerg Quest LAdun? Xel'Naga? Anon raging at inactivity? We've got it all!Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Railroading, Goddamn cliffhanger2011-07-21 10 
15662034Commander Quest CXIVWe finally engage the splinter force in battle. It starts out good, but enemy gryphons show their worth, and /tg dice are /tg dice. It is bloody, but we eke out a victory.Commander Quest, Commander, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-22 17 
15668867Zeonquest pt114The final round of peace talks at A-Boa-Qu loom. David spends the entire session waiting for the other shoe to drop. The other shoe obliges.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-07-23 15 
15672479General drawfaggotry in a threadbecause drawthread needs to be in a descript not a title. Greenmarine and some new people represent.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-23 -2 
15693298Commander Quest CXVWe return to the main camp, and settle in for the long wait under a rainstorm. The enemy continues to probe our defenses, while we harass them with Blackbird's men. A week and a half later, some ice elementalists attack our camp. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-25 16 
15694706Zombie Quest XVII: ????Dom wakes up in the Burbs with little to no knowledge of what happened recently.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2011-07-25 12 
15715280Quest Thread Time (Monmusu Quest)Chrome makes a quest thread for us on the fly. Things start slow.Monmusu Quest, Quest thread, Chrome, Collective Game2011-07-27 -3 
15715873Commander Quest CXVIStuff gets done around camp, we get an update on our Owl and Raven, talking, and our enemy finally gets off their ass and prepares to make a move.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-27 16 
15726890angry anon drawthread timesbecause anger does many things, including summoning other drawfagsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-28 -1 
15727497Zerg Quest LITouring Space Disney, Anon comes upon some tasty scientists. Nom? Nom.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Space Disneyland!, Cheap doodads, Sadistic Body Horror2011-07-28 10 
15757732/co/ drawfag or something visitsstarts a drawthread, at least, I think the OP is from /co/, also greenmarineDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-07-31 -2 
August 2011
15773303Commander Quest CXVIIThe final command staff meeting is interrupted as enemy infiltrators attack en masse. Somehow they managed to enter the camp disguised as servants, cooks, etc. More infiltrators chase our scouts back to camp as well, with an undead abomination in tow. Autronius points out any hidden ones while we clean house. At the end of the skirmish Aurelius and Bellatrix are down. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-01 20 
15798168Commander Quest CXVIIIWe battle Darin Ramons' all cavalry force. Lena battles an uurlanthi necromancer with some centurions. And our legionary units get mauled by multiple cavalry charges. But hey, we actually captured an enemy noble, and Lena captured the necromancer! SHOCKING!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-03 22 
15809908Zerg Quest LIIThe Great Worldship Heist gets underway. Zerg hijinks!Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Power-up, Ow my head2011-08-04 10 
15823275Commander Quest CXIXWe deal with the fall out of the last battleCommander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-05 21 
15830126Zeonquest pt115We basically intimidate an entire army. The last episode looms.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-08-06 16 
15857711Commander Quest CXXWe interrogate Lord Ramon, learn a new combat stance, and have a chat with Neshai the hag goddess. Intel reports are back and all the commanders are back on their feet, so it's time to plan the final attack on the enemy camp.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-08 17 
15880608"/tg/ Explained" and other oldnessHow old are these? Old enough. /tg/ will be nothing if we forget our roots. If we forget that behind these posts are (anonymous) human beings. just sayin' BTW, before you vote, realize that easymodo is dead. and so is anything on there that isn't here. /tg/, Ribbon, Rage, meatbread, easymodo is dead, traditional games 24/72011-08-10 14 
15882584Commander Quest CXXIWe sow the seeds for the creation of a golem army with Catalina and create a combination tech with Laelith. Next Episode: WAR!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-10 17 
15894021Zerg Quest LIIICan't find the monkey in the forest? Burn down the forest. That's thinking with portals!Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Xel'Naga MacGuffin, Manta Rays of the Round Table?2011-08-11 10 
15896094Stylish Wizards/tg/ ignores OP's question for a discussion of wizard life, fashions, and tower defenses.wizard, rp, threadjack, mage2011-08-11 41 
15906067Commander Quest CXXIIShort thread of last minute battle preparations. A cute necromancer melts Anonymous's icy, black heart. Vi finishes her gift for us.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-12 14 
15912984Zeonquest pt116 finalThis is it. The final episode, and Gihren MUST die.quest thread, Zeonquest, mecha2011-08-13 33 
15939697Commander Quest CXXIIIJustinian Trentz: is he man, machine, or demon? Not even abysmally shitty rolls can stop the Midnight Dragon from stomping a mudhole in some Uurlanthi asses. Battle plus Afterparty follows.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-15 17 
15963385Commander Quest CXXIVWe chat with our subordinates and allies as the victory celebration continues. Lealith and the fire elementalists show off their skills in what appears to be an all-flame rendition of the Dragon Queen's death. Oh, and hang overs.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-17 20 
15983765So angry drawthreadbecause anger leads to arts. and drawing.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-19 -5 
15981897Flaming stuff drawthreadokay, just the op image, but general drawfaggotry happensdrawfag, drawthread, draw2011-08-19 -5 
15984492Commander Quest CXXVWe all RAGE as two assassin girls let go our prized captive. We begin subversion attempts and comfort Catalina as the poor dear is scared stiff by them.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-19 21 
1598993040k drawthreadbecause that's what the OP leads with.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-19 -8 
15995789B&Hammer40kun drawthreadalso has some livestreamin' stuff and maybe other drawfags.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-20 -2 
1599967816m GETDoctor Dre's dead, and locked in my basement. Well, at least it isn't 40GAY40K, 40Gay,16000000, 16M Get, get, rap, Dr. Dre, best thread, not DH2011-08-20 -15 
15999879Sir Briggs and slants drawthreadAs title.Drawthread2011-08-20 -1 
16011920Theme drawthreadFaerie and Demons says Muju, and other drawfags pitch in.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-21 -4 
16017027A Questus Mechanicus 1Tech Adept Faustinius Heregaster wakes up, kills a fat guy, and serves his Mech Lord.Fabricator Locum Sebastopol, A Questus Mechanicus, quest thread2011-08-22 7 
16018745Commander Quest CXXVIWe have a nice chat with the House Hernanda assassin twins, discovering that their master may be an ally against the cult. Our mystic lurks, and pulls interesting information from them...Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-22 23 
16029474Angry anon drawfagsand such, a nudist lich happens. .... in a drawthreadDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-23 -7 
16037079sir scribe drawfagsin this drawthread, with some random other supportDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-24 -4 
16042017A Questus Mechanicus 2Tech Adept Faustinius Heregaster loots, gains minions and prepares to trap HERETICAL SPIES.Fabricator Locum Sebastopol, A Questus Mechanicus, quest thread2011-08-24 7 
16041273Commander Quest CXXVIILena tests out magic staff designs with somewhat explosive results, we teach Catalina how to commune with the gods, and Neshai takes her prize.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-24 20 
16049314Greenmarine drawfagsincludes titsquig and Dizzit of the Necron, inna drawthreadDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-25 -7 
16052711Entombed VIIVercingetorix gets off the damn hill, heads for Nobilis40k, writefaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k, Machine Spirit2011-08-25 2 
16064711slants and tohers drawfaggotryit's a drawthread, also involves some corrections of some kind.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-26 -4 
16065698Commander Quest CXXVIIIA short session due to very few people showing up. we have a chat with both Lamynus and Baashek.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-26 16 
16068323underappreciated games/tg/ shares what they feel are some games that dont get much exposure. this thread tries to share some games that might get other fa/tg/uys play.games, share, spread2011-08-26 3 
16077369A Questus MechanicusHeregaster decides to make some robo-booty and Solid snakes his way through a warehouse.A Questus Mechanicus, quest thread, Fabricator Locum Sebastopol, Collective Game2011-08-27 7 
16084047Angry DRAWTHREADbecause they don't happen every day, so that's why this one happened. also, boobies :3.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-28 -3 
16087312Blue Drawthreadbecause that's the OP's "pen" color.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-28 -1 
16094198Dragonborn art dissectionWhat begins as a request for art of 4E dragonborn turns into nitpicking about their design4E, Dragonborn, Art Thread2011-08-28 -5 
16100594Commander Quest CXXIXWe take Catalina back to the mortal realm. The other commanders inform us that relief forces will arrive soon. We allow the assassin twins to communicate with their Lady with their hidden arcana, but with restrictions. Afterward the fiances are sent in to retrieve the arcana, with sexy results!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-29 17 
16102789Greenmarine designs bitchy tauin a drawthread, and actually, that happens more then muscle tau.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-29 -10 
16116424Girlfriend drawthreadbecause an anon has a GF who drawsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-31 -9 
16122771Commander Quest CXXXAnother slow start. We spar with Catalina and later visit Lennis' ghorat to scan for elementalists.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-31 15 
16128489protoculture drawthreadbecause taht shit is cute.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-08-31 0 
September 2011
16184364Commander Quest CXXXIBack in the capital, Justinian Trentz plans building schools and temples, gets debriefed by his superior and reads a book. The wedding is coming up! Soon!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-05 16 
16220250protoculture starts YA drawthreadbecause he does that kinda thingDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-08 -2 
16231028Commander Quest CXXXIIWe return from our debrief with the 1st, visit our academy, and begin our debrief of Daeseu.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-09 17 
16286941Commander Quest CXXXIIIWE finish our debriefing with Daeseu, and give him his new orders. Then we discuss our mage hunters and bodyguards with some of our ladies before deciding on which DragonKeep to buy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-14 22 
16298685Zerg Quest LVIIIRaynor continues to hunt Kingston like the dog he is. Kingston, I mean...Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Raynor, Starcraft Noir, KINGSTOOOON!, FUCKING KILL HIM ALREADY2011-09-15 11 
16345880Commander Quest CXXXIVTrentz, Jayne, Sansa, Janos, Kaitlyn and Catalina explore the Dragon Keep at the head of the Boreodoth River. Oh, and the stars look like a giant web in the sky. Horror movie follows.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-19 20 
16392547The Five Nations Quest 2You are Yamada Shimaru, a chūnin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. Genpachi is your current team member. Whilst you specialize in close combat, he is a ranged righter and tactition. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war. Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations2011-09-23 15 
16404760The Five Nations Quest 3You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war. Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-09-24 12 
16413030The Five Nations Quest 4You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-09-25 10 
16418671Five Nations Quest: Part 5You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-25 9 
16429096Five Nations Quest: Part 6Having achieved his goal of joining the Seven Swordsmen, Shimaru must now revitalize them and give them a new lease on life and a new meaning in the village. Naruto RP set in an alternate universe.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-26 8 
16433980Five Nations Quest: Part 7The Seven Swordsmen are ready to go make their name known again.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-26 8 
16433967Dan drawfags for the peepswhich includes gm and other silliness.Drawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-27 -1 
16440973Five Nations Quest: Part 8The flesh and muscle peeled from our sword arm, we stand triumphant over the bodies of 26 victims, having 3 survivors escape us. The Raikage will be hungry for our blood.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-27 8 
16442647Binder Quest XVThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. Summer Hiatus Ends and story is recapped. We make our pact with Asch and use the power of soul sight to find the Inquisitor. After leading the guards on a hunt through the woods we find the Inquisitor. We use our power to confirm that Arnold is still alive before draining twenty years of life from the Inquisitor as payment to Acheron. We escape by the river and emerge at nightfall.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2011-09-28 29 
16449397Five Nations Quest: Part 9The old Raikage is quite pissed and we're standing toe to toe with the old bastard. Let's see who's tougher, Mist or Cloud!Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-28 10 
16446982Commander Quest CXXXVThe exploration team returns to DragonsReach, where Justinian is dragged off by the men of the command staff for a bachelor party. Finian gets laid, Justinian and Collin drunkenly hunt a drunk boar, and Wulf flys his owl into a wall.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-28 16 
16451641Five Nations Quest: Part 10We start discussing mechanical stuff. After 9 threads I think we can start making some changes. More story to come though!Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-28 10 
16452109semi random drawthreadas must are, I guess, gm and others do stuffDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -1 
16457103MSpaint drawthreadbecause MSpaint stoles my soles. I'll never walk againDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -3 
16460457Five Nations Quest: Part 11Making friends and rolling like a baws, now with drawfags.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-29 10 
16459457random drawthreadsfeaturing new and old.... drawfagsDrawthread, Drawfaggotry, drawfag2011-09-29 -3 
16470916Commander Quest CXXXVIA trip around the city to view dragon statues ends with Vi gaining a pet, and the harem officially gaining a new member.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-30 13 
October 2011
16500490Commander Quest CXXXVIIWe have our wedding, and start the feast. The Kharynchek visitors go from shocked to terrified when the crowd switches our cloths and our wives cloths around. Rufus wife is an idiot, and we will soon be talking to the Heir to the throne while wearing a dress.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-03 15 
16501928Five Nations Quest: Part 12We have a run-in with Akatsuki, and make a diplomatic trip to the Hidden Stone Village.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-03 12 
16508452Five Nations Quest: Part 13We finish up our fight with two Akatsuki members and leave the Hidden Stone Village. We arrive back home and find out Gen and Aya are getting married.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-04 7 
16515905Five Nations Quest: Part 14Our diplomatic mission to the Hidden Leaf has forced us to leave both our comrade and our trusted blade behind, and so we sit down at the table with Kisame and his friend to talk to the Akatsuki.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-04 8 
16520808Five Nations Quest: Part 15We sit down with our sempai Kisame Hoshigaki for the diplomatic meeting between the Akatsuki, and the Kages of the Hidden Leaf and Hidden Mist villages.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-10-05 11 
16529982Five Nations Quest: Part 16Herein we get our summon, finally.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-06 10 
16537621Five Nations Quest: Part 17We get ourselves a new sword, finish up our mission, and return home. We chat a little with Yuki, and then meet with the Akatsuki leader to get Orochimaru's medical help for Mangetsu.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-07 10 
16555339Five Nations Quest: Part 18The training session with Yuki ends and we go to visit our senpai Kisame Hoshigaki for a little chat.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-10-08 10 
16574565Commander Quest CXXXVIIIIt's part 2 of the wedding. We chat up the Heir Apparent, and learn from Jayne's sister some neat runesmithing info. LATER we attend the Emperor's latest decree where he lays some heavy shit down on the general public: things we've known all along.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-10 13 
16595937Commander Quest CXXXIXWe get ready for our campaign by doing what we always do, getting mercenaries. Surprisingly, we find out one of our old mercenary contacts has come to discuss a long term contract. They may be useful for the coming campaign.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-12 13 
16610118Five Nations Quest: Part 19 pt2We enter the timeskip, Killer B and Hanzo join the Four Winds, and all is not well in the Akatsuki-controlled Five Nations. The Villages begin to chafe under Satori's control, and the Fourth Hokage has had enough. He tasks Shimaru to lead a black ops raid against Akatsuki's secondary HQ. Shimaru, Baki, B, and Hanzo assault the base, but Deidara and Kisame prove to be tougher than we thought, and Baki is killed. Then Kakuzu shows up. Then Satori. This op is now officially FUBARed.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-14 10 
16648314Commander Quest CXXXXWe finish our preparations for the next campaign, then march to Flumenos. Which turns out to be worse than expected. the Captain of the Dock turns out to be a decent guy, but hes the exception to the rule, and is currently being attacked.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-17 14 
16657281Five Nations Quest: Part 20We plan how to free the captured Swordsmen, when we get help from an unexpected source, as Orochimaru and Sasori defect from Akatsuki. We learn how to break Satori's mind control, and engage Akatsuki and the Kage's in battle as the Hidden Mist Village burns around us. Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-19 8 
16689771Commander Quest CXXXXIFlumenos City Guards clash with the Dock Guard while Lamynus seemingly demands more than our agreed bargan. We meet the Admiral of the Dragonbone Fleet and find he is getting along with Degrian. /tg/ dice turn on Justinian during a trip outside the safety of the docks. Luckily, we remember that arcane spells generally require intact jaws to cast. Also, the brothel is alive. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-21 15 
16720465Commander Quest CXLIIA short thread with a late start. We recover from the terrible rolls of the last thread, and get the whore we saved headed down the path of becoming Lamynus' High Priestess.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-24 12 
16739629Five Nations Quest: Part 21We start breaking the Kage's from Satori's mind-control, and engage Kisame in our long-awaited final duel. The last session.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-26 10 
November 2011
16831695Commander Quest CXLIIIWe chat with Lena, get info on demons and demonology from Laelith, and take care of the slumlord and traitor that have been attacking us. Next thread: we set sail!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-04 12 
16933935Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 3You are Shingen Hyuuga, after the festivities of the last night our father gives us a diplomatic mission to join a meeting with the Senju and their allied clans. We partake in a tournament and are caught up in a night raid staged by enemy shinobi. Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-15 12 
16951231Commander Quest CXLIVWe set sail for the Duchy. Vi grows dragonbone, we fail at some training and we start catching up with the Nyetini and reassure Raynha we're not going to go on a slaughtering rampage through Uurlanth.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-18 14 
16956654Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 4We come out of the timeskip, and find that someone's been kidnapping Hyuuga's. We set a trap for them, but end up being the ones caught. Then we are reunited with an old rival.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-19 8 
16969080Warring Clans General 4 Part 2We go off on another mission, find an odd spear, and have a hot date with InariFive Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-22 10 
16987456Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 5We get dating tips and advice on love from our uncle, track down the other guy who's been going around killing bandits and team up with him. Turns out he's a berserker, and he nearly punches out all of our blood when he goes berserk.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-23 8 
17059645Commander Quest CXLVWe finish up our meditation by chatting with Danarius. The fleet is attacked by turtlemen raiders on giant turtles, we repel boarders, counter-attack onto the giant turtle ship, and Faeries launch an ambush as the battle winds down. SPOILERS: We kill them anyway.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-30 14 
December 2011
17108681Commander Quest CXLVIJustinian and the wives have dinner with the Admiral and reveal the existence of the arcane and louky to him. For the remainder of the voyage we train and learn Duchy customs in preparation for a meeting with a Duchy Elder, and receive an epic welcome to the Duchy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-05 14 
17070010Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 7We mop up the battle between the Senjuu and the Uchiha, and start to track down someone to help Jako control his rage. We start tracking the Black Widow, and work with the Mallard to find her. That being a dead end, we go to the Land of Grass to find a hermit that might help us.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-06 7 
17143108Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 8Mostly mechanics thread as we discuss how to distribute our newly earned points and determine our Unique Abilities.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-09 7 
17158081Giant rat quest part 7The second part of the worm battle, things get pretty close.Giant rat, rat, Quest, drawfag, draw thread2011-12-10 4 
17154598Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 9After a tense moment with Inair's possible death we finally return home after our extended mission. As a reward for our services we are appointed to an auspicious position and are to act as an ambassador to the Senju and improve clan relations with the outside world. Our first stop is the land of wind.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-10 5 
17175541Narutards shit up /tg/ for the 9th timeSeriously, they're like a plague. Why are they here again?shit, drawthreads, stuff that doesn't belong on /tg/2011-12-11 -11 
17182672Commander Quest CXLVIIWe spend some time exploring the Duchy, get a lead on our mystery brew and then run into slavers related to the cult. We find out there's more to Degrian than it seems and begin negotiations with the Duchy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-12 18 
17198013Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 10-2We are called back from the Land of Earth to mediate between the Senjuu and the Aburame. Diplomatic negotiations turn into a commando raid against the Aburame's rival clan, the Kamizuru.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-14 5 
17212924Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 11We continue debating THAT BASTARDS proposal.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-15 5 
17222079Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 12more plotting and scheming to get out of our position as leader of the clan Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-15 8 
17284534Commander Quest XLVIIIWe finish our negotiations with the dwarven elder, pick the warhost that will be joining us, and learn Finian's exile was plotted out by a nefarious uncle, whom also stole his girl with mind control arcana.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-21 13 
17286498Discuss Elder CatharOriginally a discussion of a card. It gets... odd. Quickly.Magic: The Gathering, Thread Derail2011-12-21 6 
17305267Commander Quest CXLIXAnother slow thread. We finish up our personal business in the Duchy, get an awesome shield, introduce Uurists son to the maniple, and get an awesome shield. Next thread: we break the siege!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-23 13 
17310428Scriptarius Christmas Thread IVScriptarius returns for his traditional xmas thread with a 1:1 gingerbread Chainsword and some minisScriptarius, Christmas, Gingerbread, Conversion2011-12-24 11 
17352046Tattúínárdǿla SagaIn which an Anonymous skald, in the Yuletide spirit, shares the tale of Lúkr Anakinsson and Veidr.Vikings, Skalds, Duel, Read Closely, Lúkr Anakinsson, Veidr, Hani, King Falfaðinn, 2011-12-28 14 
17350719Commander Quest CLOur time in the underground Duchy draws to a close, and we bid Degrian goodbye as he leaves to save his people. Duty takes us to the Duchy surface city of Estok, where we prepare the break the Uurlanthi siege. Our protege may be trying to signal to us of his return.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-28 12 
17350616Battleship QuestYou're given command of the German battleship Graf Spee. The year is 1939. You're in the southern Atlantic and low on everything. How do you plan to troll the British, French and survive?Battleship Quest, Collective Game, Quest thread, Quest, quest2011-12-28 11 
17360227Battleship Quest Pt. 2Battle ensues, but then dies off when OP takes an hour or so to resolve actions. Unknown if continuing further.Battleship Quest, Collective Game, Quest thread, Quest, quest2011-12-29 5 
January 2012
17402654Dragon Priest Quest!I'm Dragon Pete! King of the Dragon beat! An enjoyable romp through much of the Elder Scrolls, with many a meme added for humor.Collective Game, Dragon Priest Quest, Alduin, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, memes, humor, Quest Thread2012-01-03 17 
17405102"Ashcan" Pete's Adventures in ArkhamA Lovecratian quest thread inspired by the Arkham Horror Board Game.Arkham, Horror, Quest, Thread, Lovecraft, storyteller, Arkham Horror Quest2012-01-03 12 
17417032Commander Quest CLIWe man the walls of Estrok and hold off the Uurlanthians and their new arcana while our fellow commanders break the siege. Wulf makes a spectacular return and Cornelius loses an arm. House Stant rears its head again and shows that it isn't done fighting. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-04 13 
17432768Tales of paladins and blooming loveOP posts the story of his campaign so far, in which he serves as the faithful beyond death of a paladin-turned-necromancer king. More stories are posted, including a repentant mercenary turned paladin, and one of love blooming on the lists.Paladin, Story, Story thread, Cavalier, Games, Roleplay, DND, Rowan, William2012-01-05 7 
17432135/tg/ Threads of 2011 (Greatest Hits)The glories and epic times and stories of the past year on /tg/ are celebrated as we roll in 2012.thread, screencap, DM, that guy, story, stories, epic win2012-01-06 5 
17437062Commander Quest CLIIMorwayne Stant sends us an interesting letter and has developed his own answer to our repeaters. Degrian's sister gives us a new gift and Wulf tells us the results of his time in Uurlanth. He also needs a psychiatrist.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-06 14 
17481243Evil Quest ReduxResurrection of the story? We'll see. We shall see.evil, quest thread2012-01-10 14 
17495561Commander Quest CLIIIWe plan the next phase of the campaign with our fellow Commanders and the Duchy Precursor. The meeting ends on a sour note due to irreconcilable cultural differences. We discuss our mid-battle vision with Laelith, and her analysis of it has us very worried about our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-11 13 
17508060Evil Quest: Part XXIVAngelfalls is liberated. All hail the new Duke Consort.evil, quest thread2012-01-12 15 
17564941Evil Quest: Part XXVRebuilding hits a snag. Dealing with a blast from the past.evil, quest thread2012-01-17 15 
17600297Commander Quest CLIVWe reach the Grayrun and find that Uurlanth is using undead and demons to guard the crossings. The commanders decide to wait and have Catalina bless our soldiers weapons before we cross and Wulf gives us a new weapon against the undead. We join a scouting party in a raid on a small river outpost, battle a few demons and undead, gather some intel, and rescue a captured legionnaire and find out he's a demonologistCommander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-20 14 
17637501Commander Quest CXLVWe recruit the rescued legionnaire/demonologist, and learn some new things about demons from the little demonette. Then we talk to our various retinue members, gathering intel, making plans, being test subjects in dangerous weapons experiments... There is much brainstorming and discussion on how to make the crossing while minimizing casualties and maximizing speed.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-23 13 
17662947Commander Quest CXLVIWe plan our assault on the bridge and crossings across the Grayrun and proceed into battle. Our elementalism doesn't fail us in battle surprisingly. Ends in the middle of the battle due to Pax having work the next day.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-25 17 
17727691Commander Quest CXLVIIOur battle against the undead at the first crossing reaches its finale, with Catalina doing an excelent job. We have little time to rest and are soon engaged in helping our allies fight the undead at the other crossing. The bell works well and we kill a demon while Wulf propoposes to Lena on the battlefield and we kind of ruin it.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-30 14 
17743432Goblin QuestWe kill our chieftain, raid a wagon, and set up campGoblin Quest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2012-01-31 1 
February 2012
17782058Commander Quest CXLVIIIWe divide up the spoils from the river battle and decide on our next move with the rest of the commanders. And Wulf unexpectedly meets someone from his recent past as an infiltrator.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-03 14 
17794854TG Quest 58:We turn around, we make a Plan, ArchSUE dies.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo2012-02-04 15 
17820194Shwig Draws Monsters!Broquest's lead Drawfriend and renowned /tg/ artist Shwigity improves on your shitty MSPaint designs while writefags fluff your creatures! Shwig, Shwigity, Draw, Drawthread, Monsters, MSPaint, fluff, bestiary, kepoo2012-02-06 12 
17785546Another TGquest planning threadarchived so future readers can see our thought processesCollective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo, Orz, OrzAreStillATagBecauseWeAreWaitingForThemToComeBackAndBiteUsInTheAssForStupidity2012-02-06 6 
17849211Commander Quest CXLIXWe plan our attack on Drans Ferry and the surrounding countryside and then we begin to carry out our plans. Also, we make Cat uncomfortable Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-08 12 
17858278Warhammer 40K: heretical love part XXIIContinuation of SoB thread from previous.Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, sisters of battle, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus 2012-02-08 25 
17877280Commander Quest CLXWe continue our march through the Uurlanthi countryside and take a small town. Their forces are no match for us and they are soon defeated. The local knight refuses to surrender and we capture his son and wife, along with a few pegasus foals.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-10 14 
17885111Deity Quest 1We are a god working with other gods to create a new world. We are Uraemrys, the Abdal.Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-10 55 
17889047Deity Quest 2With each God's primary roles claimed, and the universe as a whole made, we delve into shaping the world itself that we shall keep watch over.Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-11 35 
17914706Deity Quest IIIThe continuance of /tg/'s adventures in divinity, starting with a conversation with the god Picus, who sees fit to explain his motives.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-12 31 
17917036Warhammer 40K: heretical love part XXIIITwo threads remain Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus 2012-02-12 24 
17918684Deity Quest 4Uraemrys sorts out the Formless One's shit.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-13 32 
17923444Warhammer 40: Heretical Love Part XXIII OVERTIMErecovery of hat-chan (again), with help from the orks.OVERTIME, Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus2012-02-13 25 
17932657Deity Quest 5Uraemrys watches the rise of a necromancer king, observes dragon politics, and deals with more horny fey offspring.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-14 40 
17962954Deity Quest 6Deity quest continues, some ruins get explored, and Uraemrys makes a deal with a dragon.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-16 38 
17968729Lizard Folk Civilization ThreadLizard Folk are banished, then kill human, befriend DwarvesCivilization Thread, Lizardmen, LizardFolk,2012-02-16 7 
17981473Commander Quest CLXIOn Wulf's advice, we split the maniple and hit the two lumber towns at the same time, with Wulf leading the other half of the maniple. The lumber town we targeted surrendered as we approached, and we were a tough but fair negotiator when it came to their surrender terms. And then we dick-punched a Weregoat.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-17 13 
18015037Deity Quest 7Our champion Ur faces off against the necromancer Falees in an EPIC BATTLE and the first vampire is born.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-20 50 
18020205Card Mage QuestA quest about a mage who uses combinations of cards to do his bidding. And surprisingly not quite MtG/Yu-gi-oh/Card Captor Sakura!Collective Game, Card Mage Quest, quest thread, Alex Dubois, Jessica Farthing, vintage doorknobs2012-02-20 16 
18031213Warhammer 40: Heretical Love Part XXIVmax learns of eights demise. the journey draws to a close Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus2012-02-21 39 
18057604Deity Quest 8A tense meeting between fey and human leaders causes OoC Drama over the issue of intervention. Also, we watch over Vimic, the first dragonborn.Collective Game, Collective Game: Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-23 35 
18062118Lizard Folk Civilization Thread #3Planning, indecision, a tower is put up, then.. SPOOKY ISLANDCivilization Thread, Lizardmen, LizardFolk,2012-02-23 1 
18073488Commander Quest CLXIIOur half-of-a-maniple traverses the forest road, and is ambushed by a massive horde of hobgoblins. Things looked bad as the hobgoblins surround us, and nearly overrun our forces with superior numbers. Bad dice rolls see Justinian stumbling around like a blind fool. Sansa, however, steps up and turns the tide at great personal risk.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-24 14 
18110493Warhammer 40: Heretical Love Part XXV, THE ENDmax's journey ends, the final battle with malal, and settling down with the harem, (or singular waifu) Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus, heretical love quest, 2012-02-26 26 
18114549Warhammer 40: Heretical Love Part XXVI, THE END PART 2with malal defeated, max and co. must fight off the Galactic Partridges. Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus, heretical love quest, 2012-02-27 37 
18113087Commander Quest CLXIIIA tired and angry Justinian arrives at the silver-mining town at night, and orders the Deadeyes and Raiders to storm the town under the cover of darkness. Bloody knifes are raised as the town militia are slaughtered in their sleep. The town mayor turns out to be a nice and decent guy, possibly. We feel kind of bad.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-27 11 
18137053Deity Quest 9We judge the soul of the high priest of Ius and watch other events in the world continue to develop.Collective Game, Deity Quest, quest thread, Uraemrys, abdal, god2012-02-29 45 
18141879Commander Quest CLXIVWulf's half of the maniple rejoins our forces, and we begin looting the mining town. Our researchers come up with demon-shooting crossbows, but we table the idea for being too dangerous. The mayor is trolled gently as we leave for our next target.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-29 14 
March 2012
18233152Commander Quest CLXVWe defeat the forces in the next town after a well fought battle and prepare to storm an arcanely constructed tower that the Uurlanthains were using to train arcanists.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-07 13 
18258373Commander Quest CLXVIWe storm the arcanist tower with our retinue. Down in the underground dungeon level, we discover Uurlanth's own little shop of horrors. Someone has been running horrible, gruesome experiments on the prisoners here.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-09 13 
18282927Planetary Governor Quest: Part OneFormer Captain Elyssa von Braun assumes the position of Lord Governor over the planet Daysimir, but all is not well in this sector, and many things are not as they appear...Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Planetary Governor Quest, Epic Win, Discussion, 40K, Warhammer, Navy2012-03-11 33 
18315767Commander Quest CLXVIIWe lay a heavy dose of guilt-tripping on the enemy mayor about the horrible experiments, before taking him prisoner. Down goes the arcane tower. Next stop is the seat of the Order of the Blood Rose, where we're met by another parley attempt. Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-14 10 
18338330Shwig Draws Monsters 2!Renowned /tg/ artist Shwigity returns to once again improve on your shitty MSPaint designs!Shwig, Shwigity, Draw, Drawthread, Monsters, MSPaint2012-03-15 5 
18342710Commander Quest CXVIII Justinian Trentz's raiding force storms The Order of the Bloodrose's stronghold with the aid of a turncoat. Justinian battles the Order's Leader, receiving several serious wounds but managing to take the grandmaster alive to torture details of his involvement with the louki threat from him. We commune with Rahyna and Neshai as our mystic violates the captive's mind before he is nailed to a cross.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-16 14 
18397564Commander Quest CXIXWe execute the Master of the Order of the Bloodrose in true Degnarian fashion, and go over the gathered intel with Wulf. Finally we return to the siege at Dran's Ferry, and debrief the other commanders on our harrowing raiding mission.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-21 12 
18505780Commander Quest CLXXWe're forced to accelerate the schedule for the assault on Dran's Ferry, after learning of an Uurlanthi relief force heading our way. Together with the other commanders, we devise a battle plan to breach the city walls. We also fill in the other Degnarian commanders on the Forge of New Divinity.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-30 12 
April 2012
18654154Flyting Thread turns into Rap Battlessome fa/tg/uys throw down the mic and do some Flyting. Then Sword n' Board makes a magnificent return to form.Rap, Rap Thread, Sword n Board, Flyt, Flyting2012-04-11 32 
18768320Famous People as That Guy, Round 2/tg/ imagines more famous people as That Guys. that guy, epic thread, authors2012-04-19 10 
18823333Baby Quest IA baby from meager beginnings potentially ends the worldCollective Game, Baby Quest, Quest Thread2012-04-23 12 
May 2012
19164148Dorftales/tg/ invades Drowtales three years after everyone stopped giving a fuck.drowtales, dwarf, dorf, dwarfs, dwarves, derpadoo, fuck you for reading this faggot, goddamn get a life2012-05-20 11 
19203944Magical Girl Questing MalaiMalai Mindy Chamberlain's quest as a magical girl begins. Power is obtained. Fat kids piss themselves. Catbomination avoids stereotypes.Collective Game, Magical Girl Questing Malai, Magical Girl, Quest Thread, catbomination, Eldritch Abomination, Dark Magical Girl, cyberpunk2012-05-23 7 
19206472Magical Girl Questing Malai 2You are Malai, eldritch powered magical girl and wielder of the Bat of Donny DonnovitchCollective Game, Magical Girl Questing Malai, Magical Girl, Quest Thread, catbomination, Eldritch Abomination, Dark Magical Girl, cyberpunk2012-05-23 6 
19227809Magical Girl Questing Malai 3In which a CERTAIN IDIOT becomes a catboy, and we gain access to the Mahou Shoujo FAQCollective Game, Magical Girl Questing Malai, Magical Girl, Quest Thread, catbomination, Eldritch Abomination, Dark Magical Girl, cyberpunk2012-05-25 7 
June 2012
19485578Shwig draws your monstersdrawfriend Shwig takes people's shitscribbles and turns them into awesome monster drawingsdrawthread, Shwig, monsters2012-06-15 10 
19497943Planetary Governor Quest: Part TwelveThe first decent session in a while. We continue dismantling the Space Hulk, Get Skitarii help, and fight a mob of "evolved" Cyborks with huge, angry squigs and a really messed up mutant Warboss.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle, Orks, warboss, Blood Axes, Fang, Dreadnought2012-06-16 20 
July 2012
19751693Fortune: Evolution Game - Discussion Thread 9Not all of the discussion threads for this game are worth archiving here, but some pretty nifty ideas are dropped here, enough that it was worth preserving here for posterity. Why bluegrass is blue is explained, and the idea of a microscopic episode of Fortune evolution is proffered. Slow moving but interesting read. Note: As it is not part of the game proper, the tag of Collective game is not applied to this thread. The exclusion of this tag will also serve as "advertisement" in a sense to those who browse suptg, as we welcome new players. Browse this thread, see if the game grabs you. No prior knowledge is necessary to play, so if you like it, come on in!Fortune Evolution, evolution, evo, game, discussion thread, microscopic, bluegrass, namefags, science, biology, technobabble2012-07-08 2 
August 2012
20154353MeatbreadTwo inexperienced chefs create a horrific meatbread monstrosity.meatbread, food poisoning2012-08-03 13 
20150289/tg/ cooksA horrifying failure of a meatbread turns into gentlemanly discussion of food and foodstuffs, including recipes in the classic style.food, cooking, eating, meatbread, the horror, interesting, original content,2012-08-03 20 
20168261Gambling DreadnaughtAn Deathwatch GM regales a tale of a gambling Dreadnaught.storytime, interesting, 40k, dreadnaught, gambling2012-08-04 18 
20214188Mahou Shounen Quest 169Reunited with Nanoha. Do our diplomatic duties. Find out why time was lost. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid, 169 threads 7 months and you're still mad? I like your dedication.2012-08-07 5 
20289345Warhammer 40k: Heretical Love 2, Electric BoogalooThe SequelWarhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, heretical love 2, papa-n, heresy, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus 2012-08-12 39 
20324988Boone Quest Episode XIVAfter a brief skirmish with some of Sapp's goons, we have a psychic confrontation with Waldrip.Boone, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, quest thread, collective game2012-08-15 29 
20334130Waiting For Godot: 40k EditionA Necron Lord and a Dreadnought talk in a caveNecron, Dreadnought, Warhammer, 40k2012-08-16 43 
20514001Zoid Quest 20We decide to go up against the Guylos Empire to get our Wild Liger back.Zoid Quest, collective game, quest, quest thread, Zoid Mother,2012-08-30 7 
October 2012
20936444Totemist Quest XXVOsyki experiments with earth bindings, makes totems, and flirts with Elana.Totem Quest, Monsters, Behemoth, Collective Game, Quest, Totem, Diarca, Experiment Thread2012-10-01 24 
20994946Totemist Quest XXVIWe make a date with Elana before having a conversation with our resident stealth spirit Thane. He may be more than meets the eye...Totem Quest, Monsters, Behemoth, Collective Game, Quest, Totem, Diarca, Experiment Thread2012-10-05 24 
21115408Marriage of SteelPolitical intrigue and romance in the feudal world.Marriage of Steel, Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Waifu2012-10-16 23 
21201927Danny Devito-sSo, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito...Danny, Devito, late night tg, actor, cockroaches, science, what, the, fuck, is, going, on, in, this, thread 2012-10-20 46 
21273541A Good HFY ThreadWith reposting of classics, statement of what HFY is, and plenty of new OC.HFY, Humanity Fuck Yeah, good thread, OC, writefaggotry, Drake MacDougal,2012-10-26 21 
21319241FATAL "Friday" Pt. 1/tg/ creates Hortamundus, the dwarf who spends 9 hours a day making bread and has done so for 105 years in FATAL FATAL, Bread_making, My_eyes2012-10-28 8 
21322501FATAL "Friday" Pt. 2/tg/'s dwarf baker takes on a troll in a surprisingly short fightFATAL,Bread_making,My_Eyes2012-10-28 7 
November 2012
21727680The Quest of Marneus Calgar IIThe search for pizzas has begun. Ultramarines, Quest Thread2012-11-24 0 
21742165The Quest of Marneus Calgar IIIMarneus Calgar is now fucking the orks up. Before that litanies of rappers were made. A tribute the great band Queen and Flash Gordon. However there is a twist.Ultramarines, Quest Thread,2012-11-25 0 
December 2012
21918923Recommended fantasy bookstg suggests some fantasy readingsuggested reading2012-12-07 2 
21962000Not even reporting this one.Nope. Sleep in it.Enjoy your shit thread.2012-12-09 -11 
22094818Arena of StormsWhats starts off as a discussion into a stone age setting quickly evolves into something involving gods that'd make the Greeks scared, CareBear Orcs and makes Cats and Dogs into Humanities greatest allies.Setting thread, setting, stone age, cats, dogs, gods, arena of storms2012-12-18 7 
22184178Scriptarius Christmas Thread VScriptarius returns one last time for the final annual xmas thread with a gingerbread Baneblade.Scriptarius, Christmas, gingerbread, conversion, 40k2012-12-23 22 
January 2013
22504406The Commissar and MarciaCommissar adopts an Eldar into the IG psykerseldar imperial guard marcia commissar draw thread 2013-01-10 50 
22560741The Commissar and Marcia :Training beginsa small session of training for the eldar convert, then some side pics by OPdrawthread, drawfag, eldar, IG, quest, imperial, guard, Marcia, Commissar2013-01-13 34 
22617928The Commissar and Marcia: Obstacle CourseThe Commissar's eldar conscript is put through the paces.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread2013-01-16 23 
22693544The Commissar and Marcia 6 : Devil huntMarcia starts training with someone from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, while the Commissar goes out to hunt, and is met with a nasty surpriseCollective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-20 21 
22678115That Guy ThreadAdorable lamia clerics of the sun, exploding droids, dumbass barbarians, and more!That Guy Thread, guy, that,story time, story, time, characters, game, lamia, barbarian, star wars, droid2013-01-20 8 
22766946The Commissar and Marcia 7Marcia finds herself in a blank, white space and gets harassed by some voices inside her head.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-24 20 
22781206Fixing Naruto as an RPG settingWhat starts as a question about using Legends of the Wulin for a Naruto RPG ends in a thorough discussion on how to fix its many problems to make it work as a setting, as well as commentary on other shonen series and their strenght as a possible RPG settinghomebrew, shonen, thread derailment, Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, setting discussion2013-01-26 5 
March 2013
23722393Thread threadanon posts some moments were /tg/ was funny. some people join in.funny, Thread-thread, comedy,2013-03-17 5 
23762482Space Princess Quest 3Wherein Princess Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus gates the third celebrates a successful suborbital launch and gives an announcement to the kingdom.Princess quest, Quest thread, space, rockets2013-03-19 7 
23814785Gargoyle Quest Thread part 1Thread detailing the anon controlled adventures of a sentient gargoyle protecting a small town from monstersCollective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Quest Thread, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-03-22 22 
April 2013
24346062Millicent Fauxly and the Trident of Rowena Ravenclaw 44A new look on things. Millicent Fauxly, Collective Game, Harry Potter, Quest Thread2013-04-20 20 
24385578Rise of the beeThe man who was stung by a bee and tried to save it inters her within a Dreadnought. Hail the God-Queen!40k, Warhammer, dreadnought, bee, endearing, cute2013-04-22 25 
24387426Millicent Fauxly: Year TwoMillie goes shopping! So fetch. Millicent Fauxly, Collective Game, Harry Potter, Quest Thread2013-04-22 21 
May 2013
24773829Firebender Quest Episode 1We do an introduction to firebender quest, people get upset by some jarring writing, and we killed a man just to watch him die.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender2013-05-12 21 
24903419Binder Quest XVIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. Hiatus ends AGAIN and story is recapped. We make our complete our pact with Asch after confirming Arnold is alive and decide to lay low for the rest of the night. But a waiting sentry escorts us the Inquisitor's camp where we find him still alive. He orders us to hide with the artifact in town for two weeks time after which he is taking us to the capital. We go to see Baron Leonard about a place to stay and make plans for the future.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2013-05-19 23 
24908363Firebender Quest Episode 2This Just in, Young monk slaps grown men around with staff.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-19 20 
25040872Firebender Quest: Episode 3We fight a war on the streets and get accused of waifuingFirebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-26 20 
25048250Next Step Quest Part 1Roman MacCormac goes on a school excursion. Things do not go as planned.Next Step Quest, Super Powers, Quest Thread2013-05-26 8 
25052852Next Step Quest Part 2Roman challenges a Chinese psychic murderer and his gimp. Things go poorly.Next Step Quest, Super Powers, Quest Thread2013-05-26 6 
25054637Firebender quest : Episode 4The Night of Black Tiles Part 1. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-27 15 
June 2013
25177887Binder Quest XVIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We learn more about the events of last night and discover another of the Baron's connections before he hooks us up with a new place to stay in town. We use Mora to fortify our new location and try to build new tunnels before trouble shows up in the form of another binder. We flee to the forest and summon Tenebrotep after some rough negotiations only to find it is Arnold and Gourmander now pursuing us.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2013-06-02 15 
25201771Firebender Quest : Episode 5Night of black tiles part two - we finally come face to face with Lao Len... and she's accused of having fetal alcohol syndrome.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-06-03 14 
25225965Firebender Quest : Episode 6Night of Black Tiles part 3, Death, fires and spirits. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-06-04 12 
25266378Firebender Quest : Episode 7The night of black tiles comes to a close. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-06 12 
25326025Firebender quest episode 8Words words words, denouement and exposition. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-09 12 
25322475Binder Quest XVIIIThe story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk gifted with the power of binding Vestiges from beyond existence, continues. We disable Gourmander and search Arnold's memories to learn how this terrible fate befell him. Deciding to try to save him we drag him to the Baron's manor. The Baron gives him an experimental treatment to expel his vestige and we try our best to hide as much information about Tenebrotep from him as possible. We stay the night and wake up to find Arnold seemingly recovered.Binder, Quest, Binder Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2013-06-09 15 
25365478Akuma Quest 2: The Finding.Akuma-chan figures out the most glorious plan to kill nearly everyone in the city... And it meets a familiar-looking young woman...Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Demon, Mecha, You Are Already Bread2013-06-11 38 
25383837Firebender Quest Episode 9Spirit World shenanigans, and THE DARKNESS IS NOW FIRE.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-12 12 
25457416Firebender quest episode 10Some sparring, a training montage, and a battle on the high seas! Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-16 13 
25515832Mage QuestA MAGE IS YOU. A small quest thread with no relation to the other Mage Quest. Mage, Mage Quest, Magic, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game, Rats2013-06-19 0 
25533767Lamia Daughter Quest 64I think Mario has a cameo somewhere.Collective Game, Lamia Quest, Ssen, EchoGarrote, Lamia Daughter Quest, Lesbians, ERP, Entomophilia, Vanity, thats at least two Paladin Threads you fuckers have derailed now, 2013-06-20 24 
25574162Edgy Anime Quest 9Another round of jerking egos to the idea that you're better than other anime quests because the only waifu you romance is The Edge.Akuma Quest, Edgy, Collective Game, Anime is dumb, does this look like /a/ to you, remember when suptg was more than just a quest depot, me neither, quit roleplaying in unrelated threads you colossal faggot2013-06-22 38 
25685591Yet Another Magical Little Girl Quest This time we are evil! SO ORIGINAL.Collective Game, Evil Precure Quest, Preure, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl, I wish I could think of a joke tag but this shit is already a joke2013-06-28 24 
July 2013
25800025Firebender Quest Episode 11Firebender quest returns after a moderately lengthy haitus.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-07-04 9 
25917545Firebender Quest episode 12In which we return home. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-10 9 
25884110D&D Retarded Stories Stories relating to the experiences of D&D and Pathfinder players and DM/GM's Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, stories thread, stories2013-07-10 5 
25928879The Commissar And Marcia: SIDE EDITIONWhile the commissar is out, Marcia engages in some personal training. She sets off into the surrounding wilderness to scout out the land for the glory of the IG. Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-07-10 14 
26035865Firebender Quest Episode 13In which we re-familiarize ourself with family Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-16 7 
26084677Deadciv IIWe make a crack in the Hallowing, get a tome of advanced necromancy from Artak and use life transfer to save the hermit woman after she got herself impaled on Neyakla's antlersCollective Game, Deadciv, Civilization Thread, The Baron, Umhar2013-07-18 6 
26217072Firebender Quest Episode 14In which we experience visions. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-07-25 7 
26293944Firebender Quest Episode 15In which we try to fix ourselves.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-29 10 
26300630Deadciv IVThis time we get started on getting the vampiress to come around, learn more about the village's past and do some magic research.Collective Game, Deadciv, The Baron, Civilization Thread2013-07-29 5 
August 2013
26403070Deadciv VThis thread, we talk a bit more to the vampiress, research an area holy resistance spell and take a look at the inside of the chapel.Deadciv, Collective Game, The Baron, Civilization Thread.2013-08-03 5 
26617086Cubed Egg DerailOP requests advice on what system to use for no/light combat in RPGs, but falls victim to one of the classic blunders.land war in asia, why would I cube an egg, combat light rpg, thread derail2013-08-14 12 
26646354Firebender Quest Episode 16Start of Fire Nation Capital arc. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-08-16 10 
26791613Micro Empires (Working Title)Mutant Plant Seeds and Fungi fight to survive after humanitySetting Thread, Mushrooms, Seeds, Brainstorming2013-08-24 5 
September 2013
27022240Lord General Quest Vol. 4The Lord General and the Vitalis Siege Regiment launch a rescue and begin the Siege.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40K, Quest Thread, Imperial Guard2013-09-05 16 
27028922Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest: Wild Fluffy Side Thread OneIn which Professor Chaos makes two posts, then disappears to watch KnK Episode SevenCollective Game, Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest, Harry Potter, Nasu, Meta, Wild Fluffy Side Thread2013-09-05 20 
27266199Clown Thread with Gropey the ClownInteresting stories from a very interesting clown, and other folks. Life lessons and advice.Clown Thread, Storytime, Life, Clowns2013-09-17 20 
October 2013
27893783Nimble's Civ thread part 1Merfolk tribe lead by the stupid Lamaar create fishing nets and then chased out of their home when the water stops flowing and they find a pick-axeCiv thread, Nimble, Nimble's Civ thread, Merfolk2013-10-23 -2 
November 2013
28088829Thief Shenanigans QuestOur (anti?) hero steals from a small store, steals a diamond ring and drops his spaghetti Thief Shenanigans Quest, Theif, Collective Game, Quest thread2013-11-04 12 
28095823Fantasy Food GeneralImpressive writefaggotry about the culinary dishes and foci of various fantasy creatures & species. You will love yourself some Minotaur made Fish Curry.Fantasy food, cooking, recipe, dwarf bread2013-11-04 21 
28111691Thief Shenanigans QuestWe buy clothes, get our next job and spit vodka on faces.Thief Shenanigans Quest, Theif, Collective Game, Quest thread2013-11-05 5 
28328109/tg/ brews Cursed WeaponsOP asks for cursed weapons, /tg/ naturally deliverscursed, item thread, items, dm resource, dm, WIZARD2013-11-17 1 
December 2013
28990480Quest Master QuestIn which the girls are all !Quest masters, and /tg/ is a transfer student.Collective_Game, Quest_Master_Quest, Quest_Thread, Meta_Quest2013-12-21 21 
January 2014
29785368The Commissar and Marcia 9: Revival EditionJoin us as the Commissar, together with is aide, finally found the tau encampment and investigation ensues.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2014-01-26 12 
February 2014
30197004Da Dakka XpressOP posted a bad quest, shortly ragequitting. Until the thread was hijacked by an Ork Klan creation table. It created the Ork delivery company "Dakka Xpress"40k, Ork, Dakka Xpress, thread hijack, WAAAGH, lulz, /tg/2014-02-13 7 
30476297Vampire School Survival QuestTabitha the reliable student and her classmates try to survive a Vampire outbreak.Collective Game, Vampire School Survival Quest, Vampire, Vampires, Quest thread, Horror, Survival2014-02-25 9 
30486949Centaur Civ Part IThe Aymara tribe settles on the great plains, masters its beasts, and meets some human explorers. civ, civilization, civilization thread, collective game, centaur, centaur civ2014-02-26 2 
March 2014
30552099Rat Quest One Shot/tg/ is a rat. They demand answers and cheese.Collective Game, Rat Quest, Cheese, Existential Dread, Revolution2014-03-01 10 
30772223The 3.5 Words DrawthrDrawthread whereupon we post three and a half words, and the OP would draw the result. Leave your hat near the door and enjoy the ride.funny, drawthread2014-03-11 7 
30829186Vampire School Survival Quest 2Things get crazier as Tabitha and her friends struggle to survive the Vampire onslaught.Collective Game, Vampire School Survival Quest, Vampire, Vampires, Quest thread, Horror, Survival2014-03-14 10 
30868705Island Orc Civ part 7Not a full installment of the series. Had to end it prematurely. In this one the humans invade the Orc Island and Gra'Ghus assembles defensive forces to fight them off.civ thread, civ, island, orc, orc civ, island orc, humans and orcs,2014-03-16 0 
May 2014
32195887The Commissar and Marcia-Sidequest: Da PodAn unidentified "Space Pod" lands in the thick jungle of Feral World "Loss". The Commissar calls the guardsmen and Marcia to investigate and find a rather unexpected lifeform.Collective Game, The Commissar and Marcia, Marcia, Commissar, Imperial Guard, Eldar, drawthread, Squat, Grotling, heresy2014-05-18 7 
32317535Garden Quest: The 2nd DiscussionMore discussion is had, suggestions are thrown out and there's a bit of HNNG involved.Garden Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Final Fantasy VIII, Collective Game, Discussion Thread, Alternate Universe, Hnng,2014-05-24 3 
July 2014
33408083That Guy does art of his hijinksDM shares art of his group's That Guy that he was making as he playedthat guy, drawthread, drawfag2014-07-15 12 
33489558Bearblood Clan: Skaven CivilizationA ragged band of Skaven settle in a valley. Bear-slaying (and bear-catching) ensues, followed by underground huts and a big bear pit for Nathaniel. Collective Game, Civilization, Civ, Civ Thread, Civilization Thread, Skaven Civ, Skaven, Skaven Civilization, Nathaniel2014-07-18 0 
August 2014
34100725Neo Survivor quest 1You awaken in a cryogenic tube, the news feed thats been plugged into your sleeping form tells you its Y2Kx10 shit happens and then more shit happens, its pretty goodNeo Survivor, Quest, First, Robots, Mutants, Mild Humor, Collective Game, Apocalyptic, Pls read, Brain, Agro, 2014-08-13 5 
34331215Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 1.We get intouch with our inner psychopath, in this thrilling tale of murder, romance, and Honkery. Gotta catch them all.Collective Game, MFSKQ, Quest, Murder, Obduction, Funny, Comedy, HONK, Elf Pokemon : Gotta Catch Em All : With Clowny Clownerson, please read this quest its actually really cool i promise guys,2014-08-23 5 
34346184Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest. TwoOur killer strikes again! We get cought inside some "Family trouble" And cook our captives some "Chicken fingers" Because we're totally nice and sane people. Stuff happens too, and then other things. We also get higher'd to kill a russian mafia guy or something, READ IT TO FIND OUT!Collective Game, MFSKQ, Quest, Murder, Obduction, Funny, Comedy, HONK, Elf Pokemon : Gotta Catch Em All : With Clowny Clownerson, please read this quest its actually really cool i promise guys,2014-08-24 7 
34396931Dungeon ThreadDungeon Thread! /tg/ builds a dungeon. Shenanigans ensues.Dungeon, Dungeon Thread, Collective Game2014-08-26 1 
34476717Protoculture drawthreadArchiving for those that missed it.Protoculture, Drawthread, drawfag2014-08-29 4 
34498343Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 3 (Part 1)We get down and dirty with some ruskies and talk to a goblin, we currently considering how to or not to teach the goblin the electric boogaloo (Part 2 tomorrow after I improve format and get a new dialog style)MFSKQ, Edgy, Dark, Murder, Funny, Limblesslivingonaholeteasing, short thread, no dice, OP slightly off his game, Nobody gets shot with a 22., Collective Game, Quest, Modern Fantasy Serial Killer, 2014-08-30 1 
34476934Marines are Really Girls in Mech SuitsInkeranon drew some thingsInkeranon, Drawthread, 40K, Space Marines2014-08-30 12 
September 2014
34686000Curt's CivThread 2: Episode 1The start of the game.Collective Game, CivThread 2: Year 30002014-09-07 0 
34847499Curt's CivThread 2: Episode 2The Second episode, in which an antimatter explosion goes off.Collective Game, CivThread 2: Year 30002014-09-14 0 
35009127Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 3In which only one turn gets done because Curt is the worst.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-09-21 0 
October 2014
35310917Curt's CivThread 2: Year 3000: Episode 4In which Austalia releases swirls of armored locusts.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-05 0 
35464063Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 4A tale of Tentacles and Bicycles, Demons and Loansharks, Aliens and Lube, and Curt finally gets his new computer, Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-12 0 
35616941Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 5War is accidentally declared, Grav Ball is invented Politics are tiring and the scary jellyfish have awesome mining drones now!Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-19 0 
35777719/tg/ Gerbil adventuresThe continuing adventures of /tg/ Gerbilgerbil, avatar, teegee, drawthread, drawfag2014-10-27 0 
November 2014
35904651Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 7A teenager posts about dogs on Tumblr.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-11-02 0 
36048215Curt's Civthread: Episode 8The eighth thread. I'm much too tired to think of something funny to put here.Collective Game, Curt's Civthread: Year 30002014-11-09 0 
36474665Curt's CivThread 2: Year 3000. Episode 10Where hands are stuck in magma, crazy feasts are had and the science gets done.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-11-30 0 
December 2014
36476119Lego Quest Presents.... After the Brick part 3The Wanderer gets back to natureLego Quest, Collective Thread, post-apocalyptic2014-12-02 3 
January 2015
37291725The Order of the AlmondOP posts a trollish "you get a slave, wat do?" thread. /tg/ derails it into worldbuilding a paladin order and religion based around the worship of almonds.derailed thread, derail, funny, almonds, nuts, peanuts, nutcracker, paladins, ethics, slavery, tg cannot stay on topic,2015-01-11 22 
37629415Coconut and Lychee Juice: a Story of EnduranceAn anon's foray into a possible DM-side drink has gone wrong. Oh so horribly wrong.drink, fortitude save, CON check, put the juice in the coconut, possible trading card game, /ck/ related, just go to the hospital already2015-01-26 7 
February 2015
37756776Modern Knight Quest #6Ser Aldrich continues his quest ay the Museum of Natural Histor, where dark forces grow below...little more about modern dispositions Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Dread2015-02-03 5 
37991793Skaven Civilization Part 1Some skaven slaves manage to free themseves from human cultists who wanted to sacrfice them. They managed to start a village along with some hobbitsCollective Game, skaven, human, cultist, civ, civiization, civ thread, civilization thread, slaves, 2015-02-12 0 
38016410Skaven Civilization Part 1Part 2 of the Skaven Civ thread. Mengnaw is sent to deal with the lizardmen. They sign a trade agreement.Collective Game, civ, civilization, skaven, halfling, hobbit, canyon, Mengnaw, civ thread, Civilization thread2015-02-14 0 
38332832Librarian Jack -- Samurai Jack Stat for Wh40kOP asks for help stating Samurai Jack in Wh40k, and the fa/tg/uys take note, he wounds on 4s with ANYTHING.Wh40k, tabletop, 40k, samurai jack, stat thread2015-02-26 2 
March 2015
38853924Quest Quest 2 Episode 1The QM returns! We are a Barbarian named Brad, and we begin a new quest. Eventually. Featuring a dedicated idiot who doesn't know how to hide threads!Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest, failed thread hijack2015-03-22 12 
April 2015
39638346DBZ Human Quest #132Pointless drama.Collective Game, Quest, DBZ, DBZ Human Quest, Who actually writes every character that appeared in the thread in the tags its fucking stupid2015-04-29 7 
May 2015
39768828Hive Fleet Apophis Creation ThreadIn which /tg/ makes a new hive fleet, and a war based around itTyranids, Necrons, Creation Thread, Creation Tables, Apophis,2015-05-06 4 
39817769Arcane Desert QuestWinston Hamilton the 30-year-old buff as hell farmer deals with a shady trader and drops his flaming house atop a demon.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-08 11 
39848768Fenrir's Goblin Civ pt.1The jungle Goblins set out to strengthen their homely clearing; but with mishap after mishap, they don't make much headway. There's promise though, and the chance to become something great.collective game, goblin, civ, fenrir, thread, civilisation, jungle2015-05-10 1 
39850421Zeta Quest 1: Humble BeginningsThe son of a colonization ship's pilot has to man up and save the day during a surprise attackZeta Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, Quest Thread2015-05-10 7 
39879383Zeta Quest 2: A Warm WelcomingFifer Gotsley accepts a scouting mission, and finds more than he expectedZeta Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, Quest Thread2015-05-11 5 
39917113Arcane Desert Quest #2Winston awakens in Clarice's home, asks many questions, then sets out on his quest to save the town from going hungry.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-13 4 
39939194Zeta Quest 3: AwakeningA new, strange character awakens, and explores the BadlandsZeta Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, Quest Thread2015-05-14 3 
39962761Arcane Desert Quest #3Winston sets off, staves off dehydration, and accepts a job to rid some bandits for the town he finally arrives in.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-15 2 
39976565Zeta Quest 4: Breaking AwayFifer Gotsley leaves the Apollo behind to forge his own path, and encounters a terrifying enemy. Armen Azhari, The Bandit Prince takes up arms against the CathedraleZeta Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, Quest Thread2015-05-16 3 
39992646Zeta Quest 5:ReckoningFifer is rescued by Saria Ainclad, a Cathedrale officer in exile; Arina and Skyren prepare to head off on an adventureZeta Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, Quest Thread2015-05-17 2 
40099100Arcane Desert Quest #4Winston murders 5 bandits, one of them a magi, and ends up taking responsability for her young sister.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-22 3 
June 2015
40350993Yuan-Ti Civ Quest #1A slow thread, but just the beginnings of a great thing to come.yuan-ti, yuan, ti, civ, thread, sseth, quest, collective game2015-06-03 1 
40400160The Quietening of the Warp pt 1Anon surmises what would happen if the Warp Gods suddenly vanished. Write Faggotry ensues.writefaggotry, WH40k, What if?, Lore Thread2015-06-05 7 
40796921Dry Bread, Cold Steel - Quest #1 A tough world, a mysterious origin, a waiting future. Dry Bread, Cold Steel, Fighting, Strategy, Combat, Diplomacy, Fantasy, Low-Fantasy, Collective Game2015-06-24 1 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -21 
41454821GnolCivGnoll Civ threadGnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-26 2 
41479623Gnolciv2Gnoll Civ part 2Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-27 1 
41525023Gnolciv3Gnoll Civ part Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-29 2 
September 2015
42216468Aroostook Humans #1Our Human friends start off with a small fishing village, and begin a logging community. A shock visit from some injured Dwarves leads to an uneasy immigration policy.quest, civ, thread, humans, aroostook, fenrir2015-09-01 2 
42419142Prehistoric Human Tribe Quest #0In which a PC is generated, spirits are seen, and a great hunt occurs.prehistoric tribe quest, civ quest, spark, quest thread, collective game2015-09-11 13 
42438191Prehistoric Human Tribe Quest #1We hide from the coming storm inside a cave - which isn't exactly what it seemscollective game, prehistoric human tribe quest, spark, quest thread2015-09-12 15 
November 2015
43749295Aurora Quest 1The setting and starting game stats are explained by the Quest-Master. We begin fleshing out the senate, task science to be done, and un-fuck our pre-wrecked shit.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-22 5 
43779943Aurora Quest 2we design our first engine and ships. general R&D along with production.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-23 3 
43815149Aurora Quest 3The Senate receive a general report of tech progress, political agendas, and a space monkey in a toga. Unfortunately, activity is minimal in the thread this time around.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-26 -1 
43851577Aurora Quest 4Viva la Roma! This thread marks the Empire's first steps into space.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-11-29 1 
December 2015
43906867Aurora Quest 5Jump points are discovered, and the monkey is unveiled.Collective Game, Quest, Aurora Quest, Spreadsheet Monkey, ROME IN SPAAAAACE2015-12-04 3 
43994941Post Apocalyptic Civ Thread #1Set after mankind falls and after the Petroleum WarsCiv, Quest, Post, Apocalyptic, Crucible, one, 1, thread, number, #, #1, Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic Civ Quest2015-12-05 1 
January 2016
45084461Real Life ShadowrunnersDisturbing real-life tales that would make great inspiration for Shadowrun games! And whose participants are essentially shadowrunners.Holy fucking shit, the fuck did I just read, is this shit for real, oh god this is real isn't it, Shadowrun2016-01-29 23 
February 2016
45133419Skaven Civ Quest part 4Skaven Civ quest resurrection. We take of where we left a while back. We start expanding the civilization with architecture.skaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-01 1 
45155239Skaven Civ Quest part 5Drugil, Mengnaw and Zlatmundi of the lake ambush the evil humans and lay siege to the occupied lizardmen villageskaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-02 0 
45177071Skaven Civ Quest part 6The aftermath of the reconquest of the lizardmen lands. Mengnaw and Drugil get back home. We find a new faith in the face of the Sun God.skaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-03 1 
45708138Song of Spite #1A day in the life of a slaveSlave Quest, New, First Thread 2016-02-29 4 
March 2016
46095195Saving Anime QuestExactly like what the title say. Except you're stupid and you don't really know about anime so good luck.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-19 6 
46159995Saving Anime Quest (2)We play ping-pong, escape from a trap, and overall discover that anime people are dicks.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-22 4 
46181558Saving Anime Quest (3)In which we obtain the Behelit, also dude prophecies lmaoShit thread op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-23 3 
46224849Saving Anime Quest (4)Anons get mad, other characters get really irritatingly smugShit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-25 2 
46268717Saving Anime Quest (5)We take a trip to the sport-shounen sector.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-28 2 
April 2016
46461023Saving Anime Quest (6)In which we gain a powerful albeit dark ally.Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest, Shit Thread Op2016-04-05 1 
46489044Mecha Space Pirate Quest 1In which our hero Roarke Susan "Dude McCool" Starwind acquires a name, a backstory, and builds a mech in a crater with a bunch of scraps Mecha Space Pirate Quest, quest thread, mecha2016-04-06 35 
46548855Mecha Space Pirate Quest 2In which our hero, Roarke Starwind, pistol-whips a mugger, plays checkers with a senior citizen, and is reunited with his squad.Mecha Space Pirate Quest, quest thread, mecha2016-04-09 27 
46548286Sin Princess Quest 2A failure to archive! The Princess of Envy goes explores, fights a harpy, and suffers a Critical Failure!Sin Princess Quest, Collective Game, First Thread Not Archived2016-04-09 -10 
46692821Saving Anime Quest (7)Half of the riddle is solved, questionable figures are met.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-04-16 2 
46732108Saving Anime Quest (8)The OP was a mistake, apart from that, new characters are introduced and we're off to a good startSaving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-18 0 
46737037Covert Ops SoB Creation #1Dice rolls result in a sneaky under-strength order. Arguing ensures about everything from theme to name.Creation thread, Sisters of Battle2016-04-19 1 
46817052Saving Anime Quest (9)Somewhat of a slower episode with fewer anons playing. It's the beginning of the end (of this arc!)Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-22 2 
46883160Vampire Civ #1post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread.Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-25 4 
46901397Vampire Civ #2Vampire Civ #2 post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread.Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-26 3 
46942288Vampire Civ #3post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread. The plot thickens! Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-28 5 
46945073Saving Anime Quest -Arc Finale-The Gran Finale we were waiting for. Also last quest on /tg/Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-28 0 
May 2016
29797Cultural Evolution Civ ThreadThe Ore Tribe, the Sand Tribe, and the Tree Tribe... All three tribes lived in harmony for about a year before they started going nuts.collective game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture, chaos2016-05-02 10 
35078Cultural Evolution Civ Thread 2Not a lot happens, but we get a bunch of flower-loving murder hippies.Collective Game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture2016-05-02 7 
43203Cultural Evolution Civ Thread 3Grass Traps and Jungle Tongues, and lots of tribeposting.Collective Game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture, yeefeekee2016-05-03 5 
52203Cultural Evolution Civ Thread 4Not much happens again, but many bantz occur, and there is promise of later happenings.collective Game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture, jew manlets2016-05-04 4 
61436Cultural Evolution Civ Thread 5HERE THERE BE DRAGONSCollective Game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture, dragon gowns2016-05-06 3 
108112Cultural Evolution Civ 2 Thread 1God, why have you abandoned us? Archived for posterity, and so we don't lose that ruleset.Collective Game, evolution, evo, civ, civilization thread, culture, xenoculture2016-05-20 3 
150450Demon Invasion Civ 3Demon invasion. Castle get.Demon Civ Thread demons game civ game demon2016-05-25 1 
June 2016
219501Demon Invasion Civ 4Young man gets a name - Josef. Found himself in a crazy city.Demon Civ Thread2016-06-10 1 
July 2016
48522863Voltari Sector Thread 1We just came up with a new sector and some new ideas. Let's see how far we can take this.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-07-31 1 
August 2016
436775Civilization Quest Thread (Children of ASSUR)A thread in which horrible luck leads a druidic society to ruin twice in as many days.Children of Assur, Civilization Thread2016-08-08 5 
48644799Voltari Sector Thread 2A week later, we get another thread, but it's a bit lonely this time around.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-08-08 0 
453583The Children of Assur, Thread Two: Spiteful AjaxThe Exodus of the Assii, and their union with the MazdiiChildren of Assur, Civilization Thread2016-08-16 4 
October 2016
651826Communist Knife-EarsA civ thread about knife ears that set up a communist government where longer knife ears are more equal.Elves, Civ Thread, Communism2016-10-12 1 
November 2016
765746Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 1In which Operation Silver Bullet is introduced and we meet the MC, Burkhard Eugen.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-01 5 
799887Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 2Berkhard deals with a stubborn officer, then agrees to help traumatise a prisoner. The groundwork for the assault on Märchenland is laid.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-09 5 
824685Dreadnought Quest #1We start out with one That Guy and one This Guy. We choose to be a FUCKHUEG Spesssheep. QM tries to get his shit together. Collective Game, Space, Dreadnought Quest, Not40k, Original2016-11-14 0 
824482Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 3A short thread where our hero dodges a patrol and blows shit up.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-19 2 
847585Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 3The assault on Märchenland begins in earnest, Strasse has a panic attack and Berkhard makes a gamble... Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-22 2 
December 2016
867329Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 4Eugen and the squad ventures into the Occult studies section and spooky thins happen. Who'd have guessed?Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-03 2 
50720053THE ETHEREALS BLESS USOP is bored, does a creation thread. End result is rather amusing.creation thread, bored, tau2016-12-16 1 
920523Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 5The investigation into the cell block reveals a new ally, and more combat is joined with the SS.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-18 2 
50811468Non-Chaos Renegade Space marines, and friends!OP makes a monstrosity in his free time, posts it to /TG/. fluff is made, dice are rolled, and a Necron Eversor is made. all this and more!Space marines, pdf, necrons, creation thread, monstrosity2016-12-22 4 
945255Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 7In which, Eugen deals with a pair of heavily armed Nazis, regular Nazis, and... oh fuck...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-24 2 
956993Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 7Eugen chooses life for himself, death for his fores, and escapes from the Märchenland facility. Thus ends the first Arc.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-24 2 
January 2017
1088225European Dragon Quest 49In this installment of EDQ, we start a rebellion against Vlad Tepes and get our new behemoth to help us.European Dragon Quest, Does Anybody Read the Tags, Why Don't I have More Players?, Is there a god?, Collective Game, QuestingQM,2017-01-31 1 
March 2017
1192069Masterpiece of a Shattered GodA draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece.Collective Game, Masterpiece, Shattered, God, Masterpiece of a Shattered God, MSG, MSG Quest, Draw, Draw Thread, Draw Quest2017-03-01 1 
April 2017
52624149The Mummy as an RPGA writefag answers that age old question "why didn't they just tie a cat to stick"The Mummy, d&d, writethread, shoggy2017-04-17 15 
52865307Argo Brigade Creation ThreadA /tg/ Guard regiment made one word at a time, surprisingly not shit.imperial guard; guard; creation thread; homebrew; argo; argos; brigade; argian; argus2017-04-27 6 
52921937Argo Brigade - First Edition EditionEveryone's favourite fanatical counter insurgency brigade receives some more well deserved attention.imperial guard, guard creation thread. homebrew, argo, argo brigade, argian, argus2017-04-29 4 
May 2017
1510882American Arcana: Court is Now in SessionAfter your first day of high school, you sold your soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to summon myths.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-05-30 7 
June 2017
1538854American Arcana: Session I - Witching Hour More stuff happens. You learn more about myths. First school day starts.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-06-05 3 
1564962American Arcana: Session II - School BellA three-day mini-marathon ends with a clinch victory over a boss courtesy of an ambush.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-06-14 2 
1563931Ancient greek Civ GameFive Great cities come into play and begin growing their power. The wise Oracle tells all and weaves legendGreek, Civ, Mythical, Collective game, Epic Thread, OracleofDephi2017-06-17 1 
1589016American Arcana: Session III - Facing the MonsterFirst Monster-class boss defeated, gained two new members of the gang. Dealing with first few days of school, new Camaraderie, arcade.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-06-20 1 
1614379American Arcana: Session IV - Letting the Days Go BySlice of life is the name of the game: School days and the first weekend out with the team ends with who told Donna about the steroids.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-06-27 1 
July 2017
1634455American Arcana: Session V - Hidden PowerLots of slice of life and some combat leading up to another boss fight, a three-person party consisting of yourself, Donna, and Keith.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-07-04 1 
1655161American Arcana: Session VI - Playing By the RulesBoss fight finished, rank up with Sofia, break through the shool security using FREEDOM, discuss the meaning of dreams with Ruth.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-07-12 1 
1675497American Arcana: Session VII - Last Days of Summer Uh. Things happened. The QM finally ran out of excuses for the system and decided to remake it. Next week is fluff week.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-07-19 1 
1701461Dreadnought Quest #1Humanity was once masters of interstellar existence. Once. Somehow, the Dreadnought Oberon has survived the Dark Age. The Titan awakes.Dreadnought Quest, Collective Game, CentralComputer,2017-07-26 7 
1699285American Arcana Special Session: Order in the CourtCatchup and questionnaire session. Really slow. Recap of all previous sessions is in here.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-07-26 1 
August 2017
1725757American Arcana: Session VIII - Hero ComplexAfter defeating Martinez's Monster, we go to the waterpark and begin the first steps of Operation Babe Hunt with a certain degree of succesCollective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-08-03 1 
1749044American Arcana: Session IX - Slippery SlopeCompletely slice-of-life. We finish our weekend to create two new Camraderies, one with Martinez and one severely overdue with Donna.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-08-09 1 
1744608Dreadnought Quest #2Oberon meets with the Acting Captain of the Frigate he defended and receives some disturbing news. He has... fans?Dreadnought Quest, Collective Game, CentralComputer,2017-08-13 2 
1771076American Arcana: Session X - Unconventional Shortest session in post count yet, mostly fighting Hansel and Gretel and dealing with my shitty schedule. Also, Miss Fingerbang shows up.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-08-18 1 
1804524 American Arcana: Session XI - Dinner and a GunshowContinuing to be slow, but end battle with robot fools and enjoy the anime convention. Rank up with Sofia again, learn Durandal healed up.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-08-28 1 
1804856Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 1The beginning of the second arc! Eugen talks shop with his comrades and chooses a mission. Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-08-29 2 
September 2017
1824784American Arcana: Session XII - Crunch TimeA lot of thoughts get thunk and conclusions drawn. Also, you almost get knocked out by a baseball, but Faust protected you from concussion.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-09-01 1 
1830833Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 2The mission "technically" begins as Eugen and the team make landfall.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-09-06 2 
1861150American Arcana: Session XIII- Unlucky NumberIt really was. While we got most of the delays out of the way and a bond with Price and Martinez improved. Bennett watched Sostrato die.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-09-13 1 
1842591American Arcana: Session XIII- Unlucky NumberIt really was. While we got most of the delays out of the way and a bond with Price and Martinez improved. Bennett watched Sostrato die.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-09-13 1 
1850191Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 3Eugen gathers information.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-09-21 1 
1881442American Arcana: Session XV - Newfound PowerNew powers for Myths revealed. Beatrice reveals her true clingy, possibly yandere, colors. Kenneth Martinez acquired as squad member.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-09-25 1 
October 2017
1895572Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 4Eugen and his team stop for a rest, and stumble on something unexpected...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-04 2 
55845421Philosophical TrolleysWhat would have been a thread about a villain keeping out the PCs with philosophical puzzles gets derailed... By the Trolley Problem.trolley problem, philosophy, thread derailed, but the thread is still on the rails2017-10-14 12 
1942011Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 5Eugen askes a prisoner some questions, and learns of a brutal plot...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-16 2 
1929463American Arcana: Session XVI - OverboardFinished up a fight with Hall's Monster, had a scene with Beatrice and also with Sofia.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-10-21 2 
1989730 Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 6Eugen and the team make for one of the rebel cells, but come across something unexpected... Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-27 2 
1979763American Arcana: Session XVII - Helping HandYou spend some more time helping Sofia overcome her insecurity about Miss Patricia and go on a '''date''' with Beatrice. Also, betrayaCollective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-10-31 1 
November 2017
2026303Kingdom Hearts Quest #2Quinn meets a rival, goes hunting, and goes to the Other SideKingdom Hearts, Into the Dark, thread 2, 2017-11-06 6 
2016812Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 7The pan-Halloween thread. Eugen goes to sleep, and dreams of things trying to kill him.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-11-07 2 
56265579Word Creation and FluffAnons come together to make up fantasy terms and write out lore for them. May be a fun and useful resource!Fluff, Lore, Lore Creation, Terminology, Fantasy, Fluffing Thread, Resource2017-11-09 6 
2007132 American Arcana: Session XVIII - Shot in the BackWe defeated David's Monster and learned the true nature of the enemy! David gets the first promoted Myth in the group.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-11-17 1 
2059226Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 8Eugen and his squad arrive at the rebel cell. End of the 2nd arc.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-11-17 2 
2076089 American Arcana Special Session: Order in the Court Electric BoogalooRecap, a side-scene, the homecoming game, and an emotional scene where Keith and Donna couple for the dance.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-11-29 1 
December 2017
2109674American Arcana: Session XIX - Dancing in the DarkBasketball and important revelation/plot twist. Shit going down. Learn from the previous Dig members. Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-12-05 1 
2096247Lizard civ threadLizards found four cities enslave humans make alliance with orcs, trolls and vampires, bribe a dragon, make peace with elves and dwarves.civ, civ thread, lizard, civilization2017-12-11 1 
2148528American Arcana: Session XX- Echoes of Days Long PastSuper fighting robot Harpe gets thrown through a wall by Keith. Burn My Dread plays in the background.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2017-12-25 2 
January 2018
2212663Dreadknight Quest Thread #1You are Morgan Anderle, Soldier of Fortune stationed at Blackstone Fortress. At least, you were before you were dragged into Hell...Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-11 13 
2219840American Arcana: Session XXI- Chapter 7, Tablet 7The penultimate session, the session that is definitely not going to be the last time we ever see Walt. Because Walt is our friend.Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read2018-01-17 1 
2218443Metahuman Quest: Issue #10Morgan begins his dive into Metabrawl.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Artemis, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Roulette, Short Thread2018-01-17 5 
2257402Colonial Marines Quest[Thread 1]You are R.J. MacReady the Third, and you are put in charge of a rag tag group of marines. Your goal is to put down whatever gets in your wayColonial Marines, Xenomorph, Alien, Aliens, R.J. MacReady, CMQ2018-01-30 5 
February 2018
2270619American Arcana: Session XXII- End of the LineFinal session. Man, endings always have a certain feeling to them, don't they?Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read, Thanks for playing!2018-02-02 3 
2298450Colonial Marines Quest[Thread 2]We deliver some sweet chin music to a Yautja, and then go get drunk.Colonial Marines, Xenomorph, Alien, Aliens, R.J. MacReady, CMQ2018-02-17 1 
2304688Civilization Thread Sharz Avanzer #1Civilization Thread Humans in a Desert, built a city called Sharz Avanzer Civilization Thread, Sharz Avanzer, Humans2018-02-24 1 
March 2018
2337839Civilization Thread Sharz Avanzer 2The end of the tale of Sharz AvanzerCivilization Thread, Humans, Sharz Avanzer2018-03-04 1 
2341045Dreadknight Quest Thread #2Journeying East, Morgan makes allies, fights demons, tricks an Order, and gets an upgrade for his armor.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-03-10 6 
April 2018
58886736Paint CreaturesAnons post shitty MS Paint creatures, drawfags make them cool. A setting is created - a dumping ground for unfinished creations of gods.paint creatures, drawthread, cosmic horror2018-04-06 8 
May 2018
2544190Starborn Quest Intermission; Beach ThreadThis is a non canon beach thread. It contains dragons, swimsuits, fanservice and more!collective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, Hona, Minerva, Beach, Thread, Non Canon, Jo, Dragon, Ynthal, RTM, Meridas, Octavius2018-05-16 1 
2553279Beings Of Creation 2 #1In the ashes of the forgotten world a new one is born and many powerful Daemon rise from the ashes to create civilizations.Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-05-28 5 
2576664Metahuman Quest: Issue #18Morgan takes on a mission of supernatural causes.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Blood, Short Thread2018-05-28 5 
June 2018
2593938Starborn Quest Intermission; Beach Thread 2Life's still hell, have more filler arccollective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, Hona, Minerva, Beach, Thread, Non Canon, Jo, Dragon, Ynthal, RTM, Meridas, Octavius2018-06-07 1 
2589356Beings Of Creation 2 #2A threat reveals itself to the world and the first war is fought. Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-06-08 5 
2605742Metahuman Quest: Issue #19Morgan fights a blood cult in his efforts to find the source of the nightmares.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Blood, Short Thread2018-06-09 6 
2596629Venerable Ancient Quest #1Rude AwakeningsVenerable Ancient Quest, Dreadnought, Fantasy,2018-06-11 1 
2627722Beings Of Creation #3Even Gods need sleep.Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-06-20 5 
July 2018
60985974Space Marine working in modern office?OP asks how a biologically augmented superhuman would fare in a modern office setting, writefaggotry ensues. How would X do in 40k thread, But strangely not shit, Miracle of miracles2018-07-25 18 
2728029Dreadnought Quest Thread #3After having a conversation with a Chaos God Dragon, Morgan and Laura go hunting for hobgoblins before having a duel.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-07-29 2 
August 2018
2743021Beings of Creation 2 #4After two updates, Pastebin is savagely murderedCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-08-03 6 
61228659Photo Fluff ThreadA short but productive thread where Anons come together to write out lore for random pictures that get posted.Lore, Fluff, Community Writing, Fluff Thread2018-08-04 5 
2774313Dreadknight Quest Thread #4The duel between Morgan and Laura finishes, some supplies are purchased, and then Morgan uses the Dreamcatcher Blade.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-08-17 3 
2801637Ruins Human Civilization: Thread IThe beginning of our civilization in the ruins.Civilization Thread, Ruins Humans, Throgg2018-08-23 2 
September 2018
2829729Ruins Human Civilization: Thread II - Summer RainThe Wall-Tribe grow stronger, and face their first summer floods. A threat rises from the cellars.Civilization Thread, Ruins Humans, Throgg2018-09-07 2 
2851664Beings of Creation 2 #6The Bloodletting strikes, and people decide to play againCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES2018-09-16 5 
2863872Human Civ ThreadHuman Civ Thread where we lead the Green Rapids Clan.civ thread, humanciv, green rapids2018-09-17 2 
October 2018
2899813Beings of Creation 2 #7The end of the beautiful mess that was the second game of BoCCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc22018-10-03 5 
2961547Space-Civilisations #1Civilisation thread... but in space.civilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-10-28 1 
2976614Beings of Creation 3 #1The Era of Daemon has come to a close, as the world is reborn anew. The cycle of gods and men is upon us once-more.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc32018-10-29 10 
November 2018
2992603Space-Civilisations #2pls archive it daddycivilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-11-07 1 
3014894Civilization Thread: Nova ClanWe oversee the Nova Clan from its inception until it discovers metal and is attacked by orcs.civ thread, Nova Clan, humans, civilization thread2018-11-16 1 
3021045Beings of Creation 3 - #2op fucking diesCiv, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc32018-11-19 6 
3043228Kamen Rider Lucid: Episode 1Our hero finds a strange stone that allows him to go from garbage collector to masked hero.Collective Game, Quest Thread, CrabQM, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Lucid2018-11-25 2 
December 2018
3054392Dark Elf Civ ThreadSeven Clans of dark elves settle a new land and enslave some halflingsSeven Clans, dark elves, civ thread, civilization thread2018-12-06 3 
January 2019
3117112Goblin Civ ThreadGoblins start on stone age and lose lots of battles.goblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-02 2 
3151427Goblin Civ IIWe don't do much at all because OP is super busy IRLgoblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-12 1 
February 2019
64668774Manticore/tg/ has to draw a picture of a manticore and post it in this thread or else the manticore will eat it.drawthread, manticore, art2019-02-19 6 
March 2019
3289477Steel Treads QuestIt's essentially a Tank Hunters Quest rerun but someone else wrote it.Collective Game, Steel Treads, Tanks, Post Apocalypse, Tank Hunters Quest2019-03-18 1 
65346307Meanwhile, on SchreckNet /tg/The world may change but the shitposting of the ancients continue onwards.Vampire the Masquerade, Saulot, Angry Toreadors, Spooked Tremere, Big Gay Brujah On Campus2019-03-28 0 
April 2019
3389687Dreadnought IWhen a Dreadnought goes to a Fantasy WorldREDthunderBOAR, Dreadnought, 40k, Ibaraki2019-04-14 6 
November 2019
3894141Body Horror Quest - 33rd VeinShu entertains a variety of guests in her house, from the Barbers to the Dream Daughters, with a phone call from 'Mother' Ozmas in betweenBody Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, dream daughters, slice-of-life, slow thread2019-11-07 14 
May 2020
4218451Ironbloods Civ ThreadOrcs of the Ironbloods Tribe go on a badly planned swamp attack on the undead lose all warriors then get enslaved by humansciv thread, civilization, bad end, ironbloods, orcs2020-05-11 -2 
4249974Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of ClubsAce and Lorelei summon a demonMystery Investigation, Lorelei, drawthread, Peekay2020-05-14 6 
June 2020
4283646Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of MembershipAce and Lorelei recruit their succ, Jubilee, and then Peekay loses motivation to continue the thread. It will return.Mystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-06-27 6 
September 2020
4418935Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of Membership Part DeuxThe mystery continues as Ace, Lorelei, and Jubilee investigate rumors about the old principalMystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-07 7 
4450252Meat QuestA butcher knight seeks the daughter of meat and finds koboldsMeat Quest, Chuck, Rosemary, Kammy, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-19 6 
November 2020
4521624Primal Zerg Quest A young Zerg is born in the jungles of Zerus. From there, it begins its quest to evolve, to collect, and to survive on the harsh alien worldCollective Game, Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Quest Thread, Primal Zerg2020-11-15 5 
January 2021
4580041Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 17After winning against the false saint in the debate, the battle for the electors is on and the end approaches.Otome, Otome Gone Wrong, Otome QM, Intrigue, Real World Mockery, Academy, God, Heresy, Miracle, Final Thread2021-01-01 10 
4582439Ex-Fighter Chimera Quest After being abandoned by his teammates for being weak, Zedek find a way to become stronger with the help of a Lustful witch.FlakemanCometh, FlakemanCometh QM, Hero, Chimera, Witch, Dungeon, Fantasy, Revenge, Date, First Thread2021-01-12 17 
August 2021
80775166/tg/ bait thread generatorA mysterious anon changes the future of the board for years to comemeta, generator, thread2021-08-14 34 
February 2022
5117226AESTHYIREA - A Vaporwave EvoGame (part 1)An evogame that takes place on a vaporwave-inspired planet with vaporwave-inspired creatures.Collective Game, Evogame, Vaporwave Evo, Multi-part, First Thread2022-02-25 0 
May 2022
5227536Civ Thread: Bullywog Coalition 1The Bullywog Coalition is attacked by nearby elves, and then has to fight a dragon.Bullywogs, Civilization, Civ Thread, Kermit, Soulaj2022-05-22 1 
July 2022
5285508MINIMUM WAGE COMMANDOIn which an unwitting and formerly dead(?) Agent is thrown into the sewers, QM gives up, and the thread is sparse.Collective Game, Alphabet Soup, Thread is Sparse2022-07-03 0 
December 2022
5461059Moonbase Quest #1James Chapham works for his father in the Triton Trading Company as a subversive advisor under Ksumi Kariya, princess of Arien IV.Collective Game, Quest, LunaticQM, Moonbase Quest, Sci-fi, goddamnitIdidn'tfinishmyreviewbeforethethreadexpired2022-12-26 1 
February 2023
5509147Broken Vessels Online #1Sibyllan plays an experimental VRMMO to pay her debts, skips to the boss early, is first to enter a new zone, and nearly joins a hivemind.Collective Game, VRMMO, RPG, Strelok, Sibyllan, Broken Vessels Online, WE NEED MORE SHARDS, Quest, QM remember to archive your threads2023-02-06 5 
July 2023
5685485Primodial God Quest #3 Part 1In a reality where most universes are dead, one still stands with a single spark. It gives birth to the gods, and then Rheas, the World.gods, Primordial God Quest, Shi the QM, Collective Game, freeform, READ THE RULES, multiplayer, God, creation 2023-07-08 2 
May 2024
5982952Cleaner Quest #5After saving a rich kid trapped inside of a mine, you dive right back underground to explore a P-Corp facility. Odd habit you're developingCollective Game, Coffee Addiction, Cleaner, Anomaly, inspired by Project Moon, Casey is a funny girl, Nicole Smith knows you're reading thi2024-05-29 1 
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