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November 2007
845735MSPaint Your GroupITT, We MSPaint what the other players in our group look like through spiteful caricature.mspaint, nerd rage2007-11-28 0 
December 2007
925367BOYZ UV DA DAMNEDA cunning ork's plan to imitate the Legion of the damnedOrks, Damned, lulz2007-12-22 0 
January 2008
1031096C-Tech Creator Visits 4chanOne of the authors (or a clever troll) of the Cthulhu Tech game visits 4chan to ask why "bullies and sadists" are pirating his game.c-tech, bawwww, bullies, sadists, internet hate machine2008-01-18 3 
March 2008
1304075Tabletop ANGRY MARINESDiscussion on how one anon would create a tabletop Angry Marines army.ANGRY, MARINES2008-03-09 1 
1310759Min-Maxed Commoners and HousecatAbyssal Heritor commoners, binder commoners, Pun-Pun commoners, psionic housecats, weeaboo fightan housecats, incarnum housecats, oh my.D&D, commoner, housecat, min-max2008-03-10 15 
1312058The scariest Traitor Guardsmen everBy the Dark Gods I've never been so afraid.Traitor, lost and the damned, COMMISSAR SCARECROWS2008-03-11 21 
1316306The Eclipsion TerrorguardA continuation of >>1312058, further fleshing out of the scariest Traitor Guards ever created.Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild,2008-03-11 14 
1321750Eclipsion Terrorguard, part 3Continuation of >>1316306Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild2008-03-13 5 
1332964AquamarinesSpace Marines live the Life Aquatic, encounter exotic underwater foes40k, space marines2008-03-14 2 
1348806Scary MarinesA request for a bigger picture opens up doors that were never meant to be opened. 40k space marines2008-03-17 15 
1404465Angry Marines CodexOP suggests putting together a Codex: Angry Marines and asks for some suggestions. /tg/ gets shit done.Angry Marines, epic, rage, sagefags2008-03-26 2 
1406136Tau and ChaosTau-converted Guardsman recounts his experiences with Chaos.Tau, Slaanesh, Geryon2008-03-26 29 
1423495The Necron LordA heartbreaking tale of a Necron Lord's regretsnecron, lord, manly tears, writefaggery2008-03-29 12 
1440633Codex: Angry MarinesA complete custom Angry Marines codex.Angry, Marines, Codex2008-03-31 21 
April 2008
1451120Discussion of LARP weapons/tg/ discusses LARP combat, fighting styles, kendo vs fencing, and various related topics such as which sort of fencing is 'for cocksuckers'.larp sword masterwork katana quarterstaff internettoughguy2008-04-02 0 
1470967Reasonable Marines Army SuggestionsA 40k newfag seeks army suggestions that will inspire NERD RAGE in his opponent. The consensus: Reasonable Marines with PoW Camp playset.40k space marines reasonable2008-04-05 12 
1475977Inquisitor FrolloFrollo is revealed to be a perfect example of an Inquisitor. Shit goes down.Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-05 6 
1477678More Inquisitor FrolloFrollo's role in the Imperium gets fleshed out more, and he starts to get a retinue. Cont. from 1475977 Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-06 4 
1582495Lofn drawfaggotry cont.What is that social hormone that chimps don't have that bonabos do? Women have more of it than men? Whatever it is this thread is full of it.D'awww, Lofn, LCB, nerds2008-04-23 6 
1590162Even More Lofn D'aaaaaaaawwwStarts with cute, then lots of Rage'n'sage, Lofn gets a big name, and more suggestions on backstory.D'awww, Lofn, LCB, nerds2008-04-23 5 
June 2008
2021992Board games every fa/tg/uy should ownList of some board games and why people play themboard game dice catan carcassonne talisman2008-06-18 4 
2050562Internet Pact Warlock/tg/'s take on 4e Internet Pact Warlock and it's abilitieswarlock, internet pact2008-06-21 4 
July 2008
2225740OscarOscar the stoner upstages godmoding freeform rpers by getting high.freeform, stoner, awesome character2008-07-17 38 
2268017Tales of ArcadiaAnon pretends to ask for advince for an unexistant cross-over rpg, it quickly becomes a shitstorm thread about an (also unexistant) war-game version.lies, newfags, cross-over, vidya2008-07-31 5 
August 2008
2304908Mole MarinesOnce again, an innocent question inspires /tg/ to create something amazing.Marines2008-08-05 16 
2448450New ANGRY MARINE CODEXBeta version of new and fukken improved ANGRY MARINE CODEX. Also, discussion about new rules and characters for AM. Angry Marines, codex2008-08-28 10 
September 2008
2507249Another Informative Shadowrun ThreadInnocent questions about an SR4 excursion to Tir Na nOg lead to missile surfing, rigger strategy, and Mystic Knights nostalgia.Shadowrun, 4e, drones, Missile Surfing2008-09-06 6 
2550663The /tg/ is really really great ... FOR KHORNEAwesome combo of singalong funtime.Khorne, tg, 40k, combo, internet is for porn, avenue q2008-09-11 3 
2622557Mexicarines!An innocent question if people actually play Angry Marines quickly turned into a thread about the Mexican marines. They were declared /tg/ canon.Mexicarines, Angry Marines, Space Marines, Warhammer 40K2008-09-20 11 
2633867Go Go Power MarinesAfter 10000 years, Rita's Free! /tg/ attempts to recruit a team of Space Marines with ATTITUDE.Power Rangers, Space Marines2008-09-22 -4 
2654786This Just Happened In A Game I'm DMingGame absentees and menstruating male dragons and gnomes in tall hats, oh mythis just happened2008-09-24 -3 
2653172Drizzt of NecronMaybe he's the Drizzt of Necron.drizzt necron lolcron mortified2008-09-24 35 
2664703The Black and White Space MarineExtremely insightful stories told by masters.space marine, fluff, RAGE2008-09-26 -2 
2655109Mosaic: A Game of Runic MagicMore discussion of the rune-based magic system, including a name.mosaic, rune, game design, earthflame2008-09-28 8 
2683686DirkA traumatised Stormtrooper with a shitty history gets the chance to spit in the face of Tzeentch himself.Not as planned, Zuvassin is pleased, luck, Dirk, Stormtrooper, man2008-09-28 41 
October 2008
2740879EuridEarthflame again, building a transhuman SF world with genetically enhanced super-agents. Basically playing in a completely different league than /tg/ in general.Earthflame Eurid Getting Shit Done2008-10-05 10 
2753800AMC 5thThe Angry Marine Codex fixed for 5th edition and tactical holes filled. (last beta codex had literally no weapons that could kill a land raider)Angry Marine, Codex2008-10-07 6 
2758825Dorf MarinesDwarven Space Marines, purging the heretical elephants with their crossbolters.DF, Space Marines, Dorfs2008-10-08 6 
2764879The Ends Justify The MeansA serious discussion of how to make a fairly generic "insane scalpel-happy doctor" villain slightly more interesting, and in so doing present a quandary to her would-be assassins.BBEG, morals, discussion, getting shit done2008-10-09 6 
2782503Epic Failure/tg/ discusses the times their party has screwed up badly.horrible failure, stupidity, awakened pineapple2008-10-12 10 
2801636Synthetics and Mosaic ClassesEarthflame's continuing development of the futuristic setting of Eurid and the rune-based magic of Mosaic.mosaic, runes, earthflame, eurid, game design2008-10-15 4 
2815797Mosaic ContinuesAnother Mosaic thread, with added writefaggotry and discussions on spells. Slowly approaching an actual ruleset.mosaic, rune, game design, earthflame, writefaggotry2008-10-17 4 
2845301crazy 40k players.../tg/ shares bizarre horror stories of crazy Warhammer players at their LGS.40k, horror, what, my penitent engine has a tail2008-10-22 5 
2843696Trigger Discipline and DitSA Trigger Discipline and Destiny in the Stars thread.trigger discipline, dits2008-10-22 0 
2842176Mosaic: A Game of Runic MagicYet more delicious Mosaic. ITT, fluff and worldbuilding, the Kingdom of Njord, the Black Buzzards, and a great deal of storytelling.mosaic, rune, game design, earthflame2008-10-22 5 
2882215Mosaic: A Game of Runic MagicAnother thread discussing Earthflame's ongoing /tg/ homebrew, Mosaic, this time started by Xaras. Stuff on the non-human races and different planes.mosaic, runes, magic, game design, earthflame2008-10-27 3 
2900429VampireA lazy storyteller searching for clues how to run a high school game in VtM. Quite unprecedented, he actually gets great advice. Archived for the purpose of showing how it should work.Vampire The Masquerade, World of Darkness, Getting Shit Done2008-10-29 10 
2901271This Just Happened In A Game I'm DMingFUCKING KENDER!this just happened, kender2008-10-29 5 
November 2008
2971130John Fuklaw's Letter HomeCommissar Fuklaw writes a response to a letter from his ex-wife, resulting in many manly tears, as well as various conspiracy theories.Fuklaw, Angry Marines, Starchild2008-11-11 31 
2994022Adeptus Solicitus: Attourneys at WarServe Papers, Solve Cases, Win Trials. Wisdom.40K, Space Marines, Fluff2008-11-14 27 
3026913Dreams of the Future, Visions of the PastThe Emperor lies dead, Horus sits on his Throne as the God Emperor of the Dark Imperium. The only hope lies with the loyalist Space Marines are their legions.Space Marines Emperor writefag2008-11-20 6 
3052437GameScience Dice vs Cheap DiceAnon posts a very interesting vid featuring the good Colonel from GameScience explaining why most /tg/ dice aren't in face random.dice, die, cheap, machined, casino, d20, d16, d4, polished2008-11-24 3 
3055726Mike’s All-Purpose Insanity Table!Had enough of being a big, bad goddamn hero all the time? Try investigating elder Gods and deathless monstrosities – guaranteed to invoke madness! madness CoC insanity table roll2008-11-25 0 
3060768Arch-DemilichIt starts off with the ultimate undead, breaks the awesome barrier and builds up into an epic bone-and-flesh fantasy Gurren Lagann.arch-demilich, undead, neutronium golem2008-11-25 10 
3059485Answer MachineYOU HAVE THREE. HUNDRED. AND THIRTY. THREE. NEW MESSAGES.phone, answer machine, creepy2008-11-26 17 
3074010Online Tabletop Horror Stories/tg/ starts off with some decent ones, then out of nowhere gets hit with the epic tale of Uzgob the orc barbarian vs the annoying dick fighter PC. More Uzgob is demanded, and delivered.horror stories, online tabletop, Uzgob, orc barbarian2008-11-28 11 
3077034War Of the South SeasWithin the course of a day, the rudiments of a wargame are created, with a prototype barebones army list and some pre-alpha rules.wargame, homebrew, getting things done2008-11-29 0 
December 2008
3098046Humans are long-livedLike 'Humans are insane' but with longevity.humans, insane, space elves, longevity, aliens, scifi, setting, what if2008-12-02 7 
3108744Of Neutronium Golems and Time Lords/tg/ tries to figure out how to kill the fundamental aspects of reality and their servants. Absurdity follows.time lord neutronium golem stupid2008-12-04 2 
3219079Hordes of undead. Defeat them.Endless hordes of the undead are advancing on your location. You must build a stronghold to defend yourself.zombies, drawfaggotry, lincoln clone army2008-12-22 6 
3236238Fish on a PlaneExcellent story about an assassin hunting a Deep One.Lovecraft, Deep Ones, story2008-12-24 27 
January 2009
3339817ores and stonesUp in this motherfucker.stones, ore, bismuth, UP IN THIS MOTHER FUCKER2009-01-07 6 
3399003Chaotic Shiny GeneratorsAn Anon introduces a random generator site to /tg/. /tg/ amuses itself with them and ideas flow forth.chatoic, shiny, generator, random, shitstorm2009-01-14 2 
3422589How to use a cane.Anónimo helps teach /tg/ how to beat people down with a cane.cane, fighting2009-01-17 7 
3501239Necromancer's Code of Honour/tg/ gets together and discusses how to create a society that does not frown upon Necromancy, or at least one that prevents a Necromancer from experiencing moral dissonance over what they're doing.necromancy, chilvalry, bushido, code of conduct2009-01-24 6 
February 2009
3798718Khornie sayingsIf at first you dont succeed, BLOOD FOR BLOOD GOD40k, Khorne, Puns2009-02-24 7 
3801572Life and Death of John Fuklaw/tg/ BAAAAAAWWWWWWsJohn Fuklaw, Angry Marines2009-02-25 22 
3829606Idranel is a bitch.Perhaps inspired by the previous thread, an Anonymous writefag ensures Idranel returns to being a racist bitch.Idranel, Eldar, writefaggotry, Dawn of War.2009-02-27 5 
March 2009
4050748Pun MagicAnonymous created an awesome character idea - Victor "The Sorcelator" Quaid, a wizard who casts entirely in Schwarzenegger-esque puns. The rest of /tg/ joins the fun.Victor Quaid, Sorcelator, wizard, puns, Schwarzenegger2009-03-22 17 
4126947Khorne Quest IIKILL MAIM BURN!!!Collective Game, Khorne2009-03-30 28 
April 2009
4161791Planescape Magical Faction Girls!The PCs are magical girls imbued with power by their factions, sent by Big Sis Pain-chan to fight evil throughout the planes!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-02 18 
4247421Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 2Oh Jesus, he's actually going to RUN it.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious2009-04-11 12 
4255435Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 3The game ends up actually being run and... nothing is creepy about it! It's actually FUN! Oh Jesus God, what have we done. WHAT HAVE WE DONE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-12 15 
4269235Military archetypes /tg/ talks about generic military archetypes. "Durr whats a danger close?"military generic2009-04-14 6 
4281495[DnD] The Cavern Of "Ow, My Balls"The OP comes up with a decent idea that, with /tg/'s help, becomes hilarious.balls, inert, unwanted sterilization2009-04-15 17 
4283775You Don't Fuck With McDuck!An awesome thread which asks whether it is safer to loot the treasure hoard of an ancient Red Dragon, or the Money Bin of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is the overwhelming victor and quickly proves himself one of the most terrifying characters ever created. A fun, inventive thread which proves a rewarding read.Scrooge, McDuck, Disney, Treasure, Characters, Creative, Dragons2009-04-15 65 
4324227Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 4If this is what happens 'That Time of the Week,' I dread knowing what 'That Time of the Month' will be like. The goddamn magical girls are back again!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-19 11 
4329164What is it like to hold a Doomguard in your arms?Etc. etc. one of those for each faction. Moderately entertaining and so forth.Planescape, doomguard, Pentar, dark sun2009-04-20 7 
4398034Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 5Third session of the Planescape Girls Game, and the last in the adventure! They actually get into a fight for once! There is EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE!D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-04-26 10 
May 2009
4445401Space Marine ChaptersPosting personal chapters.space marines, 40k, emprah2009-05-01 0 
4454272excelent character sayings a thread about sayings that devolves into punspuns lines saying 2009-05-02 2 
4465475Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Part 6Fourth actual game-session. This time we go to the beach and Bleaker-tan's Player crit-succeeds at sandcastle-building. ADORABLE.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-05-03 7 
4458881FUCK YOU II'M A D'awwwA "This Just Happened Comic" two parter with an unexpected and amusing ending.This Just Happened, Dragonborn, dawww, FUCK YOU I'M A DRAGON2009-05-04 -2 
4518764Transformers RPGAnonymous has a rich discussion on another well setup campaign settingTransformers Getting shit done2009-05-12 0 
4554170Slaaneshi HedonismOne anon requests how to be a real Slaaneshi Cultist. Whether or not this was a joke, an Anonymous poster gives a thought-out, intelligent, and thorough posting on how to BE a true Slaaneshi Cultist.Devian/tg/uy, Hedonism, Slaanesh, Cultist, Cult, warhammer 40K2009-05-14 13 
4567315Mosiac ReturnsEarthflame returns from a hiatus to post a work-in-progress ruleset for Mosiac.mosaic, runes, magic, game design, earthflame, rules, ruleset2009-05-16 3 
4591379Hedonism GuideThread about raising and brainwashing your slaves, as well as general all-around Slaaneshi hedonism and veneration.Slaanesh, Slavery2009-05-19 7 
4655339Neckbeard marriage!A fellow eloquen/tg/entleman asks /tg/ on ways for him to propose to his beloved lady. The neckbeards respond in their usual way, alongside some good ideas.dick-in-a-box, love, /tg/, metathread, neckbeard, help, advice2009-05-25 5 
4649767Kunning KhorneA voice from the Warp makes an offer to an officer about to die, turns out to not be Tzeench.warhammer 40k writefaggotry khorne2009-05-25 13 
4670854Beating mechanized orksHow to beat mechanized orks.40k orks "space marines"2009-05-27 1 
4695827Neckbeard FinancesA thread about spending habits turns awesome.Money, army prices, debt, George Carlin, savings2009-05-29 2 
4702559Chaos FurnitureFurniture of the Chaos GodsWarhammer, Furniture, Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh2009-05-30 0 
4713421Mosaic FluffEarthflame returns with more fluff for Mosaic.runic, Mosaic, homebrew, Earthflame, rune, fluff2009-05-31 3 
June 2009
4723872The Tiji SectorA planet generator thread leads to the formation of the Tiji Sector, containing so of the best, and worst, planets in the Imperium.Planet Generator, Tiji Sector2009-06-01 7 
4727976Tiji Sector Part DeuxMore discussion of /tg/ created DH worlds, from mining to shrining to floating hive city battling.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-01 3 
4735553Tiji Sector ContinuedMore horrifying worlds are added to this scary sector.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-02 2 
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-03 49 
4777651CavemenLazy DM brags about Erectus Racial bonus. Anonymous talks about playing the fluff and crunch in Caveman games.erectus, neaderthal, sapien, Speciazation, bitchfest2009-06-05 5 
4778129Undead CampaignOP arrives asking /tg/ to help him with a campaign of D&D 3.5 in which the PCs are abominable undead possibly in service to a necromancer. /tg/ proceeds to get shit done.undead, zombie, skeleton, lich, mummy, necromancer2009-06-06 3 
4811028Tiji sector returns.More Tiji Sector.Tiji sector, Dark Heresy, Planet Generator2009-06-08 1 
4812621The MachineWhat if we traveled to the center of the Earth, only to find out that the entire world was just one gigantic machine?homebrew, setting, machine2009-06-09 22 
4818437The Machine Part IIContinued from the previous thread, more fluff and ideas for The Machine. What exactly are the delvers doing there, and what are the mysterious Engineers that keep impeding them?homebrew, setting, machine2009-06-09 10 
4820902Shotgun ModellingAnon gives a tutorial on how to model shotguns for Dark Heresy and Necromunda using a boltgun and some brass rods.modelling, shotgun, warhammer 40k, warhammer, dark heresy, necromunda2009-06-09 3 
4823788The Machine Part IIIWhat if we traveled to the center of the Earth, only to find out that the entire world was just one gigantic machine? Composition of teams and their gear, running into issues with taking technology near Engineers always looking for spare parts.homebrew, setting, machine2009-06-10 10 
4852108All Bards custom gameOP fantasizes about Metal Heads rocking up a literal storm. Him and /tg/ work on making a homebrew music-based system.Getting Shit Done, Music, Homebrew, Metal, Bards2009-06-12 3 
4857133Tiji SectorAnother Tiji Sector threadTiji Sector, Planet Generator, Dark Heresy, warhammer 40K2009-06-12 2 
4942706Tiji Sector - Back with a vengeance.Tiji Sector is still alive. Planets and summaries are made.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-06-21 0 
4974301Yet more Island DorfsAnon asks for dungeon ideas for the Tropical Island setting. Anon provides that, and more.island, dorfs, dwarves, elves, setting, getting shit done2009-06-24 6 
4983560WoD musings/tg/ on why WoD is too gimdark for it's own good.World of Darkness, Grimdark, WoD, oWoD, nWoD2009-06-24 -5 
5029930Xomula campaign/tg/ helps plan the start of a campaign on XomulaXomula, Dark Heresy, Planet Generator, Tiji Sector, Campaign2009-06-28 5 
5036057Why Colonial Marines are AwesomeYour typical nighttime /tg/ thread takes a turn for the winside when a crazed fan of the US Colonial Marines takes fifty minutes to write up how well-armed stormtrooper IG equivalents took down 156+ genestealers on their lonesome against ALL odds with a broodlord thrown in to boot, making it eight stormtroopers, two pilots, one combat servitor, one civilian with prior experience with the genestealers, one administratum drone, and one unarmed and unarmored whiteshield took down an Apocalypse Reloaded Tyranid "Genestealer Infestation" formation. Epic ensues and cries of SCREENCAP commence.Colonial Marines, awesome, tyranids, xenomorphs, epic2009-06-29 12 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-02 10 
5067163Toaster AdventureAn rather epic one shot Quest style game done on OmegleCollective Game,Omegle,One Shot2009-07-02 49 
5067711Civilian Attire in 40kA thread about hiver garb quickly spirals into an awesome discussion about a man from THE FUTURE known as FUTUREMAN.civilian attire, 40k, FUTUREMAN, Necromunda2009-07-02 28 
5075043Engine Heart part 2Viral trawls for more features and defectsEngine Heart, homebrew2009-07-03 6 
5090159Unnamed Story Part 33rd part of the ongoing storyunnamed, story, part 3, selene, adahn2009-07-04 7 
5092620Unnamed Story Part 4You wake up in bed with Selene.Unnamed Story, Selene, Collective Game2009-07-04 5 
5092027Tiji SectorThe Tiji Sector Approaches it's conclusionDark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-05 3 
5138369Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Return!They're back! (Last thread wasn't archived.) Now in session 10, the girls are dealing with the Modron March and need help stopping them from trampling a town in Celestia.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM2009-07-12 7 
5185112Tiji Sector Part 8Further refinment of the sector and it's peoples.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-18 2 
5198252Planescape Magical Faction Girls: The Unswerving PathModrons are assholes.D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2009-07-19 10 
5255435Tiji Sector part 9Further fluffing of the Tiji Sector.Dark Heresy, Tiji Sector, Planet Generator2009-07-26 1 
5265013Tarsus, Venerable DreadnaughtThe Gentle Writefag presents a most excellent short tale about an Imperial Fist Venerable Dreadnaught that fought during the Horus Heresy. Man Tears floweth forward.Writefaggotry, Story Time, Awesome, Warhammer 40k, Space Marines2009-07-27 7 
5272737Jawfish Quest VIThe Deep Ones handle the rebellion, but are they bad enough dudes to defeat Gaia? Jawfish, Quest, Deep Ones, Team Land, Team Deep2009-07-28 3 
5291512Sleepy MarinesA new chapter is born.warhammer 40k, space marines, writefaggotry2009-07-30 17 
August 2009
5348400Imaginary Army Men/tg/ gets shit done and truly examines the popular Imaginary Army Men (IAM) System with the meticulous zeal it deserves, from the cheesy, min-maxing tactics of Red Army troop choices to the oft-overlooked fluff and possible fascist leanings of the mysterious Grey Army. Also Tan Army players are weaboos.warhamm faulty kai, plastic army men, neckbeard, wargame2009-08-05 3 
5352392Slaaneshi SalesgirlSlaanesh would just like a moment of your time.Slaanesh, Salesgirl2009-08-06 21 
5375830Alane Pt. 1Story of a young demon-hating templar named AlaneWritefaggotry, Alane, Demons2009-08-08 0 
5429047Section 8 MarinesFluff and modelling advice for the Salvage Marines, the chapter that's down on their luck and needing to scavenge any equipment they can.40K, space marines, fluff, modelling2009-08-13 3 
5451127A (not so) brief history of Target Games and Swedish RPGsAs the title says, Lazy DM V takes it on himself to give /tg/ a good long history lesson.Obscure, Target Games,Drakar och demoner,Mutant Chronicles2009-08-14 7 
5451781NCIS: /tg/ editionwhat strats as a question of permissible actions in RPGs swiftly gets sidetracked as two murders are investigated and a third one seems imminent. Agent Gibbs and company are called in to help work things out.NCIS, murder, collective game, hanging, phonebooth2009-08-14 17 
5456241Angry Marine LibrariansIn which /tg/ discusses the Librarians of the most sacred chapter.Angry Marines, Librarians, 40k2009-08-15 1 
5459922Abomination QuestTed, Father of all Pimps, Master of all things Fly and Bitchin', is summoned by a foolish mortal. Hilarity ensues.Quest, Collective Game, Slaanesh, Cthulhu2009-08-15 5 
5477986Black Templar High SchoolWhat if Black Templar Neophyte training was more akin to an awkwardly gay high school?Space marines, gay, black templars, finland, sauna, scriptarius2009-08-17 3 
5484341/g/ QuestWhat started in another thread as 4chanShow bullshit inspired a game run by a traveller from /g/. Serious mindfuck, anguish and shitloads of blood followed. But it was good./g/, loli, mindfuck, clones2009-08-17 4 
5503797Grimdark Kingdom HeartsWhat began as a dump of evil versions of the ladies of Disney took a very evil turn when someone brought up kingdom hearts, ideas got tossed around and some very scary thoughts brought up.Disney, Kingdom Hearts, Grimdark2009-08-19 5 
5516917Zombies, Zombies, and yeah, More Zombies but with statslike the last thread but zombies are statted for All Flesh must be Eatenzombies shit gets done stats AFMBE2009-08-20 3 
5542838Thinking Machine QuestConstruct. Improve. Help your creator make enough money to survive. These tasks lie before you, little machine.Quest, Machine, Sci-Fi2009-08-22 5 
5558335Thinking Machine Quest pt2The little machine craves power tools, seeks to understand humor.Quest, Machine, Sci-Fi2009-08-23 2 
5568282Thinking Machine Quest pt3The little machine learns, expands, and prepares to break into the stock market.Quest, Machine, Sci-Fi2009-08-24 2 
5564641Scrooge McDuck AwesomenessWhat would happen if Scrooge McDuck heard about the Golden Throne? Also general Scrooge McDuck awesomeness and finally some creepy Disney pics.40k, Disney, Scrooge McDuck, Awesomeness2009-08-25 5 
5579682Thinking Machine Quest pt4The little machine continues to grow. Conquest will inevitably follow.Quest, Machine, Sci-Fi2009-08-25 3 
5578859Victorian Succubusop asks about a steampunk setting with aristocrat succubisteampunk, succubus, victorian, planescape2009-08-25 1 
5595046Stargate: 1939Indiana Jones x Einstein x Stargate writefaggery. Writefag, epic, awesome, stargate, indiana jones,2009-08-26 2 
5648250Eclipse Phase 4More of the same.Eclipse Phase, Transhumanism, PNP, Discussion, Sci-fi, AI, I wish to be the neotenic2009-08-30 1 
September 2009
5704578Gary the Betrayer Quest Pt. 2MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! MORE SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! MORE TSUNDERE FOR THE TSUNDERE GOD!40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-03 -1 
5705617Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3We begin to build our force as we set our sights on the Tactical Genius himself. Cadia shall fall.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-03 -1 
5709187Dream Quest - Part 1The beginning of the adventures of a sleepy marine. Art is messy and photographed...dream quest, questfaggotry, sleepy marines2009-09-03 1 
5711048Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3 Pt 2Sagefags fucked up the thread after the profile caused a GARY SUE Shitstorm. Fuckers. Will continue later tonight.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-04 -2 
5737476Epic RPStandard epic RP thread goes super epic.Epic, Airship, Awakened Tarrasque2009-09-06 45 
5738533Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3.3WE GET FUCKED BY DARK ANGELS AND RUN TO THE EYE. WE FUCK UP KHORNATE DAEMON PRINCES AND BROFIST KHARN. FUCK YEAR.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-06 0 
5740595Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3.4Sagefags stopped it again tonight. Shitsux. Progress is currently 3/5th ready for assault on Cadia.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-06 0 
5754383Astartes QuestYour drop pod is hit on its way down. You're torn out of the pod as it screams its way towards the landing zone. Since you are a holy angel of Imperial wrath armored in mighty ceramite tempered in the fires of war, you land in a soft clearing or lake relatively intact. At this point, you assess whatever damage or injuries you've sustained and decide your next course of action. Hint: It will involve visiting death upon the enemies of Man."40k", "space marines", "quest"2009-09-07 15 
5756362Opening a FLGS #2 (4 or 5?)Tech Priest Naile showing off other game stores and some more discussion.FLGS, Business, Advice, Nostalgia2009-09-07 0 
5757739Astartes Quest 2Battle Brother Mansoon and Brother Dreadnought Iratus continue to fuck shit up.40k, space marines, quest2009-09-07 10 
5759038MTG: Planeswalker/tg/ talks about Planeswalkers, Urza, Yawgmoth and how they all fit togethermtg urza plot planeswalker2009-09-07 8 
5769249Astartes Quest 3Short dip into the mind of the captured heretic. Turns out she's a psyker.40k, space marines, quest2009-09-08 7 
5770742Opening a FLGS #3Webstore shenanigans.FLGS, Business, Advice, Nostalgia, Webstore2009-09-08 2 
5791926Enough Blood for now, guysKhorne has enough blood and skulls, and has his men get a movie and pizza instead.Khorne, Blood, Kharn, Pizza, Gremlins2009-09-09 7 
5818593Epic RP Story ThreadMore great tales of roleplaying from the hearts and minds of /tg/.Story, Roleplay, Fucking Negi2009-09-12 9 
5824997Astartes Quest 3The quest continues with an assault on an Ork Fortress.quest, space marines, swings2009-09-12 7 
5845357Painting ShenanigansDrybrushing troll turned into painting techniques thread.miniatures, paint, techniques, tips, beginner2009-09-13 0 
5851469Astartes Quest 5Even the most mighty can fall.40k, space marine, dreadnought, quest2009-09-14 11 
5862006Spess Quest! Episode 2Spess Marine Quest.Spess, Marine, Quest2009-09-15 0 
5863733The Doctor Is InPlayer wants to make a surgical genius as a character in 3.5 D&D. Advice ranges from Experts to Rogues to the home brewed Chiurgon Class. surgery, homebrew, 3.5 classes, get shit done2009-09-15 3 
5867345Opening a FLGS #4Tech Priest Naile discussing his shop's ideal location.FLGS, Business, Advice, Nostalgia, Lease2009-09-15 0 
5891341Astartes Quest 6A filler chapter, where we initiate Guardsman Emi into the Thundering Gales, and get our pimped out new wargear and a personal Purity Seal from Master Iratus. HIS FURY LIVES ON!40k, space marines, quest2009-09-17 5 
5889885The Doctor Is In 2The return of the homebrewed Adventuring Physician class, made overall better by /tg/.surgery, homebrew, 3.5 classes, get shit done2009-09-17 3 
5943620Astartes Quest 7Brother-Captain Mansoon's first taste of command proves to be brutal, as his Drop Company fights through the streets of Kasr Lain.40k, space marines, quest2009-09-21 5 
5970014Astartes Quest 8Another filler chapter. Negi apologizes for some shit in it, but will continue GtB quest to bring this all together.40k, space marines, quest2009-09-23 2 
October 2009
6113966tourney legal necronsanon comes up with a tourney legal way to feild lots of necrons for cheap. jumping spiders abound.40k, necrons,2009-10-03 2 
6127804How to be a BBEG without trying to hardLittle situations in everyday life that we always find ourselves plucked into. Yes, the BBEG was behind them all. Also, TobleroneToblerone, BBEG, Campaign, Nuts, Chocolate2009-10-04 13 
6144666Captured rogue planetWorldBuilder starts, well, building a world. Biology, geology and planetology discussions abound as fa/tg/uys debate on the conditions under which a planet travelling millions of years would be captured in the solar system. Includes a huge stellar body almost PLOUGHING THROUGH JUPITER.worldbuilder, science, sci-fi, planetology, custom setting2009-10-05 1 
6241352Wrestling and Roleplaying gamesWhat starts as a "What would you do?" thread becomes something much more awesome once Stone Cold the Monk is discussed. Much more follows along with some general wrestling discussion.Wrestling, Stone Cold, D&D, The Undertaker2009-10-12 3 
6271771Jaques Lailang and others tales of MANLYOR Why Cannons Are Unsporting, Unless You're Using Hand-loaded 275kg Shells.Jaques Lailang, manly tears, John Talbot, Emperor Constantine, Hasan, cannons, stab in the face, historical badassery2009-10-15 7 
6292164Astartes Quest - Part 10Touhou? In MY Astartes quest? It's more likely than you think. At least the Inquisitors could have something else to impregn... I mean, investigate after this.Quest, 40k, Space Marines2009-10-16 3 
6323855Server Crash reboot/tg/'s "everyone's stuck inside the internet" setting is brought up again.Server Crash, internet, setting, AI, Lovecraftian2009-10-18 2 
6341748Time Cube the RPGBehold! Time Cube the RPG, the only simulation of 4-corner existence, 4 days withing 1 24 hour one-corner human daytime cube, 4-corner human, homebrew2009-10-20 2 
6361709Astartes Quest 12Acquisition, interrogation and revelations on board an Ordo Malleus battle barge, prior to heading back to that Hulk and finishing what you started.Quest, 40k, Space Marines2009-10-21 1 
6383429Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingAn obvious troll turns into a discussion on excellent campaign settings.D&D, Forgotten Realms, Wilderlands, Known World, Mystara, Newhon, Judges Guild, Campaign2009-10-22 -2 
6390231Real Life QuestThe OP decides to try out a quest thread - Hits home and takes offQuest, Roleplay, Little sister, Life, Real, Real, Life, NeckBeard2009-10-23 3 
6425883Machina Dei (Roman Mech part 3)The Machina Dei setting gets fleshed out even further.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew2009-10-25 13 
6431149Machina Dei (Roman Mech part IV)India gets some attention at long last and the invasion of Briton fails due to incompetance rather than lack of mechs.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 10 
6434371Machina Dei (Roman Mech part V)/tg/ continues the marathon and begins talking about systems, naming conventions, and game mechanicsAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 11 
6438315Machina Dei (Roman Mech VI)Crunch is worked on.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 5 
6454935Machina Dei (Roman Mech VII)Some individual stattingAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 4 
6479801Machina Dei IXArgument about Combat Resolution vs. Rout eventually yields satisfactory results Then the primaries are statted. Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India, Machina Dei2009-10-29 3 
November 2009
6534919Map/Planet threadA mediocre thread about maps turns awesome when /tg/ starts to talk about pseudo climates and how planets had to function in relation to it's solar system for it to "work". smar/tg/uys enters and it all goes epicmaps, cartographer, planet, climate, solar system, star2009-11-02 3 
6558083Exalted 101Despite a little meandering, this topic soon became quite the primer for anyone asking after Exalted.Exalted, Exalted 101, newbie seeking help2009-11-04 2 
6613937Darkness Beyond TimeYou did it, you broke reality, and with your sin of paradox, you brought everything crashing down around you. Your world no longer had the right to exist, you had undone that, destroyed that privilege you weren't even aware of with your carelessness. Its essence and lifeblood, the mercurial sands of time, seeped from the cracks you wrought into it, escaping this dying place, evaporating into dimensions beyond your ken.Darkness Beyond Time, Collective Game2009-11-08 15 
6625870Darkness Beyond Time pt 2The Darkness Beyond Time saga continuesDarkness Beyond Time, Collective Game2009-11-09 13 
6641759Darkness Beyond Time pt 3The Darkness Beyond Time saga continues We learned our name and fragments of our past Dmitri is a stylish badassDarkness Beyond Time, Collective Game2009-11-10 14 
6750414World of Derpness/tg/ discusses the most mindnumbing aspects of the old World of Darkness' metaplot.world of darkness, discussion2009-11-18 4 
6766926Ice Planet IFrom the man who brought us Fast Food Mafia, we now have a chilling (pun intended) new setting, where convicts and wardens struggle to survive sub-zero temperaturesIce, Planet, Geothermal, Campaign, Mafia, Food, Convict2009-11-19 1 
6764015World of AwesomeA continuation of World of Darpness, where /tg/ talks about what it liked in old World of Darkness.World of Darkness, tg, awesome2009-11-19 4 
6796198Pathfinder employee chats with /tg/Paizo employee chats with /tg/.Paizo, pathfinder, needs more lesbians2009-11-21 1 
6838286END OF THE GOD DAMNED WORLD QUEST part 2We find out about mobs of mormons and steal an SUV. After driving around some, we get hit with a frying pan. Jessica sounds like a muscle girl.Collective Game, quest thread, frying pan, "I'm just a defense attorney" 2009-11-24 2 
6855998Sandcastle QuestWe are a colony of molecular machines, which after currently unknown time/events have managed to re-coalesce in the crater of an airless moon. Also we have a preoccupation with sandcastles.Sandcastle Quest, nanites, molecular machines, sandcastles, quest2009-11-25 3 
6858495Compassion, in my Berserker?Pretty typical chance for a Berserker to kill the shit out of a little girl. Goes in the exact opposite direction. Manly tears are shed.Khorne, Manly Tears, 40k, Writefaggotry2009-11-25 6 
6857658Issues in SCI FI!Science, Science Fiction, and Settings.sci-fi, settings, hard science fiction, nerds2009-11-25 2 
6870742Sandcastle QuestA sloooow thread this time, but we find a new AI, fix the Orbital Turret, explore the underground facility, and find that we may not be alone...Sandcastle Quest, nanites, molecular machines, sandcastles, quest2009-11-26 1 
6885377Sandcastle Quest 3In which we find that there is power inside the shipyard, which is itself very much active, begin to understand the language used by the station, and begin to move our main base to the underground facility. Oh, and we have a visitor...Sandcastle Quest, nanites, molecular machines, sandcastles, quest2009-11-27 0 
6885970Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle, and Other Guys/tg/ finds catharthic release in relating their experiences of some of the most horrific That Guys to disgrace Creation. If you ever feel down and disheartened, read this thread - you'll know that you're nowhere near as bad as these creatures, and your morale will perk right back up.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel2009-11-27 63 
6898745Luke, Plagueson Of Nurgle Part IIThe legend of The Luke continues, told from the Point of View of one of his other housemates. Remember, this guy could be treating you in hospital.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-28 30 
6910746Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle: The RelapseSequel to thread nos. 6885970 and 6898745. If any browser of sup/tg/ is feeling down and disheartened, read this thread - your morale will be spurred to new heights with the relief that, whatever troubles may weigh you down, you are not Luke. Some 40k enthusiasts will insist that Nurgle is a good god, who wants only the best for his worshippers and to armour them against the hurt of the universe. THEY ARE WRONG. LUKE IS WHY.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-29 30 
December 2009
7014112The Wayward ScoutA short story about the Scary Marines. It is most excellent.writefag, writefaggotry, 40k, Scary Marines, awesome2009-12-06 6 
7030254Squad Broken: Luke Skywalker Edition/tg/ writefaggots describe the demise of various WH40k Mary Sues at the hands of many characters from all over fandom, including Luke Skywalker, Tintin, and ET.40k, writefaggotry, silliness, tintin, luke skywalker, master chief2009-12-07 8 
7107438Wormy and Dave Trampier.A little trip down nostalgia lane.Dragon, Dragon Magazine, Cartoon, Comic, 1E, Art2009-12-13 1 
7106332Fortress Latvia/tg/ decides to buy an entire Latvian town and turn it into a deathtrap.Setting, town, neckbeardery2009-12-13 6 
7166575Lictor Quest Part 2The Lictor continues on its mission to consume and subvert for the Hive Mind"Quest, Tyranid, Drugs, Slaanesh"2009-12-17 11 
7168406Lictor Quest 3Doomlictor sneaks into a Chaos cult headquarters"Quest, Tyranid, Drugs, Slaanesh"2009-12-17 10 
7279955Space Marines and FFGCovers the topic of Space Marines in DH/RT games and goes off topic near the endSpace Marine FFG exalted2009-12-26 -2 
7292468Grimdark Adeptus AstartesMarines get some goddamn grimdark put back into them.Grimdark, Space Marine, Astartes2009-12-26 -2 
7296545Chewy Quest IIChewy manages to escape Kharn, and finally arrives at the center of Slaanesh's palace.tyranid, quest, Doomlictor, Chewy, Kharn, Slaanesh, warp2009-12-27 6 
7301214Rune Funkin the 70's bands fought on the fields of honor for the number 1 spot and a shiny new record deal. AKA Bard Settingbards, rune funk, funktapus keech2009-12-27 3 
7307326Lace the PrometheanA depressing tale of Promethean done right. Desperate striving for humanity gone horribly wrong due to incomprehension and lack of empathy.Promethean, World of Darkness, story2009-12-27 22 
January 2010
7426439Spy: The BackstabbingStarts out as a rage thread, but turns into an awesome campaign where each player has conflicting objectives, but must grudgingly work with the others to fulfill it. Oh, and each player is secretly working with the ST to screw over the others, without them knowing.WoD, World of Darkness, Rage, Backstab, Spy2010-01-04 0 
7430811Interesting (and terrifying) factsSomeone asks for random, peculiar facts. He gets them. They're good, at first, and then they remain good, but they also turn very terrifying. oh god no my eyes my eyes, miscellaneous facts2010-01-05 5 
7569881Starship BoneyardsA discussion about starship boneyards evolves into epic campaign seeds regarding ancient battleships and their vastly outdated AI. /tg/ at its best.Starship Boneyards, Artificial Intelligence, Valiance2010-01-13 22 
7604536Dinners and DessertsAn in depth discussion of the tabletop game, Dinners and Desserts.Setting, Rules, Homebrew, Dinners and Desserts, food, snacks2010-01-16 7 
7765640Warhammer 50k - Age of Exodus - Part III/tg/'s radically inventive new take on the Warhammer 40k fluff, thoroughly developed in two previous threads, imagines a future Imperium of Man completely enclosed within a Great Ship of godlike proportions. Many anons contribute everything from writefaggotry to detailed speculation, and the vision is further developed, unified and canonized in Part III. /tg/ geeks out and creates something legitimately amazing.50k, warhammer, wh40k, emperor, imperium, great ship, necrons2010-01-25 33 
7809299Reincarnation Would SuckWhat if modern-day scientists figured out how to cheat death, via a process that replaces the mind of a 9-year-old with your own? /tg/ discusses ethics & tries to predict what'd happen to society.Dagda, World Building, Cyberpunk, Ethics, Serious Business2010-01-28 2 
February 2010
7910533Wikipedia Campaign GenerationHilarity ensues when we rely on random articles from Wikipedia to give us: 1. The setting 2. The villain 3. The goalcampaign generation, wat, awesome2010-02-04 10 
7985592New DM Advice. Also NoseA new DM asks for some general advice on running a game. What happens next is very strange, but there is some excellent advice generated by the intelligent yet desperate basement-dwellers of /tg/. Takes about 10 to 20 posts before getting good.new, DM, advice, nose2010-02-09 1 
803670940k Primarch argumentFerrus Manus, and Roboute Guilman argue, Ultramarines exposed as heretics.Heresy, Ultramarines, 40k2010-02-12 1 
8077315ITT: Real-world locales that are just begging to appear in the World of Darkness.Real world areas that are just begging to be the center-pieces of creepy adventures. WoD optional.World of Darkness, Creepy, Real World2010-02-14 14 
8086428Post-Valentine's QuestJust a small town dude looking for a woman after Valentine's.Slaneesh?2010-02-15 1 
8119515Post-Valentine's Quest IIMore action ensues.Collective Game, Post-Valentine's Quest2010-02-17 1 
8124734Post-Valentine's Quest II.2More action.Collective Game, Post-Valentine's Quest2010-02-17 1 
8125161To Serve DragonsA while back, I started a thread about cuisine made from dragons. I decided to expand on that idea since that time, giving common properties of various types of dragons, so you can invent your own dragon-cuisine based dishes.Delicious, Food, Cusine, Dragon, D&D2010-02-17 0 
8174457Post-Valentine Quest Chapter IVStuff happens, mostly setting up for more stuff to follow.quest, post-valentine, collective game2010-02-20 0 
8190989The Neckbear Comes!What starts as a Battletech/40k Crossover thread quickly becomes so much moreNeckbear, Bear, Typo2010-02-20 0 
8254643Traitor Ultramarines.A discussion in which the true nature of the ultramarines as traitors working to undermine the imperium is revealed. As if games workshop would let them become that interesting.Ultramarine, Ultrasmurfs, 40k, Shat bricks2010-02-24 5 
March 2010
8377758ChronoChess/tg/ gets shit done, timetravel chess. Send your queen back in time to save your rook, then have your queens new and old pair up to pin his queen and knight - who then captures your rook the turn before. Chess, shit gets done, Chronochess, TimeTravel2010-03-03 14 
8388281Tau QuestDespite copious amounts of trolling, the story continuesTau, Quest, Collective Game, System Shock, Survival, Horror, necron2010-03-04 16 
8407630Tau QuestWe destroy a Necron Wraith Moot bans some pesky trollsTau, quest, Necron, System Shock, 2, Collective Game2010-03-05 6 
8426561Tau QuestNecron Lorf induces paranoia. Surprisngly troll free.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-06 5 
8434179Tau questIt continuesTau, quest, necron, system shock2010-03-06 5 
8441332Tau QuestFirst flight and victory, but something's not quite right.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-07 7 
8449640The Runepriest RewrittenTouhoufag sperges out and remakes the 4e runepriest to be an Intelligence class.D&D, 4e, runepriest2010-03-07 0 
8456231Tau Quest, the numbers are lost to the agesLike Weaver, the cheeful Nekron lass we meet. And fix. FUCK YEAH.Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-08 5 
8478487Tau QuestWhat Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. Also Rez OrbTau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-09 5 
8498317taucron questbecause tau quest.... becomes less and less true, as we get lady deathstrike claws :3 Tau, Quest, Necron, collective game, system shock 22010-03-10 7 
8515581/tg/ talks planesOP asks which aircraft to buy in a fighter pilot merc game. /tg/ delivers and finds out about an awesome game premise.aircraft, planes, mercenary2010-03-11 33 
8526381Tg talks planes IIOP is back, with an F-4 Phantom, and needs a loadout and advice. Mission details, aircraft list, and general awesomeness follow.Plane Jet Cold War2010-03-12 20 
8538520/tg/ Talks planes IIISome wanktard is impatient, makes third thread with summary, orig OP seems cool with it. Some plane fapping occurs, then morphs into the most informative sexualizing of aircraft ever.plane, rpg, tomcat, plane envy2010-03-12 16 
8538456Tau quest, the after partyIncludes people's thoughts on the whole thing, and a compliation of all the tau quest inspired images.Tau, quest, Necron, System Shock, 2, Collective Game2010-03-12 5 
8545021Samus StatsSamus Aran is Stated in every system EXCEPT forty-k.Samus, NES, State, me, Fantasy, 2010-03-13 1 
8562185Tg talks planes IVOp goes off to fly first mission with last minute advice from tg, then comes back for a debriefplanes rpg mercenary2010-03-14 14 
8570710NEET"Somewhere in the suburbs there is an unemployed 23-year-old who is plotting a cultural insurrection, one that will resonate with existing demographic, cultural and economic trends so powerfully that it will knock American society off its axis."Hikki, NEET, Fluff2010-03-14 11 
8581610Brave new World (Quest)Let's see if lightning strikes twiceBrave, New, World, Quest, Collective Game2010-03-15 12 
8598508/tg/ talks planes VOP shows up again, and has a new mission come out. Details are sketchy, but the general consensus is that the French are a bag of dicks. Flanker vs Raptor, Troll VS Awesome Homebrew.Planes, homebrew, flanker, raptor, Mercenary Air Squadron2010-03-16 14 
8606900/tg/ talks planes VIOP is back, and he's bringing a mission report. Lots of great plane porn, and we begin to think that some form of messiah has arrived, since OP's single post commanded a 150 post reply from slobbering planetards.planes, god tier gm, birds of prey, plane porn2010-03-16 13 
8621738Tao Quest 2.This time isn't not Tao Quest 1Tao, Quest, Necron, Collective game2010-03-17 3 
8618962/tg/ talks planes VIIOP brings plane stats, /tg/ brings discussion. Thanks to our help he's the richest in the group and looking to buy a new plane.aircraft, planes, homebrew, mercenary, awesome2010-03-17 12 
8620706Brave New World Part 2We go hunting, observe an execution, and switch scenes. Next up, Fighting in the Middle East.quest, collective game, brave, new, world2010-03-17 5 
8633908/tg/ talks planes and mercenaries VIIIWhile OP is off flying his mission /tg/ imaines how that might go, posing some important new questions. And still no homebrew system/rules...aircraft jet plane air mercenaries2010-03-18 15 
8638503Tau Quest 2 part 2This quest shall be archived .... FOR THE GREATER GOD.Tao, Quest, Necron, Collective game2010-03-18 3 
8651744/tg/ talks planes IXOP returns with the third session's results. /tg/'s fears of ambush prove unfounded as an excellent tale of JUST AS PLANNED unfolds. More writefaggotry is planned.aircraft, planes, mercenaries, mercs, Steve, F-42010-03-19 14 
8663665/tg/ Air Mercenary fanbois XThis one is slow, but OP relays Steve info. plane planes jet jets aircraft aviation mercenary sky skies F-4 Phantom2010-03-19 12 
8671001/tg/ talks Planes XISagefags try to ruin the fun, but can't keep up with the awesomeness. The gang continues to talk about modern air combat, and discuss the cool features of the Air War ruleset they found.planes2010-03-20 8 
8690201Air Mercs XIIThis thing is going south! OP reports about his war crimes...mercenary air plane aircraft jet2010-03-21 8 
8695350Zhakuvaan Gets ServedZhakuvaan makes a gay thread not even worth fucking archiving... then Sword n' Board and some anon rappers lay the smackdown. Rap is apparently his weakness and he gets owned hard. I kind of feel bad archiving this, but the ownage was so righteous it must be remembered.S&B, rap, tripfag, served, owned2010-03-21 12 
8709944Terminator QuestYou wake up in a white room, resting easily in a reclined chair. The room itself is featureless with a single door set into the wall in front of you. You look down at yourself to see a rather plain white smock draped on you, fastened losely around your neck. Who are you exactly? What are you? What is your name? The answers to these questions elude you as you sit up to check out your body. Human and female.One Shot Quest, Jimmy Sankis2010-03-22 3 
8711026/tg/ talks planes / Air Mercs XIIISlow one, bit of writefaggotry and general discussion. Not much noteworthy, mainly including for completeness.planes, mercenaries, jets, homebrew, air combat2010-03-22 7 
8716772Hobbies fa/tg/uys have besides /tg/.Someone wonders what we fa/tg/uys do in our spare time. The thread moves from one end of the spectrum to the other.tg, hobbies, Disney2010-03-22 3 
8750800/tg/ talks planes / Air Mercs XIVOP reports on the mission for the arms dealer. False flags, explosions, and international incidents ensure.aircraft, planes, mercenary, homebrew, awesome2010-03-24 12 
8764141/tg/ talks plane XVThings go from bad to worse. Fresh from accidentally sinking a cruise ship, op's group is now being hunted by a Royal Navy Carrier Task Force, and is rushed into an emergency fighting withdrawal.planes, awesome, sukhoi, writefaggotry2010-03-25 14 
8782518Chaos Marine QuestYou are Charadon Asher of the Iron Warriors, newly minted. This is your questquest, collective game, 40k, marine, SPESS2010-03-26 7 
8787569/tg/ talks planes XVIOp brings us the awesome UK furball, complete with supersonic missile runs, Tornado pilot with balls of steel, and plenty of britfag butthurt in the comments as ops group does better than expected.planes, awesome, mercenaries2010-03-26 10 
8791615Deadlands Fiction ThreadJohn Galt(not that one) reminds us just how scary Stone is. Also, infoz about the new edition coming out. All round good times.Deadlands, John Galt, Fiction, Stone.2010-03-26 1 
8825955/tg/ talks Planes and Mercs XVIIOp is back after a hiatus, Steve is making them pick contracts: Russia or China. Discounts or better paycheques? Discussion of economics of mercenaries ensues, trip guy shows off his mercenary air squadron game. PLane fappitude reigns supreme.planes, awesome, mercenary air squadron2010-03-28 8 
8824506Ace Attorney Investigations: 40kInquisitors Franziska vonKarma and Miles Edgeworth investigate the murder of their fellow Inquisitor, Shi Long Lang, who had some sort of important evidence for Edgeworth.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-28 0 
8839763Terminator Quest Model:Terminator unit D300.S Cyberdyne Infiltration model. Status: Space-Time failure. Localitation and time period unknown. Mission: Assure the develovment of Skynet in the future. Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-03-29 23 
8844159Terminator Quest IITerminator unit D300.S, Advanced Infiltration Model with a space-time error affecting his mission. Finally get some clothing, and with it some armor and weapons. And a thankful human.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-03-29 21 
8845653Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 2What started off as a clean cut investigation into the murder of Inquisitor Tyrell Badd descends into confusion and tentacle rape.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney, confusion2010-03-29 -2 
8874104Not-so-Bitter BetrothalL5R Storytime about a Mantis Bushi and his drinking, swearing & fighting black sheep of a Crane bride.L5R, marriage, Crane, Mantis, Bushi, Storytime2010-03-30 25 
8884768Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 3The plot continues as our Investigators continue in their quest to root out heresy.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-31 -2 
April 2010
8904421Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 4Shocking relevations, hand puns, and confusion reign.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-01 0 
8909497Planescape Magical Faction Girls: Season 1Planescape: Magical Girls finally returns a year after it was created, on April 1. The Great Modron March has concluded. Game is still awesome. D&D, planescape, magical girls, not serious, BESM, modrons2010-04-01 10 
8923896Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 5The Acolytes confront Shih-na with the evidence acquired. And stuff it up in epic fashion.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-02 -4 
8962834Planes and Mercs XVIIIOp is back. Going to Russia, covert work. Conspiracies abound, some logo art is made, and /tg/ get's its plane on. Also, "Judge" is new member, flies a Fulcrum.planes, planefaggotry, awesome2010-04-04 6 
8960929Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part FinThe Acolytes get to the root of the cult. Flaming drop pods and warp shenanigans within!40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors, PERILS2010-04-04 -2 
8977099Terminator Quest IIIWe are D300.S, a Terminator with a space-time error. Here we learn more about the people we've just saved, the world we're in, and then arrive at a settlement needing citybuilding skills.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-04-05 20 
9004141Terminator Quest IVOur Terminator with a space-time problem assumes his newfound leadership position and tries to keep a settlement from winter starvation. It's like Lord Quest and Iron Quest had a baby... an angry, hungry baby.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-04-06 21 
9010467Doppleganger DamacyA discussion of a campaign in which the PCs begin as weak and frail, but gradually take on the abilities of the creatures they kill.Dopplegangers, D&D, Evolution, polymorph, Katamari Damacy, new abilities, 2010-04-06 43 
9015413Elves gone awesome againSHARP. NARROW. POINTED. ANGULAR.elves, awesome, refluffing, Shit Got Done2010-04-06 7 
9026107Terminator Quest VTerminator D300.S continues to establish a surviving settlement populace for its base of operations. Diplomatic envoy sent, and someone ate a couple of our lumberjacks. Also we fret about anti-tech killsats.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-04-07 20 
9028091Planes and Mercs XIXOPs group runs a successful mission. Which is surprising. Limited collateral, a garden shed and some ducks. Everyone expects horrible things to happen on next mission. Secret drawfag dumps some awesome as well, including OP bombing a cruise ship.Planes, awesome, mercenaries2010-04-07 13 
9070735/tg/ talks planes (and mercs) XXOP is back, with Steve being an evil genius plotting the downfall of a small country. New mission info, aircraft choices, and some sweet plane fappitude.planes, mercs, awesome, steve2010-04-09 15 
9063660Champion: The EscalationA discussion on the merits of Princess: the Hopeful (there are none) turns into a surprisingly engaging discussion of how to handle heroes the World of Darkness way.World of Darkness, weeaboo, homebrew, shit gets done2010-04-09 2 
9091532/tg/ talks Planes and Mercs XXIDid somebody just say 'warcrimes'? Because I think I heard someone say 'warcrimes'.planes, awesome, mercenaries, warcrimes2010-04-10 11 
9133174Planes and Mercs XXIIMission Planning again. Unsurprisingly, the Russians want even more warcrimes. Also, Sukhoi plays "identify the plane".planes, awesome, mercenaries, warcrimes, jets, homebrew2010-04-12 10 
9165731Criminal CardsDiscussion about what exactly criminal gangs do turns into an interesting system of generating gang campaigns using a standard deck of cards random generator, criminals, cards2010-04-14 8 
9215590Terminator Quest VID300.S, Terminator with a space-time error. We attack a rival settlement who think they can fuck with our diplomats. Also we work to confirm killsat presence, and possibly find lost technology.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest 2010-04-16 20 
9222524Terminator Quest VIID300.S, Terminator with a space-time error. We destroy a rival settlement, and tear the chiefs heart out. Lideca is mentally scared for life thanks to THE SHITTIEST ROLLS SINCE TAU QUEST. Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest2010-04-16 18 
9224379Lord Faggatron the 3rd and His Flying MansionA mispost gives way to Lord Faggatron III, who discovers that his house is flying away, his newest maid is half-cat, and his friends are due any minute for a game of cards at the (now flying) house! /tg/ spontaneity at it's finestVictorian era, Cat-Girl, Meido, Steampunk, Lord, Faggatron, Silliness, WIN, Snake Oil2010-04-16 2 
9231221Silent Hill World of DarknessMonsters to keep you up at night are created. Some from the Sins, some from the Virtues perverted.Silent Hill, World of Darkness, writefaggotry, monsters2010-04-16 2 
9238394Planes and mercenaries XXIIIOp shows up, and delivers an epic tale of gauntlet running, badassery, iron balls, and plane awesome. The russians move in, and op and crew essentially start a war. Discussion of ww2 fighters and area 88 as well.planes, mercs, awesome, steve, area 882010-04-17 10 
9285850Maid Quest XVIIIWhere we take the new boat out, get new abilities, and play dress-up.Maid Quest, Maids, Katherine, Boat2010-04-19 14 
9299544Terminator Quest VIIID300.S, Terminator with a space-time error. We unsuccessfully try to convert Mac Bair, and then take a trek to the killsat bombardment site.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest2010-04-20 18 
9331425Science: the HypothesisHot new TCG! exellent theory thread about a game that does not exist but should, templates for the cards, beseechment to GET SHIT DONE. do it /tg/.Science: the Hypothesis, get shit done, TCG 2010-04-22 2 
9448347Terminator Quest IXD300.S, Terminator with a space-time error. We find out who the bastard was that jinxed Lideca's brain, and set out to terminate his ass. Also, citybuilding, converting, and seriously kickass art.Terminator, Skynet, Time travel, Collective Game, Terminator Quest2010-04-27 24 
9444052Planes and Mercenaries XXIV OP is back, plans more FSB ordered warcrimes. /tg/ looks on and faps to planesplanes, planefaggotry, awesome2010-04-27 10 
May 2010
9615568Justice League Pokemon StartersWherein /tg/ discusses the Pokemon tabletop, and asks what starter would the JL main crew have? I am Vengeance...I am the Night...I am cubone, bone bone bone!cubone, Batman, Pokemon2010-05-05 -2 
9692576Frost Giantess Quest 49Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, QuestWe're resistant to the forest Shoggoth's madness-inducing fog, but not immune. Fortunately, the Shoggoth isn't at all resistant to thermite, and runs away with it's tail between it's legs. 2010-05-09 14 
9772662Planes and Mercs XXVOp appears from out of nowhere, and gives us a fantastic description of how the gang helped Russia invade a sovereign nation. We're just happy he's back.planes, awesome, mercenaries2010-05-12 8 
9810737SacrificeA gaming group running the heroes of horror rule set have an epic and heartwarming end, despite the grim darkness of the world. They saved that little girl.D&D, Heroic, Necromancer, Girl2010-05-14 50 
9860177Unmasqued WoDSpeculations on what the World of Darkness would be like if the supernaturals were revealed to mortal eyes.World of Darkness, WoD2010-05-17 2 
9878984oWOD vs. nWOD - and rednecks.Basically what it says on the label - a debate on the pros and cons of the two systems/settings, intermixed with snippets of "life" as seen through the eyes of an unfortunate group of rednecks who somehow got Embraced into Clan Toreador.vampire, nwod, owod, rednecks, writefaggotry2010-05-18 0 
9878921BRIKWARS, Cont.More Brikwars is discussed. Lego pictures and battle reports continue. The epic tale of HARPOON JONES and his battle against the maniacal Spongebob concludes in epic fashion.lego, brikwars, battle reports, HARPOON JONES2010-05-18 12 
9887349Insane Grandfather's TestsOP keeps /tg/ on the edge of their seats with a story about a lunatic grandfather making the potential inheritors of his $5 mil will pass a series of tests to get the money.writefaggotry, insane, tests, will, grandfather2010-05-18 12 
10137456Monster Hunter Tabletop It began as a simple discussion of the vidya, but soon people were volunteering tabletop conversion ideas and information, as well as complaining about 'not getting it'. Monst Hunter, FantasyCraft, TableTop, Get Shit Done2010-05-29 2 
10182014Commoner RPGPlayers play ordinary folk trying to go through life during interesting time periods instead of being hobo adventurers.normal common peasant mortal mundane life2010-05-31 0 
June 2010
10217394Brother RotMagos Joran Bol'van hosts a Create A BBEG thread. /tg/ gets shit done, creates win.BBEG, /tg/ gets shit done2010-06-02 6 
10250550Disney Buys GW.Thread starts as trolling, turns to awesome as /tg/ realizes just how well disney and 40k fit together.Disney, Warhammer 40k2010-06-03 6 
10306964Engine Heart charactersSome robots get statted out for Engine Heart, and sad, bleak writefagging goes down.Engine Heart2010-06-06 4 
10329785DronequestThe Drone designs are completed and Entity finds herself on a derelict vessel.Dronequest2010-06-07 -2 
10340714Dronequest2Equality has the bridge up and running. 2 more drone allies, Drone 002 and Drone 003. Vessel still derelict.Dronequest2010-06-07 -1 
10363067Planes and Mercs XXVOP returns with a new mission briefing. Looks like the gang are heading back to Africa, employed by the FFL once more.Planes & Mercs, planes, mercenaries, OP, Baron, Steve2010-06-08 11 
10368776DroneQuest3First Combat. New Drone joins the party, new drone in the works.Dronequest2010-06-09 -1 
10376500MAID QUEST XXXVIIIFireworks and shit yo.Maid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 13 
10378714XXXIXCuddle process is started. Goushujin is bannedMaid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 11 
10401727Star Trek Space Marine What happens when a Space Marine becomes first officer aboard the USS Enterprise from TNG Hilarity ensuesStar Trek, Space Marine, Bolter, Pauldrons, Hilarity Ensues, Picard, Worf, Riker, Penis Diplomacy2010-06-10 20 
10417239Dawn of World IV Part 2More divine shenanigans.Collective Game, World Generation, Map Generation, World, Map, Generation, God, Gods2010-06-11 1 
10508768Lich URavelor, bane of ten thousand planes! Corrupter of ten thousand souls! Dean to ten thousand unruly students! Wait, what?Worldbuilding, Lich, Ravelor, University, Dean, Necromancy2010-06-15 29 
10577311The Redeemer anonymous posts a seriously badass 40k comic from 2002. Much purging and over the top awesomeness was witnessed. Redeemer, 40k, warhammer, necromunda, hive city, purge2010-06-18 7 
10666075Planes and Mercs intermezzoSkyhawk asks about Planes and Mercs activity in his absence, some decent plane discussions (just ignore the Malaysia Strong posts)Planes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets2010-06-22 1 
10670113OctoSamurainew villain octosamuraisamurai, octopus, new villain, villain2010-06-22 15 
10676512Planes and Mercs XXVIOp starts out on another mission with the French, that descends into a murderball of fire, death, and somalian pirates wishing they had a different profession.PLanes, Mercs, awesome, steve2010-06-23 12 
10715809Planes and Mercs XXVIIOP returns with a new mission briefing. Things appear to be a bit different this time around.Planes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets, new mission, different, Baron, Steve, op again2010-06-24 11 
10733753Planes and Mercs - WWIIQuestions and suggestions regarding a Planes and Mercs-like game set during WWIIPlanes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, WWII, pulp2010-06-25 0 
10744415Planes and Mercs XXVIIIOP and crew head out to the veld of Africa in a flight of helos, and wreck a rebel camp. It's all peachy, until Steve's genius kicks in and the mission starts heading south. Awesome After action report as always from OP.awesome, planes, mercs, game, steve, so much win2010-06-26 8 
10755664Planes and Mercs XXIXOP is getting Vengeance, being tasked with leading an invasion of Liberia. The mission details are rough, this won't be easy, and there are a lot of unknowns.awesome, planes, mercs, steve, best thing ever2010-06-26 8 
10757102Feral World ReligionSome things got lost in translation... or not.Feral world, 40k, sororitas, salamanders, space marines, horus heresy2010-06-26 39 
10837208The Starving KriegerSirs, the following details on the history, and subsiquent sightings of the entity known as The Starving Kreiger. May you find it most informative. Krieg, Writefaggotry, Ultramarines, Space Wolves2010-06-30 10 
10837525Planes and Mercs intermezzo IISome more discussion concerning OP's latest mission. We're still waiting for that AARPlanes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets2010-06-30 1 
July 2010
11040258Planes and Mercenaries XXXOP opens up with the rest of the Squadron against the Liberians, but takes a solid kick to the teeth when some uninvited guests crash the party. Much planefapping is had.Planes, awesome, steve, liberia2010-07-10 5 
11040258Planes and Mercenaries XXXOP opens up with the rest of the Squadron against the Liberians, but takes a solid kick to the teeth when some uninvited guests crash the party. Much planefapping is had.Planes, awesome, steve, liberia2010-07-10 5 
11069539Planes and Mercs discussionExactly what is says on the tin. Discussion about some new planes for OP's group.Planes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets, OP_again, OP, Steve, awesome2010-07-11 1 
11069539Planes and Mercs discussionExactly what is says on the tin. Discussion about some new planes for OP's group.Planes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets, OP_again, OP, Steve, awesome2010-07-12 1 
11050665Servo Skull How-To threadWhere /tg/ discusses how to manufacture a home made servo skull DIY, do-it-yourself collective game, engineering, Warhammer 40k, awesome, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, humans, grave-robbing2010-07-13 12 
11140708Planes and Mercs XXXIOP is back with a flight brief, and we are left wondering how the hell they'll pull out this time. Can they protect the Carrier against an air attack?Planes, Awesome, Steve, Greatest AirPorn Ever2010-07-15 10 
11177137Planes and Mercenaries XXXIIOP returns with his latest AAR. Heavy damage taken, but over all a succesful mission. AtA kills include an AIM-120 AMRAAmPlanes & Mercs, Baron, OP_again, Steve, planefaggotry, planes, mercenaries2010-07-17 12 
11211605Planes and Mercenaries XXXIIINew mission from OP, FFL vs Liberia.Planes & Mercs, Baron, OP_again, Steve, planefaggotry, planes, mercenaries2010-07-19 11 
11232741Planes and Mercenaries XXXIVOP and crew destroy what remains of Liberia, while suffering heavy losses of their own. Steve pulls out some hurt, while Hugs keeps adding to the legend.planes, mercs, steve, awesome2010-07-20 14 
11272408Zerg Quest IVOn the eve of what would come to be known by some as the Great War, the Overmind created a Cerebrate called Anon...It has gone rogue (OR HAS IT?!)Zerg Quest, rapelings, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Overmind, Planet Glassing2010-07-22 25 
11270831A Mercs & Planes Ruleset Rules & fluff generation for a planes&mercs style RP.Planes & Mercs, Sukhoi, planefaggotry, planes, mercenaries2010-07-22 5 
11375058Zerg Quest VCerebrate Anon decides to strike for Tassadar's throat. Also, major fuck-yous to the Starcraft canon abound as Kerrigan and Duke end up infested!Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Unnecessary Ban, Drunk OP2010-07-27 16 
August 2010
11462388Planes and Mercs XXXVNew mission from OP, BlackFlag VS. Background Asian Risk Solutions or BARSPlanes & Mercs, OP_again, Steve2010-08-01 16 
11658404Engine Heart Deluxe Model EditionViral brings the polished Engine Heart to /tg/. Only $20 for a copy of /tg/ original content in paper form, and a free DL because Viral is a bro like that.Engine Heart, original content, /tg/ gets shit done, Viral2010-08-15 11 
11893407Stalker Quest 7 part 2We go back to Putin and bring him a giftStalker Quest, Stalker, Zone2010-08-31 3 
September 2010
11899573Sneak Attack StoriesFa/tg/uys share stories of epic sneak attacks, both ingame and irl.sneak attack, story, irl2010-09-01 14 
11912396Planes and Mercs XXXVI OP returns with tales of taking on BARSPlanes & Mercs, Baron, OP_again, Steve, planefaggotry, planes, mercenaries2010-09-02 14 
11914470Stalker Quest 8Get some info from around Rostok, make some bets at the Arena, and be a pal for some Stalkers who lost their buddy.Zone, Stalker Quest, Quest, Stalker2010-09-02 4 
11940621Stalker Quest 9We leave Rostok to go questing, when we see one of Petrovs men being held prisoner by bandits. We save him, at grave cost.Zone, Stalker Quest, Quest, Stalker2010-09-04 2 
11945250Stalker Quest 9 part 2The short conclusion of yet another awesome session.Zone, Stalker Quest, Quest, Stalker2010-09-04 2 
11984704Disney's 'The Little Heretic'Commissar Sebastian sings about The Little HereticMermaid, Disney, Warhammer 40K, 40K, Chaos, musical, lulz2010-09-07 32 
11984094Neckbeards May CryShas'o R'myr talks about his experiences at a local tournament, involving the attack of a greasy ultramarine player. Some trolling.Shas'o R'myr, Tau, 40k, Tournament, Neckbeard2010-09-07 12 
12089630Stalker Quest #12Bosse interrogates Spaz and learns that it was actually Freedom who ordered the Duty scientists be killed. We also haul him away like an animal.Zone, Stalker Quest, Quest, Stalker2010-09-15 4 
12120701Stalker Quest #13 p. 2In the wrap-up of this session, we discover the truth about the village Bosse and the others found.Stalker, Stalker Quest, Bosse, Zone2010-09-17 3 
12129403Stalker Quest #14We Head out from the village to meet Russkie then we run up on some military fellows until....stalker, quest, bosse, zone2010-09-18 4 
12133413Stalker Quest #14 p. 2The sadistic bastard that is Stalk Out of Here Getter threw nerve gas at Twitch, and now we have to deal with the consequences. Also, spacetime makes us its bitch.stalker, quest, Stalker Quest, Zone2010-09-18 8 
12144638Stalker Quest #15 p.2We finally find Motor-Mouth and coax him into leaving with Damsel then we get the little bastard where we head back to Russkie and let him deal with him.stalker, quest, Stalker quest, bosse, zone2010-09-19 3 
12173740Stalker Quest #16We get our armor from Russkie and head out to do some artifact hunting and it leads us to some interesting loot.stalker, quest, Stalker quest, bosse, zone2010-09-22 3 
12178082Stalker Quest #16 pt.2After camping for the night, Bosse and co decide to head to Yantar to sell our loot. stalker, quest, Stalker Quest, Bosse, Zone2010-09-22 3 
12180900Space Weirdness threadSome surprisingly original and creepy ideas for a campaign set on a possibly-haunted spaceship. Space, Horror, weirdness, 2010-09-22 17 
12189134Space Weirdness Thread 2Some more surprisingly original and creepy ideas for a campaign set on a possibly-haunted spaceship. Space, Sci-fi, Horror, Eldritch, AI, weirdness, mindfuck2010-09-23 6 
12199300Stalker Quest #17We get to Yantar after we get our new Stalker suits and we are offered a quest to thin out the local Salamander population. We find a cave which happens to be their den and Twitch has another brush with death. After all said and done we start to head back towards Rostok and we get a little lost and find ourselves looking over a strange warehouse complex.stalker, quest, Stalker quest, bosse, zone2010-09-24 2 
12203908Stalker Quest #17 p.2We get caught in a pickle in this last part for the evening. I dont want to explain it. Read it, it gets good.stalker, quest, Stalker quest, bosse, zone2010-09-24 7 
12219097Awakened housecatDiscussion of ways to play Awakened Cat in 3.5DnD, 3.5, Awakened, Cat2010-09-25 21 
October 2010
12266829The Machine Part IVPicking up again the ball to flesh out the setting.homebrew, setting, machine2010-10-01 2 
12281662Trollphysics/tg/ tries out Trollphysics- and it's surprisingly plausible FUCK NO IT ISN'T LOLOLOLOLITROLLUTroll physics, bullshit, fucking magnets2010-10-01 25 
12350934The ProtomarinesTHERE ARE NO HEROES LEFT IN THE IMPERIUMthe protomen, megaman, 40k, writefaggotry, protomarines2010-10-06 7 
12354135Zerg Quest XVThe Second Battle of Aiur rages on, the largest conflict in recorded history. It ends with a goddamn bang. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but damn.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Kerrigan, Overmind, Aiur, EPIC, Goddamn Feneschal, Since when does CA do screenshots?2010-10-07 14 
12357292Lord of Cocks"At the end of the session that I just came from, one of my players declared himself, publicly, the Lord of Cocks." And then the thread was full of ideas about the proper response and repercussions for thisCocks, dicks, God, God of Cocks, One-eyed King, Cock Salesmen, Cock Duel2010-10-07 39 
12372468Planes and Mercs Quest DiscussionRequest for info regarding P&M turns into quest planning threadPlanes & Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, mercenaries, quest, OC2010-10-08 -1 
12418058Planes and Mercs XXXVIIOP returns from hiatus New mission soonPlanes & Mercs, Plans, Mercs, OP_again, Baron, Steve, Planefaggotry2010-10-13 5 
12430453Space Horror threadA bunch of great ideas for how to run a horror game in space.Space, Sci-fi, Horror, weirdness, mindfuck2010-10-14 3 
12453300Planes and Mercs XXXVIIIOP returns with his latest mission briefing. This one's a bit different than normal though...Planes and Mercs, Planes, Mercs, OP_again, Baron, Steve, planefaggotry, survive, awesome2010-10-16 5 
12476287Make a Character - Albrecht Ironpiston/tg/ makes a character. The end result is INDESCRIBABLE MANLINESS in gnomish form.character, gnome, trike, rabbits, manliness2010-10-17 3 
12475186Thomas the War EngineIf this isn't a kids show in the 40k universe, then it should be.Thomas the Tank Engine, Writefaggotry2010-10-17 18 
12469639Engine Heart module "On The Farm"A module for the /tg/ original game Engine Heart called "On The Farm"engine heart, original, content, engine, heart, farm2010-10-19 3 
12495224A discussion on Space MarinesA question about Camo introduces Jim, the Reasonable Ultramarine, Bob the Fairly Decent Black Legionnaire, S'te've, the Fire Warrior who gets in fist fights with Orks, Fredd the Smart Ork and Jane the combat effective Sister of Battle.Marines, Camo, Jim, Ultramarines2010-10-19 3 
12499346SELENE Satellite AIA.I. Initialized. Model S-378 Standalone Intra-Galactic Satellite SELENE standing by. Query? We are a satellite around a planet, with amnesia, nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure.Roleplay, AI, Satellite, Quest, SELENE2010-10-19 9 
12501374Running the Show - Camarilla QuestMeet Oglivi: The Camarilla Prince of Toronto. With his vast wealth and cadre of elite henchmen, he must retain his power while growing outside forces threaten it.Collective Game, World of Darkness, quest thread, awesome2010-10-20 3 
12517127Zerg Quest XVIIRoutine planning meeting to consolidate power takes a turn for the horrific as Nargil initiates something unspeakable. A dark force returns. All hope built over the last 15 threads may be lost.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, fleshlings, Starcraft, WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?, Kerrigan, true evil, Bernie2010-10-21 20 
12539999Engine HeartIdeas for bots, plots, and lots of discussion too. Numerous members of /tg/ are giving Engine Heart a shot; Viral is working on some more stuff of win. Engine Heart, robots, original content, free2010-10-25 17 
12568201What happens when a Space Marine becomes too old to fight?See title - a discussion of retirement and such for space marines who're getting a bit over the hill.Old, Space Marine, 40k, Warhammer2010-10-25 -2 
12570119Realistic space gameSome discussion and ideas being tossed around for a game set in space 20 minutes into the futureRealistic, Space, 20 minutes into the future, OC, Planetes2010-10-26 2 
12580929Command and Conquer: TabletopSome dumbass archived a Homestuck thread and gave it THIS thread's proper title.Tabletop, Command and Conquer, shit getting done, fuck yeah2010-10-27 4 
12591492Shi/tg/ets done SaturdayWhats starts as reminiscense of old /tg/ projects that were never finished ends with the resolve to start a weekly thread to actually get shit done on these old projectsshit gets done, /tg/, discussion, homebrew, rules, crunch2010-10-28 3 
12600373Planes & Mercs discussionWhat it says on the tin, maybe some homebrew as wellPlanes, Mercs, Planes & Mercs, OC, planefaggotry2010-10-28 -2 
November 2010
12658152Otherkin: A Cautionary TaleYou know what's bad? Insanity. You know what's terrifying? Not knowing you're insane. You know what's worse than either? Otherkin.Otherkin, Soulbond, soulbonding, Warning, Caution, Faggotry, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Terrible, madness, insanity, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here2010-11-03 16 
12671890Shin Megami Tensei Card SystemSome dude came up with a card based game system for running a game similar to a few SMT games...namely Persona.SMT Shin Megami Tensei Persona Devil Summoner Digital Card Homebrew System2010-11-05 4 
12743172B-movie RPG homebrewA whinge thread gets anon back on the horse planning a B-movie RPG. Cool deaths, random monster generators, and Tim Curry await withinHomebrew, Horror, Getting Shit Done2010-11-10 7 
12754527Space Marine Drop PodsGood writefaggotry regarding Space Marines' opinions on drop pods. space marine, writefaggotry, 40k, warhammer, warhammer 40k, drop pod, not enough love2010-11-11 -2 
12785312Jester ThreadA discussion of Jesters are archetypes, player character, historical figures, and also as a reoccurring figure in media. Filled with historical anecdotes and tons of Harley Quin pictures.D&D, 3.5, jester, fool, harlequin, Harley Quin, fluff, story, funny, roleplay, character, discussion, character, history, anecdote2010-11-15 7 
12801416One Spell Left/tg/ uses a random spell generator to see how fucked they are.BBEG, Final Battle, Magic, Generator2010-11-15 15 
12834871Zerg Quest XX20 threads of mutation! The Brood decides to rush the DNA scanners, and all hell breaks loose. As usual. TUCAMP announces Terran Quest. Another planet is glassed. We go through so many!Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, KINGSTOOOON!!!, Planet Glassing, Down with the Bourgouis Confederacy!2010-11-18 13 
12802197Catfight: Tactics: Updates: ContinuedCatfight: Tactics progresses, gains some new features (most notably an out of combat sequence) and generally gets hammered together into something more resembling the finished product.catfight: tactics, catfightgame, homebrew, wargame, necromunda, mordheim2010-11-18 1 
12867375System of ROCK/tg/ gets shit done by making a system. Ends up revolving around bands, d12s, and has sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll as stats. Glorious/tg/ gets shit done, homebrew, d12, Rock and Roll, Metal, Heavy Metal2010-11-21 5 
12919951Tales from the Wasteland/tg/ has and invnigorating discussion about Fallout: New VegasFallout, New Vegas2010-11-25 -14 
12959951NPC CharactersA nostalgic look at some of the greatest characters in /tg/ related video-game history. Also, Mary Sue hijack ensues as Anon brings a few terrible mods to light.BG, NPC, Baldurs Gate, Mary Sue, Infinity Engine2010-11-29 5 
December 2010
12995135Ain't No Stealth In SpaceA discussion of how to construct space-based ships and weaponry which would be capable of actually hiding in space. Emphasis on actual physics/engineeringSci-Fi, Space, Getting Shit Done2010-12-02 4 
12999733Ideas for NPCsSome fellow is going to make a Neverwinter Nights module, and asks for aid making NPCs. /tg/ obliges.Neverwinter Nights, NPCs, Ideas2010-12-02 0 
13012344Planes & Mercs Quest #1After a delayed start due to a power outage in the GM's city, the quest finally gets under way and the team chooses its first mission: Flying air support for a daring prison break in Burma funded by Amnesty International.Planes and Mercs, planes, mercenaries, spin-off, jets, air combat2010-12-03 8 
13032508Sonic Connect the DerpsA curiously difficult connect the dots puzzle from a Sonic the Hedgehog coloring book leads to some hilarious results.Sonic the Hedgehog, Puzzle, Connect the Dots2010-12-05 223 
13046371Net Quest: Character CreationVincent Price, Vaccine of the Cyber World Black OG: Check Pokemon Trainer: Check Boxy Brown as your starter Virus: Check LETS DO THISNet Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Character Creation, Pimp2010-12-06 1 
13058367Drone Quest part 1.Cont of Tau quest or something. part 1 in which shit is wrecked and spines are hacked Shas'o Tau'quest..... is a tau.Drone Quest, 40k, quest,2010-12-07 10 
13043559Planes & Mercs Quest #2OP still not back, but discussion continues. Mostly on related music and sexy sexy fightersPlanes and Mercs, planes, mercenaries, spin-off, jets, air combat, music2010-12-08 1 
13081191Drone Quest part 2We are basically a Blue Beetle Tau lass who isn't all that aware that she has one of likely Xeno's drones of her back. We punch out a 'nidDrone Quest, 40k, quest,2010-12-09 8 
13101656Chaos A team.OP's query regarding some CSM characters he was making evolves into full blown character creation thread. Also interesting methods of surviving the warp without a Gellar field.warhammer 4000 chaos space marines A team2010-12-11 10 
13100396Planes & Mercs Quest #3OP still not back, but discussion continues. Mostly on related music and sexy sexy fighters. Some discussions on the Malasian air force, and some writefaggotry about a guy named Pierre and explosions Planes and Mercs, Planes, Mercenaries, spin-offs, jets, 2010-12-12 2 
13117411Drone Quest part 3We walk smack dab into a bunch of Fire Warriors that seem TOTALLY ON THE LEVEL. Then, more air vents.Drone Quest, 40k, quest,2010-12-12 6 
13119166Skirmish Quest General 6 (5 is tunnel extraction)A couple of elaboration or writefagging about the ZeroSpace/SkirmishQuest setting by players and Oribitalskirmish quest, quest, collective game, sci-fi, clone2010-12-12 3 
13177890Alien: The OutsiderA request for interesting or comical World of Darkness titles turns into the beginnings of a homebrew involving Lovecraftian gods.homebrew, world of darkness, Lovecraft2010-12-17 21 
13183002Alien: The Outsider 2New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.white wolf, homebrew, lovecraft, eldritch, fluff, new content2010-12-17 14 
13187338/tg/-related things that confuse you.A simple question, involving Horseshoe Crab, turns into engineering the perfect crab army.crab, horseshoe, hedron, planecrawler2010-12-18 3 
13195275Alien: The Outsider 3New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.white wolf, homebrew, lovecraft, eldritch, fluff, new content2010-12-18 12 
13206100Spell adventure generatorYou're going to go on an adventure. What 5 spells do you get.spell generator2010-12-19 0 
13220238Random Generation: The QuestThe pinnacle of all random generator threads.random generators, story, quest, hilarious2010-12-20 2 
13231327Drone Quest part 4Wherein hilariously bad rolls result in our host/protagonist losing an arm, and we talk with someone in our head. Also, more vents.Drone Quest, 40k, quest,2010-12-21 5 
13254106/tg/ islandThe world gets wiped clean and split into seperate islands, each populated solely by people who have visited 4chan in the past 24 hours. You go to the island belonging to the board you visit most frequently.island, new world, /tg/ island2010-12-23 1 
13254394Alien: The Outsider 4 (or is it Outsider: The Calling)More horribleness from beyond human keen.white wolf, homebrew, lovecraft, eldritch, fluff, new content2010-12-23 12 
13235994Catfight: Tactics: Probably 4 or 5Missed a couple threads. ITT: Fluff happens in the most haphazard way possible. Also, the post-combat phase gets completely redone.Catfightgame, Catfight: Tactics, Catfight, Wargame, Mordheim, Necromunda2010-12-23 1 
13305334Mysterious OwnerA Mysterious Owner comes to show /tg/ some of his items."Mysterious Owner, Trees, magic items" 2010-12-27 7 
13311592Outsider: The Calling 5 (formerly Alien: The Outsider)/tg/ continues to work out fluff and mechanics for the nWoD homebrew with a lovecraftian mythos flair.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2010-12-28 12 
13312838Lego LandA fa/tg/uy explains 40k to his 7 year old nephew, only to discover that his nephew has a setting of his own.next generation, brickwars, lego, fluff2010-12-28 37 
13328255Outsider: The Calling/tg/ continues to work out fluff and mechanics for the nWoD homebrew with a lovecraftian mythos flair. Continued after last thread died due to DDoS.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2010-12-29 11 
13339292d12 Eberron Character CreationOP let's /tg/ have a go at his homebrew system for making deep Eberron characters using only d12s. Everyone worries about the safety of Wera d'Kundarak fortune.Character generation, d12, Character, Homebrew2010-12-30 0 
13346845The EngineersOP asks about making a universe with mister fixit engineers, slightly modeled after Dead Space. Truly awesome writefaggotry ensues, everyone rejoices.Dead Space, Engineers, setting, space, sci-fi, scifi, world building, writefag, writing2010-12-31 11 
January 2011
13364092TombquestIt starts out as a minecraft quest thread, but the OP lies, it's actually the TOMB OF HORRORS. Graphical aids are provided by a recreation of the Tomb of Horrors in the minecraft engine.D&D, Minecraft, Quest2011-01-02 12 
13368060/fit/ translated into /tg/Fitness advice in /tg/ language, and how to manage exercise as exp.fitness, Real Life2011-01-02 5 
13410794SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS RPGAnon is running a one shot of Shadow of the Colossus rpg inspired partly by The Mountain Witch. Lots of good ideas here.Shadow of the Colossus, SotC, One Shot, The Mountain Witch, Nico2011-01-06 11 
13438334Lich SnackMancer/tg/ discusses possible quests and creatures encountered when dealing with a food obsessed lich. Elemental Plane of Candy and Fruitcake Elementals abound.candy, lich, snacks, planes2011-01-08 4 
13457764Outsider: The Calling 7New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-01-10 10 
13511433Outsider: The Calling 8 (w/ Recap)New nWoD line gets fluffed out more. Also has a pretty good compilation of all the assembled work done so far.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-01-14 11 
13538330Chaos of CrimeChaos gods from Warhammer 40k reimagined as comic book crimelords.warhammer, chaos, tzeench, slaanesh, nurgle, khorne, comic book2011-01-16 11 
13546574Haggard ReturnsFun with connect the dots.Haggard, Sonic, Dune2011-01-17 13 
13580087Giveth Thy Lute/tg/ Gets medieval on the lute.Rap, Parody, Middle Ages, Funny, Negro, Nigra, Crown, King2011-01-19 2 
13585573Zerg Quest XXVIIThe Zerg actually sit down and talk with VoidGate, the not-quite-Skynet-but-basically-Skynet. In the end, Anon blows the shit out of some Terrans, like strategic superiority is an afterthought, or something.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, Skynet, Are we actually talking with people now?2011-01-20 11 
13616393JTTRPG discussionA short question about Japanese games turns into a pic dump, anon offering scans, and others offering translations: 2 different systems linked, plus buy links for Sword WorldJapanese gaming, downloads, Japanese, Sword World2011-01-22 2 
13627286Drone Quest part 5We run into some Astartes, fun times are had.Drone Quest, 40k, quest,2011-01-23 5 
13639254Items of the ApocalypseThe world is forever changed, but you have secured one item of lostech... WHAT IS IT?random generator, insanity, wut, dr who2011-01-24 13 
13648031Necromancer QuestAn adept necromancer's mentor is murdered by a flash mob and he must find the underlying cause of it all. But first, we have to prepare for adventure.Necromancer Quest, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-25 15 
13649241Lone wolfs threadWhy we hate lone wolf player and how to play one without pissing off otherscharacter, players, lone wolfs 2011-01-26 3 
13657814Necromancer Quest IIThe investigation begins inside the mayor's manor, and an undead spawn was found inside the attic. The original creature has yet to be found.Necromancer Quest, Quest, Necromancer, Collective Game2011-01-26 13 
13672703Necromancer Quest IIIThe hero recruits a ranger and goes investigate the woods. Insert bears and creepers, add water, mix with a large varghoul.Necromancer Quest, Quest, Necromancer, Collective Games2011-01-27 13 
13684532Necromancer Quest IVThe showdown against the creature turns to horror as Daerth nearly pass to the other side.Necromancer Quest, Quest, Necromancer, Collective Games2011-01-28 12 
13681876Space Marine Paper Minatures Some mench from /po/ drops templates for Space Marine Terminators made out of cardstock. /tg/ goes nuts on other chapters, Angrymarines included. papercraft, minatures, 40K, Warhammer 40K, Space Marine, Awesome2011-01-28 17 
February 2011
13759933Zerg Quest XXIXAnon meets with Little Sister, and her irritability is lessened substantially when Anon comes up with a tactical plan that surprises even Cerebrate Anon. A battle of pretty epic proportions ensues, and the political climate of the Koprulu Sector changes. A LOT.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Kerrigan, Planet Glassing, Out-Kingstoning2011-02-03 11 
13780616Return of the Sleepy Marineswhat started out as an innocent chapter creation via Rites of Battle, /tg/ creates a sleepy Space Marine Chapter that may or may not be related to the OTHER space marine chapter previously made.space marine, sleepy marines2011-02-04 23 
13783333Return of Sleepy Marines II aka The Emperor's NightmareFurther refinement of the chapter created in Return of the Sleepy Marinesspace marine, sleepy marines2011-02-05 20 
13806286Return of Sleepy Marines III aka The Emperor's NightmareFurther refinement of the chapter created in Return of the Sleepy Marines40k, space marines, sleepy marines2011-02-07 11 
13825581Outcasts Journey... IIQuest where we follow adventures of an Eldar following the path of the ourcast on a medieval world. Helping out in a battle between Dark Eldar and Death Watch. Being much too nice to mon-keigh in general.Outcasts Journey, quest, collective game2011-02-08 3 
13843993Zerg Quest XXXAnon's Brood takes the initiative after watching Kingston destroy a pivotal part of the anti-Zerg equation to wreak havoc on his unguarded flanks. A dangerous element from like, 20 threads ago reappears, and two unidentified forces appear at the cliffhanger.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Planet Glassing, Out-Kingstoning, Fuck Your Ban Nigga!2011-02-10 15 
13833556Kakita ArtisansOP comes looking for help on making an L5R character, leading into a discussion over which systems and schools are the most unbalanced until the argument is settled: 1E Kakita Artisans.Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Crane2011-02-10 13 
13845840The Emperor's Nightmare: Thread 6The project continues, with new writing, art, game rules, and discussion.warhammer, 40K, original content, deathwatch, space marine2011-02-10 11 
13873696Drone Quest part 6Sar'a goes HivebentDrone Quest, 40k, quest,2011-02-13 5 
13853986Planes and MiGsDiscussion centered around the Firestorm campaign that grew out of the great Planes and Mercs threads, new oc art!planes, awesome, steve, firestorm, coke bottle express2011-02-13 2 
13893307Planeswalker Quest I: ColormanYou are a loli-ooze-neurok planeswalker in Mirrodin.MTG, planeswalker, Collective Game, Quest2011-02-14 0 
13901851SENTENCES YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SAY IN A TABLETOP GAME (BUT THEN TOTALLY DID)Anon shares some funny quotes, WHM shows up and contributes.OC, funney, whm, storytime?2011-02-15 5 
13903766Skirmish Quest General Thread 15Next mission is chosen, some RP is done. Happy Valentines Day!Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Valentines Day special2011-02-16 2 
13909883Planes and Mercenaries: Fire StormAn Anon who missed the Planes and MiGs thread makes a new thread about the campaign. Plane porn ensues and a new meme is bornPlanes and Mercs, Firestorm, Planes & Mercs2011-02-16 1 
13929039Zerg Quest XXXISimultaneous plotlines show VoidGate getting all nukey, Kingston's fleet getting its ass handed to it, and some mighty peculiar stuff going on in Protoss space. Mighty peculiar.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Planet Glassing, Rampant AI, What's going on over there?2011-02-17 12 
13936277Outsider: The Calling 9New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-02-18 11 
13951952Disney Villains as Campaign VillainsOP shows off the basic plot motivators for Disney villains, offering them up as awesome BBEG proposals.Disney, BBEG2011-02-19 5 
13968113Morrowind Fiction(not sure if original)Incredibly intense Morrowind stuff, either some very good and easily-missed stuff from the actual game's books or just some fucking AMAZING original writing.Morrowind, fiction, ALMSIVI, nerevar, vivec, Elder Scrolls2011-02-20 6 
13985074Soviet Russia in spaceAnother planet creation thread for DH, resulting in a planet with a moon with lots of technology and an interesting society.Drak Heresy, DH, planet creation, Soviet Russia, 40k2011-02-22 5 
13989991Veil of Madness cont.More HFY, specifically VoM. Not quite as good as the last one, but it's OC, that makes it good enough.Humanity, hfy, Veil of Madness, humanity fuck yeah, fuck yeah2011-02-22 20 
13988272Planes and Mercs, Libya editionAfrica is hiring mercenaries. The obvious parallels are drawn before Firestorm returns with the spamplanes and mercs, pam, firestorm, sukhoi, witch, warcrimes2011-02-23 1 
March 2011
14083396Habitats, Biodomes, Guns, and Hard Sci-Fi in SpaceFrom elaborate sky cities in lower Earth orbit to rusty habitats drifting at the edge of nothing, from enormous biodomes across Valles Marineris to dive caves in the ice of Europa, what is it like to live in these habitats and biodomes. (Featuring extensive weapon discussion.)hard sci-fi, biodomes, space stations, miners, guns, laws, asteroids, low earth orbit, brainstorming, zero-g weaponry2011-03-02 2 
14096871Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal Land - Part 2Continuation of previous thread. /tg/ continues to balancing efforts and fixing shit. Autistic samefag from previous sages again.touhou, toho, homebrew, rpg, critique, roleplaying, rollplaying, pdf, d6, rpg,, system, testing, balance, balancing, fix, fixing, fantasy, mary sue, magic, rules, getting shit done2011-03-02 8 
14100357Cyblum Dell IIBuilding off of the previous thread, further expounding about a plot hook concerning the Festival of the Solstice is had. Also, military, government, religion, and racism are all touched upon. This is all because of one picture: textbook /tg/ getting shit done!original, setting, fluff, low magic, fantasy, cyblum, cyblum dell, dener, taraklet, brogitarius, yak2011-03-03 7 
14106509Skynet Quest 1Bipedal Automated Throat-Removal System. Comes with time radio and a hatred for all human life. Only $99.99!Skynet, Terminator, Quest, Collective Game, Awesome2011-03-03 18 
14112394Tabletop DeathwatchHow the Deathwatch functions within a chapter and what kind of fluff warrants their squads, interesting inspiration for tabletopDeathwatch, Warhammer 40k, 40k, Space Marines, Ordo Xenos, Inquisition, Fluff2011-03-03 5 
14120637Skynet Quest IIYou are AG, T-850 from the future, sent back in time to 2010.Skynet, Terminator, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-04 10 
14123191Skynet Quest IIIWe find out that our base's location has been compromised, and immediately begin relocation to Africa. When the rogue Terminator breaks into our base, all they get is a face-full of high explosives.Skynet, Terminator, Quest, Collective Game, Skynet Quest2011-03-04 10 
14130194Skynet Quest IVThe move to Africa is surprisingly smooth. Much hacking and power consolidation ensues. Anon immediately decides to participate in an African genocide. Because what could be more like Skynet than dying humans, and more like Anon than dying black people?Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread, dead black people2011-03-05 8 
14133695Skynet Quest pt 5: The Sarah Maclachlan Chronometers.Continuation of Skynet Quest, in which we meet the Russian equivalent to Skynet and other stuff.skynet quest terminator2011-03-05 10 
14134349Lineage Quest A quest full of pseudovikings coming to conquer the Savagelands full of savagethings.Lineage Quest, vikings, ship, Kjorstav2011-03-05 9 
14144000Skynet Quest pt 6: A Brief History of RhymeLast one was cut short by Resistance, but now Skynet is back with revenge.Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread2011-03-06 7 
14146924Skynet Quest pt 7: Terminate With a VengeanceKim-Jong II replaced by T-1000 who then proceeds to troll the entire world, Resistance sends us a dead Skynet... ...but he shall be avenged hundredfold.Skynet, Collective Game, Quest Thread2011-03-06 10 
14151430Rebellion Quest 9In which the OP gets banned.Rebellion Quest, banned2011-03-06 0 
14153489Skynet Quest pt 8: Metal RevolutionSkynet part 8Skynet, collective game, quest thread2011-03-07 10 
14157409Skynet Quest pt 9: Party Like Its 2029Part 9. Previously, we were dealing with the Serbian base and now we have an enemy AI in another timestream to deal with called Skyshark.Collective game, skynet, quest thread2011-03-07 11 
14152616IRL Machine Spirit MomentsA discussion of divine Machine God intervention. 40k adeptus mechanicus machine spirit tech-priest2011-03-07 17 
14163866MattWardCanSuckItWhere a creative writer tells an epic story of an amnesiac Space Marine. (With a twist)Warhammer 40k, 40k, Space Marines, Quest, Interactive, Ongoing2011-03-08 0 
14179034Skynet Quest pt 10: The Next IterationAfter the success of previous mission, OP gives us a chance at playing the Resistance in pre-industrial world.Skynet, Terminator, Quest, Collective Game, Skynet Quest2011-03-09 3 
14189514Zerg Quest XXXIVAnon deal with the Moria situation, and then has a round of ban issues again. Things step up again as Kerrigan schemes and Anon finally figures out what the hell this Goryu business is all about.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Spooky Zerg Quest, Dyles, Kerrigan, Unnecessary Ban2011-03-10 10 
14211628Null MarinesHijinks in seeing if Space Marines can be nulls. 40k, Warhammer, Marines2011-03-12 0 
14218107Project: Traitor Guard/tg/ works on writing a modern Lost and the Damned codex.Homebrew, Warhammer 40000, 40k, Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Traitor, Heretic2011-03-13 1 
14228987Neolithic Fantasy RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses concepts regarding a fantasy neolithic RPG.rpg homebrew neolithic nathandrals cave men bronze aliens2011-03-14 3 
14238162Photoshop as a random map generator.Thread detailing the creation of very nice quality random maps, using photoshop. This is a fast, user-friendly method, sure to make life a lot easier on some lazy or time-deprived GM's out there.GM tools, map generator, photoshop2011-03-14 10 
14250990Spell generator/tg/, you are going on an adventure. Generate the 5 spells which you will use on this adventure, and then decide how fucked you are.spell generator, seventhsanctum2011-03-16 1 
14267134The Random Item GeneratorFun with randomly generated items and how to use them.Random, Generator, Item, Item Generator, Funny, lulz, Seventh Sanctum2011-03-17 0 
14268298Zerg Quest XXXVAnon deals (relatively) swiftly with the Dyles Entity, and does its best to egg VoidGate into pissing off the Protoss. Worlds burn. Good times.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Spooky Zerg Quest, Dyles, Kerrigan, Planet Glassing, Skynet2011-03-17 10 
14291936Random Island GeneratorAnon posts a link to a random island generator. Includes display options such as by biome or 3D view.GM Tools, Map Generator, Map2011-03-19 4 
14295229Internet 40,000In which we troll the Imperium.Internet, 40k, Warhammer, funny, lulz2011-03-19 2 
14298932Lineage Quest IIIn which Randevi Kjorstav and his squad of badasses plan and carry out an assault on a Savage village. Eye-loss ensues.Lineage Quest, vikings, Kjorstav, assault2011-03-20 3 
14311224Mr. Rogers birthdayIt's Mr. Rogers' birthday.Mr. Rogers, neighborhood, RIP, civility, kindness, good2011-03-21 25 
14364205Bulette APC and Undead Clones/tg/ creates plans for duplicating yourself, creating zombie Bulette APC's and there are a few decent resources posted as well.3.5 zombie necromancy awesome d&d2011-03-25 1 
14378085HU Revised: The Creation of FinesseOP uncovers an old copy of Heroes Unlimited, Revised Edition, and anon sets to work on the random tables and a bionics budget to create Finesse, an electric greatsword swingin' nimble cyborg hero with a chip on his shoulder and an eye out for a paycheck. Continued from a thread the previous night.HU, HU2, Heroes Unlimited, superhero, superheroes, cyborg, Finesse2011-03-27 0 
14381022HU2: Copyright Infringing Random RollsA brave anon from the HU Revised creation thread starts a new one with HU2 to create a comrade for Finesse. A mutant alien, outcast from his own kind for being vaguely more fishy than them, and is Totally Not Abe Sapien, no matter what the dice try to tell you. Old OP joins in as well. To be continued..HU, HU2, Heroes Unlimited, superhero, superheroes, cyborg, Finesse, skeletal fish aliens, Abe Sapien, Totally Not Abe Sapien, Christopher Walken of the Fish People2011-03-27 0 
14408651Warhammer 40k Roleplay Necron stats.Some guy comes up with Necron stats for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/DeathWatch.Necrons, stats, warhammer, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Death Watch2011-03-30 1 
April 2011
14486484Slaanesh and his ServantsOP asks for help fluffing out a Slaaneshi cult he has for an upcoming game. /tg/ answers with some truly grotesque things, and some more subtle thingsSlaanesh, fluff, Dark Heresy, cultist2011-04-06 2 
14477434Emperor's Nightmare #7- The Return of the Sleepy MarinesAfter a several month hiatus and a slow start, the Emperor's Nightmare returns with updates on the fandex and some new writefaggotry."space marine, deathwatch, sleepy marines"2011-04-06 6 
14491925The Emperor's Nightmare # 8Continuing discussion, including a great deal of new rules material and some chapter heroes.Deathwatch, Warhammer, 40k, space marine2011-04-06 7 
14500162Zerg Quest XXXVIIThe hits just keep coming. Fresh off of Cerebrate Anon's surgery, the Brood leads a bold strike on VoidGate's homeworld. Underneath, they find a pretty nifty gaming setup.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Planet Glassing, Skynet, Planetary Computing2011-04-07 12 
14500183The Emperor's Nightmare # 9Rule refinements, army lists, and our first completed banner. Continuing development of fluff.Deathwatch, Warhammer, 40k, space marine2011-04-07 5 
14513066They Fight Crime!Random generators and writefags unite as some unlikely couples are brought forth to fight crime!writefag, fight crime, couple, random generator, crime, fight2011-04-08 10 
14518541The Emperor's Nightmare's #10Continued work on the chapter plus more awesome fluff.Warhammer 40k, Deathwatch, Space Marines, Homebrew2011-04-09 5 
14546177Abyssal Angels/tg/ makes a Blood Angels successor chapter that piranhas in space marine form.Space Marines2011-04-10 1 
14550655Abyssal JawsContinuation of the creation of the Piranha Based Space Marines, now with more HooksAbyssal Jaws, homebrew, WH40k, Deathwatch, Piranhas, Space Marines2011-04-11 1 
14571645Abyssal Jaws 2The creation of the Piranha-based Space Marines, Now with more writefaggotryWH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marine, custom chapter2011-04-13 2 
14584140Abyssal Jaws 3Continuation of the creation of the Piranha Based Space Marines, now with more delicious giblets.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marine, custom chapter2011-04-14 2 
14585186Zerg Quest XXXVIIIAnon continues its vicious pogrom against the VoidGate AI, going so far as to get Kingston in on the carnage. Yet more planets are rendered balls of superheated glass, and yet fewer people are willing to fuck with the Zerg.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Planet Glassing, Skynet, Kingston teamwork?, Oops2011-04-14 11 
14591373New World WarriorsOP makes Dwarf Badger Riders, and fa/tg/uy creates silly stereotypes on WARwar, homebrew, dwarfs, USA, fantasy, canadians, north america, New World Warriors2011-04-15 0 
14606889Abyssal Jaws 4More discussion and writefaggotry on the Abyssal Jaws chapter of Space Marines.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marine, custom chapter2011-04-16 2 
14617677The MonumentA giant hollow planetoid was made to house the peoples of the stars to survive the heat-death and rebirth of the Universe. However, things inside were not as utopian as planned and the peoples degenerated into the warring societies they once were. This thread is for the development of such a setting.Monument, energy legos, walking squids, sentient nanites, token humans2011-04-17 2 
14608679Sword World plans for scansin which we find /tg/ is a bunch of weeaboos who wanna play japanese tabletop rpgsSword World, Japanese gaming, planning2011-04-17 3 
14630047Gladiatrix Manager Quest IAnon challenges us to chose a lady-warrior and send her into the ring for the amusement of the crowd.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Giant Frog2011-04-18 7 
14631553The Rising SonA weeabo hate thread turn into a creation of a Samurai space marine chapterSamurai, Japan, Japanese, Warhammer, 40k, Space Marine, Deathwatch2011-04-18 3 
14638189The Rising Son official threadNow with 100% more historical discussionSamurai, Japan, Japanese, Warhammer, 40k, Space Marine, Deathwatch2011-04-19 0 
14641861Gladiatrix Manager Quest 2Gneutered does more yelling at various people, figures out how to game the system a bit, and buys a third slave. A training montage ensues, followed by more fighting.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Slicks, Antonina2011-04-19 7 
14651155EntombedWritefaggotry of a Dreadnought, including internal dialogue between the pilot and a Machine Spirit40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-20 7 
14650217Rising Sons 3Further discussion of samurai spess marinesrising sons, rising, sons, 40k, space marines2011-04-20 2 
14662402Zerg Quest XXXIXA new cerebrate! Isn't it cute or something? Meanwhile, VoidGate continues to prove that even machines can be showboating sons of bitches.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Skynet, Massive Overuse of Nuclear Weapons, Acronyms for fun and profit2011-04-21 11 
14651510Critfail ShenanigansEpic tales of epic fail! Looking for stories of the dice gods *really* screwing someone over? Step right it!Epic Fail, Natural One, lulz2011-04-21 7 
14668953Portal-Adeva crossoverCave Johnson here. Here at Nerv we're making giant abominations wrapped in four feet of metal armor to defend the Earth from alien attack. Now the lab boys say we should be using well-trained men to pilot these, but the last budget came up a bit short, and so I said to them, "Hey, my boy loves these things! He can pilot one!"Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Science, Cave Johnson2011-04-21 36 
14672352Abyssal Jaws 5More discussion on the chapter and a bit of fluff.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-04-22 0 
14681874Rising Sons part 4More art for the Rising Sons stuffRising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter2011-04-23 0 
14694276Entombed Part IIIPart III of the thread that began on 4/19/11.40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-24 3 
14695945Kobold Sorcerer Quest 4: The search for TaynSuit up, scaleface, cause it's time to find our clone!kobold, sorcerer, quest, collective game, clone2011-04-24 6 
14700825The Emperor's True Will?The Emperor is imprisoned by the corrupt High Lords and Inquisition. It is up to the Space Marines to stop them. PRAISE THE EMPEROR CURSE THE IMPERIUM!chaos, emperor, loyalty, space marines, 40k2011-04-24 7 
14709097The Realm of DarknessAn image inspires a new setting, where the Darkness isn't that bad, and the Light will kill you blind.Realm of Darkness, Campaign Setting, Original Content, Worldbuilding2011-04-25 8 
14710019Knights Inductor A.K.A. The Reasonable MarinesHistory of the Reasonable Marines + Deathwatch rulesReasonable, space, Marines, fluff2011-04-25 21 
14712324Gladiatrix Manager Quest 3In which Gneutered turns down a deathmatch, coaches said deathmatch anyway, has her fighters take on a dire jackal, makes a pile of money, and gets ready for a party.party, gladiatrix, manager, quest, female, gladiator, gneutered, gnoll, lizardfolk, SSssS, Slicks, Antonina, Septimia2011-04-25 7 
14721752Planet Scaper: Antartica/tg/, with the help of a dog in a fort, creates a planet that outside, looks like its going to kill you, but inside it's lovely and just wants to BLAST YOU APART WITH ITS TITANplanet creator, 40k, death world2011-04-26 3 
14721207Traveller Planet & Creature GenerationIn which the Imperial Planetologist continues his mapping of Sector TG and describing dangerous creatures found therein.Traveller, planet, creature, random2011-04-26 0 
14721967Gladiatrix Manager Quest 4Mostly scheming. Some partying. A bit of gladiatrix managing, of course. No fighting, uncharacteristically.Gladiatrix, Manager, Quest, Gladiator, Female, Antonina, Septimia, Slicks, SSssS, Arena, Gneutered2011-04-26 7 
14728603Abyssal Jaws 6Details on the planet of Maresia and its moon of Noxyssus are fluffed out. WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-04-27 5 
14730253Boone QuestCF does a quest thread involving a terribly powerful psyker PC. just kidding, it's Boone.Boone, Quest, CF, MC,40k, draw2011-04-27 39 
14720935Übermarines/tg/ creates a new custom chapter: The (Almost) Perfect Space Marines The Übermarines!!Übermarines, custom chapter, deathwatch, spacemarines, ubermarines, ultramarines, warhammer 40k2011-04-28 0 
14747429Aztec MarinesYet another attempt at a custom chapter that leads to some awesome fluff brainstorming and an equally awesome anon who's already done everything mentioned in the thread.Aztec, Space Marines, Conversion, Chapter2011-04-29 1 
14754121The Game (Classroom)/tg/ finds vid of VA teacher running large-scale world RP in classroom. Contacts him for information, win ensues.homebrew, cooperative, getting shit done, original, collective game, loli2011-04-30 12 
14757621Entombed 4Next installment of Entombed40k, Warhammer 40k, writedaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-04-30 3 
May 2011
14772442Gladiatrix Manager Quest 5A lot of extremely successful fighting occurs. Also, some scheming with regards to intentionally getting slaves killed (answer: no) and sabotaging reputations of assholes (answer: yes).Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Slicks, Antonina, Eunice, Volcatia2011-05-01 7 
14784026Gladiatrix Manager Quest 6Very little progress gets made, but shit gets moderately real outside of the fights as all sides involved awkwardly and politely harass each other.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Slicks, Antonina, Eunice, Volcatia2011-05-02 7 
14789957Abyssal Jaws 7More discussion on fluff and other such nonsense.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-05-03 -2 
14800654OP wants to open a FLGSFLGS advice requested, arrives in spades. Plenty of useful business advice. Includes tales of awesome local gaming stores and hives of scum villainy. But mostly scum.FLGS, original content, business, store, advice, game, gaming, advice2011-05-04 8 
14816024Zerg Quest XLAfter a harrowing 4chan outage, ZQ is back! Anon trashes more of VoidGate's stuff, there's a Dyson Sphere (kinda), pauldrons, and Anon cures somebody of being emo.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Skynet, MASSIVE PAULDRONS2011-05-05 13 
14818905Emperor's SpudsIn the grim darkness of the 41st Millenium, there are only potatoes.space marines, homebrew, custom chapter2011-05-05 3 
14830436Gladiatrix Manager Quest 7Some spying continues. Also, the fighters learn to speak gnoll (poorly), and presumably some espionage happens off camera. Also, fighting.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Slicks, Antonina, Eunice, Volcatia2011-05-06 7 
14833572Abyssal Jaws 8Even more discussion on fluff and other such nonsense.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-05-07 1 
14847413Guardians Exemplar 1The long-awaited sequel to the Übermarines. Contains all the infomation from a number of threads which never got archived.WH40k, Guardians Exemplar, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-05-08 2 
14859523Tales of the Emperasque 4Writefag Someone else. returns from a brief hiatus to regale us with more stories about our favorite God-Emperor/Epic Beast.writefaggotry, writing, Someone_else., tarrasque, Emperasque2011-05-09 33 
14868395The Adeptus MexicanumA thread about the Mexican Marines that manages to be both "super racist and super awesome."Mexican, 40k, Mexicarines, Space Marines, Homebrew chapter2011-05-10 4 
14868050Abyssal Jaws 9The fluffing out of the Maresian SeaGuard begins.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter, Maresian SeaGuard2011-05-10 0 
14872011Community Project: The Fall of HumanityDiscussion of what would happen to the various factions of 40k if the emperor were to die40k, Emperor, Space Marines, Imperium2011-05-10 -2 
14886123Entombed VMore Entombed. 40k, Warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, dreadnought, Space Marines, Machine Spirit2011-05-11 5 
14889413Abyssal Jaws thread 10Island Hoppers, Ctuhulu and Jew Jokes. Get it while the waters niceAbyssal Jaws 40k Homebrew Spacemarine Jews2011-05-12 -2 
14895317Zerg Quest XLIAnon finds a tiny little hamlet out in the boonies of space. There, it discovers that galactic politics have shifted in ways it never could have imagined. Oh, shit.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Spooky Zerg Quest, Dyles, Kerrigan, Planet Glassing, Skynet, UED, Oh fuck oh fuck2011-05-12 10 
14890671Random Class Refluffs!Hilarity ensues as the Internet Haet Machine(and a writefag or two) refluffs non-sensical Random Class combinations. Good for a laugh or two.Stupid, refluff, haberdasher, character creation, lollercoaster, internet hate machine, writefaggotry2011-05-12 1 
14874466Hard Deck is HardPlanes and Mercs discussion where we discuss crashing our planes into the desert floor and why dicelog hates humanity.Planes and Mercs, Firestorm, Planes & Mercs2011-05-12 1 
14898581Gladiatrix Manager Quest 8Very little happens due to OP's shitty sleep schedule, but the plot advances a bit. Things look good for Volcatia, but there might be more happening below the surface.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Slicks, Antonina, Eunice, Volcatia, collective game2011-05-12 7 
14907969Humans vs ZombiesA riveting discussion about HvZ occurs, with stories of epic games, Nerf gun modification, and Commissar roleplaying abound.Humans vs Zombies, Nerf, Gun Modification, storytime2011-05-13 6 
14919386Ethnogenesis Quest 120 year old Russian gal who got strange wolf figurine after her deceased grandfather, maybe wolf related powersEthnogenesis Quest, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-14 0 
14925632ISSAC (+ Nespresso-J112 Quest)An excellent story about the development of A.I. through its perspective. After the story ends an anon (Nespresso J112) takes it up to run a quest: "despite rapid advances in computing and robotics, humanity has died out, and devices fallen into disrepair. You are a Nespresso-J112 Coffee machine, given sentience by a bug in the code. Your goal is to acquire Coffee and Coffee Filters, and if you need to rebuild civilisation yourself to get some, you'll do it."ISSAC, AI, writefaggotory, QUEST, Collective game, Nespresso J1122011-05-15 17 
14933571Ethnogenesis Quest 2Elena shatters some minds while naked.Ethnogenesis Quest, Collective Game, naked, wolf2011-05-15 -1 
14953507Moving MomentsFa/tg/uys share stories of gaming sessions that drove them to tears, manly or otherwise.stories, manly tears, sadness2011-05-17 1 
14959956Letter for GWfa/tg/uys write a collaborative letter for games workshopgames workshop hate one word letter2011-05-18 2 
14962762Tales of the Emperasque 5Writefag extraordinaire Someone else. overcomes personal illness and family fights to regale us once more with tales of the Emperor who became the Tarrasque.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else.2011-05-18 25 
14957888Ice Serpents, part 3... Probably.The return of the Ice Serpent.sIce Serpents, homebrew, 40k, Space Marines, Deathwatch2011-05-18 0 
14973676Zerg Quest XLIIAnon commences its attack on Brullant, VoidGate's final stronghold. As you have come to expect, there are just mushroom clouds everywhere.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Skynet, Nukes everywhere2011-05-19 10 
14977000Making the Perfect Villain (tm)How do you make a villain your PCs love to hate? Make him their antithesis, and then make him a perfectly normal human being.evil, villain, mundane, space, furry, furries, human, humans, reasonable, trolling, troll, maximum, decency, PCs, psychopaths, BBEG, original content, original, advice2011-05-19 29 
14981385Abyssal Jaws thread 11Picking groups to hate the Abyssal Jaws. Big field Abyssal Jaws 40k Homebrew Spacemarine Cthulu BigGameHunters 2011-05-19 -2 
14974910Rising Sons thread 5More discussion on the chapter.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-20 -2 
14986132Boone Quest 2CF returns from an unconscionably long absence. We pick up party members and continue through the cell block.Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 34 
14987470Girl Quest Chapter 2Issabella's instinct to protect Mallory despite her past gets her in trouble.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map, Issabella, Mallory, Penelope2011-05-20 5 
14990314BOONE QUEST 2 part 2Continuation of the second part of Boone Quest. Involving acid, Genestealer infestations, and techpriest nookie!Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 29 
14994562The Brotherhood of Stone 1chapter creation thread, results in mystic cavemen space marines. Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Deathwatch2011-05-21 6 
15014422Brotherhood of the Megalith 2continuation of the mystic cavemen Inuit marines creation. We're getting to the cool fluffy bits.Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Brotherhood of the Megalith2011-05-23 3 
15029972Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #4Sir Scribe's vision continues to take form as /tg/ demonstrates its ability to get shit done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-24 6 
15032725Eyes of Mordred Spess MahreensNew chapter creation thingyChapter Creation, Eyes of Mordred, 40k, Rites of Battle, Space Marines2011-05-24 2 
15040236Brotherhood of the Megalith 3Inuit-based Blood Angels successor chapter; fluffing out continues. Naming the Companies and deciding on initiation rites.Caveman Marines, Brothers of the Megalith, Stone2011-05-25 2 
15041421Pencil...Dice?Anon proposes that pencils can be substituted for six-sided dice. Math and SCIENCE! ensue./tg/ gets shit done, science, math, dice2011-05-25 26 
15044208A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop EditionFictitious variant of Warhammer/other tabletop games, based on A Song of Ice and Fire.Game of Thrones, tabletop game2011-05-25 9 
15051875Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #5In which shit continues to get done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-26 5 
15052515ANGRY MARINES DEATHWATCHCreating playable Angry Marines via Rites of Battle. Rites of Battle, Angry Marines, Fuck, FUCK, Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Space Mariens, Angry2011-05-26 7 
15053294Scary MarinesWe take the scary marines and flesh them out some using rites of battle.Scary Marines, Children of Istvaan, Rites of Battle, Space Marines2011-05-26 0 
15052506Rising Sons thread 6Honestly, a bit crapper then usual. Archived for clarity's sake.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-26 1 
15055851Eyes of Mordred 2Chapter creation thread 2 - fluffing out the chapterEyes of Mordred, Chapter creation, Space Marines, WH40k2011-05-26 0 
15057410Rise of a new Tomb World.A misterious tomb world of necrons have been awakened.Teracotta Necrons2011-05-26 0 
15058985Warriors of the Eight Tombs II (New Necron Tombworld Continued)We continue trying to flesh out the back-story of the Necrons, and Drawfags begin to crawl out of the woodworkNecron, Eight Tombs, Tomb World, Teracotta Necrons, Collective2011-05-26 0 
15063956Chaos Marine CreationCreating a Chaos Marine warband using OP's messed-up Deathwatch rules.Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Chaos, Chaos Marines, Slaanesh, Heresy2011-05-27 12 
15065499Tales of the Emperasque 6Someone else. returns to begin the next (and apparently final or second-to-last) arc of the Tales of the Emperasque.writefaggotry, writing, Someone_else., tarrasque, Emperasque, tales, writefaggotry, writefag, oddish2011-05-27 30 
15072853Designing a CraftworldWe start to come up with ideas for a Craftworld. Morbid Ynnead worshipping eldar happensEldar Ynnead2011-05-28 1 
15076519The Glistening HostContinuing the creation of a Slaaneshi Blood Angels Chaos Marine chapter.Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Chaos, Chaos Marines, Slaanesh, Heresy, Awesome, Homebrew2011-05-28 6 
15080684Craftworld Enohar #2/tg/'s Ynnead-worshipping craftworld continues to be drawn up, with additional fluff, speculated special characters and stories.Ynnead, Eldar, Craftworld2011-05-28 1 
15069694Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #5More shit getting done. Mostly refinement of the skill system and working on magic. Also some drawfaggotry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-28 5 
15081716The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet/tg/ create a Iron Hands successor chapter. Thus the Knights of The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet are born Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000,40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood Of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood 2011-05-28 6 
15086952Rites of HeresyA fa/tg/uy posts his corrupted Rites of Battle tables.Rites of Battle, space marines, chaos, heresy2011-05-29 13 
15087969Warriors of the Eight Tombs #3More delicious NecronsWarriors of the Eight Tombs Necrons God Emperor Writefag2011-05-29 3 
15092844The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet: Part 2Discussion of the Brotherhood continues, leading up to the idea that the Brotherhood's past is linked to the Glistening host.Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood, Glistening Host2011-05-30 5 
15094060Glistening Host 3Another thread discussing /tg/'s homebrew Slaaneshi kill-crazies. Anons try to integrate chapter's history with the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet and OP does some sweet writefaggotry.Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Chaos, Chaos Marines, Slaanesh, Heresy, Awesome, Homebrew, Writefaggotry, Brotherhood of the Gaunlet2011-05-30 5 
15097981Extra, Extra!Fa/tg/uys buy newspaper, inane headlines increase by 500%, anon accused of mukin' about.newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 6 
15098724Extra, Extra! Take 2!Fa/tg/uys auto-sage old thread, nofun-fags enraged, official response by spokesperson 'u mad'newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 0 
15094763Makin' a Klan!Using some random charts (original and borrowed from Deathwatch: Rites of Battle)/tg/ begins rolling up an Ork klan.warhammer_40k, Orks, random_generator2011-05-30 1 
15096947Warriors of the Eight Tombs #4Fuck yeah New Crons, a fresh perspective amongst all the new generic shitfest chapters being splurted out.Teracotta Necrons2011-05-30 1 
15092320Ivory Huntsmen Thread 1Archived to keep the info nice and saucy.Space Marines, 40K, Ivory Huntsmen, /TG/ 40000, homebrew2011-05-30 2 
15091730Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #76th thread was mislabeled as 5. Shit continues to get done, particularly in the combat section.Legend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-31 5 
June 2011
15125681Ask a GW Manager Anything Part 3Games Workshop Manager returns. Now with 100% more Finecast and holy shit what is going on with the story?Games Workshop, Manager, Primarch, Finecast2011-06-01 12 
15148501Return of the Reasonable MarinesAn awesome writefag continues the story of Inquisitor Rightina Immam's investigation of the Reasonable Marines. Also, ninja orks.Knights Inductor, Reasonable, Reasonable Marines, 40k, writefaggotry, fluff2011-06-06 23 
15170367Tales of the Emperasque 7Someone else. stops pretending that he has any idea how this glorious trainwreck is going to end.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else., Corax2011-06-06 28 
15182129Boone Quest part 3Boone and gang return to kill rampaging 'nids and kick some balls. Several times.Boone, Calliban, C-16, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Culexus, drawfag, Quests2011-06-07 31 
15170866Legend of Zelda RPG #9Thread #8 404'd without an archive. Shit continuous to get done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, Shit gets done2011-06-07 7 
15187045The Epic of John CockburnDrawfag unites with /tg/ to craft a battle scene between two random shmucks. Hilarity ensuesJohn Cockburn, Oswald Jones IV, Fish, Mop2011-06-07 20 
15190094Boone Quest Episode One Part 4Seb gets ruined, Caliban gets the girl, and C-16 plays hangman.Boone, Quest, Colossal, Faggot, 40k, c-16, Caliban2011-06-08 35 
15202000Zerg Quest XLIVAs it turns out, Anon doesn't need nukes to tear a world in half.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Skynet, There goes the planet2011-06-09 12 
15207274Human Space: Hedonism is our SpecialtyHumanity's "hat" in the interstellar community isn't the warrior race, or the interstellar diplomat, or the explorer. Humans know how to have fun more than any other race in the galaxy!humanityfuckyeah hedonism pleasure slaanesh fluff worldbuilding space2011-06-09 26 
15229712Legend of Zelda RPG #10The RPG continues to take shape. The real crunch begins.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch, drawfag2011-06-12 9 
15256952Mary Sue ChapterMore perfect than the Ultramarines, deadlier than the Grey Knights and smarter than the Alphas. These battle sisters have geneseed from every 1st founding legion, and are the greatest of them all.Female marines, girls, mary sue, deathwatch, heresy, awesome, perfect, chapter creation, Warhammer, Emperor2011-06-14 12 
15267522Golden Aquilas 2Continuing creation of a Mary Sue marine chapter.Female marines, girls, mary sue, deathwatch, heresy, awesome, perfect, chapter creation, Warhammer, Emperor, Half-eldar, troll, awful, horrible2011-06-15 10 
15253114Legend of Zelda RPG #11More rules, more art, more progress.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch, drawfag2011-06-15 11 
15278303Golden Aquilas 3More horribly beautiful writefaggotry and Sue creation.Female marines, girls, mary sue, heresy, awesome, perfect, chapter creation, Warhammer, Emperor, Half-eldar, awful, horrible, kawaii, custodes2011-06-16 10 
15287443Golden Aquilas 4More writefaggotry, including the tale of the Aquila's only ever male marine.Female marines, girls, mary sue, heresy, awesome, perfect, chapter creation, Warhammer, Emperor, Half-eldar, awful, horrible, kawaii, custodes, Golden Aquilas2011-06-17 10 
15290183Legend of Zelda RPG #12Magic and equipment gets expanded upon.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-18 8 
15297454Candy Land AdventuresOP took the classic board game and then turned it into something more.candy land, board game, getting shit done, expansion2011-06-18 12 
15295966Space HulkAnon brings us news of a vidya game modeled after the Space Hulk 1st edition board game. Many manly tears are shed for the fallen. Scrubs take point!40k, Warhammer, Space Marine, Terminator, Boardgame, Vidya, Video Game, Genestealers2011-06-20 6 
15330682Sargent ScramblesWhat starts off as a "fight the necrons" thread quickly turns into Pokemon 40kNecrons, blood angels, pokemon, ripper, DICKS, Skittles, Awesome, Quest2011-06-21 17 
15350349Golden Aquilas 5Crunch gets done and a rival warband of Chaos Sues is created.Female marines, girls, mary sue, heresy, awesome, perfect, chapter creation, Warhammer, Emperor, Half-eldar, awful, horrible, kawaii, custodes, Golden Aquilas2011-06-23 7 
15356986Game of Thrones as a campaignGame of Thrones interpreted as an RPG campaign.Game of Thrones2011-06-23 16 
15334060Legend of Zelda RPG #13Shit continues to get done. Magic and music are discussed, and races are revisited and expanded. Also some more new artwork.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-24 6 
15372313Space Hulk 2DEATH BRINGAN, STORM BOLTAN, SECTOR PURGAN, XENO KILLAN, OVERWATCHA- what do you mean my bolter jammed?40k, Warhammer, Space Marine, Terminator, Boardgame, Vidya, Video Game, Genestealers2011-06-25 5 
15375622Legend of Zelda RPG Thread 14Steady progress is made toward getting this thing playtestable. Some discussion of settings and fluff, rules for songs, a few new techniques, and more!Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-26 6 
15396589Legend of Zelda RPG 15Compiling, designing, and editing techniques is the focus of this thread, with a few new mechanic ideas and artwork as well.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-06-29 6 
July 2011
15433135Legend of Zelda RPG #16Techniques and Magic gets worked on, and the RPG inches towards being playtest-ready.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-04 6 
15492650CazaclawCombining two of the most terrifying monsters ever to create the thing of nightmares.Fallout, New Vegas, Cazador, Deathclaw, Pants shitting, tarrasque2011-07-06 10 
15528042Restaraunts of the GodsA throwaway joke leads to an interesting dicussion about dining establishments themed around DnD deities. At Kord's Grill, you must defeat it before you eat it, and Lolth's Cafe is basically Hooters but more evil.DnD, food, diners, restaraunts, kitchen, meals2011-07-10 12 
15520327Tales of the Emperasque 8Someone else. Orks get bombed and riots breakout everywhere.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else., Corax2011-07-10 23 
15496100Legend of Zelda Thread #17In which development and discussion continues, along with the odd bit of nice drawfaggotry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-12 6 
15555970Movie Plotline Generator"Why is this on /tg/?" you might ask. Why? Because not only are these some really bizarre and awesome film ideas, many of them, with only minor alterations, would make some DAMN cool RP character backstories as well.movies, plotlines, random generator, summaries, stories2011-07-12 7 
15560584The Legend of Zelda RPG - Thread #18Steady progress is made, particularly regarding magic and music. Also the first bits of feedback from playtesting, and of course some lovely artistry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-15 7 
15613979Outsider: The Calling 10New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-07-18 10 
15640513Driven To NecromancyA wizard is driven away by his party. Revenge will be so sweet.D&D, Necromancer, Necromancy2011-07-20 23 
156352452006 AK-47 Republic released!Anon teases us with a pic of the aforementioned rules on a scanner: shortly, he delivers. Accompanied by glorious Osprey and silly flags.Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, mercenaries2011-07-21 6 
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
15664087Google+ Requests/tg/ embraces the future of social networking!Google+, G+, foreveralone, social networking2011-07-22 -13 
15662705Art Deco MarinesA very original idea for a new Space Marines chapter is developed when OP comes with plans to build a 20s/30s themed army.Art Deco, 1930s, Space Marines, Greaser Orks, The Architects 2011-07-22 7 
15662033Organization of /tg/s Game of ThronesGuybrarian sets up and recruits his lords for the new Game of Thrones game he'll be running.Game of Thrones2011-07-23 0 
15683716Legend of Zelda RPG development #20.5Thread 20 vanished into the aether without archival...We won't let this one get away!Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done2011-07-24 8 
15726159Matt Ward QuestYou are Matthew Ward, designer of Games Workshop, ruiner of balance and molester of ferretsMatt Ward, ADB, ULTRAMARINES, Spiritual Liege2011-07-28 15 
15727525P&M Revival? Could it be that OP returned?Planes & Mercenaries, Planes & Mercs, P&M, OP, Baron, Steve, OCPlanes, P&M, Planes & Mercenaries, Steve, OP, OPagain, Baron2011-07-28 -2 
15724140StarmapTg build a starsystem.Worldbuilding, Stars, Space, Planets, Maps, Science Fiction, Environment, Resources,2011-07-28 2 
15727497Zerg Quest LITouring Space Disney, Anon comes upon some tasty scientists. Nom? Nom.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Space Disneyland!, Cheap doodads, Sadistic Body Horror2011-07-28 10 
15729516Matt Ward Quest Part 2In which Matt Ward wins a battle against Aaron Dembski Bowden, retcons the fluff of the night lords and white scars, and encounter some black templarsMatt Ward Quest, Matt Ward, Ultramarines, Derp, Spiritual Liege2011-07-28 13 
15738459Corpse QuestThe game where you are a skull that cannot do anything. /tg/ was unclear what they were actually supposed to do, and quickly became confused and irritated. But the intricate responses from OP meant that surely there must be some solution. ...right?collective game, writefaggotry, inane object quest2011-07-29 8 
15757474Medieval Engineering IIOP and his buddies continue to prepare for the mongol invasion in medieval Poland. Confessional seal is broken, the guns/butter problem rears its head, and the science of screws gets explained.MedievalHistory MedievalEngineering storytime awesomeroleplaying2011-07-30 22 
August 2011
15759263Legend of Zelda RPG development #21Some tweaks and revisions to existing techs and spells, a thorough review/fleshing out of the weapon system, and more - /tg/ gets shit done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-04 6 
15852524Most Insane EDH Deck EverThere is no win, only the madness. MTG, EDH, Commander, /tg/ Gets shit done2011-08-07 10 
15870437Boone Quest Episode 5After a lengthy absence, CF returns. We do some backtracking and find out the fates of our missing squadmate.Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest,2011-08-09 28 
15869516Vidya Game Name Generator/tg/ fluffs out names into games that put the game industry to shame. Can you type faster than the Nazi's in 'Stupendous Typing Over Normandy'? Enjoy quality edutainment with 'Viking Robot Phonics'! Experience the total sum of wargaming in 'Enormous Chainsaw - Total War'! Strain your brain over 'M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee'! AND MORE!vidya, game, name, generator, viking, nazi, hitler, time, travel, space, hillbilly, gokart, race, japan, werewolf, blast, mario, writefaggotry, awesome, barbie, beatdown, bible2011-08-09 9 
15846057Legend of Zelda RPG development #22Some touches on magic and songs, finishing weapon properties, and development of an improved character sheet.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-10 3 
15882549Boone Quest - Episode 6Our heroes encounter the Big Bad Heretek... will it blend?Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest, Collosal Fagot2011-08-10 26 
15894168Abaddon Quest XVIAbaddon makes a breakthrough with the High Seer, then a hug births Slaanesh and and Abaddon Punches the Warp, again.Collective Game, Quest, Abaddon, Black Crusade, Chaos, Heresy, Abaddon Quest, Badass, Awesome, Dinosaurs, Eldar, Time Travel, Kharn, Love, Slaanesh2011-08-11 20 
15926413Abaddon Quest XVIAbaddon explores the plot of the Malal cultists.Collective Game, Quest, Abaddon, Black Crusade, Chaos, Heresy, Abaddon Quest, Badass, Awesome, Dinosaurs, Eldar, Time Travel, Malal, Khorne2011-08-14 22 
15929304Lumberjack Marines/tg/ uses rites of battle to make lumberjack marines with BA Geneseed and awesome conceptslumberjack marines2011-08-14 15 
15939363Lumberjack Marines 2Continuation, including fluff on Lord Redwood and Old Blue amongst otherslumberjack marines2011-08-15 6 
15953005Lumbermarines 3Tidied up some of the Lumbermarines fluff and added some contributions before degenerating into sillyness.Lumberjack Marines2011-08-16 1 
15972097Board Quest VWe finally get to have fun storming the castle, and play tennis with a lich!Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Lich, Boss Battle, Tunnels, About Fucking Time2011-08-18 15 
15975401Crocodile Quest IIRenekton decides to side with Set. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. crocodile quest, sobek, two, II, 2, Renekton, Set, Nile, Egypt2011-08-18 0 
15964230Harry Potter RPG developmentGuy who said he'd make a game like, a month ago, returns. More work is done.harry potter, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2011-08-18 2 
15981439Crocodile Quest IIIRenekton, gifted with his new form and awesome hat, slew some fishermen. Now on a mission from Set, he goes North.crocodile quest, sobek, three, III, 3, Renekton, Set, Nile, Egypt2011-08-19 3 
16031628Simple Starship System for RPGOP has just started designing a simple starship system for use in a Science Fiction RPG, and he wanted to get some opinions. Discussion ensues.sci-fi, RPG, science fiction, missiles, lasers, development, dev, game new, design2011-08-23 2 
15957628The Legend of Zelda RPG development #24Finally starting to work our way out of the productivity slump, progress is (slowly) made. A system for "foraging" for rupees and supplies is devised, a basic framework for item prices is laid down, and principles of dungeon and boss design are discussed.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-24 3 
16052711Entombed VIIVercingetorix gets off the damn hill, heads for Nobilis40k, writefaggotry, Dreadnought, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k, Machine Spirit2011-08-25 2 
16055474space marines were sassy black womenWhat if all space marines were sassy, black women? black, sassy, women, space marines2011-08-25 15 
16054713Dawn of Worlds: Return of Neutrality 1Dawn of Worlds game where neutral alignments dominate the pantheon and the first age is completed in record time.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds, Neutrals2011-08-25 0 
16052444Adeptus Evangelion: Cold WarIt is 1961. It has been fifteen years since the Second Impact. Pilots are from the respective countries in either NATO and Warsaw. Their mission? Desperately work together while making the other side look weaker.EVA homebrew setting worldbuilding AdEva Adeptus Evangelion AdeptusEvangelion Neon Genesis NGE fluff2011-08-25 -2 
16060328Fantasy NewsAn update on international news as dragons wreck havoc on Hoboken and golems go on strike in francenews fantasy roleplay2011-08-26 1 
16068442Dawn of Worlds: Return of Neutrality 2The second part of Return of Neutrality. The Second Age is filled with Faerie civil war, spider invasions and demon Minotaurs (Demotaurs) mining their volcano. Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds, Neutrals2011-08-26 0 
16078790Considering: a modern fantasy Wilderness settingAnon proposes a setting with some modern tech, encroaching wilderness, and a reason for adventures. We contribute monsters and justifications.Homebrew, Getting Shit Done, original content, pokemon, modern fantasy, setting, world building2011-08-28 8 
16111045Heretek Quest IVbaleeted due to infightingwaifu khorne faggots2011-08-30 -2 
16116893A Song of Army Lists and Special CharactersOP complains about the recently nerfed Northmen codex in Dragons edition. Other players start talking about armies and broken characters.awesome, game of thrones, wargames, ASoIaF, GoT2011-08-30 5 
16121546What's so great about White Wolf?OP asks the question, wondering why the black urban-fantasy World of Darkness is so beloved. The fa/tg/uys reply with an epic debate and discussion about the pros, cons, and details of the world of Kindred, Garou, and Changelings.white wolf, world of darkness, vampire, werewolf, fae2011-08-31 3 
September 2011
16136082Zerg Quest LVILet's synergize our communication zones and break some paradigms.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Kerrigan, Raynor, Contract Negotiations, Very complicated paperwork2011-09-01 12 
16157599Boone Quest Episode 7Boone advances towards the surface, encountering an actual miner for once. Leo gets a new toy.Collective Game, Boone Quest, Boone, Psyker, Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr Culexis2011-09-03 26 
16173551Innocence: Lost FutureMagnificent homebrewing of original vidya. A childlike android, living its life, learning, until tragedy befalls his vault-esque home and everything goes Terminator. Fantastic concept. Fa/tg/uys are pleased.innocence, robot, monkey, vidya, children, terminator, skynet, original content, yahtzee, manly tears2011-09-04 62 
16175027Clint Eastwood DMsWith an All-Star cast of celebrity playersclint eastwood, morgan freeman, liam neeson, frank sinatra, sean connery, michael cera, nathan fillion2011-09-04 10 
16170996The PC's childA child grows up with her hilariously neglectful parents, accidentally leaving her to be raised by monsters for months at a time.Backstory, Parental neglect, Humor, rusty venture2011-09-05 11 
16179744Wizards Accidental Island AdventureThe great Dunbledalf has well...fucked up and you've been thrown through space and time to a deadly deadly island full of monters and danger, luckily the wizard is willing to grant some boons to make ammends. Can you survive?Wizard, Artifacts, Adventure, Survival, Nemesis, Dunbledalf 2011-09-05 17 
16182136Boone Quest Ep. 7.1We continue where we left off, encountering a cultist and promptly losing him, and getting a chance to speak to someone who isn't asleep or evil.Collective Game, Boone, Boone Quest, Mr. Culexis2011-09-05 26 
16188151Cuptain of the Honour GuardA thread about Space Marines is massively derailed by an argument about Thor, heresy and finally Cup Diomedes. Featuring Deadpool. /tg/'s random humor at its finest. humor, meme, blood ravens, 40K, warhammer 40K, funny, cups, deadpool, thor, space marines, Cup Diomedes, Diomedes, random2011-09-05 11 
16196884Space Marine's HumorOP asks if Space Marines have a sense of humor, hilarity ensues.Space Marine, Humor2011-09-06 7 
16191331The Reasonable Marines' Reasons The Inquisitor Rightina Immam finds out for whom the Reasonable Marines fight for and their justifications for doing so. Also, she finishes her report and a full-blown war is right around the corner. Knights Inductor, Reasonable, Reasonable Marines, 40k, writefaggotry, fluff2011-09-07 31 
16255390new idea based game systema new game system where the players are ideas wanting to become charactersnew gamesystem, development2011-09-12 5 
16330177Magic: the BurninatingWalker plays a Booster Battle with /tg/, and the cards are punished according to their in-game defeats. Magic, MtG, Walker, Planeswalker, Interactive Game2011-09-18 11 
16350251Dawn of Stubbornness most stubbon space marine chapter ever created, also some writefag writes and awesome storyspace marines, stubborn2011-09-19 49 
16359011Dawn of Stubbornness 3most stubbon space marine chapter ever created, also some writefag writes and awesome story 40k, space marines2011-09-20 7 
16368015Stalker Quest #18The resumption of Stalker Quest. We make our way back from the Wild Territories with the spetsnaz PDA and decide to see if Freedom can get us into it.Stalker Quest, Collective Game, Zone, Bosse2011-09-21 10 
16374298Happy MarinesHey, what if we turn the permanently scowling marine helmet into OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!Happy Marines, nightmare fuel, wtf, space marine, 40k, clown, creepy2011-09-21 22 
16375960Araby fandex brainstorming/tg/ starts with the creation of their own Araby army book, this brainstorming is saved for future reference.Araby, warhammer fantasy, project, /tg/ gets shit done, 2011-09-21 23 
16396062Ork Dakka Discussion & PhilosophyOP wonders what would happen if enuff dakka would be reached if an ork was revealed to Slaanesh. Discussion then turns to what is enuff dakka can can it be reached. Von Neumann Bullets and universe guns are conceived in an attempt to reach enuff dakka. Then a wise orky anon shares the wisdom of Sorkatez, Shillork and other ork philosophers.ork, 40k, dakka, more dakka, never enuff dakka, Von Neumann bullets,2011-09-23 5 
16414965NechronicaA Japanese RPG where you play a zombie girl. /tg/ attempts to unlock its mysteries.zombie, horror, japanese, weeaboo, animu, translate, nechronica2011-09-25 13 
1641893140k: The MusicalLyrics and music to the proposed 40k musical40k, Guard, Space Marine, Musical2011-09-25 5 
16433257Hallowe'en Thread - now with RPGTender fa/tg/uys everywhere, life's no fun without a good scare! What starts as Hallowe'en general/imagedump turns into the sharing of a Hallowe'en themed RPG for all to share. Hallowe'en, homebrew, gets shit done2011-09-26 5 
16422771Nechronica 2Further discussionnechronica2011-09-27 8 
16436126Stalker Quest #19We interrogate a wounded bandit and set off for the Army Warehouses. Then Bosse decides to place in a gravity anomaly.Stalker Quest, Collective Game, Stalker, Bosse, Zone2011-09-27 6 
16441355Fall of a Bloody MagpieWhat starts as a door-to-door survey by a Draenei turns into the slow corruption of a Bloody Magpie.Draenei, Survey, Bloody Magpie, Chaos, Mugs, Mug2011-09-27 7 
16457253Stalker Quest #20A brief session where we get Screw set on cracking the PDA and fixing our damage helmet, meet Skinflint do business with him, and pick of the trail of a delivery job in the local watering hole.Stalker Quest, Collective Game, Bosse, Zone, Stalker2011-09-29 5 
16459878What If Space Marines landed on Earth (again).What if Space Marines landed on Earth for the one hundredth time.Space Marines, 40K2011-09-29 -3 
16453010Drakar och DemonerAnon translating Swedish D&D clone, Drakar och Demoner.RPG, Tabletop, project, fluff, fantasy, Drakar_och_Demoner2011-09-29 3 
16459719This is your party: Strawhat EditionIn which /tg/ reveals it's love for One Piece.One Piece, Strawhats, This is your party, Oda2011-09-29 9 
October 2011
16488272Stalker Quest #21Our helmet retrieved and our courier mission in progress, we find out why a swamp at night is no place you want to be in the Zone.Stalker Quest, Collective Game, Stalker, Zone, Bosse2011-10-02 5 
16491215Fish out of WaterCampaign Idea: A PT boat gets sent to a fantasy world, cue survival horror/logistics/the odyssey. game ideas, fantasy, modern, getting shit done, 2011-10-02 12 
16506663Necromany UniversityOP asks for help on passing his lichdom final, discussion of campus life follows.rp, roleplay, necromancy, school2011-10-04 7 
16510447Necromancy University 102Continuation of our previous discussion of the magical life and conversation with a barbarian on the virtues of complex magic.rp, roleplay, necromancy, school2011-10-04 6 
16511386The Editors: A Setting In ProgressOP has an idea about sending agents in to remove Mary Sues from canon settings. A few like-minded Anons later, a meta-fanfiction setting is born.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, 2011-10-04 22 
16529282The Editors IIWe continue world-building our freshly popularized meta-fanfiction campaign setting.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas2011-10-06 10 
16532050Stalker Quest #22We deal with a sticky hostage situation - ours.Stalker Quest, Collective Game, Stalker, Bosse, Zone, Chernobyl2011-10-06 7 
16543966The New Emprasque storiesSomeone else returns with more tales of our favorite orange ruler of the imperiumTerrasque, Emprah, Warhammer, 40k, writfag, story time, Someone else2011-10-07 22 
16540773/tg/ MetaQuest 2We have encountered and allied with the Orz from Star Control, and have discovered that all life on the station and the planet below was 'removed' at the time of The Event. After clearing the station, we go down to investigate Sarajevo and Temple Prime for more clues, with Orz marines leading the way. Meta, Quest, Orz, Star Control, Command and Conquer, Kane, Cruiser, Ibram Gaunt, Spike Spiegel, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers2011-10-07 12 
16566855Unorthodox Encounters - Deathwatch Edition OP posts an Unothodox Deathwatch Encounter, we end up with Farming Marines and SM Blood BowlDeathwatch, 40k, Comedy, Space Marines2011-10-09 8 
16577191WAAAAAGHNETIf Orks had the internetOrks, Internet, WAAAAGH2011-10-10 21 
16596363MegakainOP came to ask a question about warband leadership, but what he didn't expect was a sentient Baneblade with the personality of a bizzaro Ciaphas Cain.Awesome, baneblade, idea, derailed, tank, chaos, ciaphas cain2011-10-12 14 
16586945Electronic love/tg/'s new waifu is a toaster, or a computer, or an alarm-clock. Adorable writefaggotry and weird boners occur.romance, love, waifu, dawww, writefaggotry, appliances, machines, hardware2011-10-12 29 
16580545Ar tonelico RPG Thread/tg/ tries to make the magic system from super-weeaboo jRPG series Ar tonelico work in DnD3.5e. Succeeds.Ar tonelico, DnD, RPG, jRPG, Getting Shit Done, 3.5e2011-10-13 7 
16606738Zerg Quest LVIIDark experiments are performed, and a new sci-fi franchise enters the fray.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, DALEKS, completely unnecessary crossovers2011-10-13 12 
16649661Necron Lord AssholehotepA thread about the new Necrons turns into stories about a new Necron Lord, Assholehotep, who has the maturity level of a 10 year old.necrons, 40k, assholehotep2011-10-17 14 
16655751Chapter Master Quest Part 2Chapter Master Quest goes on........Collective Game, 40K, Chapter Master Quest, Space Marine, Crimson Spectres, Kaankas,2011-10-18 1 
16676293Let's Discuss Fantas-PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFHGATHER SACRIFICES. Also, some interesting discussion on elder gods and eldritch horrors.cthulhu, shoggoth, elder gods, gods, horror, slaanesh, sacrifices, discussion2011-10-20 5 
16697259Chapter Master Quest Part 4We finnaly finish with detail work and start sending our companies for missions.....Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-21 1 
16705778Chapter Master Quest 6Things happen... plot goes on..... OH SHÝT!!! Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-22 3 
16708343King Alfonso Civilization Game 2We get bad ass magic, meet some snakes, and blood for the blood god.civilization game, alfonso, sanguine kingdom, fucking dorfs, collective game2011-10-23 21 
16714511Chapter Master Quest Part 7 (there is no part 5)We meet the cannoness of the Crimson Hearts order...... And get two new planets....Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-23 1 
16716025King Alfonso Civilization Game 3The confrontation with the dwarves is on. civilization game, alfonso, sanguine kingdom, fucking dorfs, collective game2011-10-23 13 
16717231King Alfonso Civilization Game 4New races made, new races discovered, and gunpowder. Decisions, decisions...civilization game, alfonso, sanguine kingdom, fucking dorfs, collective game, lizardmen, goblins2011-10-24 12 
16733944Chapter Master Quest Part 8The Crimson Spectres strike at a Tyranid Splinter Hive Fleet, rescuing the Mantis Warriors in the processCollective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chapter Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-25 8 
16747874Cowboy Space Marines/tg/ makes a Cowboy Space Marine chapter and awesome happensLonestars, Tombstone, Cowboys, 40k, Space Marines, 2011-10-27 13 
16753774Chapter Master Quest Part 9Well... We make a celebration after our victory. nothing much....Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-27 1 
16771558ChapterMasterQUESTWell... time to face waaagh.... Overkilling or not... thats whole question..Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-29 5 
16772808Assholetep the InsufferableAssholetep jokes everywhereAssholetep, necron, jokes2011-10-29 23 
16797229Chapter Master Quest Part 10Warp Travel roll fail.... Daemonettes and bloodthirsters and much more..... Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-10-31 0 
November 2011
16821893Zerg Quest LXWhat do YOU think about space redneck incest?Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, More pauldrons?, Space rednecks, Daleks, trolls everywhere2011-11-03 10 
16827377Chapter Master Quest Part 11Battle against WAAAAAGH is ON!!! Come at us bro....Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-11-03 1 
16847058Chapter Master (Postponed)Saved this part for later use....Collective Game, Kaankas, Crimson Spectres, Chatper Master Quest, 40k, Space Marine2011-11-05 -3 
16852204/tg/ Meta Quest 13We triumphantly return to Sector HQ, where we give Holtz the good news that the Rewriter Bomb went off. We choose what we keep from the forces lent to us, then transit to another world. Middle-Earth this time, and we just found a Chaos gate outside Rivendell.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines2011-11-06 12 
16862657Boone Quest Episode 8NEL has joined the party!Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, Collossal Fagot2011-11-07 28 
16867952Artillery Brings Out the Best in PeopleA discussion of Tachyon Arrows hitting enemies in different stores leads to fun story time until an argument about Tachyons breaks out.Necrons, GW, Artillery, Tachyon, Tachyon Arrow2011-11-07 10 
16864773Waiting for TG Meta Quest: Server Migration EditionWaiting for Thread 14, Server Migration leaves us waiting for couple days. We discuss tactics, wishlists, and ideas.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-08 6 
16865876Farming It Quest IIWe continue with Bill making deals with fae, and then comes the elf who is part bloodhound, or spicehound, and we get to ask a second favor from the fae... It's gonna be bloody.Collective Game, farmer, Farming It Quest, bloody murder, Khorne farming, fae, elf2011-11-08 7 
16877258/tg/ Meta Quest 14We are able to open negotiations with Ahriman with the help of the Knights Inductor. We capture and interrogate an agent of the Shipper Union. And we find out that instead of wizards, we got a vaudeville act when we asked for Aurors.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-08 10 
16887973/tg/ Meta Quest 15Ahriman says Ring of Power or no deal. We try to brainstorm how to sneak into Barad-dûr to steal a Ring, when someone mentions Ringil, the sword of ice that crippled Morgoth, Sauron's boss. And thus was born a plan to retrieve Ringil from its resting place and troll Sauron as distraction, in order to steal a Ring.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-09 15 
16891353/tg/ Meta Quest 16It takes us a while, and the ghost of an elf face-palming at us, but we finally solve the final riddle protecting Fingolfin's Cairn and Ringil. Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons, Fingolfin2011-11-09 15 
16899605/tg/ Meta Quest 17Darius Forte, newly promoted Hero from among the Knights Inductor, takes possession of Ringil. We then pick up some other magic swords, and prepare to troll Sauron.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons, Fingolfin, Gurthang2011-11-10 13 
16900526Zerg Quest LXIZerg/UED treaty/licensing negotiations begin and end. Anon browses Dyles' planets for one it can fuck up.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, General Sagan, Threat assessment, Diplomacy2011-11-10 10 
16919381Hellspawn's NationbuilderA nationbuilder game, based off Skargan's nation builder ruleset.Collective Game, Benevolent Hellspawn, Nationbuilder, nation builder, civilization, civilization game 2011-11-12 2 
16909600Knights Inductor - The Twin CrusadesA thread with long legs in which Not Not LongPoster revises his story of The Twin Crusades Knights Inductor, Reasonable marines, tg ,40k, story2011-11-17 8 
16960159I received from a giant a sword forged of XI received from a giant a sword forged of thread. I find it becomes more epic every day.Snowclone, giant2011-11-19 11 
16980344Alpha Legion InfiltratorsIn which OP over-reacts, and no mention at all is made of the Paranoid Marines. Nothing to see here.paranoia, alpha legion, paranoid marines2011-11-21 15 
17027063Kamen Rider LathanderOP makes a Grimdark RPG and one player breaks the mold creating a Monk who worships the Sun God Lathander. Hilarity ensuesLathander, Kamen Rider, Grimdark, Nemesis, Awesome2011-11-27 15 
December 2011
17068583Zerg Quest LXIIIIn which Anon goes to Ludicrous Speed, and lives to tell about it.Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zerg Quest, They've gone to plaid, /tg/ dice, Space dogs2011-12-01 14 
17087434Tales of the Emprasqu returnsSomeone else starts writefagging for everyone's favorite get-shit-done Emprasque.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else.2011-12-03 30 
17107493Vinefolk in the Vineyard"why COULDN'T there be a plant race that favored technology and industry?" And thus the vinefolk (or Vinlanders, or vineborn, etc etc) are born.brainstorm, shit gets concept'd, plantfolk, vinefolk, create-a-race2011-12-05 14 
17109073Androids - New Treatise becomes Cyborgs - Stolen MemoriesOP starts off with an interesting concept. There is discussion, a bit of derail, and interesting details.Android, Androids, Homebrew, Cyborg, Space, Cybernetics, Cybernetic, Mind, Memory2011-12-05 7 
17163496Gourmet 40kA discussion about what Xenos are edible stays remarkably on track. Creation of the Adeptus Delicious Space Marine Chapter included.warhammer, 40k, warhammer 40k, Tau, Eldar, Necrons2011-12-10 8 
17218449Zerg Quest LXVAnon's trap is sprung, and Dyles hits the Protoss hard.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, unnecessary ban, dice retardation, surely OP will deliver2011-12-15 10 
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
17247619Outsider: The Calling 11Anniversary EditionOutsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-12-19 15 
17293888Zerg Quest LXVIAnon tears Dyles' forces apart, and engages the Protoss in the political arena. Thread called "the most effective in recent history".Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Diplomacy, Pauldrons, Drunk OP, I assure you I have not been banned2011-12-22 10 
17302885Tarrasque, SkelePuters, and the PainTernetA comprehensive and logical write out of how these all worked together.D&D, Tarrasque, SkelePuters, PainTernet2011-12-22 25 
17316672The Editors IIIContinued development of the setting, incorporating elements from /tg/ Meta Quest. The Cold War with the TSAB is lightly touched upon, and relations with the other Meta-aware factions.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, Editors, The Editors2011-12-24 8 
17319851Santapire IIMore fleshing out of the jolly old Ventrue who loves sharing Christmas joy with good girls & boys!Vampire, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Requiem, WoD, VtR, World of Darkness2011-12-25 3 
17342370Old Man Henderson Narrated Voice actor StephanosRex narrates the Old Man Henderson and other /tg/ storiesstorytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2011-12-28 33 
17376824Enter the ShadowsideAre you ready to enter the Shadowside?Enter the Shadowside, RPG, new idea, enter, the, shadowside2011-12-30 21 
17382585Creepy Call of Cthulhu notes.What do you hand your player when they lose sanity? One GM shares his tricks, while others chime in with their own experiences.CoC, Creepy, Cthuhu, Madness, GM, rpg, 2011-12-31 7 
17384620Spiders are SuperiorThis thread is spiders.spiders, spider, funny, copypasta, never change /tg/2011-12-31 11 
January 2012
17402763Umbral Angels chapter creation threadAn anon starts a chapter creation thread. Swift and stealthy Blood Angels successors with IG bros appear.40k, Chapter creation, Marines, Blood Angels, Umbral Angels2012-01-02 5 
17421533Enter The Shadowside (rules, comics, info)OP of this new RPG discusses rules, fluff and crunch.new, enter, the, shadowside, ghosts, paranormal, comics, thelema, rules2012-01-04 11 
17425007/tg/ rap battlesMC Warlock drops it like it's hot and /tg/ piles on inrap, rap battles, you will never need the other boards, 2012-01-05 10 
17449318Megacorp Quest: A New BeginningIt's not the old one, but it might be just as good. We'll just have to see where our new found cocaine addiction leads us.Megacorp, corp, corporation, cocaine, XCOM, quest, collective game, Megacorp Quest2012-01-07 5 
17476855Are mind flayers confused by children's scribbles?A question about the written language of the mind flayers turns into a discussion of the Illithid's art and culture, mental greentext, and a psionic internet.illithid, mind flayer, qualith, elder brain, internet2012-01-10 11 
17485327Stephanos NarratesStephanos Rex returns to /tg/ for some awesome voice acting. storytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2012-01-10 13 
17503738For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century III Sonia Reynard checks to see if she would cut it as a Marine by joining a boarding action. Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-01-12 15 
17523320TG helps inspire children's book(s)Op asks tg for help developing t tg related children's book we offer up cool suggestionsMilly, story,writefaggery,Paladin,writefag, Getting Shit Done2012-01-13 8 
17542150For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century IVContinuation of previous thread's boarding action. Team chooses to disable the engines.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-01-15 14 
17563929Strike witch questwe talk shop in the O-Club, get drunk, flying coastal morning patrol, and crash on an island we aren't supposed to be onstrike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective game2012-01-17 39 
17567390Strike Witches Quest 2We give absolutely no fucks when faced with a superior officer, find our crew alive and unharmed, then find out we're stranded on this island till tomorrow.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective game, Strike Witches Quest2012-01-17 35 
17579028Strike Witches Quest IIIYou are a fighter pilot of the 442nd Night Fighter Squadron, rated for the P-61A Black Widow, and as suits the death-dealer of the dark skies, you're currently squelching about in waterlogged jeans and no shirt, kneeling by a rotary phone to listen into a conversation.Collective Game, Strike Witches quest, strike witches, planefag2012-01-18 30 
17585606Warhammer 40k: Heretical Love Part XVIIHigh Seas adventure with the Dark Eldar twins. Collective Game, Heretical Love quest, 40k, quest, warhammer, XVII, max decarus, necron, pirates, heretical love, papa-n2012-01-18 28 
17586782Space Wolves are AssholesStory is written about Space Wolves being assholes, /tg/ takes it upon themselves to write the other perspectivesstory, storytime, writing, funny, space wolves, space marines, guardsmen, whores2012-01-18 10 
17586818Chapter Quest I - Arrival and WithdrawalRising Sons chapter arrives to their domain and immediately gets into a fight with corrupt Rogue Trader. After a costly battle he is finally defeated and Rising Sons organise genocide on Heidrun.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, genocide, Rogue Trader, Chapter Master, Space Marines2012-01-19 17 
17595495Chapter Quest II - The StandoffAfter fall of Heidrun Rising Sons find themselves locked in a crysis with their former Tyrian allies. Only intervention and rational negotiation by Onyxian techpriests saves the day and establishes first Rising Sons outpost - Salvation.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Techpriests, negotiations, stand-off, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Chapter2012-01-20 10 
17599224Strike Witches Quest IVThe aliens launch a night-time commando raid on the Witches' base, and we fight to get the girls to their Striker units as the aliens use stun prods to try to capture them alive. This must be what being on the other end of an X-COM raid is like.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-20 24 
17601600Strike Witches Quest VWe strike our commanding officer when she gives us orders we don't like, then charge into the alien transport ship. We just barely survive an encounter with an alien, and the other witches all seem to be safe.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-20 22 
17605586Fat Marine ThreadShwig tells a story of a fat marine.... through dran sticky pictures40k, fat, marine, pictures, awesome, cheesy poofs2012-01-20 28 
17610836Strike Witches Quest VIWe troll Perrine, meet with a German officer that might have been Rommel, and then get hauled in front of General Patton. Minna's gone missing, and we've ended up on Gertrude's bad side.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-21 21 
17605495Chapter Quest IIIRising Sons are ambushed by pirates in Nordgrim, but manage to bluff their way out and find traces of STC.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Master, ambush, corsairs, pirates, Sororitas, space marines, chapter, simulation2012-01-21 7 
17613479Strike Witches Quest VIIThrough previously-undisplayed diplomacy we dodge defenestrationm and acquire new P-61strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-21 22 
17615286/tg/ Meta Quest 54We are able to communicate with Tosh and our away team, trapped as they are in a Kingdom Hearts sub-domain inhabited by our target S.U.E.'s. We begin looking for a way to bring our people back. We also see the first installment of Iron Engineer: Meta Edition!Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, Iron Engineer2012-01-21 10 
17618098Chapter Quest IV - First BloodRising Sons answer Tyr's plea to bring them food from Stygia(agri-world in Sub-Sector Tyranus). On their way back they are ambushed by Dark Eldar corsairs and Chapter Master himself loses an arm in epic battle aboard Dark Eldar flagship. Despite this, Rising Sons prevail and even manage to take over one of the ships. Tyr is saved and Rising Sons grow even stronger.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Dark Eldar, Mandrake, Chapter Master, ambush, sub-sector, STC, warhammer 40k, Space Marines2012-01-22 9 
17623137Outsider: The Calling 12New nWoD line gets fluffed out more. Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2012-01-24 8 
17646053Chapter Quest V - SacrificeRising Sons receive report from Onyx about Chaos warband in the Cryptus Sub-Sector. They track it down and engage it in a bloody battle with unforseen conclusion.Collective Game, Quest. Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Defiler, Chaos, cultist, sacrifice, manly tears, chaplain, Space Marines2012-01-24 14 
17647683Boone Quest Episode 9MINHELM joins the party, and an evil animated hand runs loose.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-01-24 27 
17660742Strike Witches Quest VIIIWe have an oopsie with the new plane and go to acquire boozstrike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag, will it fit in a b522012-01-25 21 
17658488For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century VThe long awaited boxing match takes place and we spend 3 week's pay to make sure we're ready for it.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines, Boxing2012-01-25 13 
17664907Strike Witches Quest IXWe lightly troll Minna, and Charlotte lays down a shopping list for us while we're in Christchurch.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-25 22 
17660603Boone Quest Episode 9.2In which our heroes flush melta bombs down the toilet.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-01-25 26 
17661099Chapter Quest VI - The Enemy WithinAfter Iridonia and clearing out Cruiser Nix Mirius Chapter Master notices something strange about his behaviour... And it seems that the worst suspicions are becoming true.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Space Marines, daemon, mindfuck, deception, artifact, warp, brilliant players2012-01-25 9 
17686953Strike Witches Quest XStrike Witches: Dynamic Shopping aka Grand Theft Errything.strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-27 20 
17683493Chapter Quest VII - Friend or FoeThe Rising Sons receive word of an old enemy and a new one, but things don't go quite as planned.Space Marines, Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, Warhammer 40000, 40k, Warhammer 40k, WH40k, roleplay2012-01-27 9 
17690122Strike Witches Quest XIWe steal shit, buy shit, wind up in the paper, and give no fucks. strike witches, pilots, planes, WWII, Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag2012-01-27 22 
17689732/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 3While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. Shit gets fucked up and significantly more complicated.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Harry Potter, X-Men, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, COMMON SENSE, Mario, Digimon, Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, Warcraft, Wakfu, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Neckbeard2012-01-27 6 
17696790Chapter Quest VIII - Justified ViolenceRising Sons decide to mount a daring infiltration mission against their old enemy Rogue Trader Moriarty...Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, roleplay, rpg, 40k, Chapter, Space Marines, infiltration, stealth, kidnapping, Rogue Trader2012-01-28 10 
17701185Warhammer 40k Weapon Generator #2The 2nd thread of the weapon generator. Expect lulz, lolwut, and awesome.40k, Dark Heresy, random generator, weapon2012-01-29 -1 
17723250Chapter Quest IX - Storm Within the StormRising Sons decide to rush to help their vassal-world Nordgrim that is about to be locked within a warp storm, but when they get there, things are even worse than expected.Chapter Quest, Quest, Chapter, Collective Game, Rising Sons, Adeptus Astartes. zombies, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Warp, storm, Nurgle, Witchhunters, feudal2012-01-30 12 
17726192Strike Witches Quest XIIwe talk to the wizard of clocks and hunt for a silk robeStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot2012-01-30 23 
17728604Strike Witches Quest XIIIWe get our revenge on Pappy and Luke, and then learn the Martians are cribbing notes from the Reds.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot2012-01-30 23 
17731392Strike Witches Quest XIVwe take a shower and trude says hello(with her fist)Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot2012-01-30 23 
17734087/tg/ does crosswordsWe got this/tg/ get shit done, crosswords2012-01-30 21 
February 2012
17766007Strike Witches Quest XVStrike Witches: Booze Suppression SystemsStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-02 24 
17767985Strike Witches Quest XVIWe fucked up bad, Rommel is a Bro, Patton chews us up and we have MONUMENTAL trouble with girls.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-02 24 
17769684Strike Witches Quest XVIIWe distribute everyone's gifts as Toga-Claus, somewhat normalize relations with Trude, have a chat with Sakamoto, show off our singing to Minna, and Sanya starts channeling alien gods/Martian radio chatter.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-02 26 
17764918MAQuest 1A young Newtype pilot is rescued by the Federation, along with her experimental Mobile Armor.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-02 21 
17778417MAQuest 2Shannon gets another taste of combat and makes a new friend.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-03 20 
17791313MAQuest 3Shannon explores the ship and finds something entirely unexpected.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-04 15 
17794854TG Quest 58:We turn around, we make a Plan, ArchSUE dies.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo2012-02-04 15 
17800595Street Fighter Quest: First Bout/tg/ takes a dip into the Street Fighter 'verse, taking on the persona of a drunken Frenchman. Fights are had, wine is drunk, and friends are made. Will he become the next World Champion?Street Fighter Quest, Collective Game, Louis de Funes, Street Fighter 2012-02-04 10 
17807980Strike Witches Quest XVIIISanya can see the PAST, isn't that great? Also spiders.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-05 24 
17809764Strike Witches Quest XIXThe terrible night of the hospital bed. We may be going overboard. Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-05 23 
17810362Old World of Darkness StorytimeAlice in Wonderland in a post apocalyptic America run by Technocrats post apocalyptic, Alice, World of Darkness, oWod, Changeling, Technocrat, Storytime2012-02-05 5 
17804566MAQuest 4Another Mobile Armor shows up for a beating and is not disappointed. Now with 50% more Luna II.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-05 13 
17811554Strike Witches Quest XXWe're nearly kicked out of the 501st, bounce Minna in front of Patton, and have a talk with Sakamoto that forces us to think about our emotions too hard. Oh, and we save Chuck Yeager's ass from a beating.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-05 26 
17817039Wise Words From Veteran Adventurers/tg/ muses about what veterans would say to new adventurers. What transpires is awesome.awesome, discussion, getting shit done2012-02-05 38 
17785546Another TGquest planning threadarchived so future readers can see our thought processesCollective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo, Orz, OrzAreStillATagBecauseWeAreWaitingForThemToComeBackAndBiteUsInTheAssForStupidity2012-02-06 6 
17819391MAQuest 5Team Ex-Zeon gets a new member, and Shannon's luck remains incredible.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-06 13 
17830158Horus RevolutionAn alternate universe 40k. Horus is the one on the Golden Throne, barely alive, as the Legions won the war and took Terra. Those who remained loyal to the Emperor must now survive as rebels in the Webway. 40k, alternate universe, Golden Throne, Horus Revolution, Warhammer 40,000, Webway2012-02-06 10 
17833809MAQuest 6We investigate the ruins of Side 2, meet a Ball that has no pilot, and recover a necklace and a binder. Then we wake up back on the Trafalgar, and are told we were never anywhere near Side 2. MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-07 13 
17846854Strike Witches Quest XXIWe compare kills with Chuck, then discover our stuff was moved. Retaliation may be heading for disproportionateStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-08 25 
17844554For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century VIIRecon in spess! We stumble upon a legendary ghost ship and have a moral dilemma placed before us. Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-02-08 11 
17850260Strike Witches Quest XXIIWe troll witches and suck face. Then the Martians ruin everything.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-08 25 
17837890The Lost Future-9 With More Guns and BigotryA revival of 17560757 with more fluff, and now art. robots, engine heart, original content, post-apocalyptic, post-apoc, guns, futuristic2012-02-08 9 
17870823Chaos Space Marine QuestJoin the adventures of Decimus Petillius Tiro of the Word Bearers!Chaos Space Marine Quest, Word Bearer, Collective Game2012-02-09 5 
17882164Go my undead minions Save our countryMost memorable spell ever cast, including the epic tale of a Necromancer who decided to play hardball.awesome, necromancer, spells, WIZARD, nosenseofrightorwrong2012-02-10 20 
17903034Strike Witches Quest XXIIIWe turn on our radar full power, drawing all of the Martians towards us. We then hit the deck and activate War Emergency Power as we flip upside down and strafe the Martian assault boats closing on the downed Witch.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-12 26 
17905776Strike Witches Quest XXIVWe head back to HQ. Talk about magicks with Trude. We pass out in Minna's bed. Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-12 28 
17888142MAQuest Part 7We beat up a Zaku, and find the most expensive blueprint we're probably ever going to get.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-12 10 
17901201/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 10Dwarf Fortress dwarves invade Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We defeat the dwarves, and make progress towards looting the fuck out of the dungeon.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Crawl, Stone Soup, DCSS, Dwarf, Fort, Fortress, DF, Fuck the world lever2012-02-12 7 
17947370For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century VIIIWe get the ship back to base, face some quarantine time then head home before the Ruling House can decide if they want us kept quiet.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-02-15 12 
17951864Assemble Your Team/tg/ puts together a squad and a plan to steal the Golden Throne from Terra.Warhammer 40k, crossover, heresy, CREEEEEEEEEED, Mass Effect, just as planned2012-02-15 21 
17931031/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 11The players loot the Shoals, Orc mines, Vaults, and part of the Dungeon. Absolutely nothing else happens after that.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Crawl, Stone Soup, DCSS, Orb of Zot, Zot, Scrabble2012-02-15 5 
17959606Mahou Shounen QuestWe're not just some pansy magic boy in a skirt, we're a one butler army of pure dapper and class... Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear 2012-02-15 16 
17965278Strike Witches Quest XXVPancakes, rumour, Rommel, lessons on pre-decimal British coinage and major Perrine issuesStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-16 24 
17968260Strike Witches Quest XXVIWe get girl advice from Sean, learn about alien signals, play with Chuck's Mustang and then punch him in the faceStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-16 25 
17970708Strike Witches Quest XXVIIWe set up an ELINT mission, unleash delicious revenge on Ian, then are witness to Sanya putting a gun to Minna's headStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-16 26 
17973355Mahou Shounen Quest 2 WE ARE BUTLER. WE LIVE TO SERVE AND GET LAID. NOT TO GET PAID Drunk traps, Shirou being Shirou, Kraus is onto us. Erica Hartmann partakes of our sausage. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-16 21 
17981906Mahou Shounen Quest 3Shirou Must die. Also, combat training time against Mike and Santa Clause.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-17 24 
17978601/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 12Vaults:8, Crypts, Elf Halls, chat with gods, people fail at scrabble.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Crawl, Stone Soup, DCSS, Orb of Zot, Zot, Scrabble, Elyvilon, Writefaggotry, SCP-18922012-02-17 5 
17986384Mahou Shounen Quest 4EXTRA SERVINGS! WE LIVE TO SERVE AND GET LAID. Picnic with friends. Sakura blows a gorilla up. Dandy Shirou.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-17 23 
17995372Mahou Shounen Quest 5Rider bro has our back, dinner with mein engel and we share our story.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-18 24 
17991681/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 13Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup completed. Witness the shocking final confrontation with the final boss!Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Crawl, Stone Soup, DCSS, Orb of Zot, Zot, Author, Self, Insert2012-02-18 5 
18004681Actual Strike Witches XXVIIIThis one is not a false labeled image dumpStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-19 29 
18007020Strike Witches Quest XXIXSweet wheelchairs! Little girls being calmed down! THEY PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER! Guns are pulled! Bricks are shat!Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-19 28 
18012439Mahou Shounen Quest 6We wake up with twins in our bed. Kraus finds someone to challenge his tea. PIZZA ORGY HUEHUEHUE. Kenji demands to see our penis. MANLY LUNCHEONCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-19 24 
18022090Mahou Shounen Quest 7WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA, AND WE MAKE LOVE. Elevator sex. Erica pulls a knife on us. The Doctor tests us. Mike covers up for us. we host a MASQUERADECollective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-20 25 
18033784Mahou Shounen Quest 8WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. The Masquerade continues. We grope Ursula. Kenji goes undercover. Shinku wants Kraus' tea. KEIMA SEDUCTION. Erica punishes us. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid 2012-02-21 24 
18043629WHFB Lizard Men Thread/tg/ discusses various things about WHFB Lizard Men (the Slann being Stonemasons for example).Lizard Men, WHFB, Warhammer, Stonemasons, Parody, Song2012-02-22 16 
18045481Strike Witches Quest XXX (lol)Fallout from the encounter in the basement, we go drink in the plane. Much silliness is enjoyed by all in the thread.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-22 32 
18042712For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century IXTrying to prevent a large scale planetary invasion, we get our ship shot to pieces instead.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-02-22 13 
18048059Strike Witches Quest XXXIThe only way a pilot knows to deal with shit is to SHOOT, this time at the asses of several of the witchesStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-22 34 
18044520Boone Quest Episode 10Turns out we're not dead! We link up with some survivors from our unit, and learn that Raege is incoming.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-02-22 27 
18047793Mahou Shounen Quest 9WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Ursula gets closer. We get a tape. And then a UPGRADE for the TEAM.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-22 24 
18053129Mahou Shounen Quest 10WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. We learn some alchemy. Stare down the Necronomicon. Tested by TTHE DOCTOR. Sit on the Golden Throne. Gain time stop skill. and begin some Time travel shenanigans.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-22 24 
18062057Mahou Shonen Quest 11WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Further time travel shenanigans, talk with Ursula, get CQC training from Mike.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-23 24 
18066295Mahou Shounen Quest 12WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Afternon time travel shenanigans. We go shopping. Fudge cave-in. We unlokc the TWINS route. and who was that with Keima?Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-23 24 
18072147Strike Witches Quest XXXIIWe break up a fight between two pilots, Ian realizes his powers, and we get ready to finally triangulate that Martian transmitter and kill it.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-24 28 
18074867Strike Witches Quest XXXIIIalmost no fuel left after the long, boring but successful ELINT mission and loaded out to take big land-based targets? lets go bounce a flying dreadnought and dogfight some aliums whit Luke Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-24 28 
18074051Mahou Shounen Quest 13WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Date with the twins. Skating. sensual massages. VANILLA PTSD [archived early since 4chan is on the fritz]Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-24 24 
18077691Strike Witches Quest XXXIVA furious scissoring dogfight leaves us with a leaking fuel tank, so we decide to land our Black Widow on a navy carrier. What could go wrong? Apparently everything.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-24 30 
18080119Mahou Shounen Quest 14THE OBLIGATORY 80's TRAINING MONTAGE. we get loot, skillz and potions with a few rolls of dice. WE out-barter Recette. Dimension hopping shenanigans beginCollective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-24 24 
18087172Mahou Shounen Quest 15TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS BEGIN. The twins made us become a maid. Gnome tag with MC-NGAF. GNOMING IS HALF THE BATTLE. Lucchinni grabs our buns. End up in the bath with some witches.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-25 12 
18091914Mahou Shounen Quest 16TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS CONTINUE. WE MEET MORE WITCHES. The SOFTNESS. We lose Kraus. We Cross-counter Rommel. Wear Sakamoto's clothes. ERICA SHAKES THE ISLAND WITH RAGE. Get hit on by a guy with a sword. AND ALL OF IT WAS WHAT?!Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-25 20 
18097081Playing 1st Edition DnDstory, short game, quest, demon goblin thingsNed, Jack, Dowjin2012-02-26 7 
18100125Mahou Shounen Quest 17INTER-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS CONTINUE. Tea with new friends. Weird watchmaker touches our bad place. SHOPPING with Erica. SCIENCE with Ursula. We crash and burn.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-02-26 20 
18111646Mahou Shounen Quest 18TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS CONTINUE! Wake up in the infirmary. Weird dream[?] sequence. We get majicked by MEEYAFOOGEE. Symmetrical docking with SOFTNESS and SOFTNESS2. Prank war with gnomes started?Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-27 20 
18119489Mahou Shounen Quest 19TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS CONTINUE! We fight a dread gazebo. ZA WARUDO. Kick alium butt. Get a war-hardened bike. Perrine goes dere.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-27 24 
18128273Mahou Shounen Quest 20TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS CONTINUE! Post-victory party. we find Erica's second weakness. Make it official with the twins. WHY ARE THERE TWO OF US? Perrine sidestories.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-28 23 
18132665Comedy MarinesWhat starts as an innocent question about what Marines do in their spare time turns into puns, one liners, did you hear that one about the guardsman jokes, and so on. The Comedy Marines are born.Comedy, OC, Space Marines, Marines, Comedy Marines, Parody2012-02-28 50 
18132754Mahou Shounen Quest 21Head back to the Bureau. Prepare to rescue BIKE-KUN. Kraus hate fucks Shinku. Shirou has some problems. LG's fingers go numb.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-28 25 
18139667Strike Witches Quest XXXVTHE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL faces keelhauling and that really rustles our jimmies. Also, Pappy Motherfucking Boyington goes DA FUQStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-29 28 
18138266Changeling is Horriblefa/tg/uy reads changeling, enjoys, finds it horrificnWoD, World of Darkness, Changeling2012-02-29 6 
18142977Strike Witches Quest XXXVI"So according to you Sean, we've got Toto the Dog-Witch riding our wing, we took off from an aircraft carrier with a land-based twin-boom fighter and we should land on a runway, with floats. What's next, man? We're fighting little green men?" Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-29 24 
18123969MAQuest 8After the ship faceplants, our Newtype has another encounter with the dead, and meets Garma, somewhat less pretty than expected.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-02-29 6 
18141396Mahou Shonen Quest 22Back at the Bureau, we pick up a nice pocketwatch for Jakob, go clothes shopping with the Twins, and introduce them to karaoke. We prepare to go back home, where the universe hates us.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-29 24 
18146698 Strike Witches Quest XXXVII"Minna points behind you. You turn and see Trude staring at you, shocked. "Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-02-29 25 
18148053Mahou Shounen Quest 23We rescue Bike-kun. Dodge the yakuza. Take the twins around Tokyo. White knight on a train. White knight in a park. DROPKICK A CAR. Go to an amusement park and head back home. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-02-29 24 
March 2012
18157527Mahou Shounen Quest 24WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Combat exercises with the Advanced Classes. Nanoha's jealous, and on an opposing team. We're gonna get BEFRIENDED.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-01 25 
18165563Strike Witches Quest XXXVIIIYet another hap-happity Strike Witches adventurefun Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-02 28 
18169277Strike Witches Quest XXXIXWe sortie out with some of the Witches to the convergence point of the Martian radar beams. Boss fight ensues, and our payload proves insufficient, leaving us with an unpalatable choice between the mission and one of the Witches.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-02 35 
18167507Mahou Shounen Quest 25WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. We clear the first round of combat trials. Shirou has Unlimited Blade Works, and is our next opponent. Nanoha is still upset, and simply nukes her opposition before her team even does anything. We're gonna get BEFRIENDED SO HARD.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-02 25 
18173759Mahou Shounen Quest 26WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Our second match starts against Shirou's team. We are able to take down most of his team with good teamwork, and Shirou himself by initiating Fudgement Day. Sagara Sousuke proves trickier to take out, but we are ultimately victorious. Next is the final match against Nanoha's team. GET READY TO BE BEFRIENDED.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-02 25 
18163355MAQuest 9Despite technical difficulties, we get this session off the ground. We convince Garma to a prisoner exchange, and have him lead us to his men. David Lister gets the drop on us, however.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-03-03 11 
18166379Cyberpunk character generatorEasy way to roll up a character concept for a Cyberpunk themed game.Character generator, cyberpunk, d202012-03-03 7 
18180326Mahou Shounen Quest 27WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Our match against Nanoha and Vita starts. The instructors throw in some complications, but we end up making them work for us by taming a T-Rex. Then we fight Nanoha, and comfort a little girl with a breaking heart.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-03 22 
18185534Mahou Shounen Quest 28WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. The match against Our match against Nanoha and Vita is over, we further confuse Keima about his sexuality, server dinner on a rooftop, and the Bureau gets more recruits.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-03 23 
18194668Strike Witches Quest XLI"Fly me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!"Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-04 33 
18193357Mahou Shounen Quest 29WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. We sleep in with our ladies, which leads to being late for class and grabbing the first clothes we can. Which, given our luck, happens to be a skirt. Which we now have to wear for 3 days. Oh and Hinagiku is now a fellow trainee.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-04 25 
18190325Metahuman Renaissance Quest 16Dan quibbles on modifications to the Hammer, enchants some shit, then decides to learn Necromancy from a masterMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, enchantmen2012-03-04 18 
18199837Mahou Shounen Quest 30WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Shopping/walkabout with the gang. Show Hina the town. Shopping for weaponized violins. Landing gear has rum, becomes sleepy. Twins get handcuffs, but we're not the ones to wear them.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-04 26 
18208330The Tale of Barry BanjoOP recites the amazing tale of his current Engine Hearts campaign, including an animatronic banjo bear.Engine Heart, story time, banjo bear, funny2012-03-05 13 
18204314Metahuman Renaissance quest 17Dan goes to the house of Ashwood, meets a not-robot, and talks to GespenstMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy,2012-03-05 20 
18208295Mahou Shounen Quest 31WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Woke up alone and crippled half the dorm with our violin solo. Gai was set up with some ladies. The men prepare to search UFW for Shirou.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-05 25 
18212280Mahou Shounen Quest 32WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Our team has breached the inner walls of the Dorf Fudgetress, encounter marshmallow men, and find Shirou's diary. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear 2012-03-05 26 
18219626Mahou Shounen Quest 33WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. We pay a visit to the chocolate factory, retrieve Shirou, and forget to turn off our swag.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear 2012-03-06 25 
18225178Mahou Shounen Quest 34WE ARE BUTLER, WE MAKE TEA LIKE WE MAKE LOVE. HOT, ELEGANT AND SATISFYING. Sakura and Hinagiku come over for a sleepover, where we watch movies and the girls play dress up with Hayate. We explain our situation to Hina, which goes over surprisingly well.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-06 25 
18232723Strike Witches Quest XLIIStrike Witches: Pilot in a China Shop. MC is a pretty cool guy, he kills aliums and doesn't afraid of any ming.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-07 23 
18230315Metahuman Renaissance Quest 18Dan absorbs some memories, then goes down to the Dreamlands for an interesting talk with RedMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, gespenst, dreamlands, red2012-03-07 22 
18235365Strike Witches Quest XLIII"HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. MEET MY FUCKING COOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-07 26 
18234392Mahou Shounen Quest 35WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Hina talks to Erica, We sign up for training under sousuke, Cry in front of Keima, consider therapy, and test some striker units.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-07 24 
18239058Mahou Shounen Quest 36WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. We take a striker unit for a test flight, run from the nurse, learn a new potion from Ryuu, disturb Sousuke's patrol, jog and chat with Hina. She wants in? [Jakob and Ted side stories]Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-07 24 
18246988Mahou Shounen Quest 37WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. Hina backpedals like a pro. Wants in on our thing, theoretically. Shopping. We knead the Bakery girl's dough. Hina gets jealous? Run from the Nurse Frank, Hard-gay and Billy. Hina warms up to us. Erica gets into the gummyBEARS, leads to bear threesome.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-08 21 
18251502Mahou Shounen Quest 38WE ARE BUTLER, WE LIVE TO SERVE TEA AND GET LAID. We deal with the after-effects of ingesting GummyBEARS, begin making plans to have the Twins move in with us, more Witches incoming, and go on a date with Nanoha.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-08 24 
18258343Zerg Quest LXXVIICerebrate Anon gets awful picky about a routine cleanup, and it turns out not to be routine at all.Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Dyles, Hippie Chakra Mumbo Jumbo, Frog Planet2012-03-09 12 
18258437Mahou Shounen Quest 39WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Date with Nanoha. Watch EXPLOSIONS THE MOVIE. Find Dante's Bar. Help Nanoha accept herself. Pyrotechnic Display of dawwww. Get upgraded accommodations. Twins move in.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-09 24 
18263401Mahou Shounen Quest 40WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. We serve breakfast, set up a training trip with Sagara, return an overdue library book and have misunderstandings with Yuki. Then we get ready to tackle the case file simulation, partnered with Hinagiku.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-09 24 
18267508Metahuman Renaissance Quest 19Dan begins an epic battle in the center of the Dream ScapeMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, gespenst, dreamlands, red2012-03-10 18 
18270249Mahou Shounen Quest 41WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Combat Simulations. Go against Caster, Drop-bears and tentacle monsters. Fail but earn Hina points. Shirou makes Erica fail thier simulation, with hilarious results. Erica agrees to the bet.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-10 24 
18273839Mahou Shounen Quest 42WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Shopping for Whiteday. Slaanesh praises us. We get a ballgag a saddle and some lube. Get leads to fix the Cassiopeia. Hina sleeps in our room.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-10 24 
18278896Strike Witches Quest XLIVTrolling, explainations, trolling, spying, trolling, getting startled by a cow and wearing pants. Oh, not to forget trolling.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-11 28 
18280380Mahou Shounen Quest 43WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Wake up, provide a Japanese breakfast for a change of pace. Go to our first therapy session with Dr. Ikari, and then get ready to give a picnic.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-11 29 
18281649Strike Witches Quest XLVLot's of NO HOMO, and a quick call home. Also, our one true love has returned.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-11 26 
18282927Planetary Governor Quest: Part OneFormer Captain Elyssa von Braun assumes the position of Lord Governor over the planet Daysimir, but all is not well in this sector, and many things are not as they appear...Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Planetary Governor Quest, Epic Win, Discussion, 40K, Warhammer, Navy2012-03-11 33 
18285478Mahou Shounen Quest 44WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Meet Shinku's sisters. Set Kraus up. Rendezvous with Yuki in the library. She helps us pick a reading list. Picnic with the girls. Sakura and Lucchinni get some GummyBEARS.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-11 22 
18286800Planetary Governor Quest Part TwoWe uncover a Genestealer infestation under our capitol and begin containment. Sisters of Battle and Ultramarines are called in and we begin preparation for Operation NapalmCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Warhammer, 40K, Eldar, Guns, discussion, Ultramarines, Sisters of Battle, RT, Rogue Trader, Genestealer2012-03-11 23 
18266408MAQuest 10We get back to the Trafalgar, and as its crew performs repairs with the help of Garma's guerrillas, we take Lister back to the abandoned Zeon base for a second look. As we snoop around, the Blue Zaku that tore apart the Nachtmaren shows up, tears through our Gundam's armor, and is only barely stopped by words.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-03-12 8 
18294193Mahou Shounen Quest 45WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. We become papa bear. Trude wants to talk to us. Date with Erica. Argue about food. *MSQ 44 had wrong tags, can be found under SWQ*Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-12 26 
18297478Mahou Shounen Quest 46WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Dancing on the lake via possible time travel shenanigans. We make love like we make tea, hot, classy and elegant. Talk with Trude, Sakamoto is a bro. See the SUGAR-RUSH Sakura video. Unveil the FRILLY EXPLOSIONCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-12 24 
18300506XENO ADVENTURE PART 1In which Xeno and Warrior-kun rescue Drone from Assholetep's dickeryxeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, assholetep 2012-03-12 8 
18304082Zerg Quest LXXVIIIThe battle against Planet Dyles continues! Psi Cannons are invented! Resolution is found!Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Magic Gun, Planet Dyles, 2012-03-13 10 
18305211Mahou Shounen Quest 47WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. We get Erican into the frilly explosion. Sousuke hands us a second 1911. Lunch with the witches. Perrinne finds out about our living arrangements. Introduce Ryuu to Yoshika. Play the violin for Hina and Perrine, possibly creating lesbians.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-13 24 
18309535MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST 48WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Date with Ursula. Go shopping for gubbinz. Eat under the sea. CLOUD DANCING. Make love like we make tea. Hot, elegant and satisfying. Perrinne and Hina face-off. Sakamoto gets them drunk. Possible lesbian threesome?Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-13 24 
18303811Legend of Zelda RPG RevivalThe /tg/ Zelda roleplaying game project returns as a new concept is proposed. Efforts to streamline the mechanics of the previous version are discussed and hammered out.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2012-03-13 13 
18313164XENO ADVENTURE PART 2In which Xeno and Warrior-kun open a boxxeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, assholetep 2012-03-14 6 
18314423Strike Witches Quest XLVIMake something flip the light switch go BOOM the dynamite is in the next room!Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-14 24 
18317386Strike Witches Quest XLVIHot sloppy makeouts lead to revelations for MC's addled headStrike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-14 26 
18320539Overlord AppreciationThe people of a newly formed merciless dictatorship thank the overlord for improving their lives.Evil, Evil Overlord, Propaganda, Roleplaying, Campaign Setting, Commoners, Common Folk, Bastard Elves, Asshole Elves, Goodguy Badguy2012-03-14 51 
18316954Mahou Shounen Quest 49WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Wake up with the 3 more girls in our room. Tankdiving lessons. Try and out-troll Erica. Sakura gets too much sweet in her system. Invite people to manly picnic. Shop at the PXCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-14 22 
18322542Mahou Shounen Quest 50WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Prepare for white day. MANLY PARTY. We find some new things out about the guys. Keima gets drunk. Ends up straddling us in a skirt. Twins find us in bed with him.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-14 23 
18328433Strike Witches Quest thread XLVIIMC must hunt down the monster he created: Minna, the Bounce Witch.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-15 25 
18330940Strike Witches Quest thread XLVIIIThe Arrival of Krupinski, as well as the final addition of Nose Art.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-15 27 
18334025Strike Witches Quest XLIXThe Beach Episode. Krupinski joins the team.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game, Gap An Elf, Collective_Game2012-03-15 26 
18330446Mahou Shounen Quest 51WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. White Day cometh. We scramble for last minute chocolates as we try to muddle our way through an emotional minefield with Keima.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-15 22 
18324998The God MachineA Delta Green/CoC GM comes to /tg/ with a disturbing idea he penned down at four in the morning, for an enormous torture machine. /tg/ convinces him he's not crazy, and gives ideas and advice.Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu, horror, creepy, machine, refinery, factory, torture, slaughter, abbatoir2012-03-15 25 
18350336XENO ADVENTURE PART 3In which Xeno gets a new friend and defeats Assholetep through teamwork .xeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, assholetep 2012-03-17 7 
18361134Strike Witches Quest XLXYou are a P-61 pilot of the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron and you have just been tackled with the force of an exploding star. And someone is sitting on you.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-18 25 
18374616Planetary Givernor Quest part three: A Day Late EditionIn which we buy hotshot lasguns, gain a Space Marine Chapter, and get swamped by Genestealers with pet Hormagaunts.Planetary Governor Quest, Genestealers, RT, Rogue Trader, Chimera, lasgun, Astartes, Space Marines, Salmanders, Tyranids, Chimeras, Swarmed2012-03-19 21 
18384238Strike Witches Quest LHang with sister, simultaneously bail Ian out with perrine and completely fuck him overstrike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-20 23 
18387292Strike Witches Quest 53Fuck roman numerals. RISE OF THE NEON SAMURAI.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-20 34 
18391342Mahou Shounen Quest 52WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. LG's back with some worrying blurbs. Hina talks to the girls and confesses. SWAGPILE +1. We find ourselves in Hayate's canon story/universe. Hina seems to be adapting quickly to the girls' crossdressing obsession. Perrinne Sidestories make us feel bad for her. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-20 23 
18384531Legend of Zelda RPG Revival Thread #2With most of the broad concepts figured out, more detailed crunch begins.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2012-03-21 6 
18400824Mahou Shounen Quest 53WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. We go out for a brisk morning jog, get what we want recorded into Nanoha's locket, and have a sword match with Mio.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-21 23 
18399415Boone Quest Episode 11Featuring coin stealing, heretic decapitations, and psyker-on-psyker sexual harassment.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Mr. Culexus, Colossal Fagot2012-03-21 26 
18403139MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST 54WE ARE BUTLER. 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Webake a cake and clear up some misunderstandings by having a girl turnour face into hamburger.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-21 21 
18412405Mahou Shounen Quest 55WE ARE BUTLER. TEA AND BITCHES APLENTY. Battle Royale against the whole class. Sousuke is a bitch to find. Paintball grenades. Perrinne may or may not be pregnant with our child.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-22 22 
18415231Mahou Shounen Quest 56WE ARE BUTLER. TEA AND BITCHES APLENTY. Battle Royale continues. We get a pandabro. Sousuke reveals himself. Fucking minefield. Shirou is a cunt. LG dies of starvation. Nanoha's party is coming upCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-22 21 
18421142Strike Witches Quest 54WAR EMERGENCY TSUNstrike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-23 25 
18423077Mahou Shounen Quest 57WE ARE BUTLER. TEA AND BITCHES APLENTY. Battle Royale conclusion. Shirou baited with fudge. Sagara has an armslave. The team dukes it out. We get ready for Nanoha's partyCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-23 25 
18423159Strike Witches Quest 55NOT LIKE THOSE ANIMES AFTER ALLstrike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-23 25 
18428802Mahou Shounen Quest 58WE ARE BUTLER. PARAGON OF PARTY PLANNING. Nanoha's birthday party. DRESSPLOSION! Kharne drops by. Meet some more people from the advanced classes. Ted gets a smaller form. Awesome pyrotechnics display. Solo dinner on the roof.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-23 24 
18436067Mahou Shounen Quest 59Nanoha's birthday party! Spankings and groping are involved.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-24 26 
18442285XENO ADVENTURE PART 4In which Drone kicks ass and Xeno lobotomizes herselfxeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, drone2012-03-25 5 
18445953Mahou Shounen Quest 60Dinner for two. We give Nanoha her locket. We dodge bullets. Nanoha trolls Erica. Tower of swag competition vs the Emperor.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest,quest, Landing Gear2012-03-25 24 
18443550Planetary Governor Quest: Part fourIn which we finally deal with the Genestealer problem, rebuild infrastructure, settle the Iron Dragons into their new home, and get a visit from your friendly neighborhood Departmento Munitorum Tax Collector.Planetary Governor Quest, Genestealers, Space Marines, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Tyranids, Orks, ork, RT, Rogue Trader, collective game, Rhino, Squats, furry, mutant, Ogryns, Imperium, Warhammer, 40K2012-03-25 20 
18457122Mahou Shounen Quest 61A bunch of plot. Warnings about the watch, and we see some triplets. Also a new kind of potion! LG takes an early night. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-26 24 
18468038Strike Witch Quest 56Marine Trollingplanefag, Strike Witches, Strike Witches Quest, Collective Game2012-03-27 28 
18470409Strike Witches Quest 57"You know how pilots are, all sweaty and cross-eyed and grunting as they yank on their joysticks with both hands-" strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-27 25 
18470332Mahou Shounen Quest 62Find Mike's tobacco plantation. Tell him about the whole A-tan theory. Get clues on a swag palace. Lesbians short circuit our mind for an hour. Set a date with Hina. Mio wants it in her mouth. We meet agent P. Show Ryuu our newest potion. We escape Mio successfully. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-27 24 
18475128Mahou Shounen Quest 63We take Hina out on a date to the Moon.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-27 25 
18482659Mahou Shounen Quest 64WE ARE BUTLER, 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. We experiment with potions, get another nice item from our alchemist teacher, and get ready for the combat trials that mark the end of Basic.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-28 23 
18487550Mahou Shounen Quest 65Combat Trials! We have a pokemon battle. J gets an upgrade, he digimon nao. Lo wants no trabble, and destroys the opposition. Ted has a cakewalk. Erica fights a Centurion. Sakura tries her hand at YUGIOH. Keima tries to outhack ED. Gai kicks through Doomrider. We fight Tama next.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-28 22 
18495444Mahou Shounen Quest 66WE ARE BUTLER, 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. Combat trial against Tama. We put the big kitty to sleep. Then the Idols and Mio crowd around us. Up next: Fight with Mike.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-29 22 
18499809Mahou Shounen Quest 67WE ARE BUTLER, 100% PURE DAPPER AND SWAG. The big fight with Mike. We find out he's not playing around the hard way, as most of our attacks bounce off of him. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-29 22 
18481896Legend of Zelda RPG Revival thread #3Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done, CrunchMore fine tuning, more concepts.2012-03-29 2 
18505373Acceptable Casualties 1A freshly-made clone soldier leads a team on a retrieval mission. Corporate warfare at its finest.Acceptable Casualties, Quest, Collective Game, Clone, Prometheus2012-03-30 7 
18506543Mahou Shounen Quest 68Out on the town with Hina, Perrinne and Yuki. Meet Kyon, the Director's assistant. Show them the RCS. Shop for our training trip with Sousuke. Have a moment with frenchy. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-30 23 
18511609Mahou Shounen Quest 69We take a look at the other side. DIvergent timeline adventure. Female Hayate. GenderBender potion worked too well. Get groped by Mio. LESBIANS! Fight with Mike ends in a draw. More LESBIANS!Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-30 22 
18520213Bulter QuestArchiving it early so no troll can mislable it this timeCollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-03-31 22 
18517257Strike Witches Quest 58"Stay away from my sister, you sick fuck," you snarl, and then you snap-roll.Strike Witches, Strike Witches quest, collective game, planes, ww2, pilot, planefag2012-03-31 30 
18520407Strike Witches Quest 59ESCAPADES IN DA MOONLIGHT SONATAs with both hands-" strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-03-31 28 
18519935IRL Instances of Sanity LossAnecdotes about hallucinations and other bizarre experiences.sanity,CoC,mental illness2012-03-31 26 
18522027Acceptable Casualties 2With a new, suspiciously competent member, the clone team hunts a convoy and gets more than it bargained for.Acceptable Casualties, Quest, Collective Game, Clone, Prometheus2012-03-31 1 
18517205Wacky Racing 40kOp asks a simple question: What are the DE Reaver races like? What follows is an discussion about racing in 40k, and how to make a game about it. Who knew that 40k and Redline would fit this well together?Racing, Discussion, Homebrew, Dark Eldar, 40k, Redline2012-03-31 20 
April 2012
18532118Planetary Governor Quest: Part 5We begin fortifying our cities, prepare for a confrontation with the Ultramarines, buy shit from RT, discover an STC printout, start work on various projects and begin planning our entrance into the Private Sector.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer,2012-04-01 20 
18535915Mahou Shounen Quest 71We talk to the girls about Perrine's confession. Try and calm Erica down. PRepare for that training trip with Sousuke. Today we DIECollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-01 21 
18542674Mahou Shounen Quest 72Training with Sousuke continues.Knife-chan is bestest. We get a surprise guest.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-02 22 
18532456Shadowrun Storytime 8The team goes to Lagos, and runner-on-runner violence happens! Geppetto kills a guy in a really fucked-up way. Also Nextwave!Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, Shadowrun Storyime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Lagos, Nextwave2012-04-02 72 
18548202Mahou Shounen Quest 73Still in training with Sousuke. Get handcuffed to Keima. Shenanigans ensue. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-02 22 
18555196Mahou Shounen Quest 73.5The adventures of Shirou. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-03 22 
18561629For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century XVWe set sail for the depths of space between galaxies and test our Cruiser in battle. Boarding actions may follow.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Space Combat, Dice, Marines2012-04-04 12 
18567715Emperasque returns!Someone Else returns with moar awesome Emperasque writefaggotrySomeone Else, writefaggotry, Emperasque2012-04-05 24 
18598119XENO ADVENTURE PART 5In which Xeno gets her head fixed by a new friendxeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, drone2012-04-07 6 
18600138Strike Witches 60ADULT CONVERSATIONSstrike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-07 30 
18603086Strike Witches Quest 61Wild fire dances in Sakamoto's eyes, and her sword sings through the air with leisurely malice as she advances on you...strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-07 26 
18590061MAQuest 11We wake up well rested, and begin our mobile suit training with David and Zolomon. Technical difficulties make the going slow.MAQuest, Mobile Armor, Collective Game, Gundam, Federation, Zeon, Newtype2012-04-07 5 
18595526Tribal East Continent Evo/Civ GameThe culmination of the previous evolutionary threads, the sentient creatures now enter the tribal age, where myths are first created, technology developed, and culture blossomed. Seven tribes made themselves known in the Eastern Continent!Collective Game, Primordial, K'Lahk, Nad'Lun, Ta'mirel, Fo'wil, Jenter, Slanera2012-04-07 6 
18614693Strike Witches Quest 62WAIT FOR ITstrike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-08 25 
18617814Strike Witches Quest 63Minna smiles wickedly. "Everything we can't do on the floor, lest it damage your spine." strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-08 25 
18612478Nested a.k.a. examine UniversesOP provides a strange site, where you can look at properties and thoughts of various objects. Many "wat"s guaranteed.internet, wat, spy2012-04-08 11 
18636178Tribal East Continent Evo/Civ Game pt 2Continuation of previous thread. The tribes weave their own stories into the tapestry of the world.Collective Game, Primordial, K'Lahk, Nad'Lun, Ta'mirel, Fo'wil, Jenter, Slanera, Glud2012-04-09 5 
18647310Mahou Shounen Quest 74MSQ IS BACK! Training continues. NO HAYATE, YOU ARE THE ONIICHANS.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-10 22 
18659123Mahou Shounen Quest 75CAPTURE THE FLAG! Training trip ends. Head back to the Bureau. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-11 22 
18673391Mahou Shounen Quest 76The loli brigade gets too much sugar. Start of advanced classes. Some surprises await us.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-12 20 
18679472Mahou Shounen Quest 77Advanced training starts. New instructor. New Curriculum. New chairs. OH HEY WHATS THAT BEHIND YOU?Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-12 21 
18685046/TG/! Damage Report!The thread starts with the enterprise on fire, and things get worse from there.slenderman, star trek, space marines, Randy Quaid, blood ravens, funny2012-04-13 10 
18685756Strike Witches Quest 64"Waaah-haaaw-haaaw, pil-grum," he drawls. "Whah don' cha stick dat der fort-ay-foive up yer girl's hoo-ha 'n give 'er a gun she kin actually FEEL?" strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-13 26 
18688904Mahou Shounen Quest 78NOTHING BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-13 21 
18687869Strike Witches Quest 65"She likes 'em young," Lynette says, her voice quavering. "She likes 'em so yoooooung~" she wails, burying her face in your chest as she begins to cry.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-13 27 
18694989Mahou Shounen Quest 79Get our new house. Housewarming party. Surprise guest. THE HOUSE IS PERFECTLY FINECollective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-13 21 
18702227Strike Witches Quest GAIDEN 1: NOPE ACROSS THE FIELDSWhile MC is busy liplocking Cupcake, let us now see the world through Nopemartian's eyes.Collective Game, Strike Witches Quest, planefag, gap an elf, nopemartian, gaiden, mars attacks2012-04-14 31 
18715925Mahou Shounen Quest 80WE ARE BUTLER. Rufflin feathers all day erryday. Move into new house. Mike has a job for us. AND THEN -THAT- HAPPENS Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-15 22 
18692188Tribal East Continent Evo/Civ Game pt 3Picking up where part two left off. Two tribes begin to merge, the Onolkeshan construct a fortress, and a new tribe comes into play.Collective Game, Primordial, K'Lahk, Nad'Lun, Ta'mirel, Fo'wil, Jenter, Slanera, Burrahn Glud2012-04-15 5 
18722451Aperture Cartel's Many InventionsInvestors! Here we have a collection of Aperture Cartel's useful and inexpensive Inventions for your perusal. Now we're between banks right now so we're accepting cash in hand. get your people to meet our people. Don't mind the smell. Cave Johnston, we're done here.Aperture Cartel, Cave Johnston, Science, Tests, Portal, We're Done Here2012-04-15 21 
18717305Planetary Governor Quest: Part 6We reconcile with the Resistance, discover that the Munitorum Rep is an ex-Inquisitor (No surprise there) and fight off a massive Chaos raiding force.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-15 25 
18730958Mahou Shounen Quest 81Combat excercises with the freshmen. The idol twins prove tricky. Erica goes on a rampage. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-16 20 
18726973Metahuman Renaissance Quest 33Dan calls home his research to Ashwood, talks with the Evokers for a bit, then does a job for Blackstone to level the playing field for tonight.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, blackstone, space2012-04-16 11 
18736992Mahou Shounen Quest 82Take on the idols all together. Excercise ends. Perrine stops holding back. IS YOUR BODY LADY? Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-16 21 
18746346Mahou Shounen Quest 83Hasser Werden Hassen. Erica TKs like a pro. Exercise ends.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-17 24 
18744841Thomas the Space EngineOP comes to /tg/ asking for help with his homebrew setting. It is a setting where in his words: the players get to play a small fleet of sentient, mostly self reliant warships that also have android Avatars.homebrew, GM, sci-fi, A.I, Space Engine, spaceship, space ship, space, sentient ships, The Archivist2012-04-17 12 
18760774Mahou Shounen Quest 84We infiltrate INFINICON. No Majaik, just guts. Beware those that yiff in the dark.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-18 20 
18750309Tribal East Continent Evo/Civ Game pt 4The Enclave enters the iron age, the Glund reach the tribal stage, and the Adoni stir things up. Also, more Bladeworms.Collective Game, Tribal, Primordial, K'Lahk, Lastér, Nad'Lun, Ta'mirel, Fo'wil, Jenter, Slanera, Burrahn, Glud, Adoni, Enclave2012-04-18 4 
18765413Mahou Shounen Quest 85INFINICON ADVENTURE. The Shogun of Swag claims his throne. We find clues to the whereabouts of our targets.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-18 20 
18774299Mahou Shounen Quest 86INFINICON ADVENTURE. Get closer to finding R. Watchers. Watchers everywhere.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear 2012-04-19 20 
18786190Mahou Shounen Quest 87We dive into the depravity. R is in our reach. TOTALLY GONNA BE FINE.Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-20 20 
18782564Metahuman Renaissance Quest 34Omega gets his game face on, begins CINEMATIC TIME, and the end becomes slightly more nighMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red, cinematic time2012-04-20 14 
18797894Mahou Shounen Quest 88We must go deeper into the darkness. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear2012-04-21 20 
18809023Mahou Shounen Quest 89INFINICON ADVENTURE CONTINUES. R is like a needle in a morbid, sailor-fuku wearing, masochist haystack. YiffYiffYiff. LEAVE NO [WO]MAN BEHIND.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-22 20 
18809839Planetary Governor Quest: Part 7We start cleanup of the Chaos-Marine wrecked city, give a speech, and start negotiations with an asinine Ultramarines Captain.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-22 20 
18821844Mahou Shounen Quest 90We learn about the LARP forest. Shirt Ninjas get new digs. Party suits up and goes to search for K. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-23 20 
18836056Mahou Shounen Quest 91Encounter with a Black Knight. Where there's smoke there's stuff. Deeper into the woods we go. What manner of man are you?Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-24 21 
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 21 
18841375Mahou Shounen Quest 92Infinicon simulation ends. Unexpectedly unacceptable expectations are expected to not be accepted. The Director's jimmies are somewhat rustled.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-24 22 
18842714XENO ADVENTURE PART 6In which Xeno plays card games on motorcycles.xeno, Collective game, Xeno's adventure, taucron, necron, quest, drawquest, adventure, yu-gi-oh2012-04-25 5 
18849710Mahou Shounen Quest 93Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-25 22 
18857254Tales of the CommonsIn which the writefags spin tales of commoners spurned, commoners triumphant.Storytime, Commoner, Story time, Blacksmith's Daughter, Baker's Daughter, Blacksmith2012-04-26 12 
18863994Mahou Shounen Quest 94All team are BABBIES. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-26 22 
18868514Mahou Shounen Quest 95PLOT ADVANCEMENT ON MSQ?! NO WAY!Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-26 21 
18876715Mahou Shounen Quest 96Wrenches and Drawers. We check out the discovery J and the guys made. Ursula Mommy.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-27 21 
18874020Strike Witches Quest 66You are a fighter pilot of the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron, and you are currently kissing the krap out of a kraut.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-27 30 
18876623Strike Witches Quest 67"Amplified through the very microphones being rammed into their tender orfices. The pumping of blood through pain-wracked bodies rapidly BUMBUMBUMBUMPING through the monitor speakers as the screams become gutteral and eerily organic, transmitted through the vibrations of the MP's interior tissues..."strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-04-27 31 
18865858Tribal Central Continent Evo/Civ GameTen tribes make themselves known on the central continent in this chapter of the Primordial Evo Game.Collective Game, Tribal, Primordial, Hitagan, Zu-Nul, Ry'lai, Hu-raan, Zahrewi, Zorastria, M'wa, Zarethedir, Anee'imay, VietKorburrong2012-04-27 3 
18886961NearFuture Cyborg Quest 2You end up talking with Grayson, talking with Abel, get caught by Jun, and then PRESS RELEASE.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futuremolotovs2012-04-28 25 
18890574Mahou Shounen Quest 97Yep. That totally happened.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-28 21 
18887581One-Year-Anniversary EmperasqastravaganzaSomeone else. arrives to celebrate Biggie's first birthday, with some special thanks, a best-of reel, and some OC.Emperasque, Tarrasque, Someone_else, Emperor2012-04-28 25 
18894815Mahou Shounen Quest 98HAHA. IT'S TIME TO GET VIOLATED.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-28 21 
18897967NearFuture Cyborg Quest 3In which Dave makes new enemies, kills said enemies with a single, well-placed punch, and then makes new friends! Also, Clippy is DEAD AND GONE FOREVER.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futureguns2012-04-29 23 
18901505Mahou Shounen Quest 98.5Mio wants to talk to us. Asks some very interesting questions. HAHAHA. TIME TO GET VIOLATED! -Last thread ended abruptly due to technical difficulties. This is the continuation.-Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-29 20 
18906090Mahou Shounen Quest 99Cannons get fired as more are loaded.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-29 21 
18892469Tribal Central Continent Evo/Civ Game pt 2Trials and tribulations of the ten tribes continues. Ry'lai rise up, literally, guests from across the west strait wreck up VietKoBurrog's ambush, and other shenanigans involving new kinds of magickery happens.Collective Game, Tribal, Primordial, Hitagan, Zu-Nul, Ry'lai, Hu-raan, Zahrewi, Zorastria, M'wa, Zarethedir, Anee'imay, VietKorburrong, Simidan2012-04-29 5 
18908813NearFuture Cyborg Quest 4In which Dave makes a few calls, a few visits, learns how to use a gun, and meets, once again, his TRUE LOVE. Also, we techpriest now, and Alli is insane.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Irrational Teenage Futurewomen2012-04-30 23 
18909443Fortune EvolutionSimple evolution game beginning from very basic ocean dwelling creatures, quickly devolves into weirdnessCollective Game, Fortune Evolution, Evolution2012-04-30 25 
18914620Mahou Shounen Quest 100CANNON HAS BEEN FIRED, THIS IS NOT A DRILLCollective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-04-30 21 
18921617A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 2The unluckiest GM alive once again tries to to kill our heroes, this time with a Necron Tomb. Shenanigans ensue.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-04-30 37 
May 2012
18922372NearFuture Cyborg Quest 5Action, explosions, followed by terrible pick ups and losing at futurepoker. Also, a possible company conspiracy. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, FutureEXPLOSIONS.2012-05-01 20 
18927361NearFuture Cyborg Quest 6In which SHOPPING SPREE! We get lots of cool stuff, all three AI are awake, and we have a job to do tomorrow.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Mysterious nat100 futuregirl2012-05-01 15 
18932902Mahou Shounen Quest 101WE DADDY NOW. Perrine drops the babby bomb. Erica not very happy with that shit. Oh and we geta surprise visit from _____________.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-05-01 22 
18936558NearFuture Cyborg Quest 7You finally meet the mysterious nat100 woman, and go on the mission. Shit hits the fan, and right at the conclusion, Exabyte gets banned for a day.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futureplasma2012-05-02 15 
18939098Strike Witches Quest 68Strike Witches Quest: We just wanted to [X], and now we're surrounded by horrible things. strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-05-02 25 
18943106Mahou Shounen Quest 102there will always be a cloud in the sky, no matter how clear and blue it seems.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-05-02 21 
18941058Strike Witches 69 (HUE)You just HAD to put your Wiener in the Schnitzel, didn't you?strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-05-02 27 
18929052Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 2, Winter is ComingAn ice age soon approaches the planet Fortune. Can the inhabitants of this once tropical world adapt to the changing conditions or will they be met with the icy grip of extinction?Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, winter is coming, ice age2012-05-02 20 
18915855Tribal Central Continent Evo/Civ Game pt 3The bug war approaches. TO ARMS!Collective Game, Tribal, Primordial, Hitagan, Zu-Nul, Ry'lai, Hu-raan, Zahrewi, Zorastria, M'wa, Zarethedir, Anee'imay, VietKorburrong, Simidan2012-05-02 6 
18950122NearFuture Cyborg Quest 8We learn a bit more about . . everything, get some upgrades for our 'drites, and finally get a badass coat and helmet. Then we discover a new bad guy, visit Abel and Ishelda, and get a call from Grayson.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futurestompykillbots2012-05-03 15 
18952617Strike Witches Quest 70The one where we fly around and shit strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-05-03 24 
18954593Strike Witches Quest 71Someone rolls bad. People get mad.strike witches, Strike Witches quest, ww2, planes, Collective Game2012-05-03 24 
18955759Mahou Shounen Quest 103"Windmills, remember, if you fight with them. May swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mud." "Or up into the stars!"Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-05-03 21 
18967708NearFuture Cyborg Quest 9.5In which Dave learns Grayson's Story, becomes Cyborg Batman, Amy joins EE, and we got a distressing message from Abel.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futurepowersuits2012-05-04 14 
18969253Mahou Shounen Quest 104Family Night. Everything is A-OK.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-05-04 21 
18960430Sandbar Island evo gameA casual take on the Primordial Evo Game takes a turn toward the weird. "Bordle bor bord!"Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Bord, Sluck, Frowg, Skrimp, Glub, Ykex're, Flurr, Whip Tree, Spine2012-05-04 5 
18976780NearFuture Cyborg Quest 10We hear the rest of Abel's message, and then autosage kicks in.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-04 13 
18977292NearFuture Cyborg Quest 10.5In which Dave does a little digging, goes on a date, gets in a firefight, and ends up capturing an enemy Agent. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-05 13 
18971217Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 3, the Age of IceThe Ice Age is finally here, and surprisingly, no extinctions were had. The introduction of the Snow Bugs leads to the development of a remorhaz-like colony of insects and the Asparagus Trees harbor the skull-like Tadseeds within. Namefag "Deus vs. Machina" is revealed to be a bro-tier artist and assists FortuneHost in updating the new critters.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, ice age, FortuneHost, Deus vs. Machina, Bobski, fatherofthemoons, remorhaz2012-05-05 14 
18984329Mahou Shounen Quest 105Paths cross. Worlds collide.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid2012-05-05 20 
18988929NearFuture Cyborg Quest 11In which Dave meets the board, and then gets attacked by CD. Also, a mole? Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-06 14 
18993499Mahou Shounen Quest 106YOU SHALL NOT PASS!Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear,